Astrology for the Next Couple of Years

I went to my friend and astrologer, Enola Dominiak, for a reading to see what was up in my chart and in general. This was back in November 2009, and I was experiencing a dry spell business-wise (a lot of people were), along with an incredible urge to write. 

Enola is a real expert… she can look at your chart from any of 6 different astrological schools and give you the scenarios. A few years back, she looked at one aspect in my chart and told me that “a mother figure” would either get really sick or die sometime that November or December… it turned out, my mother-in-law died on November 20th of a heart attack… really sudden. That’s how good she is. If you want to avail yourself of her services, her number is 713-503-1574.

Okay, now on to this year.  Enola saw no economic improvement until fall of 2010… this year. We are going to be seeing some MAJOR SHIFTS because for the next 3 years we are under the influence of Saturn in Libra. Saturn is exhalted, or empowered, in Libra. Saturn is the teacher of the zodiac, and Libra is a cardinal sign. This is a very forceful, aggressive aspect.  This is all about “relationships”… friends, lovers, employers, business relationships, and so forth, and all of these relationships will be changing  depending on how they all relate to Saturn in their charts.

One thing she stated is that we have to be very careful about staying out of negativity while Saturn is in Libra, because Saturn will give us what we think about. This is a critical spot in the global and personal balancing act.

Enola voiced concern that there was the probability of violence in the larger world and relationships, as in we-the-people regarding our government. We’re already seeing vandalism directed at members of congress as a result of their vote for ObamaCare. As the economy continues melting down with inflation and job losses, people may very well become agitated and militant. Witness the Tea Party movement now.

Other than that, the rest of 2010 looks interesting enough, astrologically speaking:  Mercury goes retrograde April 18-May 11,  then August 20-September 12, then again December 10-30th.  Venus goes retrograde October 8- November 18th… that’s in Libra… ouch.  Mars had been retrograde  since December 20th, 2009 and finally went direct on March 10th, 2010… if you noticed that not much was moving, that is one reason why.  Jupiter, the Santa Claus of the zodiac, goes retrograde from July 23-November 18… you can expect sales to be slow during this period… and remember, that goes along with a Mercury retrograde.  Saturn is now retrograde from January 13-May 30th… the teacher is revisiting some lessons to make sure we got them down pat, or we will receive a smack with the ruler. Chiron is retrograde from June 4 – November 5th… look at both your physical health and the inner health issues carefully, because they will be up in your grille.  Uranus is retrograde from July 5-December 5th… since Uranus is the divine rebel, it has to do with individualism and rapid change, so I think we will be seeing some real interesting stuff with Uranus revisiting the issues and sitting on them to make us look at them. Neptune is retrograde from May 31-November 7th… that has to do with the urge to escape limitations, living an ideal, and unity… things could get interesting over the summer.  Pluto is retrograde from April 6-September 14th… Pluto is all about transformation, evolutionary growth, elimination, power, control, the surging masses, and… transition (death).  

For me, personally, this is a time of laying down the foundations and doing some major introspection work.  When my brother who died at the end of February, was finally buried on the 19th of March, I spent a chunk of time processing rage… classic Chiron issues. I basically spent most of my childhood and teens in an unsupportive, competitive and antagonistic environment, with my brother the main reason for the turmoil, and my parents feeding it by refusing to deal with it… in fact, they didn’t start addressing my brother as an issue until 2 years after I had launched out of their house. I have to heal that in order to heal the rest of my body and drop the armor on my tummy. Enola says I came in with this anger from a past life. I am also likely to have a kundalini awakening this year. I do have a lot of good stuff going on in my chart, though.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Proper Smudging Technique for Clearings

I just noticed that, even though I have always included instructions on how to do a proper Tobacco Ceremony on my assorted blogs and my electronic books, I somehow forgot to include these important instructions on my blogsite for easy access.

If you are one of a score or more of people who have contacted me asking for help in dealing with the negative side of the paranormal, I have likely either instructed you by e-mail, coaching you over the phone, or I just sent you the PDF of my e-book, “Fat-Free Spirituality” so you could get it for yourself.  I’d rather coach people to do it for themselves, thereby empowering them to help others. The ol’ spoon-feeding syndrome isn’t good for the collective consciousness.

When the typical person comes to the realization that they really are being haunted, it is normal to panic. So much of so-called “western civilization” is geared around denial of the spirit world and higher dimensions. Most people start their search for paranormal help by reaching out to clergy only to be rebuffed or told to find a psychiatrist… and it is a sobering experience after a lifetime of mainstream religious indoctrination to realize that the support isn’t a two-way street. The next thing most people do nowadays is to get on the internet… which is where most people find me. Yes, I do get referrals from members of various friends and paranormal research groups. I prefer to empower people through instruction, but some folks are too scared to attempt the D.I.Y. approach, at which point I will offer to do a cleansing, whether by remote or in person, for a modest fee.

In getting the background on the haunting activity, I usually tune in and check for the presence of geopathic phenomena, and I always ask whether there is use of prescription medications, alcohol or pot in the household.

The first stage of clearing is e-mailing the person the “White Light” symbol from the Joray tradition, to print out on both paper or on Avery label stock for them grid their house by slapping the symbol to the ceilings of closets, behind every picture on the walls, and preferably stapled to the inside of the roof facing down into the house from the attic. The symbol takes the house to a higher court and typically makes any ghosts very uncomfortable… it is serving them “notice of eviction”.

The next thing to do is prepare to “smudge”, which is a Native American technique. You need a sage and cedar smudge stick for this. If you can’t find one of these locally, you can either order them on-line or from me. You will need to hold something underneath that smudge stick so you don’t spread embers as you walk through the house… most use an abalone shell, but a salad plate with work perfectly.

Smudging is typically my second stage of clearing. Once you have the basic implements ready, you crack open the front door, make a prayer (out loud) invoking your angels and ascended masters to come in and assist you, then light the cedar and sage smudge stick.  You begin by going to the back of the house smudging each room in a clockwise circle, while talking to the ghosts. Tell the ghosts that this is your home and that they have to leave it, preferably to go into the Light since they are no longer in physical form. Keep smudging and talking until you’ve chased them out the front door. In multi-level houses the smudging must be repeated on each floor, again, working from the back of the house forward until they are chased out the front door. It is especially important to point out that ghosts like to hide in the in-between places such as attics, air conditioning intake vents, stairways and closets, so these must also be smudged. When you are done, close the front door and “seal” that door by smudging it in a clockwise motion. All of these actions must be done with focused INTENT. More advanced spiritual practitioners will talk with such entities and then walk them into the Light to make sure they get there.

The third stage of clearing is doing “Tobacco Ceremony” both outside and inside the house. I prefer doing outside first because it has a pressure cooker effect.

The fourth stage of clearing is to do an energy clearing on anyone in the household. Any etheric cords must be cut, their energy field must be cleansed, and any chakras have to be unblocked. The first thing that most poltergeists do is “slime” people’s head chakras to keep them from realizing the ghosts are there.


Those interested in purchasing an E-copy of Suzanne Powell’s book, Fat Free Spirituality – Handy Tips from a Big City Shaman can contact her through her site,   She also offers a line of energetic products, pendulums, natural stone “medicine jewelry”, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap”.  

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Reiki for the Ghouls

Stuart Wilde recently tossed his NING blogsite in favor of going back to his old blogsite. The feeling coming from his NING articles, which people could actually make comments to, was that Stuie was riding kind of a slippery slope of really broad judgements about a lot of basic spiritual practices.

When he went after other “new age” authors like David Icke, I disagreed with him saying that Icke had evolved quite a lot from his old lizard line (even though we have been seeing a lot of thinly disguised lizards walking around in people clothing), but his message has gotten more into personal empowerment from the inside out… unified field mechanics and all that.  Actually, we desperately need those somewhat frightening authors that publish the spooky stuff, because they shock a lot of people into wakefulness and force them to make some decisions… the red pill or the blue pill. Once on “the path” people can do their own research, and oftentimes that leads people around full-circle.

When Stuie wrote on his NING site that Reiki takes people to the ghouls, I did jump in and clarify to remove the fear factor. Yes… there are people who are not particular about whom they have doing the Reiki teaching and attunements… I’ve run into a lot of cases in which the teacher withheld vital information about protection from unbeneficial energies and how to disengage from the client… just to set the students up for failure while taking their money for the teachings.  

I have known people who didn’t know how to disengage properly that wound up taking on the health problems of their clients, even to the point of being hospitalized.

I’ve run into people who were not particular what energies they really were channeling when they did Reiki energy work… if a person is ego-based they will attract funky beings who will use that opening to do some mischief. If a Reiki practitioner isn’t actively seeking to bring in the highest, most angelic energies possible, and assumes that all Reiki is the same, they are not likely to be consistently bringing in the best.

I’ve run into people who, being fully owned by the dark beings, have literally worked the local psychic fairs just tearing up the auras of unsuspecting rubes.

I know a couple who practiced Reiki together in an office practice. The lady had to kick her husband to the curb because he was literally leaving the clients in pain because he wasn’t doing the Reiki right… his focus wasn’t where it needed to be.

If your Reiki is all about egotism and your attitude is “I am the healer”, then it will take you to the ghouls.  If your approach is to help the other person on all levels as much as the soul will allow, and to provide the opportunity for that person to heal himself, then you are probably going to be just fine.

So Stuart Wilde does have a point about Reiki being a loaded gun. Truth is, your intent and focus really account for a lot.

Reiki can be a delightful way to tell the universe that you are indeed ready to put the hyperdrive in gear for advanced development. It can also be an excellent tool that can be used in so many ways. I routinely use Reiki as a basis for remote healing and energy clearing, exorcisms, amping up my medicine jewelry with angelic energy, and all sorts of other good stuff.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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How killed the New Age Shops

At May 2009’s regional dowsing conference in Houston, George Goodnow gave a lecture that I found most interesting… he connected the dots on why the new age stores have been dropping off the map. George’s company, Xeonix, sells pendulums of all sorts to the wholesale sources like AzureGreen, as well as direct sales to the new age stores. George states that as many as 40% of the new age shops have been closing up each year, with perhaps 10% in new stores being opened to take their place.  There are several different explanations for this trend.

In the past 10 years I have seen two of the oldest new age bookstores in the US close their doors, one in San Diego and one in Houston. I don’t know about the one in California, which was the oldest one, but Aquarian Age Bookshelf here in Houston died when its elderly lady owners died one by one. Volunteers helped keep the store running while the last of its owners did the downhill slide, and with no legal secession, the owner’s children had to liquidate and close it down. It really was a shame to see it go, but it was at least a couple of years ahead of the trend we are now seeing.

The advent of the worldwide web is what really has been killing the new age “Harry Potter” type shops. Most of the new age shops were the primary distribution point of metaphysical and holistic books, and the owners were generally very knowledgeable people who could talk reasonably with a person who was in flux (as in awakening to the spiritual path and wanting to make changes). This little bookshop owner would listen carefully, offer some well-considered advice, and then lead the customer to a selection of books and be able to recommend a selection or two, so the customer could peruse and make a selection, and perhaps add a few other things while meandering towards the register. The owners typically provided a service and information out of passion.

When the web and on-line discount book outlets gained acceptance, the new age shops really lost their primary line of sales. The new age shops went to selling primarily consumables… everything from nutritional supplements, candles, pendulums, bric-a-brac, crystals, ritual stuff and the like. And the owners typically had to go to work at a “day job” to support themselves while leaving some kid behind to manage the shop. The advice spewing from the kid behind the register wasn’t on the level, and the consumables didn’t work, so the service wasn’t there any more. In summary, the bric-a-brac can’t deal with causation and can’t help people who really need information. You can’t expect a kid to take the place of a seasoned and passionate professional.

I had noticed a long time ago that no new age shop could last very long unless they had classroom space and the right kind of teachers, and could book a selection of guest lecturers… basically a draw for the shop. The success of the classroom depends heavily on maintaining a good website, advertising presence, and mailing out a newsletter at least every other month.

Some successful shops I’ve seen had small offices they could sub-let to various professionals such as reiki practitioners, reflexologists, massage therapists, psychics, astrologers, hypnotherapists and the like, which would ideally bring in their own customers who would also patronize the shop.  I’ve seen various arrangements on these two fronts. The only way a shop owner can keep related professionals as a feature in their shop is to actually charge that related professional a pro-rata share of the square footage and utilities… the arrangement where the owner simply took a percentage of the professional’s income didn’t work at all. If the “related professional” isn’t in business to grow their own business, the arrangement will not work.

I’ve seen some of these shops coming and going over the years simply because the owners started out too far in debt to sustain the shop long enough for it to take off, and a number of them tried to shore up their inventory by carrying a lot of consigned goods (which has its own liabilities). I’ve seen several go out of business because the owners didn’t have the requisite knowledge base or integrity to make it work. When it comes to opening a retail shop of any sort, it takes serious capital to go large enough to sustain. You really can’t shoestring it and hope to build up. You need substantial inventory and do consistent advertising and events to draw people in.


People are going to the bigger retail chains for the new age books, which are now being exposed to a more mainstream audience. Of course, you will find lots of new age authors interspersed among the rest of the store’s inventory… which may or may not help. I’ve seen the Mary Summer Rain books stuck in the “American Indian” section, and the Abraham Hicks and Stuart Wilde books stuck in the “self help” section.  If the customers cannot locate what they are looking for, it won’t be purchased and the book publishers will have to buy back that inventory after a while. That will eventually tend to narrow the range of what will be published.

My local Barnes & Noble, as described above, has a pretty small new age section, limited to some paranormal crap, some wiccan stuff,  a bunch of astrology stuff, and the usual hack Sylvia Browne and other assorted “psychic” fluff authors. If you want a particular author, you have to go fish with the computer wizard.

There is still a crying need for passionate experts, but without a platform, such as a shop to work out of, they have to find other outlets. My guess is that you will see more new age shops among the permanent booths at the weekend flea markets (like Houston’s Traders’ Village and Trading Fair II), and most will either stay on that level or expand to an on-line presence. Some may find a small house to expand into in a neighborhood that has gone commercial.  The whole dynamic of a shop changes completely when commercial retail space is involved because the lease contracts are an inch thick and expensive to get out of.

Most of the “newly awakened”, however, may not think to look in these flea market stalls. That’s where I, and people like me, come in. People contact me like I contacted various new age bookstore owners back when I first awakened. I will talk to them, comfort them, coach them, dowse for them, and even e-mail them some information to peruse. I can refer them to other sources and books. If they are local, I can also do geopathic or ghost clearings. Since I don’t have to worry about paying rent on some retail space, I don’t have to hard-sell anything, either. 


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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The Channeling Trap

Gosh… how to address this one… I’ve seen all sorts of “channelers” over my past 20 years in the new age movement.

I’ve seen good channelers go bad pretty regularly… they start out with the best information and energies coming through, but make the “mistake of ego” and the next entity to pick up the phone turns out to be a complete dud. I’ve seen channelers go from building a hefty business, charging hundreds for a short reading, and even starting their own churches, to having to drop all of it and go get a day job when enough people discovered they had been taken in.

I’ve seen people that were not very specific about WHAT they wanted to channel, so they brought in really nasty beings and went about the psychic fair circuit thinking they could do no wrong. One of these, a fellow named Lenny, would open to channel and the vibe would get really funky, so if I saw him setting up at a given psychic fair, I would very surreptitiously walk about doing Tobacco Ceremony to both anchor Divine Light and to exclude anything or anyone not working for God’s Light. Ol’ Lenny would open to channel to find that his entities were stuck out in the parking lot. He’d pack up and head home. He only did that twice before he got the message and didn’t do that particular psychic fair again. Last I heard about that guy is that he was dying of cancer. As above, so below.

As you know, you CAN channel… and you will only be able to channel what you are capable of handling. If you are not very spiritually developed, it is possible to bring in a very high-vibration being (whether entity, angel, alien or ascended master) to begin with, but that being will eventually get tired of your base behavior and turn his/her back on you, leaving the next entity to pick up the phone… and that is usually something yucky.

The old school channelers like Jane Roberts and Edgar Cayce didn’t live very long because the energies of the entities they served as the mouthpieces for, were of such high energies that their bodies burned out.  

I know people who were pretty specific about what they wanted when they did open to channel years ago, and brought in the “right being” for their level. My friend Rick Ferguson started out channeling a Rabbi named Ben back when just about everyone was channeling all the big names like Siddhartha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Moses, Athena, Zeus and so on. Rick stayed in his integrity and didn’t get into ego about anything. Later on, as all those other people that were supposedly channeling the big names started dropping off the map (from what I remember, a lot of them died), Rick began channeling Merlin the Magician… who turned out to be an aspect of the Cosmic Christ. Rick and Merlin have been together so long that they’ve merged. Rick is doing more and better stuff now than ever before, too.

I recently heard from a customer of mine out on the west coast. She said that she was receiving information from her “guides” that she was supposed to begin channeling Jesus Christ soon, so she didn’t need to study any more and they would be telling her everything she needed to know. I tuned in and dowsed to discover that the ol’ girl had aliens. Oh boy.  I tap danced short of telling her that, but I did convince her to test the heck out of these so-called “guides”. 

I recently talked to a healer who mentioned that a mutual friend had been listening to some git that claims to be channeling Edgar Cayce. This friend is pretty new to the new age stuff, and still tends to be fairly naïve about a lot of it, even though she is pretty energy sensitive.  Now… Edgar Cayce was an old-school channeler through whom a collection of beings would talk when he took a nap. Edgar would have a secretary sitting by asking questions about specific cases and taking notes as the entities yammered on. So… my friend is actually listening to someone who claims to be channeling a channeler? Not the high beings that Cayce channeled, but Cayce? Awwww man! The sad part is that she is taking directives from this git… namely putting stuff in storage so she can put her house on the market in a hurry. My friend is a pack-rat, so she has a lot of crap to stow. So far, two of the time frames this git told her have already come and gone, and my friend is still taking this person’s advice. I hope she isn’t hurt by it. At some point, she will wake up and smell the coffee. I do believe I will send her the link to this little blog.


We are all familiar with Reiki… the person administering Reiki is called a “Reiki channel” because we are channeling the universal life force energy to the people we are offering the energy to… kind of like a soda straw.  We can, of course, choose to take a little for our own healing as we are bringing in these beautiful energies for the other person. A lot of us are experiencing a walking method of bringing in the advanced information we require… instead of having to give control of our bodies to some entity. We can ask our guides and angels to bring us the information we seek before we go to sleep and often we find that we got the guidance overnight, or that the correct person will walk into our lives to teach us what we need to know. Probably the single easiest way to channel, is dowsing… which is using a simple tool, getting out of your way and letting your Higher Self tell you what you need to know with the “yes” and “no” pendulum codes you set up. I use this every day in my medicine jewelry business, and the people at the local health food stores don’t even blink when you whip out a pendulum.     


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Why Psychics May Not Work…

I had long since noticed that even though a given psychic reader may have excellent status and reputation within the community, and even with me as well (that’s a whole ‘nother thing), that they can’t seem to read me worth a hoot. I’ve had some readers try to tell me all sorts of crap that they thought I would do, according to their prognostications… and of course, they were dead wrong.  One told me that I would divorce my husband. Another said I would have an affair. Another said I was thinking of having an affair. You name it, they’ve said it.

I have long since known that there are people that are psychic as all get-out that are NOT on a spiritual path. Being psychic and being spiritual are two completely different things.

I commented about this to a good friend who happens to be a natural psychic. She summarized things quite well:  When you are really on the path, you have given yourself to God, and naturally hold yourself to a higher code of conduct and are completely outside the realm of ego dramas. When you are on the path, you enjoy a level of protection that the other people don’t have.

I l ike it.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,   She also offers an e-book, “Fat-Free Spirituality” which is packed with advanced spiritual knowledge.

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How to Recover America… Grass Roots Approach

Gerale Celente of the Trends Institute has been very vocal about where we’re headed, both America in specific, and the world in general. In as few words as possible, most of the world’s governments have been taken over from within by incredibly greedy people working for other incredibly greedy power-mad people who want to turn us all into feudal fiefdoms… at best. 

They got Greece to melt down… people rioted and some died, and the whole country came to a halt. Greece is in the European Union, so their troubles are not necessarily their own… they’ve been forced to purchase arms they couldn’t afford, their currency is not their own, and their government answers to a bunch of private bankers. There’s a bunch more countries about to fall down pretty soon.

The U.S. is actually already something like 24 TRILLION in debt, thanks to wars, foreign aid, bailouts for the gangsters running the economy into the ground (Goldman Sachs, anyone?), and all of the major legislation that’s come down the pike for the past 10 years is loaded with pork-barrel giveaways that have nothing to do with what the legislation was supposed to be about. We all know that. We also know that none of these gutless wonders is ever going to take the actions that really are necessary to fix the basis of the problem:  1.) Return to the letter of the Constitution and stick with it.   2.) Do an Andrew Jackson and arrest the members of the Federal Reserve and declare the debt service owed to them null and void. When Jackson did that, he ushered in the single most prosperous time in the nation’s history.

I’ve already gone over what you can personally do to prepare for a currency melt-down in previous blog entries:  buy and store food “Mormon style”, buy precious metals… and stockpile ammo for your guns.  Anything else you can do to make your household self-sufficient in the event of loss of electricity and water is also a good thing.  It is a logical thing to do, especially if you’ve been through a gulf coast hurricane, and even better if you can weather any potential civil unrest safely.  Now, my metaphysical/spiritual friends will say that they refuse to put that kind of vibe out there because they don’t want to empower the negativity.  Okay… I hope that works for you, Bunky.  If fear is the mind-killer, then preparedness removes fear from the mix and empowers the individual.  It never hurts to have a “Plan B”, or a “Plan C” for that matter. 

Now… what can WE do to recover America?  That’s right, us little people!  The non-Morgans, non-Rothshields, and non-Bushs of the world.  Yes, we have the power!  First of all, we can become more involved in local politics, and force the local politicians to behave. Most of us homeowners have seen our property taxes skyrocket because of the housing melt-down… and it isn’t fair to jack up the taxes on us responsible people just because we are still in the same house.  School districts can bloody well shelve their expansion projects until they can afford it. 

Secondly, and related to that, is VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS!  We need to get rid of the jerks that have been selling us out and replace them with constitutionalist candidates that will actually work towards fixing the problems. A good candidate will get rid of the country-club retirement and health care plans that Congress currently enjoys forever, even if that congressman only got elected once. Come on, now, it’s a part-time job at best. A good candidate will force recalls of all legislation based on constitutionality.  A good candidate will be all about looking at the money trail and cutting off the leaches.  For example, we don’t need the Department of Energy… it doesn’t do what it was originally created to do, which was explore and encourage alternative sources of energy… it now caters to the big oil, big coal and nuclear power companies.

Our every day campaign, something we can do that is sustainable and really will help:  Buy American… and buy localIf you need something to fix the house, you go down to your locally-owned hardware store and patronize them, instead of WalMart or any other chain store. If you want to go out to eat, you patronize a local cafe instead of some chain restaurant that serves packaged crap. Pick quality.    

Spend more and buy quality:  Buy candles that are made by a local candle-maker… they will probably offer far cleaner and safer products rather than some toxic petroleum crap from China.  Have a local tailor make your suits… you’ll get a creation that will wear like iron. Buy quality shoes and boots, and when they are getting worn, you take them to a local shoe repair specialist for rehab.

Read the labels.  We know that Whole Foods has been selling frozen produce grown in China as “organic”, and certainly charging for the privilege.  If it comes from China, Indonesia, India, Mexico or anyplace else other than America… you DON’T buy it!  HEB offers produce from local growers, which makes it fresher and safer to eat.   Patronize the local farmers’ markets and learn to put up your own preserves so you will have healthy food out of season… and see if you can find some people who can swap with you!

Get it?  Don’t spend money you don’t have, and when you do spend, be responsible with your spending to support American businesses!  Each dollar that comes into a given area in the form of a paycheck impacts the local economy somewhere between 7 and 12 times as it circulates, generating more jobs, more paychecks and more circulation of money.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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So You’ve Got An Alien Invasion…

      I’ve run into several situations in which a “resistant haunting” turned out to be aliens. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, there is a presence, or a number of presences, but just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that they aren’t there, and doesn’t mean that they are ghosts. There are more types of life forms in the universe than we have documented proof of. The good aliens might visit, but they won’t bother you, won’t scare you, and won’t hang out very long. The bad aliens are all about sewing fear then hanging out for the harvest… these are the ones that manipulate, kidnap, implant and experiment on people.

      Ghosts are pretty simple. Most can be chased out of a room by smudging it, or can be blocked out of an area or be made uncomfortable by anchoring Divine Light to the location… with that done, ghosts can be coaxed into the Light. This approach does not work with aliens because they are PHYSICAL beings, so you cannot walk them into the Light. Doing Ceremony to anchor Light might amuse them or might get them to become more aggressive in messing with whomever it is they’ve decided to hang out with, just to see what their victim/subject will try next.

      We might occasionally be able to see some of these aliens as orbs of energy… Stuart Wilde describes these as transdimensionals, most of which are up to no good whatsoever. These transdimensionals get their kicks from speaking deep into a person’s psyche, putting thoughts into his head and making him think they are his own thoughts… the TDs spend a lot of their time messing with politicians and industrial moguls… mostly people that think they’re better than anyone else. If you can see these TDs in their true form, they’re scary-looking skeleton-like ghouls.

      In instances where several types of aliens are present, it is likely that a spaceship is parked on top of that house. A spaceship can literally occupy the same space as a house, or a whole block, because it is on a higher dimensional frequency (high 4-D). So your living room might be in the crew’s quarters, or your garage might be their cargo hold, and your neighbor’s house might be were their engineering section is. Different sections of the ship might have different aliens.

      In instances where aliens are messing with someone who is fairly spiritually evolved and “on the path”, they’re typically trying to disrupt any progress being made by that person. The aliens will try to mess with them in their sleep, keep them from meditating, scare the kids and dog, and anything else. The person “on the path” will typically start out thinking they’ve got ghosts and will be dismayed to learn that all their ghost-busting tricks aren’t working. The aliens aren’t particularly effected by smudging or anything else, and they tend to be smart enough to get scarce when any consultants are brought in. Whether or not they connect to the fact that they are dealing with aliens, the way they get rid of the interlopers is by calmly standing their ground with absolutely no fear or anger, and demanding that they leave. If they can pilot a starship, they can certainly understand you confronting them in a mature manner.

      It took a bit of explanation for one such lady, a Native-American psychic who was highly experienced in clearing ghosts. Aliens were an alien concept to her. She finally understood both what I was telling her and what she had to do:  she went to where she knew they’d be hanging out (in her upstairs hallway) and demanded that they leave the premises at once or start paying rent. They left immediately.

      In most other instances the aliens are messing with people who feed them. Most of these aliens eat base emotions… anger, hate, fear, lust, disgust, rage, judgment and anything else along those lines. Yum, yum… such tasty drama keeps the aliens coming back for more!  The aliens will manipulate everyone and everything in the house to keep the snacks coming. These people will also tend to be the ones with the severe “victim” mentality that are begging to be rescued… over and over.  People on a spiritual path don’t tend to feed these critters because they have typically been working on releasing their dramas and negativity… their salvation comes from going within to release the basis.

      One lady began attracting predators by age 16, when she attracted a control-freak military guy that tracked her across several states until she was legal to marry… then proceeded to lay all sorts of mental abuse and programming on her. She has leaches for friends, children and relatives. The aliens had her so fearful and sleep deprived that she didn’t know enough to go to a doctor for a painful urogenital infection. She thought she was being raped by the aliens 24-7. Nope, that’s her victim mentality talking. She won’t stop feeding the aliens, either. 

      Ever wonder about all those people who had been abducted over and over for years, then suddenly left alone?  Those people got to a point where they couldn’t be terrorized any more, and moved into quiet acceptance and acquiescence of the aliens. That’s when the aliens couldn’t feed off of them anymore, so they left them alone. You’ll notice that the aliens tend to bother people with less education out in the ‘burbs, rather than someone, say, on the MIT or Texas Tech campuses. Curiosity tends to override fear… the prospect of research grant money doubly so. E.T. just doesn’t hang out in the Student Union.

      There have been several cases in which a homeowner/experiencer called in some paranormal researchers to get rid of the “presences” in their house. Yes, there may have been some actual ghosts on site, and they were probably walked into the Light on the first try, but aliens tend to know when to get scarce. The paranormal researchers will continue to get calls about ongoing activity to the point where they typically have cut their losses. It doesn’t mean the experiencer is crazy or imagining things… just dragging in the wrong consultant.

      Look at it this way… if you’ve been feeding the local wildlife for a while, and some varmints have scratched a hole in the roof and moved into your attic, you have to quit feeding all of the wildlife before you can get rid of the varmints under your roof. Once the varmints have gone for the day, you can close off their access, then work on varmint-proofing your house. Chances are, if you’ve had one kind of varmint that got your goat, you’ve probably had lots of varmints on all levels all along, but you didn’t recognize it until the critters got big, obvious and destructive. This is the Universal Law of Attraction in action.  In the case of aliens, you have to figure out what attracted them to you to begin with, and release the need for that experience in all its guises all across the board. Expect to require some hypnotherapy because some of these reasons reach way back into childhood. 


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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No-Eyes’ Prophesies

The other night I was knocking around my workroom, and out popped my copy of “Phoenix Rising” by Mary Summer Rain. It is about No-Eyes’ vision about this time frame of transition we are in. Looking through the lists in the back of the book, about the various stages of the days of the phoenix… we’ve already seen a lot of the prophesies fulfilled, and we can see the bigger, nastier ones walking down the street.

* Bush is currently trying to stack the courts to become impotent to strike down bad laws or to uphold our Constitution. The Supreme Court is predicted to be making some very bad decisions in the next few years… bad enough to send people into the streets in protest.
* There’s gonna be a lot more American soldiers all over the world fighting. Terrorism, discord between countries, undeclared wars, clandestine activities, high level secrecy. It will go to a nuclear exchange (this was predicted before the invention of DU missiles) in a number of places, including U.S. soil.
* Trade deficits between nations will become crippling, and many will default on loans, leading to economic hardships, discord and saber-rattling the world over.
* Jobs are being outsourced in staggering numbers, which will cause staggering amounts of unemployment, which will cause waves of consumers to default on loans. The post-9/11 cheap credit spending frenzy is coming back to roost. The financial PACs are already lobbying to make it impossible to file for bankruptcy. If enough people lose their jobs, then real estate will lose its value.
* Excessive taxation, particulary of the people who can least afford to pay. The Republicans have been overreaching on all levels. In Texas, Gov. Perry unveiled H.B. #3, which taxes the people with the lowest income at an additional 5%, while the taxes get lower further up the income scale… up to $80,000 a year pay 2.66% and those earning six figures get a huge tax cut. Insane.
* Stock market misdealings and decline. Increase in corporate crime. Duh. Enron and WorldCom are just the tip of the iceberg. There will also be a lot of small business failures, factory shut-downs, and construction decline.
* It will come down to cash becoming the only accepted tender.
* Major devastation in California, earthquakes in new areas, record-breaking flooding, soil erosion, intensified hurricane devastation, increased tornado activity and damage, sinkholes, rapid temperature inversion, crippling winters, higher pollution levels, widespread surface blazes, greenish hue to atmosphere. Mt. St. Helens is getting jiggy again, Yellowstone Park is seriously active, and they’re seeing earthquakes on both the southeast and southwest coast of Canada. Expect to see major stuff along the New Madrid Fault.
* Disease outbreaks, rise in homicide/suicide, germ warfare release accident… predicted long before chemtrails, but probably including some more direct and intentional releases intended to kill off large masses of the populace. Given the contempt that the Bush’s neocons have for everyone that isn’t making beaucoups of big bucks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that coming down in the next couple of years.
* No more separation of church and state. As the religious leaders buy and demand influence in the affairs of state, the state will eventually start meddling in church affairs. Religious oppression. More religious groups going to court to force their restrictions on the public. The masses will question all of it… about bloody time.
* Increased UFO sightings and interaction with other intelligences. Just wait till Bush’s guys start seeing the transdimensional aliens that have been hovering around them for years.
* Widespread acceptance of the paranormal and ongoing life after death.
* Nuclear disasters, including several close calls with nuclear power plants. No-Eyes said there will be two catastrophic melt-downs, seeping radioactive dump sites, radioactive pollution of land/rivers, radioactive releases due to geological instability, major accidents during transport of nuclear missiles and/or waste.
* Taxation refusals. War resistance. Draft evasion. People’s revolt and resistance movements. Public’s discovery of coverups. Riots.
* Major upheavals within governments.

We’re pretty much there, gang. Let’s make the best of it. Know where your food is, know your land, know where your water is. Gather and learn all you can about natural curatives. Get into your bliss and gather the true power of the gifts of Spirit while you can. That inner work is your ticket through the mess. A lot of people are becoming awakened nowadays, too. I know because I am making and selling a record number of custom pendulums.

On the other side of all this predicted upheaval, we can expect a greatly whittled-down population to be living in harmony with the land, using non-polluting energy sources, growing their own food, and adapting Native American philosophies and ways of living. It is worth hanging in there for.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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The Fine Art of Copping-Out

Being “on the path” eventually means detaching from all of the drama and entanglements that we came into with our birth families, and by extension, that which we wander into in the workplace and other social environments.  The ability to emotionally detach while maintaining a mild-enough interest to follow such interpersonal events is what the Buddhists call “compassionate detachment”.  In other words… we’re there for the other people in our lives, but we can’t be embroiled in their little ego-dramas.  

We can love the other people in our lives enough to leave them the hell alone. We can also choose to get involved just enough to ask a few questions in order to get them to think things through and possibly help them to understand and release any operative patterns they may have.  Of course, there is a point where one must back off in order to allow that person to grow. 

I have noticed a lexicon developing around “compassionate detachment”.   When someone tries to enforce their ego’s point of view, we may calmly say something like “Whatever.” or “Isn’t that interesting?” or “Oh, is that right?”   Each phrase is an acknowledgement of the person bothering us, and each has its own feeling, while still being generally non-confrontational or non-argumentative.  People like to be acknowledged, so it’s nice to do that, while not getting embroiled in their crap.  

If someone is really trying to drag you into some kind of drama, for example, looking for someone to take their side in an argument.  Then your acknowledging comment can escalate to something along the lines of  “Well, I’m not really interested in that. ” or “I’m not involved.” or “It’s really none of my business.” or “That’s between you two to work out.” or perhaps even “Talk to the hand.”   You get the idea.  The idea is to draw a boundary that such people will know not to cross.  If it pisses them off, so what? They’ll move on to the next drama. 

This is especially important to remember during the holiday season, when people are dragged together out of some feeling of obligation, and usually get stressed out being forced to be nice to people they have yet to resolve differences with. Ever notice why the bars are open on Christmas?  When the family celebration is over, people will go unwind at a bar, glad to have Christmas over with. What I’m suggesting here is that you change your own attitude and demeanor and avoid the bar altogether. 

So what if your sister doesn’t like your pecan pie recipe? Why not invite her to make it this year? Or you both can make your own versions.  Offer to make something else.  Offer to just show up with an appetite. Nothing is worth getting stressed over.  Maybe she’s jealous of your recipe, or it’s some kind of control thing.  Maybe she wants to be the hero. You don’t have to play her game, do you?  Nope.  Learn to detach and go with the flow.  

Okay, so you’ve got a battle-axe sister-in-law that’s actively rude to you and acts like she’s doing everyone a favor by being there.  Let her have the friggin’ kitchen.  “Oh, I see you have this well under control so I’ll just leave you to it.” Go to another room. Avoid the bitch.  She’ll eventually divorce out of the family and you won’t have to deal with her at all.  

Your feathers cannot be ruffled if you don’t allow it. Shift your consciousness.  Be like a really big rock in the middle of a stream… the water babbles and flows around you, but you are unmoved. You’ll find that you don’t have to defend yourself if you don’t get worked up over anything and don’t get sucked into anyone else’s drama.  The Zen of the Rat’s Ass.


Those interested in purchasing an E-copy of Suzanne Powell’s book, Fat Free Spirituality – Handy Tips from a Big City Shaman can contact her through her site,   She also offers a line of energetic products, pendulums, natural stone “medicine jewelry”, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap”.

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