Handkerchiefs and Bandannas

Being a native Houstonian, I am well familiar with “Houston sinus”. We have a selection of the world’s nastiest and cheapest, most pollen producing landscaping plants around… and they all have their season. You name it: wax leaf ligustrum, crepe myrtle, red leaf photinia, ragweed, goldenrod, etc.  You will know when the oak or pine trees are blooming because you will see yellow dust all over everything. People will be sneezing. Add to that the typical seasonal colds and flu and you’ve really got something.

The thing I noticed and questioned was the use of Kleenex.  The reason people use these paper tissues is presumably to be more hygienic. They can’t be all that effective if they aren’t big or thick enough to contain a sneeze, and what if people don’t throw them out with each sneeze? How many trees are they destroying because of that?  Toilet paper is a good stop-gap for a dribbly nose, but hardly effective. 

How did people handle this in the past?  Handkerchiefs and bandannas.  Those innocuous squares of fabric you see gentlemen using in the old movies, or you see cowboys using in a bazillion ways in any western film. My grandmother had smaller, more decorative ones. My dad the chiropractor ALWAYS carried a handkerchief, and he would toss it into the laundry and pulled a fresh one out of the drawer to start the day with.  They are the very epitome of sustainable “green” technology. 

So I started carrying them in place of Kleenex. I have one of each in my bug-out-bag. I keep a spare handkerchief in my purse in case I happen to saturate the one in my pocket.  This past Christmas when I saw my younger sister using a printed paper napkin (ouch) to honk into, I gave her my spare hankie.  After my Doctor of Oriental Medicine saw me produce one from my pocket, she told me that it was the very best because they use all sorts of really nasty chemicals to bleach and sanitize the paper they recycle to make paper tissues, adding another layer of irritants. 

A standard fully washed and broken-in bandanna is about 21″ square, while a handkerchief is about 17″ square.  There’s your difference. Either should be 100% cotton.  Linen is more expensive, but tends to be rougher on the nose.

Uses for the handkerchief or Bandanna.  Blowing one’s nose.  Cough into to avoid spraying germs on others.  Coming to the aid of a weeping lady.   Wipe lipstick (or anything else) off your face.  Clean your glasses.  Surrendering.  Wave to get someone’s attention.  Making a (small) tourniquet.  Cleaning up a spill.  Reducing one’s carbon nose-print.  Disposing of semi-masticated  food morsels discreetly.   Robbing banks.   Being a dandy.  Fainting.  Covering sneezes and coughs.   Wiping one’s brow.   Signaling erotic preference.   Using as a napkin while traveling.   Use as a hand towel, or in lieu of toilet paper, in an understocked public bathroom.   Making a Molotov cocktail.   Blindfolding a man condemned to die by firing squad.  Tying one’s belongings to a stick before running away from home as a child.  Opening a door while working as a private detective.  Use to avoid leaving fingerprints.  Rendering someone unconscious with ether.  Waterboarding.  Performing magic tricks.  Signifying gang membership.  Killing insects.  Tie corners together to make a small bag. Cleaning shoes before a business meeting.  Opening jars and bottles.  Using as a rag.  Cover your mouth/nose against dust. Use as a water filter to remove sediment or bugs from stream water.  Use as a bracelet, a necklace, a headband, a hat or any other imaginable accessory.  Creating plot devices.  Wipe sweat from your hard-working brow. It can even be weaponized.

This is by no means a complete list. the more one searches the web, the more ideas one may come up with many, many more applications.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc

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Bob Chapman Interview…

The date is Sept. 2, 2011
Gold is $1,883, Silver is $43.31 and Platinum is $1,888. I’ve never seen such a short price spread between platinum and gold… ever… it is usually a couple hundred dollars difference.
I just got finished listening to Alex Jones’ interview with Bob Chapman:
In short, they do this segment together every Friday, talk about the markets and discuss things in general. Chapman spent decades as a Wall Street commodities trader and retired from that at about 51, and shortly afterwards went into the publishing business.  He knows more about this stuff than most people hope to learn.
Chapman offers the following predictions for gold and silver:
He says that gold could easily hit $2,000 by the end of next week, $2200 by sometime in October, and $3,000 to $3,200 by the end of February 2012 as it becomes even more patently obvious that we are indeed in an inflationary depression.   http://www.prisonplanet.com/fearing-an-even-worse-inflationary-depression-ahead.html   He says, “September and the final quarter of 2011 is going to be a wild and wooly affair. If you are not yet into gold and silver related assets you had best start getting involved. If you own them buy more. You have no idea how really wild this is going to get.”
They also discussed the recently published article that Goldman Sachs, one of the architects of the world derivatives meltdown and depression, not to mention the spread of banker takeover and asset stripping of sovereign countries,  has been telling their topmost institutional investors that the U.S. is about 3 months away from complete economic collapse. Goldman Sachs is also advising these special customers of theirs how to profit from the meltdown and chaos.   http://www.prisonplanet.com/even-goldman-sachs-secretly-believes-that-an-economic-collapse-is-coming.html
They also touched on the fact that various federal alphabet agencies are showing their latent corruption.  The ATF has written a set of instructions to gun shop owners demanding that they report anyone purchasing two or more guns at the same time. It specifically mentions long arms like hunting rifles, but it really could be any two guns. The ATF will then show up at that individual’s house and ask them why they purchased so many guns and demand to come into that person’s house and look at the guns.  They plan on doing the same thing to people buying a certain level of ammunition, whether directly or on-line.  This is all about intimidation tactics. They are trying to make everyone feel like they are being criminalized.  Remember that fascists want everyone unarmed and helpless.
Another topic was regarding the SEC filing suit against the banksters very quickly… yeah, right.  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/massive-wave-lawsuits-be-filed-us-against-americas-biggest-banks-soon-tomorrow  The SEC recently admitted that they had shredded evidence and testimony on thousands of cases to cover up for their masters in the banking establishment.  I agree with their assessment that this is all theatre, and the government is putting on a show in an effort to look somewhat like they give a rat’s patootie.  At most, one or two mid-level minions will be put away for maybe 10 years, and maybe a couple of disproportionately low fines compared to the looting they’ve accomplished. 
Gosh-darn, we live in interesting times!

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc

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Real Patriots Maintain Cash and Silver

I’d like to point out a few little things:

The Eurozone is in deep trouble. Cypress is asking for bailouts now, on top of Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.  Mind you, the “bailouts” are all going dicrectly to the banks that have been using depositors’ money to speculate with… so the banker-appointed technocrats who are placed in charge of these governments to administrate their economies are making sure that the governments receive the money from the ECB, IMF and BIS (the Troika) to turn over to the banks… at taxpayer expense. The banks then leverage this money at least 10X to do even more speculating.  Spain’s banks need probably a hundred billion dollars to keep going… at least they were up-front about it this time and the money went directly to their banks instead of getting filtered through their government. People all over the Eurozone are pulling their money out of their bank accounts because they expect banking collapse, and banks are limiting amounts of withdrawals. One big bank in Italy recently closed their doors without bothering to inform depositors… not giving them a chance to redirect their paycheck direct deposits… just keeping their money away from them. Governments all over are seeking to institute capital controls.  If you are looking at what is going on in Europe and not preparing for it to show up here, you are going to lose it all. It is already very apparent that governments, including the U.S. government, does not want people to maintain or use cash.  Highway checkpoints and TSA are actively confiscating cash.
Common sense dictates that you do the exact opposite of what the government wants you to do.    So, for your own survival, you should own guns and stockpile ammo, you should stockpile food, and you should keep as little money as possible in your bank account and all you can in cash and precious metals.

Europeans have endured so many currency collapses and resets, that they know what is coming. They’ve already seen their manufacturing outsourced, and their banks have imposed “austerity measures” on the people by twisting government bureaucrats’ arms for bailouts.  The fake debt foisted onto countries’ books is some 25 times the world GDP already… it can never be paid back. In Greece, the ecomony has collapsed altogether, forcing people to barter for all goods and services, eschewing the normal retail outlets… they call it “System D”. Breadlines are all over.  People all over Europe are hiding income in order to not pay taxes… I don’t blame them.

Please bear in mind that the last time Europe’s stock markets collapsed, the American stock market followed suit a couple of weeks thereafter. Given how everything is digital these days, it may be a lot shorter time before the collapse in Europe is echoed over here.

Cash.   http://www.theundergroundinvestor.com/2012/06/the-criminal-banking-cartels-end-game-a-100-digital-monetary-system/  If you really want to give the banksters hell, by all means keep as little money in your bank account as is practiceable… just enough to cover monthly bills… and the rest in cash. Stop allowing the banksters to track your purchasing via credit/debit cards… use cash instead.  They don’t like it.  This is a great way to train yourself  in estimating your true needs. Get used to it, because we’re going back to it. Forget plastic.

Please bear in mind that the bankster cartel plans for us a one-world digital currency and no way to use cash.  When they decide to close our financial system for devaluation, you will need your cash to pay basic bills until the banks open once again. A month or two’s worth should suffice to cover you.  When they finally roll out their digital currency (at a huge loss in value to us), you should have already long since gotten the majority of your wealth into precious metals and other tangibles… like farm land, food storage, tools and what-not.

Silver is the really big thing to consider.  Great educational resources include:  http://sgtreport.com/   and http://www.zerohedge.com/
You see… silver is an easily manipulated commodity. The top big banks are stepping on the SPOT PRICE every time it goes up, because it sustains the belief that silver and gold are too volatile to invest in.  The problem for the banks is that we know how they’ve been manipulating the spot price by printing and selling paper silver on the commodities exchanges.  
http://www.nypost.com/p/news/business/jpmorgan_trading_loss_could_hit_ifUcDYuDG2sJVXGIJCBkDM JPMorgan’s Achilles’ heel is silver because of their naked paper shorts, which they will never be able to cover… and it is already blowing up in their face because they currently report some $6 billion in bad debts on their books, and their total derivatives/shorts exposure is already well past the world’s combined GDP of some $60-$65 trillion… that’s just one bank. Add that up across the system and understand that the exchange traded fund SLV is managed by these same banksters… meaning most of what the fund is comprised of is PAPER SILVER.  Get that?  SLV and GLD are scams.

Why silver?  If you understand the fundamentals, you will see that this is the LAST chance to make your money make money for you before the money ceases to be worth anything at all.  Estimated silver production was about 735.9 million ounces a year… and that number is falling.  Actual production could be in the 250 million ounce range. Some 80% of silver production goes directly for industrial applications. In other words, snap it up while you can. Buy your silver early and often.

Taking physical silver off the market right now does several things:  it is a real store of wealth and the last opportunity for you to make some money in this economy, and it also removes the banksters from determining your fate.  You have to get on it fast, though, because physical inventories are drying up now… I am observing this at my local silver merchants here in Houston and on-line.  The banksters may be able to step on the spot price of silver down to $5 an ounce, but you won’t be able to find it ANYWHERE at that price. That will be the official decoupling of the physical from the paper market.  Buy the dips while you can… silver and gold are dipping like all get-out. 

Bear in mind that when people flocked to physical silver and gold was at the bottom of the Great Depression. What the government did back then was beg people to turn in their physical gold from people in return for a silver certificate valued at $28 (or something like that) and then reintroduced the physical gold at $35… which was a 40% currency devaluation while still being on the gold standard.  They plan on something similar again. It may be in association with a normal holiday weekend, or they may decide to have a prolonged bank holiday.

A little planning will stop you from being caught short and enable you to continue to feed your family during the coming transition phase.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Eerily Quiet 4th of July…

The date is 7/7/2011. The price of silver is back to $36.28… it was in the $33 range before the holiday weekend. Gold is at $1533.67. 

Here in Houston, and indeed most of the Southwestern United States, we are experiencing a severe drought.  There is a fireworks ban for the next 3 months.  This is the first 4th of July in my memory when I didn’t have to deal with the idiots living in my subdivision keeping me up all hours and scaring my cats with their fireworks, and then leaving trash all over the streets and lawns.  We are very far behind in rain fall… to the point where people may be praying for a hurricane. When you step out onto the grass it crackles, no matter how often you water it.  Local wildlife is under such stress that I keep several bowls of water filled in the back yard out of compassion… never mind the fact that my yard is on the raccoon and ‘possum superhighway.

Now… if for your own sake you would please go to Pastor Lindsey Williams’ blog and listen to some of the interviews, you will know what to expect.  http://lindseywilliams101.blogspot.com/   
Pastor Williams made friends of several of the elites back when he served as chaplain for the Alaska Pipeline project back in the 1970s.  He’s been updated from time to time and goes on various radio talk shows to tell people about the developments. You really want to listen to what he is relating. Other knowledgeable people such as Bob Chapman, Gerald Celente and Webster Tarpley have all been stating their own viewpoints on things that happen to dovetail with Pastor Williams’ information perfectly. 

In short, what we can expect is what I tune in and dowsed out over a year back (posted somewhere on this blog)… in short, that the effects of inflation will become patently obvious here in the U.S. this fall, so you’ve got this summer to divest yourself of all paper assets, and buy precious metals, storable food and water, and guns and ammo.  If you can afford it, by all means install some solar power as it will come in very handy indeed.  Burglar bars will also likely come in handy.

Pastor Williams says that the elites have planned and are actively creating the various color revolutions and regime changes throughout the Middle East… it is mostly theater (no real change in government) and their main purpose is to shut down the supply of the oil coming from that region.  Any one blockage will raise the price of a barrel of oil $50… shut down the Suez Canal or the Straits of Hormuz and you’re at $200 a barrel. The Egyptian putsch was first, then Libya, now Yemen, and they’re going after Syria (which will probably put us at war with both Hammas and Iran)… the very last one to fall will be Saudi Arabia. That is their plan.  Such expensive oil will be the last straw for the American economy.  Only at that point will they produce in ANWR, the Bakken, Central Texas, and Gull Island. They’re already moving the pieces into place. The elites want oil at $150-$200 a barrel before they produce those fields.

Remember that when the government has tried all their accounting sleight of hand, ceiling limits and “stimulus” and have run out of tricks, they WILL take us to war. We’ve already got troops on the ground in Libya. We have predator drones attacking Pakistan and Yemen. Iran, Pakistan and the Saudis are begging China and Russia for protection. There is one rumor that the elites are already headed to their underground bunkers as of the 7th:  http://truthfrequencynews.com/?p=5498  If so, we need to arrange for arcwelders to show up to make sure the bastards can’t get out.

According to Pastor Williams, in the short term, gasoline will stay below $5 a gallon, and silver and gold will stay in the neighborhood they are in  throughout this summer, then the prices will skyrocket in the fall.  The elites pulled back on the gasoline prices because they didn’t want people waking up too fast.  Gold is expected to hit $3,000 and silver will go to at least $75 by the end of this year, give or take.    The dollar WILL BE DEAD by this time in 2012.  Anything that is written on paper is worth the paper it is written on.

The overall feeling, as noticed by a number of journalists, is a very still, hazy, sleepy dreamlike feeling like just before the outbreak of World War II. Everyone seems to be concentrating on their own private bliss while trying to ignore the coming storm. This is probably your last chance to get your house in order.

The ONE thing the elites are afraid of is the awakening of humanity. Please, take time out and talk to all of your friends and family. Do your best to get them preparing for the worst. Help them snatch themselves away from the jaws of death.  Help them to save their dinner table and preserve their hard-earned assets. Make use of this engineered “dip” in precious metals prices to load up on silver and gold.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc

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Ruminations on Japan’s Earthquake…

I’m sure most of the world has learned about Japan’s 9.1 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami and nuclear reactor meltdowns.  It ain’t pretty.  Last I heard, over 88,000 people were reported missing, and over 300,000 people are crowding into shelters. Most of the coastal villages along the northern half of Japan facing the Pacific Ocean were wiped off the map, and shifted the Earth’s axis by 10 cm, and Japan itself was shifted about 8 feet to the west.  They’re still shaking and baking with level 6 aftershocks.  http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/03/12/japan.earthquake.tsunami.earth/index.html?hpt=T1

Given the population density, it isn’t a stretch that the death toll will go into the hundreds of thousands as is, without a nuclear meltdown. They’re already saying that the cost of the destruction will go into hundreds of billions.  With a nuclear meltdown? Gosh… that will be really horrible, particularly since the jet stream will carry any radioactive fallout across the Pacific and across the United States and beyond.  http://www.infowars.com/media-coverup-of-massive-chernobyl-event-underway-in-japan/  An explosion happened and the reactor cracked open releasing a bunch of white smoke and they are already measuring radiation levels 1,000 times higher than normal.  It already looks like the Japanese government is trying to do a media coverup on this event in an effort to prevent massive hysteria in an area where nobody can travel if they survived the earthquakes and tsunamis; the roads are all ripped up and the trains aren’t running. 

http://www.zerohedge.com/article/boj-raises-liquidity-injection-jpy12-trillion-146-billion  The Nikkei stock exchange is going to be up and running this Monday, and Japan’s central bank is probably going to inject hundreds of billions of dollars into their economy… that’s debt, folks, on top of the tremendous soverign debt they already have.  What’s kept Japan’s economy going for the past decade or so has been the “carry trade” in which brokers have been making money by exchanging one currency for another to buy things. Their sovereign debt was actually financed by the citizenry, who are known “savers”, instead of the central bank simply debasing the currency by printing more and more money.  Japan has forced retirement at age 60 and as a direct result, a large indigent population.

Even before their economic “lost decade”, it has always been said that when the “big one” hit Japan, that the Japanese people would be cashing out all their holdings in other countries to return to rebuild Japan. I would imagine that would be really bad for the U.S. right now. As big a player in the world economy as Japan is, it just might be the one event that sends the whole global economic ponzi scheme over the precipice. 

Now… several people have already asked me about the origin of this earthquake. Well, we do know that these large events are cosmic in origin. We know that this quake comes on the tail of a “super moon” in which the moon is actually the closest it has been to the earth in close to a hundred years. The moon not only effects tides, but it also pulls at the magma tides inside the earth’s crust. Add to that a lot of sunspot activity, which will certainly aggravate any weather activity (note the flooding in New Jersey).   Mt. Kilaueah in Hawaii and Sakurajima Volcano on the southern tip of Japan each erupted in new and unusual activity. http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/tsunami-nowhere-to-run-videos-waves-hit-japan-hawaii-west-coast-on-alert_03122011  
The point I’ll make is just because the probability for this quake activity was forseeable, that doesn’t make it 100% organic.   We know that HAARP has been used to create quake activity and floods in various areas of the world, including China. It isn’t a long stretch to imagine that someone could take advantage of the cosmic cycle to make their HAARP program work that much better. http://www.infowars.com/piers-corbyn-massive-japan-earthquake-tsunami-were-triggered-by-solar-action/    If so, it amounts to a terrorist attack on Japan.  Piers Corbyn, an astro-meteorologist predicts a lot more like this over the next two years.

Gang… I can recommend some action right now.  First, pray for the people of Japan. Secondly, stock up on food and load up on POTASSIUM IODIDE to protect yourself from the effects of radioactive fallout.  A lot of on-line sources are already selling out. I have a couple of bottles of the 2% atomic nascent iodine coming  http://purebulk.com/atomic-iodine-2-nascent , as well as several vials of  the concentrated Potassium Iodide http://www.ki4u.com/products1.php   that you make up in a liter of water and then dose out.  You need to make sure you are NOT in the least bit deficient in iodine because if your body is missing any of it, it will soak up the radioactive stuff from the atmosphere.

Since it looks like this might be an important event in the world’s economy, if you haven’t already done so, you might want to get out of paper and into metals.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Friend Playing Catch-up

Last year I lost J’ton, my best friend, to cancer. She had a friend, Vickie, that had been besties with her since 4th grade.  I had met both of these women through the local dowsing association. J’ton’s old friend showed me her controlling, egotistical side in short order, so I never bothered to bond with her.  About two months before J’ton died, she lost her husband to cancer as well… devastating events to say the least. A few months after J’ton’s passing into spirit, I got a call from Vickie… it was apparently part of her grieving process to talk to me.  We shared many stories over the ensuing months, and I also began working on her towards “prepping”.  It took a while before she was ready to join the world… some nine months.

This evening I got another call from Vickie… now she’s ready to “prep”.  She still didn’t understand the nature of the whole financial world, with its hypothecation, credit default swaps, leveraging, collateralized debt obligations, naked shorts, manipulation of the commodities markets and quantitative easing.  Her response was, “Oh my gosh! We are so screwed!”

I explained what Pastor Lindsey Williams ( http://lindseywilliams101.blogspot.com )  passed along to his listeners… he had made friends among the world’s elites while serving as chaplain on the Trans Alaska Pipeline project during the 1970s, and maintained those relationships. Williams said that all of this quantitative easing (central banks printing money and then buying sovereign treasuries with that same money they print, getting paid interest coming and going) is leading to the bankers completely owning all of the nations of the Eurozone and Americas. The bankers would sink all of these countries so far in debt and then walk in with all of that paper and claim ownership… and they’ve already done that to Greece, already asset-stripping that country.  They’d done that throughout South America and Africa, and Europe would be the next to fall.  Once the Euro currency crashes, it would be a matter of maybe 3 weeks before the dollar crashes once and for all.  He said that the dollar would be a dead currency by the end of 2012.

We briefly discussed “preps”.  She needs to get a gun and ammo… I recommended a trip to Carter Country and Academy Sports & Outdoors… start by looking at the 9mm handguns and hold each one for comfort.  Perhaps consider something slimline for concealed carry, and something bigger for home defense… perhaps a shotgun as well. I pointed out that ammo could easily become a trade commodity, and some five million guns have been sold per month over the last several months.

We discussed putting her savings into precious metals. What is recommended because it is least likely to get confiscated by the government is U.S. made silver, such as dimes, quarters, half-dollars and silver dollars minted before 1965, and silver eagles from the U.S. Mint.  Other than that, I have silver from just about every mint… APMEX, Sunshine, Silvertown, Englehard, Northwest Territorial, etc. I explained the banksters printing 100+ ounces in paper silver and gold for each ounce of the real thing in their vaults, and how JPMorgan and HSBC have been “naked shorting” (nothing in the vault). As a result, you can still get silver eagles for about $35 each.  Silver is the play of the decade. David Morgan came up with the calculation of silver’s true value, minus the lies of market manipulation and inflation… it should actually be about $1800 an ounce. Classically, for some 6,000 years, a working man’s wages for the day was a silver coin about the size of a dime. We’re about to go back to that.

We also discussed food.  She said that her own elitist friend, who has been spoonfeeding her little tidbits of knowledge, said she’d need about 4 month’s supply. I replied that would be a minimum requirement and that she should consider stocking more while prices were low enough… inflation will likely make food go up so much that she would be pulling from her emergency storage long before SHTF.  She would also likely have relatives needing some handouts as well.  I said I probably have close to a year’s supply if calculated for me and my husband alone.  Having done a lot of shopping, I know where a lot of good deals are… for example, Costco has the best deals on good cooking oil (2 liters of grapeseed oil for about $7), basic dry foods from the Mormons  and certain items from the regular grocery stores (1 quart of LouAna coconut oil for maybe $6).

The whole thing is pretty overwhelming to her.  She’s just going to have to make a list and knock it down one item at a time.  I’ll free up some time to go shopping with her.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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New Mexico is Ground Zero for the Meltdown…

An old friend just landed in town on Saturday.  After escaping south Florida, Brenda went to Santa Fe, New Mexico where someone she knew was getting ready to leave an apartment and was willing to let her move in with only a change in tenant. Because of this, she didn’t have to put down a deposit. After just over two years of scrapping and struggling, she barely got out with anything more than the clothes on her back. 
You see… there is no employment to be had in most of New Mexico. Most people who are working, and struggling with multiple part-time jobs.  Getting along in an “artists’ community” is one thing, but now even the artists have left. It used to be that you could go to the central church square and have your portrait done or buy some jewelry from someone vending from a blanket… now if you go there, you’re more likely to get smashed across the head and everything taken from you.  New Mexico is no longer a vacation destination.
The drug cartels essentially run the state and have coopted local law enforcement.  The police quit investigating burglaries, robberies or car theft altogether; if someone calls twice, they tell that person to cease calling any more.  Traffic is the only law enforcement at this stage because it generates revenue.  The FBI have had to move in and begin investigations on all levels, setting up stings as they could.
My friend Brenda worked as janitor and event organizer for a small meeting center. It became increasingly obvious that the place was being used to launder money. She lived in a small adobe apartment house within sight of that meeting center. The building’s owners worked for the local mob and the maintenance guy and his woman used access to the master keys to rob every apartment a little at a time in an effort to take more over time.  When Brenda had discovered the theft(s), the loss of most of her valuables had been disguised as the various plastic storage tubs had been reorganized by the thieves.  Constant upgrades in security made little difference, either.  She moved to a 50+ apartment community further away only to discover things just as bad there… the leasing office was being run by the cartel, allowing all sorts of criminals in.
Once she finally got to the space where she was ready to move, we discovered that the local apartment locator had little knowledge of the areas she was sending Brenda suggestions for.  I looked them up only to find most were in what I would consider seriously dodgy if not potentially dangerous areas.  On my own I found a large apartment complex tucked back over in Copperfield and sent my friend the information.  I had to go down there several times, one to drop a check for a deposit, another to drop another check.  I’ll have to do another blog entry regarding the apartment management… you wouldn’t believe it.
When at last Brenda had the 26 foot rented moving truck loaded with her possessions and her SUV attached to a tow hitch behind that truck, they got under way.  They lost a day because a high pressure oil line burst, causing them to pull over to the side of the road and wait for the rental company’s mechanics to fix the problem.  She’ll be comped for hotel as a result, and another day added to the lease.
When she at last landed at the apartment complex, got the keys and looked in the place, she discovered that in spite of the staff having assigned that apartment and having 2 weeks’ notice, that the apartment had never been turn-keyed… dirty carpets, dirty walls, numerous malfunctions throughout.  In Texas the law states that all apartments must be painted before leasing to someone new.  Since the leasing staff had given her the bum’s rush so they could leave for the 4th of July weekend, the lease was not signed. My friend has a large number of negotiating points.
As Brenda and her friend unloaded and unpacked, she discovered that the contents of most of her boxes had been rifled through and contents were missing. Seems that while she was in the process of filling out paperwork and being on the phone to handle various aspects of business, she had left the truck unlocked and unguarded, allowing a “neighbor” plenty of time to steal anything he wanted… and steal he did. She knew better than that.
Like I said, she’s fortunate to have gotten out of there with the clothes on her back.  She went to Santa Fe with $10,000 in savings and some beautiful jewelry, all of which was stolen. Add to that the constant stress of having to be hyper-vigilant in the face of skyrocketing violent crime, and she’s lucky to have her health at all.
Sunday I went over and took her and her  friend out to a restaurant, and after that I helped to get her kitchen set up and some things  shuffled in.  Today as I waited for the sun to go down so I can help some more, she went  to the closest grocery store for the first time. After the high prices of Santa Fe, the local Kroger’s selection and prices were pure heaven; spending $100 there purchased what would have cost $250-$300 in Santa Fe.  I replied, “Welcome to Houston!” 
She’ll do just fine here.

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc

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Some Info on Guns

Having spent several evenings talking with ladies who had no earthly idea of what they were looking at when shopping for guns for self-protection, I decided to put some of my thoughts on paper.

There are more gun manufacturers than ever. Your chances of finding a good fit for your lifestyle and protection are excellent. Many manufacturers are creating lines specifically geared for women, including how they typically carry their weapons (purses, anyone?) and their size/strength ratios. There are also more types of ammunition to go with these guns.

I grew up in an NRA household… but that was in the 1970s, before the NRA got so friggin’ nutty about carrying military-style full-auto arms. My dad kept a sizeable collection of fairly exotic ordinance under my bed, in my chest of drawers, and tucked into the attic crawlspace on the other side of my closet. He would describe the protective packaging and length and I would go to the spot and fetch it for him to play with.

The first thing I have to point out is the two basic types: revolvers and semi-automatic. If you want something you can use while still half-asleep, or conversely, while scared shitless, get a good double-action revolver, the more basic, the better. 

Semi-automatic pistols have a “magazine” that you load the bullets into, and the magazine goes up into the butt of the gun where it feeds into the chamber. These tend to be a lot sleeker and the new space-age materials make them lighter and very durable. The thing is, you have to pull back on the top of the thing (the slide) in order to start shooting… which can cost you seconds, especially if you fumble. Once you start shooting, you can keep squeezing until the gun presents you with an empty chamber. You can usually carry more ammo in the magazine than most revolvers, and you can reload by hitting the button to release the spent magazine and then sticking a fresh one in. You sacrifice some ease of use for the smaller size.  Remember it is a “magazine”, not a “clip”… a clip goes onto the top of a really big rifle to feed the ammo directly into the chamber.

If you go for your Concealed Handgun License, you need to qualify on a semi-automatic gun, which most CHL classes will rent to you for that class, that way you can carry either kind of gun after you get your license. In Texas, you have to qualify with a minimum of .32 caliber… period. You can bring your 9 mm, your .40 caliber or anything else you want for the class, but the minimum is .32 caliber.  Once you have your license, you can carry anything you darn well want to… as long as it is concealed.

In Texas, you have to get the CHL in order to carry outside of your property. You can keep a gun in your car at all times, but you can’t take it out of your car unless you are on your property or have the CHL. Having the CHL doesn’t mean that you can carry a firearm just anywhere either… a lot of malls (probably with Yankee owners) forbid carrying on their property, along with a number of government buildings, stadiums and what-not. I won’t bother going to any of these malls.

If you don’t have anyone around to teach you the ways of guns, by all means, take a class! The NRA can refer you. So can your local gun shop. Knowledge is power. Getting yourself past the fear is very empowering.

Now a couple more things:  (1)  You don’t flash your gun unless you are prepared to use it. If someone has broken into your house with you in it, you don’t attempt to make threats. If someone has kicked in your door or window, you shoot first and ask questions later. In Texas we have something called the “Castle Doctrine”… as in “your home is your castle”.  In a lot of instances, simply the presence of a gun has made all the difference in the world, and caused a would-be attacker to flee.

(2)  There is no such thing as “shoot to wound”. You shoot to kill every damn time, and believe it or not, that is a tough thing to accomplish under pressure. You don’t want the criminal coming back with bigger ordinance to use against you, and you don’t want him coming back with a lawsuit, either. Speaking as an ordained minister, go ahead and kill the bugger! He’s going there fast, anyway, so help him get his death-wish. You might as well stop him from continuing on a long string of murders.

Silencers?  Why? Quit watching TV!  The most idiotic thing I ever saw was the title sequence for the old Avengers TV series… shows a silencer on a revolver. I guess that looked tough to the producers, but it showed their ignorance… revolvers are open chamber so the noise comes out of the back. If you shoot, believe me, you want the noise to be noticeable! Noise is your friend! A shot fired into the asphalt of a parking lot does constitute the use of “deadly force” in Texas, but it is more than enough to get someone’s attention if you are stopping an assault.

A word about WD-40:  Only in moderation, and only on revolvers that are easy to clean. WD-40 is basically olive oil, and as such, it turns to goo in fairly short order. When the stuff originally came out, policemen would spray down their guns with this stuff, and discovered that it caused their handguns to misfire in bad way… really embarrassing and dangerous. I inherited a semi-automatic .22 target pistol that had been sprayed down with WD-40… it was so gunked-up that it wouldn’t fire at all. I had to take it to a gunsmith to take apart and use his ultrasonic cleaner on it… $70 to reclaim the use of that gun. Stick to good synthetic machine oils. Talk to your gunsmith.

Gun control:  Means using BOTH HANDS… capice?


In finding ammo, I’ve discovered that .32 and .22 are relatively easy to find, even at WalMart.  The .38 and .357 got kind of rare after Obama got sworn in.  9 mm is a lot easier to find across the board. Bear that in mind.

My first handgun purchase was back in 1978… I was 18 and I purchased a North American Arms stainless steel, 5-shot, .22 long rifle derringer, and I carried it either in my pocket or in my purse. We didn’t have the current concealed handgun laws back then. I have two of these now. Great to have on you while doing your walking program. It makes an excellent loud noise, which alone is a deterrent. Not very good past 20 feet, but you wouldn’t want to get hit with a .22 hollow-point, either.

Several manufacturers make a good compact double-action revolver that has the hammer concealed… you just point and squeeze. Smith & Wesson makes a Model 442 Revolver and uses .38 special ammo. Ruger makes the same thing for like $300 less, and theirs is called the LCR.  The idea behind this is so you can throw it in your purse without that hammer thing on the top getting hung up on anything, and you can just keep your hand on your gun in your purse and shoot through your purse if you have to. You just squeeze. I like Ruger… good products and good value.

I personally carry a Kel-Tec P-32 semi-automatic pistol… 9 ounces loaded. The magazine holds 7 bullets, and you can carry with an additional bullet in the chamber so you can just squeeze away without having to cock it. I choose not to because there is no “safety lock” button on the gun. If I have to pull that puppy out, it is going to be intentional.  http://www.kel-tec-cnc.com/  Expect to pay around $350. Taurus makes something similar for about $450.

Something new I discovered:  The Taurus Judge.  It is a small frame 5-shot revolver that can shoot either .45 caliber long bullets or .410 shotgun shells, which makes it a favorite with campers and hikers that come across lots of snakes. Now… a .410 shotgun shell probably won’t kick a lot, given how chunky this particular handgun is. The spread of the pellets in that cartridge ammo would really guarantee enough hits to prove a deterrent to just about any critter, including the two-legged kind. I’m betting the .45 bullets would tend to kick like a mule.   http://www.taurususa.com/  Expect to pay around $500 new, but that depends on the barrel length. The longer the barrel, the better the accuracy and stability.

Now… as for longer weapons… I offer the following link:  http://www.captaindaves.com/guide

Kel-Tec does manufacture a series of semi-automatic rifles in different calibers, and they make these things to be upgraded on a whim. Several models can fold in half. Their SU-22 rifle can carry 26 rounds of .22 caliber long rifle, and will accept magazines for the Atchison M-16 conversion (more ammo). My friends will typically ask you to consider a carbine of some sort. Just bear in mind that you will need training and you will have to carry it… don’t over-do.

If you opt for a shotgun, get one that will hold as many shells as possible. That single-shot may not be enough if it came down to it. The lower the gauge, the bigger the cartridge and the larger the BBs inside the cartridge… and the bigger the kick when fired. Remember that. 


 Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Christmas Talk with Niece…

I have a niece who has had me fairly concerned for a long  time. She’s young and pretty… graduated college a few years ago and has been barely scratching a living in Los Angeles, California. She’s spent the last several years trying to break into show-biz: got onto one WE network game show, and has been seen in several music videos… nothing really paying to speak of.   Fortunately enough, the few means of earning income she’s been involved in tend to pay her in cash. She’s got a local gallery showcasing her paintings… modern wavy-gravy stuff, she makes jewelry and sells it through her Etsy site, and she also works in the “marijuana industry”. 

After dinner I approached her on the topic of California, asking her to please consider bailing out of there. I enumerated the reasons why on both sides… why she should leave there and why she’ll do better back here in Houston.  At least in Houston, she can land at her parents’ place while finding any kind of job that will pay… there are plenty of warehouse jobs around… plenty of assorted jobs in the industrial sector. Staying with her parents will give her some space and protection. Her daddy is really into guns. 

We talked about self protection and the various standards for getting a Concealed Handgun License… and I’m pretty confident that I managed to do away with some misconceptions on that topic. Truth to tell, California has some of the most lax standards for obtaining a CHL, and leaves it imcumbent on the licensee to seek out training.  Texas requires you to take the classroom training (10 hours) and practical exam on the range (often at least $150) and it’s a $140 nonrefundable application fee to the state once you’re done with that.  As far as reciprocity is concerned, Texas will recognize California’s CHL but California will not recognize Texas’ CHL in spite of the higher standards.  I also made the comment that Homeland Security was not formed to fight towel-headed nutjobs in caves, but is more aimed at gun owners, ex-miliary and constitutionalists… those are the three groups that will provide resistance to Nazi-style takeovers.  In other words, most of my family are targets.

I explained that more than 1/3 of everyone in California is unemployed, and even with the VAT taxes and increased income taxes, the state won’t be able to meet its committments.  There will be lay-offs of public employees.  There will be sell-offs of public assets, including buildings, hospitals and parks, and a lot of essential services will be privatized… like ambulances, emergency rooms, trash collection and what-not. One can expect a lot of established highways to suddenly become tollways.  The police will increasingly do only the type of law enforcement that produces income (traffic enforcement) and will cease doing any other type of investigation or enforcement.  When the WIC, Welfare and unemployment checks either don’t go out or bounce, people will only be quiet for a little while, then when the groceries run out, they will take to the streets.  The larger the “entitlement” segment of the population, the worse the civil unrest has the possibility of becoming.  When the unrest gets really bad, most police will stay home to protect their own families. I reminded her of the presence of the fusion centers and FEMA camps ready to receive the people that law enforcement will be rounding up. I reminded her that the people going into the FEMA camps will NOT be coming out. She had seen the information about all that, which I have been sending her via e-mail.

California already has a lot of “Hooverville” tent cities and a lot of people squatting in homes they don’t have the ability to make payments on.  A large number of people squatting in their own houses are doing so without benefit of electricity or water service.  If the tent cities are formed under the auspices of some charitable organization, chances are they are civilized, but in other areas, the tent cities can become epicenters for crime and are treated as nuisances by towns. The situation is certainly shameful.

Unfortunately, I think she’s still so young that she considers herself somewhat immortal, and apparently hasn’t put together the concepts between the melt-down of government with civil unrest and martial law.  I did emphasize the need to store food.  Basically, once the civil unrest starts up, she will need the stored food to shelter in place until the bad stuff blows over, and most likely will need it until some kind of price and wage stability can be achieved. It may take a while for most employers to adjust wages to inflation. She commented that since she moves around a lot, that it is difficult to store foods… I simply recommended keeping extra food in a few plastic storage totes, ready to go wherever she does.

She did ask about the NAFTA superhighways… I told her that in Texas, the Trans-Texas Corridor was essentially defeated, at least for now, because it would destroy untold hundreds if not thousands of family farms and ranches in the name of imminent domain. The state will likely just install tollway plazas on existing freeways.   I also remarked that since we don’t have effective border enforcement, that the so-called war on drugs is spreading all over. Arizona is fighting for their soverignity, but New Mexico has completely succumbed to the drug cartels, and law enforcement there is absolutely corrupt.  This became another reason to get herself moved back home to Texas while the getting is good.

http://ferfal.blogspot.com/2010/12/life-in-argentina-9-years-after-2001.html  For your reference… some basic talking points from, FerFal, the guy who writes the Surviving in Argentina blogsite.  This entry goes into the topics I already covered above, from the squatters to the riots, police corruption, power blackouts & brownouts, and sudden bank holidays with further devaluation of currency on the other side.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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More Gun Info

This evening we just went to El Charro for dinner and Jim Pruitt’s Guns and Ammo afterward, since they are on the other end of the same parking lot. We browsed and chatted, then purchased a couple of boxes of low-recoil 12 gauge ammo. I spotted a couple of firearms I wanted to tell folks about.
They have the Bersa semi-auto handguns, which are highly reliable and accurate… my BIL bought one for each of his daughters… and they’re only about $350 each. Very good and not very expensive at all.  http://www.bersafirearmsusa.com/

They also have a good selection of Kel-Tec in all calibers. These are also very moderately priced and they have a great reputation. The Kel-Tec P-32 semi-automatic handguns are very slim, light-weight and are favorites with undercover police. I have one. http://www.kel-tec-cnc.com/
If you only have  like $200 to spend on a handgun… they have Hi-Point  firearms in the back of the store in that last case. They are semi-auto. They aren’t exactly as low on the scale as a saturday night special, but just a notch or two up. Not designed for a LOT of shooting  at the range, but fine for self-protection and a good starting point. http://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc   She also offers an e-book, “Fat-Free Spirituality” which is packed with advanced spiritual knowledge.

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