Paranormal Activity in Relation to Interpersonal Issues

Back on Thursday the 11th I got a phone call from a lady who had a full-blown poltergeist haunting that was clearly making her miserable… she initially called looking for my shop, and I explained the nature of my business. Sharon found my website and wanted a Defunker.  I asked what was going on and it turned out that she was in distress, wasn’t getting any sleep because an entity kept trying to rape her repeatedly. It was also effecting her ability to handle basic business. She had run through her unemployment compensation and was having trouble getting employment for the first time in her life.

This had been going on for some months “beginning last March” and she was essentially at the end of her rope. She had brought in a total of four different clergy, including her religious denomination’s bishop, for a total of three visits… the third time, they told her that this was coming from within her and they couldn’t do anything about it… they abandoned her saying that she was wigging out because of the stress of being unemployed. She was devastated at this abandonment. I told her that I wasn’t really surprised. I sent her the Joray “White Light” symbol and my “Fat-Free Spirituality” PDF book to read so she could “get it for herself”. I gave her instructions to print out the symbol and slap it anywhere, particularly any “in-between” areas and behind every possible picture on the walls, under the bed and so forth to grid the place.

On Saturday the 13th I went to handle the cleansing of her apartment on Richmond. It was hot out… in the 90s. The grass was getting parched. I asked her lots of questions about how things had gotten to where they are. Of course there were some layers involved. I got that there were no real geopathic difficulties in that particular building, but that there were more than likely some in the apartment complex and surrounding area… and that could make a difference. The longer

One situation that figured prominently was that she had worked in an office that had a very religious back-stabber that was likely doing her own version of energy work to slam anyone that posed a threat to her. Sharon was fired from that job for the first time in her life. Adding insult to injury, the recruiter that had placed her was now aloof and not really trying to assist her any more after so many years.  What happened? Sharon really felt like she had been severely interfered with by this woman.

I started by dropping a pair of Rick’s special energy tools in the center of the living room… a labyrinth disk featuring all of the 72 names of God, with the banishing side up, placed on top of a Harmony Board. I called in my angels and asked for assistance in taking this entity up into God’s Light. I lit a smudge stick, cracked the front door, and began walking around the small apartment, working from the back forwards and around every area, talking to the ghost and selling it into going into the Light. Following that, I took my pouch of “medicine mix” and performed the Tobacco Ceremony indoors, then took my Ceremony outdoors to permanently anchor God’s Light to the whole building. In a building with eight apartments, I just made it tough for anyone or anything that was not working for God’s Light to hang around that building. I checked my work with a pendulum. Sharon had laid down on her bed while I was working the outside… and was pleased that this was the first time that she hadn’t been molested in a long time. I checked to make sure the entity was indeed gone… it was.

When I finished that, I found a small stool and a little table and set up my SpaceBoard to quickly clack out any debris, entrainment, cords or whatever that might be stuck on Sharon. She felt very calm and relaxed afterward. I spent some time coaching her on the use of God’s White Light and how to use God’s Metallic Gold Light to defend herself. I also told Sharon how to send God’s Love & Light to the recruiter with a gift tag, and filling her office with that spectrum of energy as if she is physically in that office, even though she is only on the phone. Sharon isn’t one of those people who is in the victim mentality. She is accustomed to focusing on what she wants to create and seeing things fall into place because of her focus. This whole thing with the ghost and the backstabbing woman putting the whammy on her was simply and completely outside of her experience to date.

Sharon picked out a small Defunker I and also purchased a “Prosperity Ball” and an “Absolute Truth Ball”, and paid me for my time and a little tip besides.

I e-mailed on Monday to ask how everything was, and the next day I received an e-mail saying: “I have not gotten rid of the spirit yet. Saturday night I had an unexpected major attack, Sunday night I had a mild attack, last night I had a mild attack. I guess I’ll just continue to pray.”

I called and coached her on handling things. She used the Defunker to ward the critter off but was still under attack. I told her she needed to have that “Absolute Truth Ball” with her in bed to provide a clean field all the way around her as she slept. I pointed her to some of the passages in the PDF book I had sent her and went over it with her. I told her that I would do some absentia work on her place that evening.

I tuned in and, yes the previous ghost really was gone, but another different one had come in to take its place… kind of like getting rid of a bad boyfriend, but still having to deal with his jerk friends afterwards. This particular entity had apparently been waiting on the sidelines for an opening.

For good measure, I consulted with a psychic friend who tuned in and confirmed this, saying that these two ghosts had followed her from several lifetimes back, and that I needed to erase what she called a “vapor trail” from that other abusive ghost that was still attached to Sharon, and probably brought this one in, and possible another one after this one leaves. Kind of like how an ex-heroine addict can smell heroine on another person. This second ghost was not the least bit comfortable being in that building since I had done Ceremony to anchor God’s Light to the place, but it apparently had nowhere else to go. I did the energy work that evening, filling the whole apartment with God’s White Light.

She called saying that it bothered her some more, but it was greatly diminished as to be more of a nuisance. She called the problem at 95% corrected. I told her that this is really more of a good thing for her, because she is learning how to deal with these things on her own. The whole experience is ultimately empowering and she can take the knowledge with her anywhere.

Later on the 26th she reported that she is doing well. Sharon is keeping the back-stabber boxed in God’s Gold Light to limit any further interference, and Sharon’s recruiter is pleased to be working with her once again and is beating the bushes for other assignments. She’ll be just fine.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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You Really Can Buy Anything on E-Bay

I’m not kidding.  I got an e-mail from a young lady named Nadine in New York, who actually bought a ghost on E-Bay.  Nadine sent me money for a spate of different things through PayPal without consulting me, so I figured there had to be something special going on.  When I asked, Nadine told me she found this E-Bay store called “Miss Holly’s Witchcraft Parlor” selling something called a “witch’s spirit familiar” for $59.  This on-line store also offers “fetch spirits” too, in the same packaging.  

Basically “Miss Holly” finds and attaches a ghost to a crystal, and puts the crystal in a house-shaped wooden box and mails that off, with the instruction that you are supposed to place this in a quiet place in your home, make an offering of some sort to the spirit, and then give the spirit a name and tell it what you expect out of it.

Nadine had never taken any courses or done any studies in spiritualism, psychic development or Wicca.  She really had no idea what she was letting herself in for when she bought one of these “spirit familiars”, and brought it into her house and followed the instructions only to wind up with some of the most virulent poltergeist activity that has ever been described to me.  Stuff disappearing and reappearing in odd places, electronics malfunctioning, spirit attacks while she slept… you name it.  The spook made her miserable.  I’d classify it as criminal mischief.

The thing about haunting activity is that most people stay in denial for a while, then by the time they realize that they have a ghost problem, they are in a panic to get the issue resolved by any means possible, so they will either throw lots of money at the problem or they will drag in all sorts of people in an effort to get them to address the problem, and not everyone that shows up is necessarily going to be there to help.

 When Nadine e-mailed to complain to the dealer, she got the following response:

“Dearest Nadine,

I understand that you no longer wish to have your spirit familiar. To release it you should if you still have the dwelling place the crystal vessel inside along with your offering take them all to some area off your property and bury it. The earth has natural healing abilities as well as power to ground power and energy. After it is buried say: spirit familiar I release you of your service to me. Go back to where you came. Cease your activity with me and return in peace to God. Now go back home and spin around three times before you enter your house. Now, take a bit of salt and sprinkle it in every room of the house but especially your bedroom and the cabinet where you kept it. While you are purifying and cleansing your house say these words I cast out any spirits who are in my house in the name of God! Leave this house. Repeat. As a last measure to be sure the house is completely free of spirits make loud noise in every room such as banging on pots which is known to scare and drive out spirits.”

Nadine’s comment to me:  “Suzanne, that sounds like a whole bowl of crap.  I had told my boyfriend about what is going on and he said the same thing you said: what in the world made me purchase such a thing? My boyfriend also said if that woman invoked that evil spirit and sent it to your house, what makes you think she would tell you how to get rid of it, and Suzanne, you know what, my boyfriend is right.”  I guess wisdom comes at a higher price for some.

 In short, this E-Bay seller sets some newbies up for a nice little spiritual trap.  Nadine admitted she was looking for the fast track approach without the requisite self-work or studies, and it bit her on the butt.  Nadine wants to shut that E-Bay store down, though somehow I don’t think E-Bay will listen to her.  The nature of this offense is that anyone listening to the case will automatically think that Nadine is a nut.  I don’t think that ghosts can be proven in a court of law… if they could, there would be a whole lot of spiritualist/channelers taking the witness stand in murder cases.  Universal Law will have to take care of “Miss Holly”. 

 Bless her heart… I e-mailed her the Johrei “White Light” calligraphy and instructed her in its use and placement, and coached her on some other things to do, and all of that seems to have helped.  I whittled down her order to the essentials and gave her a refund back through PayPal.  When I packaged up her order I added an “Absolute Truth” ball for good measure.  She was very anxious to receive her goodies and was very grateful when they got there.  She thanked me and I haven’t heard anything back from her.  I’ll eventually check back with her to see how she’s doing.  

I’ll bet you can buy “butt plugs” on E-Bay, too.   


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Cat Devas

For a couple of years now, I’ve been experiencing a particular phenomenon while I am in bed. Sometimes late at night, but mostly in the early morning, I would feel some unseen being pulling down on the edge of my mattress a few times, about 2/3 of the way down on the mattress from my head, just to rattle me up. What was it? Aliens? Poltergeists? This has been most noticeable on weekend mornings, since I am up early on weekdays.

While talking to another cat-owning friend, we compared notes on the phenomenon. It turns out that she has actually seen the being responsible. It looks like a 2-foot tall red-headed guy. It smiled at her while rattling her up by pulling down on the side of the mattress, as if to say “rise and shine!” She was certainly rattled, but once she came to her senses, she figured out that it was not an attack and that no harm was meant, and that the little guy was actually smiling rather sweetly. What was the guy doing in her room? Over time she noticed that he was there when her little boy cat wanted out in the wee hours of the morning.

We finally came to the conclusion that it was a cat deva because it only bugged us when the cats wanted our attention or wanted to be fed or let out. The next time I felt that tug, I told the deva that the cats have plenty of food and water and that I really want to sleep in a little while longer, and “gee thanks a lot” for looking after my cats’ interests.

I really need to talk to the little guy about negotiating peace to get Lily to stop bullying Anna.

Each animal and plant group in a given chunk of land has an associated deva. The cats have a deva, the cows have a deva, the horses have one, the ants have one, the earthworms have one, the oak trees have one, the pine trees have one, and so on. Devas simply look after their plant or critter groups and assure their health.

Ordinarily, most people’s threshold perception of a deva is the sight of a languidly floating or flying sparkle, or perhaps a rattling group of leaves not accounted for by a breeze. Just project a beam of divine Love & Light to them and thank them for being there.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,

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Defunkers for Personal Protection

Defunker I and II

Examples of the Defunker I and II

If you log onto and then go to the “medicine pendants” page, the first things you’ll see are the “defunkers”. Members of three different paranormal investigating groups in Houston consider these their P.P.E.s (Personal Protective Equipment). In fact, it is their members that dubbed them “defunkers”. People who do energy work like these both as tools for focusing energy and as protection from inappropriate energies. People who work in dense energy environments like bars and hospitals appreciate the “defunkers”, too! These little assemblies have come in so handy on so many occasions, that they’ve become absolutely entrenched – – I have to keep these in inventory!

As with many discoveries, this one was quite by accident. I was making jewelry, and I had the “urge” to wrap an obsidian wand a certain way, with certain stones. As with all assemblies, I put it in a bag with other things that I would energize and bless before I put them on my display boards. I pulled out that obsidian wand and handed it to Rick Ferguson during set up at a fair the next weekend. Since he was busy setting up, he popped it into his pocket to look at later. Rick is a big jolly fellow that occasionally rubs the anal-retentive types the wrong way – – probably the reason we get along so well. During the day, some woman walked up to Rick and asked him if he would like some healing work. Rick said yes without asking what flavor of energy work, or who the woman’s teacher was. He sat there, feeling this funky energy flying around him, but it wasn’t sticking. The woman was doing her best to block his head chakras. Some time after that, I asked him what he thought of that piece I had handed him during set-up. He fished it out of his pocket and had this shocked look of realization. This kept him from getting “funked-up”. I couldn’t get it away from him, either. The rest is history.

The mahogany obsidian is a nice, smooth, laid-back variety of obsidian. Obsidian is well known for it’s capacity to shield against inappropriate energies. Wrapped along with this combination of stones, and energized by my angels, it has the vibration of Archangel Michael’s sword. The energized combination is much more than the sum of its parts. When people are looking for something of a protective nature, I point them to these assemblies on my display boards and ask them to pick one up and hold it to see how it feels to them. A lot of them purchase. I never, ever have to hard-sell. If they don’t like that particular vibe, I can equip them otherwise.

I’ve always liked how the black obsidian arrowheads look and feel, so I began making “defunkers” out of them. Granted, the black obsidian is really tough looking; the appearance has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. The “defunker charm-collector” is a more stealthy method of packaging for this combination, great for wearing in a conservative workplace. I actually make a “defunker bracelet” which has the same protective vibe in your energy field, but does not really function as a tool.

Because of its nature and intent, it is best to wear your defunker either over your thymus or solar plexus; whichever feels best to you. The funkier the environment you are in, the closer you need it to you. It works well worn inside your shirt, like Kevlar armor. It is more a statement of intent and strength when worn outside the clothing – – like subliminally saying, “don’t jack with me”.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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“Quantitative Easing”   In the world of double-speak economists and politicians, they’ve coined a new phrase in an effort to make inflation not sound quite so bad. “Quantitative easing” is their new term for continuing to print lots and lots of money to inject into the banking system. Since the new money still isn’t backed by anything, it just means that all the other money already floating around out there loses a proportional amount of its value. Now, these days, they may not be actually printing the money on a printing press, but rather just creating the money digitally, which works just as well to dilute the value of the actual greenbacks you have in your wallet.  The kind of inflation we’re likely going to be seeing when it kicks in, probably isn’t going to be double or triple digit annual inflation… it’ll likely be a lot worse than that.

Those of us who remember the 1970s may think of that as inflation, which it was, but it was really “STAGFLATION”, which is inflation being held in check by deflation… stagnant.  We’re getting out of a stagflation time period, and Obama’s spending spree is turning it into full-tilt inflation. No kidding.

Deflation?  The media is also flogging the term “DEFLATION”, which is what Japan has been wrestling with for some years now. In short, deflation is a contraction in the money supply. Friends… deflation would be a “best case” scenario. We ain’t gonna see it. We’ve been set up for a replay of Argentina’s or the post-WWI German Weimar Republic’s hyper-inflationary economic crisis.   and     In short, our manufacturing base has been outsourced, companies are relocating their offices to other countries (like Halliburton) to avoid paying taxes, our main growth industry has been “debt” and “credit” for some years now, and the middle class is collapsing while the money has been channeled to the uppermost 2% of the economic ladder.  The really big difference between the U.S. and Japan is that Japan’s people save their money… and there is no incentive for keeping your money in the bank here because the interest rates are so abyssmal.   Obama’s policy of taxing the shrinking middle class to pay for everything is going to finish the job that his masters among the Bilderbergs (or whatever you want to call those louts) started under Nixon.  They are in the process of building the debt bomb even bigger, then monetizing it by printing lots and lots of money so it won’t look so bad.  We’re staring at LOTS of inflation, folks.  Some possible scenarios as to what we might expect have been compiled in an article by Jeff Fisher here:   and it is all pretty scary if you haven’t been preparing yourself. If you have been taking some steps, some of the possibilities spelled out in Fisher’s column are actually fairly juicy.  

What about bank runs?  They’re already doing their best to head you off. If you’re gonna get your money into metals, you need to do it NOW… cash out your IRAs and get out of the stock market while the money is still worth something, and certainly before the end of this year… 2011 will bring about a whole new ball game.   They’re about to institute all sorts of taxes and fees and other methods give control of your money to the very looters that have orchestrated the destruction of our economy, while keeping you from gaining access to your own money; essentially forcing private sector savings into public sector debt. If you plan on taking your retirement savings and fleeing the country, you gotta do it before 2013.   They will likely seize all retirement savings.  You might as well pay the lower taxes now and beat them to it while the prices of metals are still fairly low due to the manipulation of those markets. You can still buy generic silver round and square for about $20 an ounce.

Will this forthcoming election be enough to head this off?  Well… there’s a relative few candidates that really understand the Constitution and the economy.  There aren’t enough of them.  If we’re lucky, we’ll get a bunch of fiscal conservatives in there that will overturn ObamaCare and the carbon taxes and all that other horrible stuff.  I’m betting we’ll see a major tide of republicans taking seats in congress, but if they’re like Bush’s neocon congress, it will be just more of the same old thing.  When the democrats lose their seats in this election, they won’t have anything to lose, so they’ll shove through even more bad legislation and debt-production in the couple of months before the new officeholders get sworn in. Don’t wait for the government to do anything positive… ever.  Career politicians are in it for their own survival and will do anything expeditious to stay in office… and that won’t include anything that involves restraint or paring back an overgrown government.  They’ll have to be ridden out on a rail.

You can see the train coming… you can see the tracks and hear the engine and the whistle, and it’s heading this way.  All the indicators are there. This same bunch of Wall Street brigands has done this same scenario over and over all over the world.  It’s taken them a while, but they’ve effectively succeeded in crashing the U.S. economy.  You might as well get your ducks in a row.  If it turns out you don’t need the metals and stored food, you haven’t wasted anything… it’s all still useable. If you need the metals and stored food, you can’t wait until you’re “at need” to put your resources together.  Take care of yourself, hon!


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Native American Tobacco Ceremony

I have a wide number of applications for a special type of prayer called “Tobacco Ceremony.” The divine messenger, White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, brought the “Tobacco Ceremony” to us some 500 years ago. I will typically use this ceremony when clearing haunting activity.

With this prayer ceremony, I found that I can anchor light anywhere, block-in or block-out any form of energy or entity, and “clear” an area of unwanted influences. For example, I felt the energies were “off” at one psychic fair I was at. I went outside and quietly walked around the building, doing the ceremony, giving thanks and asking that anyone, energy or entity be excluded from the building if it is not “working for the Light” or if it is not there for the betterment of all. Ten minutes afterwards, two of the “psychics” quickly packed up and left. I had never thought about them, either. Interesting, huh? I know a “channeler” that can’t do readings in an area I’ve done ceremony on. What does that say about what was being channeled?

You don’t need to smoke or use a special pipe. What I do is offer a pinch of the dry herbs in each direction. You may also choose to burn the herbs on a charcoal to offer the smoke. I carry a pouch filled with a generic mixture of tobacco, sage, cedar and sweetgrass, which is symbolic of the four directions. Other tribes use other herbs.

Let’s do it, shall we? Place yourself in a state of grace. Begin with an open prayer/invocation, and then start by facing EAST (or what you perceive as east), which is the start of the Medicine Wheel, holding a nice little handful of your herbs. Raise your hand offering the herbs, and begin by addressing the “Grandparents of the East”. The “Grandparents” referred to in this ceremony, includes ancestors, ascended masters, angels and the spiritual hierarchy of the planet. Give thanks to the Grandparents for all of their assistance, offer your handful of herbs and ask them for their assistance once again (insert request here), thank them in advance for their help and drop a pinch of the herbs in their direction. Do this exactly the same way facing SOUTH addressing the “Grandparents of the South”, then WEST, then NORTH. Then kneel to address the EARTH MOTHER beneath your feet, making sure to thank her for feeding you and giving you a place to live, and offer the herbs and your special request and thanks. Then stand again and talk to SKY FATHER (God, Creator, Wakan-Tanka, etc.) offering herbs, thanks, your request, and thanks in advance for this assistance, and dropping some dry herbs. Any breeze will carry the herbs to where they need to go. It is done. Give thanks. Whatever you asked for is on its way if your intent was correct and pure. This is the short form. White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman’s version is considerably more involved.

If you are a smoker, you can do this ceremony very casually and even surreptitiously. Light up a fresh cigarette, face east, offer the smoke from your hand as you pray, then take a deep draught and mentally exhale the prayers as you blow the smoke carrying your prayers up to the Grandparents of each direction as described above. Works just fine. It’s the intent that matters.

I will remind you of the importance of Universal Law when doing “ceremony”. Prayer, especially a focused prayer like this, is a powerful form of thought/energy transmission. You will get back that energy multiplied in accordance with your intent in putting the energy out to begin with. Some people say it is multiplied three times, but in truth there is no ceiling on the multiplication aspect. So, for example, if you pray for advancement on your job, ask that it be done in harmony and for the best and highest good of all concerned… not just yourself. I know one lady that did ceremony to get a promotion, and got it, but because it was not done in a harmonious way, she was fired a month later. You can do ceremony to attract a new love to your life, by putting your “spec sheet” out in this prayer ceremony, but you cannot manipluate any person in particular as that will backlash on you. You get the idea.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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