What would happen if the dollar crashes?

That’s one question that I get from time to time as my friends and I bandy things about. To say the least, the pre-crash period will be increasingly harsh for we little people, and near term prospects post-crash will be horrific to say the least. Depending on what WE THE PEOPLE do in the meantime will make all the difference in the world about how the long term prospects play out.
Right now, we’re witnessing the replay of the gigantic stock market crash in Europe of 1929, which will be followed almost immediately by a crash in the U.S. stock market. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/eu-bank-failures-will-crash-wall-street-again-2011-10-18?pagenumber=1  Yes, the Great Depression started in Europe back then as it is about to now, but even more important is the level of debt here in the U.S. and how much further we’ve allowed our system to get sucked under to the point where the U.S. cannot print money any more to pay for anything, even as a record number of people are dependent on the government.  Right now we are at the end of a deflationary period, and speeding into a rapid inflationary period. 
The U.S.’s greatest creditors are no longer buying treasuries (our debt) and the Federal Reserve has been buying some 85% of all treasuries for the last several years. This is the very epitome of a Ponzi scheme… printing money out of thin air to be used AT INTEREST by the government, then buying government debt with that thin-air money which would also pay interest. On top of that, the Federal Reserve has been printing trillions of dollars and lending out to foreign banks. Just last week the Fed announced they would guarantee the derivatives debt (gambling losses backed by no assest whatsoever) of Bank of America… some $75 trillion.  The world’s total GDP is only like $60 trillion. You do that math and then multiply Bank of America’s bailout (transfering their private debt to the public sector) times the other 5 or 6 huge megabanks, and we really do have the recipe for a global melt-down. 
The status of the Dollar as the reserve currency of the world has bought us a lot of time, but that time is coming to an end.  A lot of governments are already making arrangements to cease accepting dollars in any form, and most governments are dumping U.S. treasury holdings. 
Okay… the dollar won’t be accepted any more outside the U.S., and the government won’t be able to raise money by selling treasuries, so they’ll try to raise money by other means… jacking up taxes, instituting currency controls, stopping purchasing of precious metals (TSA is already confiscating cash, gold and silver bullion at checkpoints), already raiding Federal Pension funds and likely to nationalize private pensions, 401Ks and IRAs. They’ll grab everything on the way down.
On the flip side, they’ll enact “price controls” that won’t take inflation into account, which will also result in shortages of just about everything… particularly food. 
The French Revolution was all about this exact type of systemic meltdown… rampant printing of unbacked currency, food shortages after price controls and rationing to the point where the people started dragging the banker class to the guillotines!   If you think the protests at “Occupy Wall Street” and “Occupy the Fed” are something, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait until people can’t afford to feed themselves.
As the money dries up so will essential services. There are already close to 100 municipalities around the country that are declaring bankrupcy, and several states are getting ready to. They will start by grabbing pensions and defaulting on medical insurance. It’s already happening.
There have been several videos about the day the dollar actually dies… one is called “Meltup” on the National Inflation Association’s website http://inflation.us/videos.html    You should get plenty of ideas of how to prepare for the upcoming meltdown.  Short term, you can easily expect runs on the banks and bank holidays, martial law, curfews and checkpoints, greater restriction of freedom and escalating violent crime. You can also expect a lot of people to starve.
Now… how we approach this now is where it gets interesting.  If we allow the globalist oligarchs to have their way with us, whoever survives the meltdown will all be picking cotton on the Rothschilds’ plantation… and there won’t be very many survivors.  David Icke spells that agenda out very succinctly:   http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/55045-david-icke-essential-knowledge-for-a-wall-street-protestor-and-everyone-else  They fully plan on replacing all national currencies with one world electronic currency (no cash) and one world government by them alone.  This is where we gotta be careful.
If, however, we manage to do this right, beginning with throwing out all these bums… beginning with making arrests of all these bankers and the politicians in their back pockets (check their campaign contributors), followed by trials, confiscation of their property and public executions.
Then write-off all debts, since they’re mostly derivative or fraudulently induced anyway, and start fresh with some basic laws on the books and the wherewithall to enforce them. We would actually do very well to start utilitarian state banks that don’t have to pay dividends to investors… there are several states in which those are doing very well.
Pull all troops and equipment back from wherever they are stationed… period.
Enforce our borders and kick out all illegal aliens… period. We need the jobs.
All foreign aid stops… period.
Return government power to the most localized level possible… which is always more beneficial and logical. Government should be from the bottom up, not from the top down as it is now.
Even if we have to completely start from scratch with a new monetary system, even if it means coming down to every state  franking their own currency without paying interest to some bank, then we stand to come out of this mess in pretty good shape.
The lone fact that nobody will want the U.S. currency for probably years means that we will be forced to reboot our own industrial sector with a crafts/manufacturing movement to fill our own needs, which would eventually lead to the creation of a new export economy.  We can essentially return to the post-Civil War America that enjoyed tariff protection of our industry, the expansion of creativity and communications, and internal commerce that benefited all of our citizens, without the encumbrance of taxes or entitlements. Everyone will have to work to earn a wage.
Yeah, long term we could come out of this all right… if we do this right.

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc

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Pulling Out of the Banks

Well, I have this to show you… a short documentary video about the use of actual gold and silver in place of inflating currency. I find it most enlightening and heartening that these people in Indonesia are sophisticated enough to frank their own currency instead of losing their wealth to the inflation of fiat currency.  It also makes me feel a tad depressed that the majority of Americans, and most of Europe, aren’t getting this concept down pat. In fact, I think the majority of America and Europe are in for a very rude awakening. http://www.davidicke.com/articles/the-money-scam/37146-gold-dinar-silver-dirham

Up until fairly recently, both the U.S. and Great Britain made it against the law to own gold bullion. Both thankfully rescinded those insane laws.  The U.S. made it unlawful to own gold bullion back during the Great Depression… they made anyone stupid enough to do so, cash in their gold at $20 an ounce, and once that was done, the gold was revalued  at $30 an ounce. That was a huge difference back then, and a travesty as well.  In fact, I distinctly remember an old Disney movie starring Dean Jones in which the main character discovered that he had a duck that laid solid gold eggs, and the character fretted about being caught with this “bullion” by the authorities. 

I expect some similar attempt to rescind any of our attempts to maintain control over our personal wealth by the NWO types. Obama is already considering imposing a transaction fee on all bank transactions… like if you go on-line and move $100 from checking to savings, you’ll pay a 2% tax on that simple movement. Or when your paycheck hits the bank, they would collect a percentage of that (on top of what they’ve already withheld)… then there’s that “carbon tax” thing they’re trying to soak us for. It also looks like they’re going to try to get people off of cash so they can be assured of collecting these taxes.  The minute you hear that crud, you definitely keep your paychecks away from the bank. I fully expect to see alternative check cashing services cropping up at that point. I expect to see a lot of alternative commerce in general.

These central bankers are doing to the U.S. exactly what they’ve done to the countries in the European Union, as well as so many other countries around the world. In each and every case, they sink their hooks into a country’s economy, rack up the debt service, then impose “austerity measures”… they hike taxes and take away pensions. Yes, they’re doing that here. It is total economic enslavement. We have to stop it. Iceland did… their populace elected some normal non-politician citizens to clean up the mess, then arrested the officials that had created the mess, then decided NOT to pay the IMF for the debt that the country did nothing to rack up. Iceland is showing the way.

I agree that people are waking up to the fact that we are being plundered by a cabal of private bankers. I also understand that most of the money is being held and used by less than 10 big banks, who have managed to bribe congressmen to relax the regulations they had to follow, and then privatize all profits while pushing all losses to the public sector.  We need to quit subsidizing these people. When you add together what we pay in property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes and now the taxes that are going to be charged on employer-provided health insurance, it  is only a short matter of time before we see a full-on taxpayer revolt.

I’ve been pestering people, especially my family, to hurry up and at least buy some friggin’ silver. It is now up to $19.84 spot, meaning that you’ll pay over $22 for a 1 oz. silver eagle. I’ve been buying silver off and on since it hit $9 an ounce, so granted, I’m feeling pretty good about this. It won’t be long before the tipping point on silver at around $22-$24 spot per ounce will spur the market. You might as well buy silver now before the price catches up with its availability. I fully expect silver to re-index back to the old 16 to 1 ratio with gold, fairly soon.

I’m slowly pulling away from the banks, myself.   I  recommend not keeping any more in the bank than is absolutely necessary to write checks against to pay bills. I also recommend keeping cash in the house to cover bills in the event of a “bank holiday”, which looks inevitable. You know the utility companies, mortgage companies and grocery stores will continue doing business in regular money long after it loses its value. The mortgage company is under contract to accept the “currency of the realm”, so that’s a no-brainer.

One other thing… don’t put anything in a bank’s “safe deposit box”.  These things are neither regulated nor insured, and bank employees have all the keys and can plunder them at will. Get yourself a fireproof box for your important papers.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Collapse of Financial System Coming Soon…

It is November 19, 2011 and the psychotic kleptos are going for the endgame as fast as they can.

The following post is well worth reading:  http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/warning-from-wall-street-broker-the-entire-system-has-been-utterly-destroyed-recommends-all-customers-withdraw-from-all-of-the-markets_11182011   When a top investment manager, Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital Management, tells her clients that  she’s mailing out checks to her clients and closing up shop, it is long since time to take notice. She sites the recent collapse of MF Global, a commodities investment firm that also maintained savings and checking accounts for its customers, and how the firm was coopted/purchased by Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan and asset-stripped. In their asset-stripping, they also STOLE the private accounts belonging to customers and transferred them to JPMorgan.  There’s  no real investigations by the regulatory agencies happening, and therefore no rule of law.  The playground isn’t safe any more.

I got news for you… it is coming to a bank near you.  You’ve been warned!  Most of us need a bank to transact business… BUT… get your money out of the big banks and into a local credit union, and don’t keep any more money in your accounts than you actually need on a monthly basis.  Keep a cash fund stashed in your house… enough to cover a couple of months’ expenses in the event of a protracted “bank holiday”.  Apart from that, you take any and all excess out and buy silver and gold.  I’m not kidding.

Why precious metals?  Why silver and gold?  Quit comparing the metals to the dollar… think of what that ounce of silver or gold will buy versus how many dollars it would take to buy the same thing. The metals are sacrosanct because they hold value when the money loses its value. Precious metals and currency have an inverse relationship: when currency is strong, the metals are priced low, and when the currency is weak, the metals are greatly in demand and become expensive.   The metals banks (CME, LBMA, NYMEX, COMEX, etc.) are controlled by the elites, and are doing fractional reserve banking with those metals, likely selling 100 in paper for every ounce of the physical they have in their vaults, and it is likely that some of that physical stock has multiple ownership claims on it.  With silver coming out of the ground on only a 6-to-1 ratio with gold, and most of that silver getting gobbled up by industrial users, the current 53-to-1 ratio that silver is currently selling for simply does not make sense.  While they are suppressing market price discovery, the metals are an investment opportunity that is unrivaled.

As the currency loses purchasing power to inflation, or the likely hyperinflation, and the income sources dry up, you will have preserved your wealth by having converted those fiat dollars into precious metals.  After the meltdown, when you need to go shopping, you will take your piece or two of bullion to the place you bought it from and convert it to whatever the coin of the realm will be.   

The big banks are all insolvent.  Bank of America has a huge exposure to the derivatives and bad mortgages (Countrywide) and the robo-signing scandal. Same with Wells Fargo, which bought Wachovia, which laundered over $300 BILLION in drug money for the Mexican drug cartels, including putting the cartel executives up in four-star hotels and leasing private jets for them. JPMorgan/Chase is not only in over their heads in scandals and market manipulation, but their balance sheets are pure fiction. Members of the US senate and house of representatives get inside information on the markets and routinely use that info to make themselves incredibly rich… they have no reason to reform Wall Street or the banksters that fund their campaigns.  The government is already stealing federal pensions, and they are eyeing up the prospect of nationalizing IRAs and 401Ks pretty soon. Get your money away from them now.

I will remind you of a few historical and current facts.  When people lose confidence in the money and the government, they take their money out of the system and put it into precious metals.  Right now, governments around the world are loading up on gold and silver in unprecedented amounts… India, Brazil, Mexico, China, Russia and many others are buying the precious metals by the ton in anticipation of a gold-backed currency system, whether local or global. We need to do the same because once the dollar has collapsed, whatever they replace it with will not be at a 1-to-1 ratio… expect to lose a lot.

We’re already seeing runs on the European banks now, with people doing exactly that… buying precious metals.  Unlike the United States, Europe in particular, and the rest of the world in general have extensive experience with currency collapse over the past century.  The European Union is going down in flames, as any ponzi scheme should.  You just can’t give countries of differing sizes and types of governments, different cultures and wildly varying economic bases all the same interest rate and credit rating.  The GDP of Greece is roughly the size of Wal-Mart… $350 billion… the perfect size for raiding… and their government signed on to bail out the big banks from their gambling debts and then saddling their citizenry with those bankers’ debts.  The bankers are already asset-stripping Greece of all its publicly held assets… the Parthenon, the subway system, the power grid… you name it.  They’re going after Italy next.  The entire EU is doing that, as is the US.  According to Pastor Lindsey Williams’ elite sources, http://lindseywilliams101.blogspot.com ,  the Euro will collapse first, and you will have perhaps less than 3 weeks to get your money out of the system here in the US before that collapses.  Get your money away from them now.

Back in the times preceeding the collapse of the Weimar Republic, Chile and Argentina, the people who got their money out of the system and used it to buy precious metals, preserved their wealth and were able to trade their bullion in for whatever the current coin of the realm was at the time they needed to go shopping.   Back during the Weimar Republic collapse, one could purchase a several story apartment or office building in Germany for as little as 1/5 an ounce of gold; most of the real estate in Germany was bought up by people from elsewhere that had gold.  True story. 

The longer term preservation of wealth is in metals. Yes, you need some cash to cover bills in the short term, particularly during extended “bank holidays” when debit and ATM cards won’t work.   At this point I wouldn’t even worry about getting out of credit card debt, though it makes things easier for you if you can. I really think the elites are expecting people to default on all their credit card debt.

If you do not own your house outright, you might want to see if you can get it sold before the collapse.  I’ll remind you that the banksters plan on taking your house either by foreclosure if you can’t pay the note, or by lien if you can’t pay the property taxes, then they will have stolen your equity and then will turn around lease your house back to you.  So if you’re upside-down or underwater on the value of your house, quit throwing good money after bad; save that money and put it into buying precious metals and survival supplies.  Given that there are 3.5 million houses foreclosed on and sitting on banks’ books now, and that number is likely to grow to over 8 million houses before the market hits bottom, you really don’t want to be in real estate right now… wait until after the bottom and use your precious metals to pick up your dream home for a pittance.  

If you can, buy some rural land that you can actually productively farm and grow your own food sustainably.  That is the only real estate investment that is recommended at this time, and you need to have enough in metals to cover property taxes for several years while the economy reboots.  When the dollar is no longer accepted in exchange for oil, trucking is going to be greatly curtailed and food will get incredibly expensive other than the increased cost because of inflation.   Back during the Weimar Republic collapse, the people in the cities couldn’t get food… they headed out to the countryside and traded their sterling silver tableware for a bag of potatoes.   Local produce is gonna be king.

Crime is going to increase rapidly as the meltdown hits. The government is planning on this and has already built FEMA concentration camps. They’ll bring in foreign troops while our own troops are out occupying the Middle East.  Police forces in a number of towns and counties across the country are already being cut to the bone and are telling people to take steps to protect themselves. You need to get yourself a gun/ammo and fortify your living quarters against incursion by local thugs.  In those preparations, you need to also store food and water should civil unrest limit your ability to go to the grocery store, or lack of transport limits resupply of stores. Start picking up canned foods on sale, bags of rice, and purchase freeze-dried foods for longer term storage.

Other than that, sell everything you don’t actually need… get liquid.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc

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Predictions Regarding ObamaCare

Gang… first of all, hit this site and sign the petition: http://www.grassfire.com/130/petition.asp?ref_id=500064

and this one:  http://www.grassrootsaction.com/220/petition.asp?Ref_ID=3302&RID=21563424

I did predict that there were going to be some lawsuits being filed in the courts to overturn ObamaCare as unconstitutional… and there are already.  Here is an article on that: http://www.personalliberty.com/news/states-say-healthcare-bill-is-unconstitutional-will-sue-federal-government-19685333/   Turns out Texas already has one in the works.   Also, in the past couple of days, there have been instances of vandalism against campaign offices and numerous threats via e-mail, regular mail and voice mail, along with a deluge of phone calls pouring into the offices of Representatives and Senators. I don’t know if this is authentic or staged to justify further erosion of our civil liberties.  When the taxes and fines start hitting, people will really be up in arms.

No matter what, I predict there will be a landslide against the Democrats in the mid-term elections. I just hope that we can stop the dysfunctional pendulum swing back to the Republicans, because they aren’t a solution… we need third parties that are interested in going back to Constitutional law. We need people who run for office to be dedicated to shrinking government and its grasping. We need strict term limits and a new law put in place that removes the country club medical plan and retirement plans the Representatives and Senators now enjoy… after all, they are only part-time employees. If they can’t live with what they’ve legislated for the rest of us, they need to fix the system for all of us!

If, for some reason, ObamaCare is not overturned, I can make some very realistic predictions:

A lot of doctors will either quit the doctoring biz altogether, or will close their formal practices and then go into private, by referral, cash-only practices off the books. I’m betting on a lot of doctors moving their practices across the border to Mexico, then commuting back and forth across the border from home to their practices. I wouldn’t blame them, either.  Imagine having to make a trip to Mexico to get your basic yearly physical and some lab work done.

We will see a huge drop off in the numbers of people going through medical school. Who would want to go a quarter-million + dollars into debt for a degree that will, by legislation, won’t allow you to pay your own bills?  I mean, really, paying the student loans, plus malpractice insurance, plus the costs of maintaining a practice… it all adds up. The whole point to becoming a doctor, if you aren’t motivated by serving humanity by healing people, is to make money.

I can also predict that a lot of smaller employers are going to go to hiring most of their employees as contractors because of the massive taxes this ObamaCare scheme will levy on employers… in other words, very few people will have real jobs with benefits.

ObamaCare, since it will take the money directly out of your bank account without your permission, will also result in a lot of people getting out of banking… no savings or checking accounts to be plundered.  If anything, most will keep a token amount of money in a passbook account so they can cash their paychecks.  As a result, more people will also be hiding their income, and we will become increasingly a cash-and-carry society. A lot of people will probably be leaning more toward bartering.

Alternative currency is already coming into play:   Idaho is minting their own silver round and accepting it as currency and S. Carolina is trying to ban federal currency altogether. At least the Idaho thing isn’t banning the dollar, and it certainly would help the mining industry in that state to provide jobs. http://www.salon.com/technology/how_the_world_works/2010/03/15/idaho_silver/index.html

If you thought the IRS was already bad, wait until they start trying to enforce new and more draconian taxes.  The IRS doesn’t have to play by the rules as other law enforcement; they can drag you in and force you to prove your innocence.  ObamaCare is going to be a tax on everyone, not just those earning over $200,000 a year… and under hyper-inflation, that amount is not going to amount to much. If you’re already having a tough time making ends meet, wait until this stuff gets put into action.

ObamaCare will force a lot of companies to force their retirees off of their good insurance and into Medicare, mainly to begin accruing monies to pay out in the stiff taxes they are staring at. People who opt to keep their company health insurance will find that it will be taxed as if it were income… yes, that is a fine for keeping your corporate insurance.

I am also predicting massive tax protests on all levels. No-Eyes, the Native American prophet, predicted this one… and that it may result in blood running in the streets. Obama and his fascist bunch are picking up and running with Bush’s neocon internment camps and will likely use any excuse to round people up and lock them away. Yes, I’m predicting civil unrest.

I predict that a lot of people are going to become more educated on maintaining their own health and will seek out natural health care… naturopaths and homeopaths. We will be returning to the days of the “root doctor” and “kitchen witch” for primary health care. You might want to go ahead and hit the bookstores for some books on herbal medicine, and perhaps start stocking up on some common herbal curatives.

I am also predicting massive, runaway inflation very similar to what Argentina went through. We’re already seeing it. We’ve been seeing the manufacturing jobs getting oursourced for years, thanks to Clinton and Bush signing NAFTA and CAFTA into law.

I can also predict more people turning every square foot of their yards into family farm plots to supplement their diets, and preserving the excess for the long term. Food is going to get really, really expensive.  Actually, it already is. Start buying seeds and putting in some raised garden beds filled with rich soil. If you haven’t started already, you need to be storing food Mormon-style. Buy some foods in bulk and store it in airtight containers.  I’m not kidding. If civil unrest keeps truckers from delivering food to the stores, or if the military decides to cordon off entire areas, or if things get to the point where you will have to “shelter in place”, or if inflation gets to the point where you need a barrel of cash to buy a loaf of bread, you will need to live on your stored foods for a while.   I’m already seeing some disturbing trends in the local stores… even WalMart is carrying less variety and isn’t keeping up with stocking. You might also want to consider some other items, like a rocket-stove so you can cook your meals using just a few twigs.  http://rocketstoves.org/

Another thing… ammo. If you run low on Spam, that squirrel in your yard is gonna look mighty tasty. The local duck ponds are going to be missing some stock, too. Personally, I’m leaning more towards keeping “cuy” (guinea pigs) like they do in Peru… not as prone to parasites.

Okay… so am I predicting the apocalypse? Actually, I’m just trying to cover the bases. Things might continue to grind along as they have been, but I’m allowing for some craziness.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Halloween Musings…

“I’m Morticia Addams and I’m giving Cleopatra the man-eating oak tree a haircut.” I was standing on a stool under the outer edge of my front oak tree.

I had plenty of candy, and my lights were on, but since my husband turns in at 8 PM, I didn’t want any of the little spooks ringing the doorbell. I heard voices in the dimming distance, so I opened the burglar bars encasing my front porch.  Looking down the front walk, I decided to trim the bushes, just to pass the time while waiting for trick-or-treaters. That done, I got the limb-nippers and trimmed the low hanging branches of our live oak tree, particularly the branches that scrape the top of my minivan as it pulls into its parking spot.  I called it quits when I had trimmed the last branch within my reach with the aid of a step-stool. At 9:20 I called Halloween quits, locked up and turned the lights out.

Okay… this time of year is classically associated with death and our ancestors.  We certainly live in scary times.  There’s no doubt that our ancestors as well as America’s founding fathers would be turning in their graves if they saw how things were going.  Our government is doing exactly everything they warned us against.

Obama and his cadre, the same bunch of creepos that Bush answered to, have engineered a half-assed terror event.  The two printer cartridges addressed to synagogues and  shipped on commercial carrier flight, were made to look like bombs. They each had some odd stuff smeared on them and an old TV circuit board glued to them… notice there was no power source… no battery to make it go, and not even a mercury switch.  There’s still two days in front of the election in which to pull some kind of schenanigans.

Silver hit $24.82 the last time I checked, just a few minutes ago. Most of the Austrian School economists and trend forecasters say it will hit $30 by the end of this year and perhaps even $50, and gold could easily hit $2000 pretty quick… it’s already at $1360. 

I, my mom and my two sisters went out to lunch Saturday to celebrate the two October birthdays, mine and my older sister’s.  I gave Kathy a 1-ounce generic silver round in a greeting card.
When it came to discussing the state of things over lunch, Mom’s typical rant was “We gotta get these liberals out of office.” 
My reply was simple, “Yes, but it won’t help us if we elect a bunch of neocons like Bush and his bunch… they have to be REAL Republicans. We have to elect constitutionalists.” 
Mom’s rant continued, “It doesn’t matter, we have to get Republicans in there!”
“I agree, Mom, but like I said, if we just drag in a bunch more RINOs and neocons, nothing will change. Besides, even if we elect nothing but constitutionalist government-shrinkers, the current batch will have 3 whole months to do ANYTHING THEY WANT until the next group gets sworn in in January.”  Yeah, it cast a pall over things just a bit. My younger sister asked if I knew any good gossip… the only thing I could come up with was about silver. I told her that it could easily hit $50 an ounce pretty quick because of JP Morgan and Goldman Sach’s naked short selling of silver and gold to depress the prices, and that they stand to lose billions of dollars trying to cover themselves, and they will probably be fined for this latest batch of misdeeds.   I see that as hopeful since the value of the metals will be unleashed to do what it is supposed to do.  In times of high inflation, silver typically returns to its classical 16-to 1 ratio with gold, meaning that it really should be selling for $85 an ounce right now.  Since most silver is actually consumed in industrial applications, and there is only about 5 years’ supply out of the ground right now, it may actually achieve a lot smaller ratio, if not actual parity with gold. When I found out about that, I realized why I never really got all excited about gold, even though I do own some.

I found out that my younger sister, Linda, is loading up on some foodstuffs… mostly canned… and has a victory garden of various greens going.  Hooray for her.  I don’t think my older sister has wrapped her head around that concept as yet.  Linda’s daughter is trying to live out there in California, but can’t find paying employment in a state with a real unemployment rate of 33%. She needs to come back home and make use of that high-dollar degree.

My husband still hasn’t quite wrapped his head around the whole concept of metals, so I’m still trying to educate him. The point is that you sell anything you don’t need and buy anything you will need NOW while the money has some buying power. Metals gain value as currency loses value.  When he commented that it wasn’t liquid, I countered that you sell it the same way you bought it… you go back to the bullion dealer and sell it to them for the current price, then take that cash and buy what you need. It’s perfectly liquid AND it is a great way to retain wealth.

The upshot is that NOW is the time to buy silver and gold, while the values are still artifically depressed.  Yank your money out of the stock market before this current little rally peters out.  Obama is eyeing up your 401K anyway, and with his cronies guaranteed in control for another 3 months, with nothing left to lose from furthering their nasty agenda, you can bet on the worst coming to pass.  You might as well bail your assets out and pay the 10% taxes now, instead of waiting until next year and paying 15% or  losing it outright.  The Federal Reserve is printing an additional $2.5 TRILLION in unbacked currency this year, to go with the other trillions printed in the last couple of years.

Right now, in real world terms, the inflation rate is 7%. Once this current round of “quantitative easing” sets in, inflation could easily go to 14%. Once all those t-bills and dollars that are out circulating around in the world come back to the U.S., we could be staring at much, MUCH higher inflation, probably staring at hyper-inflation. 

If you get the chance, take a look at the newest film from the National Inflation Association “The End of Liberty”  http://inflation.us/videos.html   Their other films, such as “Meltup” are quite educational as well.  Don’t watch it right before bedtime, though.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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We Have the Power!

I feel so heartened and encouraged right now.

Right now… the pushback against the TSA gate-rape tyranny is gaining steam. Some 23 airports have kicked the TSA out, opting to do the security screening themselves.  The airports and airlines are suffering greatly decreased sales, which is our main way of telling them that this violation of our 4th Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure is patently unacceptable.  Everyone responds to the power of the purse strings!
Oklahoma City Airport is considering it at this time.  The police in San Mateo county, CA are actively staking out San Francisco International Airport to catch TSA gropers.  The TSA is not law enforcement, they don’t have the jurisdiction to do what they’ve been doing, so if they grope a person’s genitals over the clothes, it is a midemeanor, but if they dive inside your clothing, it is a FELONY.
In this: http://www.prisonplanet.com/nyc-legislators-seek-ban-on-full-body-scanners-in-new-york.html New York is now proposing legislation against the naked body scanners.

Now… if you would like to spend a couple of hours feeling encouraged and empowered, by all means look at Max Keiser’s website:  http://maxkeiser.com    His “Crash JPMorgan, Buy Silver” campaign has gone viral, and lots of astonishly young people are posting videos on YouTube showing their silver collections while encouraging everyone else to buy physical silver NOW to keep JPMorgan, HSBC, COMEX, CME, and the other financial terrorists from being able to get it to cover their shorts.  The banksters only have until sometime in December to cover those shorts.  If these evil bankers have to go out onto the open market to get silver, they will be put out of business. 

This really stands to be a watershed event in the patriotic pushback against the global elites.  The cool thing is that us little people will make money while crashing these banksters!  Right now, silver is $27.36 spot, which is way below what it should be.  Please encourage everyone you know to head down to their local coin dealer and buy at least one silver round just to get it off the market.  With the metals manipulators out of the game, the true market price of gold, silver, platinum and palladium will take over, meaning that each ounce of silver could easily be worth over $500 in a short amount of time. If you want to regain the losses your 401K took as these financial terrorists screwed the stock markets, this is the way to do it.  If you want to play keep-away from the federal goverment’s grab of your savings, this is the way to do it. If you want to preserve your wealth in the face of probable hyperinflation, here is your opportunity to not only survive, but to thrive. This is a unique opportunity to use your money for the betterment of mankind and make money while doing it!

Each ounce of silver you buy right now is a bullet to JPMorgan and a nail in their coffin. Time to take down these vampires!  


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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The Great Awakening Comes…

Okay… the banksters are meeting and they are demanding ANOTHER $100 TRILLION in credit to play around with, secured by our taxes, which they stated they want to DOUBLE.  That means, they are going to further debase our currency, liquifying the economy until the entire world economy collapses so they can roll out the global police state.  This same gang of criminals with the IMF and World Bank have been melting down one country after another with their central banking fiat currency schemes; now the’re melting down the U.S. dollar, and the inflation is literally already causing rampant misery throughout the world.  Food prices going up here in the U.S. is painful, but it is downright deadly in places like Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Yemen… and elsewhere where common wages are so very low that a bag of raw wheat is survival.

Europe is also in melt-down mode:  Iceland is hunting down and prosecuting bankers… they are the only country that has it right… by defaulting on the bankers’ debt created from derivatives, so Iceland is actually recovering.  Ireland is about to have an election, and they will be sweeping out the old, corrupt politicians that sold Ireland out… you can expect the new government to be primarily classic IRA and they will likely renege on the bankers’ derivative debt and start investigating the bankers. I sure hope so. When Ireland sets themselves free, that will urge the other enslaved countries to do likewise. I fully expect to see Greece, Portugal and Spain to kick the IMF and the European Union to the curb. It is long since time for everyone to stand against this globalist banker takeover of everything.

Right now, Egypt is in full melt-down mode, with the police joining with the rioters and the military mowing people down in the streets. Fox News is trying to spin their version of the news to say that Egypt is being taken over my Muslim extremists.  The truth is, these people are starving and they are tired of being stomped on and they have nothing to lose by overthrowing a corrupt, fascist regime.  Granted, it is entirely possible that fringe elements could take advantage of the chaos to seize power.  The rioting is bad in Cairo, but Suez is really going down horribly, and if the Suez Canal closes down, we will be staring at oil going to $150-$200 a barrelPay attention, people, this is important.

It doesn’t matter whether it is an organic response to the inflation creating higher prices, or if these uprisings are CIA-created color revolutions. The results will become self-evident. $120 a barrel oil brings the price of gasoline up over $4 a gallon. We can expect to see shortages, further hikes in food prices because of transportation costs, and we will likely start seeing civil unrest.  Whatever happens in Europe, tends to happen here in the U.S. a year later, and that is coming up soon.

Gang… it is coming down to the wire. PLEASE stock up at least 3 months’ supply of food, preferably more, while you can still afford it. Load up on all the close-outs you find of canned foods and definitely load up on basic dry staples.  Load up on bottled water, or draw and preserve it. Get out of paper… that means pull your money out of the stock market and banks, and buy the things you will need to take care of your family… food, guns & ammo, survival type supplies, gold and silver.  If you see the Euro currency melt-down, then we in America have less than 3 weeks to get out of paper; you might as well do it now while the price of silver is being manipulated downward. By all means, buy silver because that is how you will preserve your wealth when the cash ceases to be accepted.

Believe me, every time I get a paycheck, I either go buy groceries (some for now and some for storage) or I buy silver bullion. I’m trying not to keep any excess money in my bank accounts. I’m doing constructive things with the money for as long as I can. I went to Sam’s Club tonight on the way home… I picked up some canned goods and spices, and some frozen vegetables to toss into the dehydrator. Every time I go, I also pick up another block of toilet paper.

We’re dealing with rampant corruption and loss of the rule of law here in the U.S.   The banks have been foreclosing on homes without being able to show the note, and even foreclosing on people who had never missed a payment. Now they are trying to get the laws rewritten so they don’t have to show any paper work.  Taxes are going up everywhere while services are being whittled away.  

It is my fondest hope, and I pray about it every day, that all the people of the world wake up and see this globalist banker takeover for what it is and resist their ushering in of the evil ones’ planned global police state. I would imagine that a lot of people in Europe and the Middle East are already wrapping their heads around hunting down these so-called elites and hanging them from the nearest trees for this unprecedented level of theft and destruction of the entire world economy.  Personally… I kinda think it’s a good idea. What goes around comes around.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Okay… there are food and fuel riots all around the Mediterranean… Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, Algeria and Morocco… on top of the anti-austerity riots taking place throughout Europe.  http://www.zerohedge.com/article/latest-inflation-riot-tally-algeria-tunisia-morocco-yemen-and-jordan   There are a lot of young people with college educations and big debts, that can’t find a job and are stuck living with their parents. They all know that the so-called austerity being imposed on them by the banksters is all about covering their gambling debts so shareholders won’t fly away. These educated young people also know that everything is being looted from them… higher taxes, fewer services, fewer jobs, and the outright looting of both private and public retirement funds.  They have nothing to lose by applying their creativity toward overthrowing the banksters, oligarchs and crooked politicians… if anything, they’ll empower themselves. I wish them all the luck and hope they get it right. All that youthful hormonal energy might as well go toward setting themselves free.
We know the U.S. is about a year behind Europe, and we’ve got millions of college graduates that have yet to be able to enter the work force… some are nearing 30 and are tired of being on the losing end of the spectrum. You can only go back to college so many times before you have to get out and earn a living.  We’re getting to the point where the young people are better served by going directly into the work force any way they can so they can at least get a paycheck coming in while working their way up the ladder… such as it is.  People are a commodity, whether you realize it or not.
On top of that… weather around the world, along with just plain bad government, is conspiring to trash various commodities. The flooding in Australia is removing 1/3 of the world’s coal output from the market… a lot of Asian countries really rely on that.  And with yet more rain predicted in the coming days, the flooding also has significant implications on other commodities such as wheat, fruit, iron ore and sugar.
Add to that the wheat shortages caused by Russia’s drought and fires… they quit exporting all grains this year in favor of feeding their own. This is causing a squeeze on food supplies world wide.  Add to that the rather horrific weather we’ve had in the U.S., with extremes of temperature making farming tough all over… yeah, our food production is under stress. 
It is long since time to get rid of the government agricultural programs that pay farmers NOT to grow crops.  With oil already at $100 a barrel, it is time to re-negotiate the price of such necessities… as in one barrel of wheat for one barrel of oil… take it or leave it.  That would certainly bring things back to an even playing field.
It is also time for the U.S. to erect tariffs on imported goods, and bring back our manufacturing base. WalMart would probably go out of business if they had to pay a tariff on all that plastic crap from China.  Of course, WalMart has killed more mom-and-pop living wage stores throughout the U.S. that we can count… like a really virulent cancer.
The central banks around the world are printing lots of money, and this money is transferred to the big banks, which then play the stock market. Just because the stock market is “up” doesn’t mean there’s an economic recovery… it’s basically the last hurrah before the crash. If if a rising stock market was indicative of “wealth” then the citizens of Zimbabwe have to be the richest people in the universe. 
We also realize that the big multi-national banks, like the evil JPMorgan, are in the business of naked shorting everything from silver to wheat and oil, just to manipulate the markets. It’s a huge ponzi scheme. They inflated the housing and mortgage market, and then trashed it. They’ve been suppressing the market prices of silver and gold by printing paper metals (naked short selling)… granted, that’s doing a lot of us a favor by allowing us to load up on physical metals on the cheap for the time being. Now they’re jacking with agricultural and energy commodities’ prices, which have risen even beyond the current 7% or so inflation rate. It’s only a short matter of time before people notice.  Higher energy prices means higher food prices.
I sat down and did a little dowsing… I think we will likely see 10% inflation perhaps by April, and 15% by September. Once we hit the 10% mark, the lid will likely come off and the genie won’t go back into the bottle.  Once all those 45 million people on food stamps realize that they can’t feed their families any more, I expect protests, followed by riots and martial law as things spiral downwards.
So I’ll take this opportunity to bug you once again… clear out your closets and use them to store food. Stash dry, canned and freeze-dried everywhere… under the beds, under your sofa, in the garage… anyplace where the temperatures won’t get too hot.  Get some water storage barrels and maybe a purification system in case the municipal water system goes down. Get to where you can actually handle things if the “grid” goes down for a while.  Buy ammo, both for self-protection and for barter.  Get your money out of your 401K while you can… pay the friggin’ taxes and buy metals and survival supplies. Make use of your money while it will buy something. Keep only the amount of money you absolutely need to pay bills in the bank, because it may be forfeit in the event of a “bank holiday”. 
Keep talking to your friends and relatives… do what you can to get them into “prepper mode” so they’ll do okay when the poo hits the fan. Try “war-gaming” the scenario with them. I just did that with an ex-Army guy today, and he isn’t anywhere as optimistic as I am.

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Getting a Pulse from Blogsites

News and blogsites are often a good means of getting a pulse on what’s going on in the world.  I have a few recommendations you might want to look into.

On the strictly financial end of things, there is Peter Schiff’s blog: http://peterschiffblog.blogspot.com/ and Marc Faber’s blog:   http://www.marcfaber.co.cc/  These guys are both published authors and  investment company managers. They’re also both Austrian School of Economics people like Ron Paul.  This is opposed to the Keynesians who think that everything is all about the industrial-military complex with a tightly controlled economy… controlled as in the government stacking the deck in favor of big business.

Silver is up to $21.22 and gold is up to $1,293.00.  According to Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute, http://www.trends2012.co.cc/  we can probably expect further volatility in the gold market for a little while, but once it breaks past the $1,330 mark they fully expect gold to hit $2,000 an ounce by the new year.  They expect some major financial tremblings throughout the year. After spending the majority of the last two years insisting that everything was gonna be all right and that gold was in a bubble just about to burst, Wall Street is finally talking about devaluation of the dollar.  As the U.S. declines toward third world status, you can expect the government to do third world things

We’re already well along the road to fascism… the goverment is giving in to corporate pressures to regulate the small guys out of business while leaving the big guys alone. Monsanto is actively either chemical bombing crops or sending illegal immigrant workers in to private property to kill private vegetable patches… all just so Monsanto can see if anything survives… if it does, it’s their seed stocks and they’ll sue the farmer, if it isn’t and they’ve just killed the crops, it’s up to the farmer to take Monsanto to court. Dozens of documented cases are coming to light, both here and in Canada.

Congress is trying to regulate small business out of existence, and trying to make sure that only the big corporations that are out-sourcing jobs while buying off congressmen and feeding at the taxpayer trough will survive. The deck is being stacked against the citizenry.

Numerous local police departments have become increasingly militarized. http://www.infowars.com/category/police-state/ and getting in on the fascism. People have been stopped and told they “can’t do that” even when something is not only legal, but constitutionally protected.

The Feds are actively trying to target any politically or socially engaged Americans as terrorists to squash resistance. http://www.infowars.com/feds-target-americans-as-terrorists-in-effort-to-break-back-of-big-government-resistance/

Pennsylvania was caught using an Israeli security contractor to list anyone who had ever been associated with any kind of protest, as in the protest against fracking in that state, as a terrorist/dissident. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/regional/s_700176.html

If you want to see what is next on the agenda for the U.S., just take a look at what they’ve already done to Britain and Australia, which have both been disarmed, the police and the crooks are running roughshod over the entire populace, and now the British government wants all paychecks to funnel through them so they can micromanage what you get out of your paycheck more directly (never mind withholding taxes). Obama wants to slap a tax on EVERY financial movement you make, like a % for moving money from checking to savings, or getting a little money from an ATM, or your paycheck arriving in your bank account.  If that isn’t reason enough for getting out of banking, I don’t know what is. Of course, they want everyone to go to plastic-only… those debit cards are only just the first stage.

I’ve recently found a blog by a young man in Argentina that speaks about survival in a post-meltdown country:  http://ferfal.blogspot.com/   His blog musings  include product reviews and recommendations, metals and maintaining a basket of currencies, using the bank as little as possible, police corruption, an incredibly high crime rate, the fact that people are literally starving to death and the fact that the country still has not recovered since the meltdown back in 2000. His book is a how-to manual from personal experience. Once you start reading, you’ll want to keep reading the older posts.

A couple of other sites you might also want to peruse include  http://survivalblog.com/ and http://www.shtfblog.com/  which cover hands-on topics as well as the news of the day.  


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Long Wave Despotism…

While surfing Max Keiser’s site,  http://www.maxkeiser.com  I stumbled across this very old newsreel by Encyclopedia Britannica:

By all means, give it a look-see… what they were applying to Germany back then, is what is going on right now. The U.S. now ranks lower on the freedom scale than ever before, and incredibly high on the despotism scale.  The main difference right now is the technology. We currently have the “perfect storm” arriving on our shores. When you add together the cumulative loss of freedoms, with the increase of  taxation, and the fact that the government has inserted itself into just about every aspect of our personal and business lives, not to mention that government is clearly owned outright by a lawless corporatocracy, you will see that this is where we are at. 

We are staring into the precipice…

  • They’ve already built the FEMA camps and have arranged to divvy up the U.S. into a handful of districts run by assorted “fusion centers”… and it is very suspicious, to say the least. 
  • The mass media is controlled by a very few people, all answering to their oligarch masters. They are actively engaged in editing content that is a little too close to the truth. If you don’t believe me, Tru-TV has been ordered to remove all of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory episodes, beginning with his expose of the FEMA camps. The cable TV companies have been removing those episodes from DVRs all over the country, too. 
    Fox’s Glenn Beck has been flip-flopping on all sorts of stuff… makes him look schizophrenic… seems he’s under a lot of pressure… he knows if he don’t do right, they’ll friggin’ kill him. He’s the only one in the mainstream media that’s talking about the coming hyperinflation and “prepping”… now he’s had to back down. 
    Did you notice how quick the political junk got associated to Jared Loughner when he shot all those people in Arizona? Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster (he’s retired CIA, among other things) says he thinks the judge that was killed, was targeted because he had just struck down a government grab for everyone’s 401K accounts.  Huh!
  • Now we’ve got gate-rape at the airports… with thugs reaching into your clothing and groping your private parts. In doing this the TSA thugs have assumed they have authority that no legitimate law enforcement authority has without an arrest involved. No sheriff, police officer or constable patrol is permitted to do what the TSA is being permitted to do. The good thing is a lot of airports are kicking the TSA and their porno-scanners out and doing their own screening. Seems gate rape is proving bad for business.
  • Right now, we have military predator drone aircraft in our domestic skies, minus the weaponry but being used to spy on the  citizenry.  I’ve watched groups of big black helicopters practicing flying in formation over my area of town… as if herding people.  I’ve seen an unmarked black Apache helicopter hovering silently over a gated condominium community near me… no apparent police action going on below.  Are you suspicious yet?
  • Wal-Mart is putting in propaganda telescreens featuring “Homeland Security” officials yakking about tattle-tailing on their neighbors. Another reason to stay out of Wally-World. If I’m in one and I see any of that stuff playing, I swear I’m gonna see if I can yank the plug, or recruit some tall person to do it for me. Remember how the Nazis worked in all sorts of propaganda into all of their films… demonizing Jews and emphasizing they weren’t human?  Now they’re going after anyone who believes in the Constitution and personal freedom, is a gun owner or is ex-military.  That’s most of us, gang.
  • Between ObamaCare and some other assorted asset-grabs and corporate give-aways, I’ll bet we can expect currency controls to come into play soon. We know they are planning on going after everyone’s retirement accounts. The banks have been very active on plundering safe-deposit boxes. If it’s where they can get at it, they will go after it.  This is true fascism… the marriage of corporate greed with goverment enforcement muscle. 
  • Right now there are 30-something lawsuits (including 2 RICO suits) against JPMorgan for shorting commodities, specifically silver.  Whenever things get a little too hot for their buddies, either corrupt judges intervene or lawmakers do away with the laws that get in the way… they did away with the anti-trust laws, the Glass-Steagall act that prevented the derivatives, and a bunch of other basic rules.  There is no rule of law right now.    

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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