Paranormal Activity in Relation to Interpersonal Issues

Back on Thursday the 11th I got a phone call from a lady who had a full-blown poltergeist haunting that was clearly making her miserable… she initially called looking for my shop, and I explained the nature of my business. Sharon found my website and wanted a Defunker.  I asked what was going on and it turned out that she was in distress, wasn’t getting any sleep because an entity kept trying to rape her repeatedly. It was also effecting her ability to handle basic business. She had run through her unemployment compensation and was having trouble getting employment for the first time in her life.

This had been going on for some months “beginning last March” and she was essentially at the end of her rope. She had brought in a total of four different clergy, including her religious denomination’s bishop, for a total of three visits… the third time, they told her that this was coming from within her and they couldn’t do anything about it… they abandoned her saying that she was wigging out because of the stress of being unemployed. She was devastated at this abandonment. I told her that I wasn’t really surprised. I sent her the Joray “White Light” symbol and my “Fat-Free Spirituality” PDF book to read so she could “get it for herself”. I gave her instructions to print out the symbol and slap it anywhere, particularly any “in-between” areas and behind every possible picture on the walls, under the bed and so forth to grid the place.

On Saturday the 13th I went to handle the cleansing of her apartment on Richmond. It was hot out… in the 90s. The grass was getting parched. I asked her lots of questions about how things had gotten to where they are. Of course there were some layers involved. I got that there were no real geopathic difficulties in that particular building, but that there were more than likely some in the apartment complex and surrounding area… and that could make a difference. The longer

One situation that figured prominently was that she had worked in an office that had a very religious back-stabber that was likely doing her own version of energy work to slam anyone that posed a threat to her. Sharon was fired from that job for the first time in her life. Adding insult to injury, the recruiter that had placed her was now aloof and not really trying to assist her any more after so many years.  What happened? Sharon really felt like she had been severely interfered with by this woman.

I started by dropping a pair of Rick’s special energy tools in the center of the living room… a labyrinth disk featuring all of the 72 names of God, with the banishing side up, placed on top of a Harmony Board. I called in my angels and asked for assistance in taking this entity up into God’s Light. I lit a smudge stick, cracked the front door, and began walking around the small apartment, working from the back forwards and around every area, talking to the ghost and selling it into going into the Light. Following that, I took my pouch of “medicine mix” and performed the Tobacco Ceremony indoors, then took my Ceremony outdoors to permanently anchor God’s Light to the whole building. In a building with eight apartments, I just made it tough for anyone or anything that was not working for God’s Light to hang around that building. I checked my work with a pendulum. Sharon had laid down on her bed while I was working the outside… and was pleased that this was the first time that she hadn’t been molested in a long time. I checked to make sure the entity was indeed gone… it was.

When I finished that, I found a small stool and a little table and set up my SpaceBoard to quickly clack out any debris, entrainment, cords or whatever that might be stuck on Sharon. She felt very calm and relaxed afterward. I spent some time coaching her on the use of God’s White Light and how to use God’s Metallic Gold Light to defend herself. I also told Sharon how to send God’s Love & Light to the recruiter with a gift tag, and filling her office with that spectrum of energy as if she is physically in that office, even though she is only on the phone. Sharon isn’t one of those people who is in the victim mentality. She is accustomed to focusing on what she wants to create and seeing things fall into place because of her focus. This whole thing with the ghost and the backstabbing woman putting the whammy on her was simply and completely outside of her experience to date.

Sharon picked out a small Defunker I and also purchased a “Prosperity Ball” and an “Absolute Truth Ball”, and paid me for my time and a little tip besides.

I e-mailed on Monday to ask how everything was, and the next day I received an e-mail saying: “I have not gotten rid of the spirit yet. Saturday night I had an unexpected major attack, Sunday night I had a mild attack, last night I had a mild attack. I guess I’ll just continue to pray.”

I called and coached her on handling things. She used the Defunker to ward the critter off but was still under attack. I told her she needed to have that “Absolute Truth Ball” with her in bed to provide a clean field all the way around her as she slept. I pointed her to some of the passages in the PDF book I had sent her and went over it with her. I told her that I would do some absentia work on her place that evening.

I tuned in and, yes the previous ghost really was gone, but another different one had come in to take its place… kind of like getting rid of a bad boyfriend, but still having to deal with his jerk friends afterwards. This particular entity had apparently been waiting on the sidelines for an opening.

For good measure, I consulted with a psychic friend who tuned in and confirmed this, saying that these two ghosts had followed her from several lifetimes back, and that I needed to erase what she called a “vapor trail” from that other abusive ghost that was still attached to Sharon, and probably brought this one in, and possible another one after this one leaves. Kind of like how an ex-heroine addict can smell heroine on another person. This second ghost was not the least bit comfortable being in that building since I had done Ceremony to anchor God’s Light to the place, but it apparently had nowhere else to go. I did the energy work that evening, filling the whole apartment with God’s White Light.

She called saying that it bothered her some more, but it was greatly diminished as to be more of a nuisance. She called the problem at 95% corrected. I told her that this is really more of a good thing for her, because she is learning how to deal with these things on her own. The whole experience is ultimately empowering and she can take the knowledge with her anywhere.

Later on the 26th she reported that she is doing well. Sharon is keeping the back-stabber boxed in God’s Gold Light to limit any further interference, and Sharon’s recruiter is pleased to be working with her once again and is beating the bushes for other assignments. She’ll be just fine.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Real Patriots Maintain Cash and Silver

I’d like to point out a few little things:

The Eurozone is in deep trouble. Cypress is asking for bailouts now, on top of Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.  Mind you, the “bailouts” are all going dicrectly to the banks that have been using depositors’ money to speculate with… so the banker-appointed technocrats who are placed in charge of these governments to administrate their economies are making sure that the governments receive the money from the ECB, IMF and BIS (the Troika) to turn over to the banks… at taxpayer expense. The banks then leverage this money at least 10X to do even more speculating.  Spain’s banks need probably a hundred billion dollars to keep going… at least they were up-front about it this time and the money went directly to their banks instead of getting filtered through their government. People all over the Eurozone are pulling their money out of their bank accounts because they expect banking collapse, and banks are limiting amounts of withdrawals. One big bank in Italy recently closed their doors without bothering to inform depositors… not giving them a chance to redirect their paycheck direct deposits… just keeping their money away from them. Governments all over are seeking to institute capital controls.  If you are looking at what is going on in Europe and not preparing for it to show up here, you are going to lose it all. It is already very apparent that governments, including the U.S. government, does not want people to maintain or use cash.  Highway checkpoints and TSA are actively confiscating cash.
Common sense dictates that you do the exact opposite of what the government wants you to do.    So, for your own survival, you should own guns and stockpile ammo, you should stockpile food, and you should keep as little money as possible in your bank account and all you can in cash and precious metals.

Europeans have endured so many currency collapses and resets, that they know what is coming. They’ve already seen their manufacturing outsourced, and their banks have imposed “austerity measures” on the people by twisting government bureaucrats’ arms for bailouts.  The fake debt foisted onto countries’ books is some 25 times the world GDP already… it can never be paid back. In Greece, the ecomony has collapsed altogether, forcing people to barter for all goods and services, eschewing the normal retail outlets… they call it “System D”. Breadlines are all over.  People all over Europe are hiding income in order to not pay taxes… I don’t blame them.

Please bear in mind that the last time Europe’s stock markets collapsed, the American stock market followed suit a couple of weeks thereafter. Given how everything is digital these days, it may be a lot shorter time before the collapse in Europe is echoed over here.

Cash.  If you really want to give the banksters hell, by all means keep as little money in your bank account as is practiceable… just enough to cover monthly bills… and the rest in cash. Stop allowing the banksters to track your purchasing via credit/debit cards… use cash instead.  They don’t like it.  This is a great way to train yourself  in estimating your true needs. Get used to it, because we’re going back to it. Forget plastic.

Please bear in mind that the bankster cartel plans for us a one-world digital currency and no way to use cash.  When they decide to close our financial system for devaluation, you will need your cash to pay basic bills until the banks open once again. A month or two’s worth should suffice to cover you.  When they finally roll out their digital currency (at a huge loss in value to us), you should have already long since gotten the majority of your wealth into precious metals and other tangibles… like farm land, food storage, tools and what-not.

Silver is the really big thing to consider.  Great educational resources include:   and
You see… silver is an easily manipulated commodity. The top big banks are stepping on the SPOT PRICE every time it goes up, because it sustains the belief that silver and gold are too volatile to invest in.  The problem for the banks is that we know how they’ve been manipulating the spot price by printing and selling paper silver on the commodities exchanges. JPMorgan’s Achilles’ heel is silver because of their naked paper shorts, which they will never be able to cover… and it is already blowing up in their face because they currently report some $6 billion in bad debts on their books, and their total derivatives/shorts exposure is already well past the world’s combined GDP of some $60-$65 trillion… that’s just one bank. Add that up across the system and understand that the exchange traded fund SLV is managed by these same banksters… meaning most of what the fund is comprised of is PAPER SILVER.  Get that?  SLV and GLD are scams.

Why silver?  If you understand the fundamentals, you will see that this is the LAST chance to make your money make money for you before the money ceases to be worth anything at all.  Estimated silver production was about 735.9 million ounces a year… and that number is falling.  Actual production could be in the 250 million ounce range. Some 80% of silver production goes directly for industrial applications. In other words, snap it up while you can. Buy your silver early and often.

Taking physical silver off the market right now does several things:  it is a real store of wealth and the last opportunity for you to make some money in this economy, and it also removes the banksters from determining your fate.  You have to get on it fast, though, because physical inventories are drying up now… I am observing this at my local silver merchants here in Houston and on-line.  The banksters may be able to step on the spot price of silver down to $5 an ounce, but you won’t be able to find it ANYWHERE at that price. That will be the official decoupling of the physical from the paper market.  Buy the dips while you can… silver and gold are dipping like all get-out. 

Bear in mind that when people flocked to physical silver and gold was at the bottom of the Great Depression. What the government did back then was beg people to turn in their physical gold from people in return for a silver certificate valued at $28 (or something like that) and then reintroduced the physical gold at $35… which was a 40% currency devaluation while still being on the gold standard.  They plan on something similar again. It may be in association with a normal holiday weekend, or they may decide to have a prolonged bank holiday.

A little planning will stop you from being caught short and enable you to continue to feed your family during the coming transition phase.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Pulling Out of the Banks

Well, I have this to show you… a short documentary video about the use of actual gold and silver in place of inflating currency. I find it most enlightening and heartening that these people in Indonesia are sophisticated enough to frank their own currency instead of losing their wealth to the inflation of fiat currency.  It also makes me feel a tad depressed that the majority of Americans, and most of Europe, aren’t getting this concept down pat. In fact, I think the majority of America and Europe are in for a very rude awakening.

Up until fairly recently, both the U.S. and Great Britain made it against the law to own gold bullion. Both thankfully rescinded those insane laws.  The U.S. made it unlawful to own gold bullion back during the Great Depression… they made anyone stupid enough to do so, cash in their gold at $20 an ounce, and once that was done, the gold was revalued  at $30 an ounce. That was a huge difference back then, and a travesty as well.  In fact, I distinctly remember an old Disney movie starring Dean Jones in which the main character discovered that he had a duck that laid solid gold eggs, and the character fretted about being caught with this “bullion” by the authorities. 

I expect some similar attempt to rescind any of our attempts to maintain control over our personal wealth by the NWO types. Obama is already considering imposing a transaction fee on all bank transactions… like if you go on-line and move $100 from checking to savings, you’ll pay a 2% tax on that simple movement. Or when your paycheck hits the bank, they would collect a percentage of that (on top of what they’ve already withheld)… then there’s that “carbon tax” thing they’re trying to soak us for. It also looks like they’re going to try to get people off of cash so they can be assured of collecting these taxes.  The minute you hear that crud, you definitely keep your paychecks away from the bank. I fully expect to see alternative check cashing services cropping up at that point. I expect to see a lot of alternative commerce in general.

These central bankers are doing to the U.S. exactly what they’ve done to the countries in the European Union, as well as so many other countries around the world. In each and every case, they sink their hooks into a country’s economy, rack up the debt service, then impose “austerity measures”… they hike taxes and take away pensions. Yes, they’re doing that here. It is total economic enslavement. We have to stop it. Iceland did… their populace elected some normal non-politician citizens to clean up the mess, then arrested the officials that had created the mess, then decided NOT to pay the IMF for the debt that the country did nothing to rack up. Iceland is showing the way.

I agree that people are waking up to the fact that we are being plundered by a cabal of private bankers. I also understand that most of the money is being held and used by less than 10 big banks, who have managed to bribe congressmen to relax the regulations they had to follow, and then privatize all profits while pushing all losses to the public sector.  We need to quit subsidizing these people. When you add together what we pay in property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes and now the taxes that are going to be charged on employer-provided health insurance, it  is only a short matter of time before we see a full-on taxpayer revolt.

I’ve been pestering people, especially my family, to hurry up and at least buy some friggin’ silver. It is now up to $19.84 spot, meaning that you’ll pay over $22 for a 1 oz. silver eagle. I’ve been buying silver off and on since it hit $9 an ounce, so granted, I’m feeling pretty good about this. It won’t be long before the tipping point on silver at around $22-$24 spot per ounce will spur the market. You might as well buy silver now before the price catches up with its availability. I fully expect silver to re-index back to the old 16 to 1 ratio with gold, fairly soon.

I’m slowly pulling away from the banks, myself.   I  recommend not keeping any more in the bank than is absolutely necessary to write checks against to pay bills. I also recommend keeping cash in the house to cover bills in the event of a “bank holiday”, which looks inevitable. You know the utility companies, mortgage companies and grocery stores will continue doing business in regular money long after it loses its value. The mortgage company is under contract to accept the “currency of the realm”, so that’s a no-brainer.

One other thing… don’t put anything in a bank’s “safe deposit box”.  These things are neither regulated nor insured, and bank employees have all the keys and can plunder them at will. Get yourself a fireproof box for your important papers.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Proper Smudging Technique for Clearings

I just noticed that, even though I have always included instructions on how to do a proper Tobacco Ceremony on my assorted blogs and my electronic books, I somehow forgot to include these important instructions on my blogsite for easy access.

If you are one of a score or more of people who have contacted me asking for help in dealing with the negative side of the paranormal, I have likely either instructed you by e-mail, coaching you over the phone, or I just sent you the PDF of my e-book, “Fat-Free Spirituality” so you could get it for yourself.  I’d rather coach people to do it for themselves, thereby empowering them to help others. The ol’ spoon-feeding syndrome isn’t good for the collective consciousness.

When the typical person comes to the realization that they really are being haunted, it is normal to panic. So much of so-called “western civilization” is geared around denial of the spirit world and higher dimensions. Most people start their search for paranormal help by reaching out to clergy only to be rebuffed or told to find a psychiatrist… and it is a sobering experience after a lifetime of mainstream religious indoctrination to realize that the support isn’t a two-way street. The next thing most people do nowadays is to get on the internet… which is where most people find me. Yes, I do get referrals from members of various friends and paranormal research groups. I prefer to empower people through instruction, but some folks are too scared to attempt the D.I.Y. approach, at which point I will offer to do a cleansing, whether by remote or in person, for a modest fee.

In getting the background on the haunting activity, I usually tune in and check for the presence of geopathic phenomena, and I always ask whether there is use of prescription medications, alcohol or pot in the household.

The first stage of clearing is e-mailing the person the “White Light” symbol from the Joray tradition, to print out on both paper or on Avery label stock for them grid their house by slapping the symbol to the ceilings of closets, behind every picture on the walls, and preferably stapled to the inside of the roof facing down into the house from the attic. The symbol takes the house to a higher court and typically makes any ghosts very uncomfortable… it is serving them “notice of eviction”.

The next thing to do is prepare to “smudge”, which is a Native American technique. You need a sage and cedar smudge stick for this. If you can’t find one of these locally, you can either order them on-line or from me. You will need to hold something underneath that smudge stick so you don’t spread embers as you walk through the house… most use an abalone shell, but a salad plate with work perfectly.

Smudging is typically my second stage of clearing. Once you have the basic implements ready, you crack open the front door, make a prayer (out loud) invoking your angels and ascended masters to come in and assist you, then light the cedar and sage smudge stick.  You begin by going to the back of the house smudging each room in a clockwise circle, while talking to the ghosts. Tell the ghosts that this is your home and that they have to leave it, preferably to go into the Light since they are no longer in physical form. Keep smudging and talking until you’ve chased them out the front door. In multi-level houses the smudging must be repeated on each floor, again, working from the back of the house forward until they are chased out the front door. It is especially important to point out that ghosts like to hide in the in-between places such as attics, air conditioning intake vents, stairways and closets, so these must also be smudged. When you are done, close the front door and “seal” that door by smudging it in a clockwise motion. All of these actions must be done with focused INTENT. More advanced spiritual practitioners will talk with such entities and then walk them into the Light to make sure they get there.

The third stage of clearing is doing “Tobacco Ceremony” both outside and inside the house. I prefer doing outside first because it has a pressure cooker effect.

The fourth stage of clearing is to do an energy clearing on anyone in the household. Any etheric cords must be cut, their energy field must be cleansed, and any chakras have to be unblocked. The first thing that most poltergeists do is “slime” people’s head chakras to keep them from realizing the ghosts are there.


Those interested in purchasing an E-copy of Suzanne Powell’s book, Fat Free Spirituality – Handy Tips from a Big City Shaman can contact her through her site,   She also offers a line of energetic products, pendulums, natural stone “medicine jewelry”, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap”.  

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You Really Can Buy Anything on E-Bay

I’m not kidding.  I got an e-mail from a young lady named Nadine in New York, who actually bought a ghost on E-Bay.  Nadine sent me money for a spate of different things through PayPal without consulting me, so I figured there had to be something special going on.  When I asked, Nadine told me she found this E-Bay store called “Miss Holly’s Witchcraft Parlor” selling something called a “witch’s spirit familiar” for $59.  This on-line store also offers “fetch spirits” too, in the same packaging.  

Basically “Miss Holly” finds and attaches a ghost to a crystal, and puts the crystal in a house-shaped wooden box and mails that off, with the instruction that you are supposed to place this in a quiet place in your home, make an offering of some sort to the spirit, and then give the spirit a name and tell it what you expect out of it.

Nadine had never taken any courses or done any studies in spiritualism, psychic development or Wicca.  She really had no idea what she was letting herself in for when she bought one of these “spirit familiars”, and brought it into her house and followed the instructions only to wind up with some of the most virulent poltergeist activity that has ever been described to me.  Stuff disappearing and reappearing in odd places, electronics malfunctioning, spirit attacks while she slept… you name it.  The spook made her miserable.  I’d classify it as criminal mischief.

The thing about haunting activity is that most people stay in denial for a while, then by the time they realize that they have a ghost problem, they are in a panic to get the issue resolved by any means possible, so they will either throw lots of money at the problem or they will drag in all sorts of people in an effort to get them to address the problem, and not everyone that shows up is necessarily going to be there to help.

 When Nadine e-mailed to complain to the dealer, she got the following response:

“Dearest Nadine,

I understand that you no longer wish to have your spirit familiar. To release it you should if you still have the dwelling place the crystal vessel inside along with your offering take them all to some area off your property and bury it. The earth has natural healing abilities as well as power to ground power and energy. After it is buried say: spirit familiar I release you of your service to me. Go back to where you came. Cease your activity with me and return in peace to God. Now go back home and spin around three times before you enter your house. Now, take a bit of salt and sprinkle it in every room of the house but especially your bedroom and the cabinet where you kept it. While you are purifying and cleansing your house say these words I cast out any spirits who are in my house in the name of God! Leave this house. Repeat. As a last measure to be sure the house is completely free of spirits make loud noise in every room such as banging on pots which is known to scare and drive out spirits.”

Nadine’s comment to me:  “Suzanne, that sounds like a whole bowl of crap.  I had told my boyfriend about what is going on and he said the same thing you said: what in the world made me purchase such a thing? My boyfriend also said if that woman invoked that evil spirit and sent it to your house, what makes you think she would tell you how to get rid of it, and Suzanne, you know what, my boyfriend is right.”  I guess wisdom comes at a higher price for some.

 In short, this E-Bay seller sets some newbies up for a nice little spiritual trap.  Nadine admitted she was looking for the fast track approach without the requisite self-work or studies, and it bit her on the butt.  Nadine wants to shut that E-Bay store down, though somehow I don’t think E-Bay will listen to her.  The nature of this offense is that anyone listening to the case will automatically think that Nadine is a nut.  I don’t think that ghosts can be proven in a court of law… if they could, there would be a whole lot of spiritualist/channelers taking the witness stand in murder cases.  Universal Law will have to take care of “Miss Holly”. 

 Bless her heart… I e-mailed her the Johrei “White Light” calligraphy and instructed her in its use and placement, and coached her on some other things to do, and all of that seems to have helped.  I whittled down her order to the essentials and gave her a refund back through PayPal.  When I packaged up her order I added an “Absolute Truth” ball for good measure.  She was very anxious to receive her goodies and was very grateful when they got there.  She thanked me and I haven’t heard anything back from her.  I’ll eventually check back with her to see how she’s doing.  

I’ll bet you can buy “butt plugs” on E-Bay, too.   


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Your Inner Old Fart

Granted a lot of old “Inner Child” issues are coming up because of Chiron Retrograde, and there’s always something new to deal with surfacing… kind of like peeling away layers of an onion. Yes, you do have to go look at the stuff that happened in your childhood to see how that’s been affecting you as an adult. You do have to release those nasty things that were said or done to you, and forgive the buggers that said or did that stuff.  You have to find where it is influencing your current patterns and defeat that old programming.

 For example, a lady friend of mine was always treated as “second class” by her parents, that she wasn’t good enough or desired… naturally this had an influence on her self-esteem. She went in for hypnotherapy to see what happened.  It turns out that she was actually the second child born to her parents, the first child was a boy that had been still-born. They wanted a boy.  The hypnotherapist took my friend back to her earliest memory as a baby, and it was just as she was being presented to her parents in the recovery room. As her mother held her she said, with a disappointed tone, “It’s a girl.”  She wasn’t the replacement son they wanted, and now they were stuck with this girl. That’s where my friend’s self-esteem issues came from, so she was able to deal with it from there.

 That said, the inner child is a demanding little brat, and there is only so far you can go with pandering to it. Do your excavating and get it done with, because there is something a lot more interesting to learn about and achieve synthesis with for greater empowerment… your “Inner Old Fart”.

 You remember the Wiccan trinity concept of Maiden/Mother/Crone?  We live in a youth-worshipping culture, or haven’t you noticed?  Young, tight bodies run by young, stupid brains are paraded all over the mass media.  The mid-life years of parenthood are the most productive years we know, where most of us amass most of our fortunes to last us through the final stages of life.  Why doesn’t our society like to acknowledge the Crone? Why are the older folks discarded so readily?  Why do we have to cover our wrinkles?  Our elders are supposed to be the keepers of our collective wisdom, and in many societies they are revered as such.

 Your Inner Old Fart is your future self.  So how do you view your future? You know that your longevity and quality of life is all up to you and your actions right now.  Are you going to be footloose and free after you “retire”?  Are you going to be active and healthy then?  Are you going to be a sharp old codger to lead the next generation of seekers?   Are you going to proudly name your own time of transition or are you going to do that steady down-the-toilet spiral into the nursing home and oblivion?  Are you going to be herded from one way-station to the next by someone wielding this society’s current throw-away culture value system?  If you have your head up your ass, don’t be too surprised when it isn’t so easy to pull it out of there.

 How about the Old Fart attitude?  The Inner Old Fart is cannily looking at all aspects of what is going on around you, analyzing and passing judgment with reference to whether you’ll bother going along with any of it.  What’s the angle?  What’s in it for me? Why bother?  Why do I want to get involved? Will it still be important a couple of months or years from now?  Get used to making people justify the “why and wherefore” of everything.  Remember that nobody can make you do anything.  You will find that by looking at the angles, particularly the angles on your money and health, that most of “the system” is NOT there for your best and highest good.  The Old Fart cannot be snookered into or out of anything. The Old Fart realizes that no matter what, you are responsible because it is your own choice.  “Sorry honey, go sell that crap somewhere else.”  There’s a lot of freedom in telling people where to get off.

Granted, if you are still too young to be a real Old Fart, you may have to internalize some of the Old Fart talk while you act quietly from that wisdom.  You know you’ve arrived at the Old Fart stage when you smart off and people think it’s cute.  Believe me, there’s nothing cuter than an 80 year-old telling some fool to “kiss my grits”. 

In short, the Inner Old Fart is the Zen of the Rat’s Ass taken into the next living level. Yes, there is truly a lot of power to be gained from attaining synthesis with one’s Inner Old Fart.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Quit Using Google

Gang… you know we’re in a police state, don’t you?  

The Google and Yahoo search engines are part of the new world order surveillance system.  Every time you use a regular search engine, your search data are recorded… every time. Your search terms, the time of your visit, the links you choose, your IP address and your User ID cookies all get stored in a database. The identity profiles that can be constructed from this cloud of information represent modern day gold for marketers.  But government officials, hackers and even criminals also have an interest in getting their hands on your personal search data.

In August 2006, AOL released three months’ worth of aggregated search data from 650,000 of its users, publishing all the details in an online database. This database is still searchable. It is an absolute eye-opener to see the potential for privacy nightmares.

Google recently took down Alex Jones’ “Obama Deception” video, both as a search engine term and as a YouTube video, informing Jones that showing Obama in a bad light isn’t allowed. They also took down some 5,000 blogs.  They are now in the business of censoring users and content. Blogsites are the last bastion of non-controlled news and opinion. The world wide web is now the front lines of the propaganda war.  Those scummy, murderous, spying control freaks that are trashing our country and our world. We must stand up to this evil.

I am asking you to use StartPage instead.  doesn’t collect this data and maintains your privacy.

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Uptick in Alien Activity

Long-time Lightworkers generally have a lot of experience in dealing with UFOs and alien visitations.  A bunch of people I know are experiencing a marked increase in visitations and sightings. It ain’t all nice, either. I was recently sent this link to NASA UFO footage and recordings:

I live in the Houston area, which is on a coastal plain that tends to hold smog in place, much like Mexico City or Los Angeles. When I notice stars in the sky, they tend to be either fixed (like the big dipper) or really big and obvious.  In the past couple of years, and even more this year, a number of people have noticed such phenomena as: clouds going behind the moon, “stars” going behind the moon, two moons at the same time, the moon moving in an obvious manner (as in seeming to follow a person), stars that should be at a fairly normal distance from the moon changing their position by a noticeably wide margin from one night to the next.

I’ve laid out in the yard at my parents’ house up in Centerville, TX, well away from the city smog, and watched the action-packed sky. Centerville is along the I-45 corridor between Houston and Dallas… I can also tell you that our commercial aircraft are not the only beings using this corridor. Some of the lights up there that were alternately moving or staying stationary were clearly NOT commercial aircraft.

I often wake up to the feeling of presences in my room, often hearing an odd high-pitched tone late at night, and occasionally the sounds of voices talking (but not in recognizable words), my dreams will shift to being more frightening during these times as well. I invoke my angels and request assistance when I become aware of things happening. I’ve been making it a point to ask Archangel Psion to send his associate angels to protect me during these periods. I tend to catch up on my sleep when I do my Transcendental Meditation program in the afternoon or evening.

Recently, a customer of mine was telling me how she was being “told” that she was being prepared to channel Jesus himself very soon, and that she didn’t need to study any more, and that this presence would tell her all that she needed to know. I am long familiar with the pitfalls of newbies who open themselves to channel in an effort to fast-track their development. I tuned in and found that she has some aliens trying to call the shots. Rather than bursting her bubble, I told her that what she told me sent up some red flags and that she needed to start testing these presences and their information in a number of ways.

My friend up in Tomball, TX, spent most of her life living along the I-45 corridor between NASA and points north, and has been experiencing alien phenomena all her life as well. A couple years back, a group of very high-looking aliens used her big yard as a vacation spot. This friend experienced an alien home invasion last night. After a day of packing excess items for storage so she could put her house on the market, she drifted off to sleep, waking to the sound of at least 7 people inside her house, tromping around on the newspapers she was using in packing. She was frozen in fear and elected to “play possum”. She experienced one of them using some sort of device to paralyze her legs. This normally unshakeable woman was so frightened that she couldn’t remember most of the basic methods that commonly work to ward these guys away. What got them to leave was her getting out of fear and “giving up” (to the effect of being willing to accept whatever they wish to dole out, whether it included her death or not), which effectively quit feeding them (they eat fear like pop-corn). After they left, she got up and looked around to find that they have fished around in her kitchen cabinets, turned on the TV and radio, and moved some stuff around. She checked on her husband, who said that he saw some beings over him that looked like my friend, only with a blank face. He knew it was my friend for real when she walked in carrying a handgun and calling him by name. They compared notes and she discovered that she had 3 hours of missing time. No, she didn’t get a look at them.

I have a buddy in Santa Fe, NM who has witnessed and experienced such a wide array of phenomena, it is hard to recount all of it. My friend has been an experiencer from her early childhood onwards, when she was actually taken up in spaceships to see the Earth from space. She has been kidnapped and forced to do a number of things… everything from making and tending half-alien babies, to performing the hula for aliens as little as 2 years ago. She has witnessed new varieties of aliens popping up out there in Santa Fe and environs… there is a truly nasty pale-skinned, white haired and blue eyed alien race that make the standard gray reptilians look tame. She found out that the bigger reptilians like to drink Drano to get drunk. There is another variety of aliens that dress up as biker gangs with weird motorcycles that literally do their best to run people off the roads. There is another variety of aliens she calls “robo-cops” that drive around in “off-looking” police cars that you can’t see into. She has been followed by big balloon-like crafts (think “Rover” from The Prisoner TV series) both while hiking in the mountains as while driving home from the market. Lately she has seen how a particular super-thick darkness descends, enveloping a room or house, blanking out all light in the surroundings… her defense is to jump up, turn on as many lamps as she can, and yell at the aliens to get the hell out.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,

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At the threshold of 2012…

Well… here it is the 20th of December and I just watched an hour long  hatchet-job regarding 2012 on one of the MSNBC channels.  The female voice-over overlooked no opportunity to ridicule the various seers and authors, merchants, real estate developers and what-not who are preparing for some disaster or chain of disasters that are supposed to hit during 2012, culminating on December 21st, 2012.  So… according to this program, if you follow your gut feeling, spiritual guidance or instincts, you’re a nutter. If you store food or whatever, you’re nuts. If you take steps to look after the safety and welfare of your family, you’re a nut. Everyone they examined, they viewed with derision.

Okay… that’s just fine. Those of us who do listen to that still, small voice within are making preparations, whether simply “getting right with God” or taking the preparations to the next several levels by getting their assets out of the financial system (and away from the crooked bankers), storing food and perhaps going the whole way towards self-sufficiency.

Truth is, I know a lot of people that have cashed out their pensions and 401-Ks and bought farms, precious metals and an assortment of survival gear, and every time the stock market dips again, they feel that much better about their decisions.  I also know a lot of people that are waking up and beginning to smell the funk of a dying financial system, and they’re finally asking questions.  Just about everyone I know is doing their best to coach the people around them to get started on “prepping”, and they each have someone near and dear that is completely buried in the normalcy bias.  My older sister, the one with the most to lose, is one of them… she often cannot find an extra can of Ro-Tel in the house, much less enough food to last two weeks.  All I can say is try to look at what is going on and dig around for alternative news sources. The mainstream media is dedicated to making sure you keep your money where the banksters can steal it from you.

Between the crashing economy and the fear emanating from so many sources, people are waking up. For a lot of us, fear is the beginning of awakening. I remember my own initial awakening… it started with the knowledge of Earth changes and looking at the Gordon Michael Scallion maps. Fear is actually a good place to start. As you educate yourself and make preparations, you replace that fear with confidence.  You can have some assembled tools and supplies to help you through it all.  When the crash takes place, a lot of people are going to be caught flat-footed… life will be painful for them, and there are going to be a lot of them.

So… we have from so many different sources that 2012 is the big one. Pastor Lindsey Williams says, among other things, that there will be many, many obvious manifestations of the Divine, even as the elites do everything they can to crash the world financial system and bring humanity to its knees.  He says that the reason that 2000 passed with nothing going on is because it had to be on the 12th year of the new millennium… because Jesus’ bar-mitzvah was in his 12th year and he immediately set about his Father’s work at that point.  That is the reason why 2012 is the big one… it is our collective bar-mitzvah… and probably our bris as well.  We’ll be seeing much evidence of God’s presence. While we won’t see the Rapture, or be rescued from disaster, we will have God’s presence with us, even as God remained with Shadrach, Mechach and Abednego in the firey furnace, or God stayed with Daniel in the lions’ den. We won’t  be kept out of the difficulty, but we won’t be left to languish alone.

Truth is, the elites (that top 2% of the top 1%) know they’re not going to be in power for much longer, so they’ve ramped up their agenda.  So far only about 80% of all the world’s wealth has been transferred to the elites through the banking system and governments.  They want it all.  These psychotics won’t stop until all of humanity is scared, homeless, broke, sick, starving and defenseless.  I say we won’t let them.  There are a lot of us and few of them.  They depend on us… not so much the other way around.  Truth is… the elite are huffing their last breaths as they grasp at everything on their way down.  We know who they are, and the banksters and politicians will be the first up against the wall when the revolution finally comes. The other elites will be hunted down.

A lot of the military have already stood down because they refused to follow orders that were unconstitutional; most recently a National Guard unit that refused to fill out a questionnaire as to whether or not they’d be willing to fire upon civilians. An organization called Oathkeepers is working to make certain that the young soldiers will uphold the constitution, according to their oath. We can fully expect the military and police around the world to throw down their arms as they realize that after they’ve rounded up the civilians, they will be next to die in the death camps. Only a psychotic would round up and abuse people and not expect to be next after the rest are gone.

In Thomas Mails’ book, The Hopi Survival Kit, he outlines a lot of things. The first of which is to get yourself and your priorities straight, then to study and pick up as much knowledge as you can in order to get along.  God won’t save us as all these world-wide systems are breaking down, but God will be with us the whole way as we go through the process of giving birth to a new world.   As Mails says, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”   We are God’s presence on the new Earth.

Thing is… it doesn’t have to involve suffering. We can do things to make the transition into this new world better. We know we cannot count on government or anyone else to look after us. We can take some steps to cover our bases and provide for our own table, and hopefully have enough to share.

I expect trouble, so I prepare for it… but I really do hope and pray for the best.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,

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Predictions Regarding ObamaCare

Gang… first of all, hit this site and sign the petition:

and this one:

I did predict that there were going to be some lawsuits being filed in the courts to overturn ObamaCare as unconstitutional… and there are already.  Here is an article on that:   Turns out Texas already has one in the works.   Also, in the past couple of days, there have been instances of vandalism against campaign offices and numerous threats via e-mail, regular mail and voice mail, along with a deluge of phone calls pouring into the offices of Representatives and Senators. I don’t know if this is authentic or staged to justify further erosion of our civil liberties.  When the taxes and fines start hitting, people will really be up in arms.

No matter what, I predict there will be a landslide against the Democrats in the mid-term elections. I just hope that we can stop the dysfunctional pendulum swing back to the Republicans, because they aren’t a solution… we need third parties that are interested in going back to Constitutional law. We need people who run for office to be dedicated to shrinking government and its grasping. We need strict term limits and a new law put in place that removes the country club medical plan and retirement plans the Representatives and Senators now enjoy… after all, they are only part-time employees. If they can’t live with what they’ve legislated for the rest of us, they need to fix the system for all of us!

If, for some reason, ObamaCare is not overturned, I can make some very realistic predictions:

A lot of doctors will either quit the doctoring biz altogether, or will close their formal practices and then go into private, by referral, cash-only practices off the books. I’m betting on a lot of doctors moving their practices across the border to Mexico, then commuting back and forth across the border from home to their practices. I wouldn’t blame them, either.  Imagine having to make a trip to Mexico to get your basic yearly physical and some lab work done.

We will see a huge drop off in the numbers of people going through medical school. Who would want to go a quarter-million + dollars into debt for a degree that will, by legislation, won’t allow you to pay your own bills?  I mean, really, paying the student loans, plus malpractice insurance, plus the costs of maintaining a practice… it all adds up. The whole point to becoming a doctor, if you aren’t motivated by serving humanity by healing people, is to make money.

I can also predict that a lot of smaller employers are going to go to hiring most of their employees as contractors because of the massive taxes this ObamaCare scheme will levy on employers… in other words, very few people will have real jobs with benefits.

ObamaCare, since it will take the money directly out of your bank account without your permission, will also result in a lot of people getting out of banking… no savings or checking accounts to be plundered.  If anything, most will keep a token amount of money in a passbook account so they can cash their paychecks.  As a result, more people will also be hiding their income, and we will become increasingly a cash-and-carry society. A lot of people will probably be leaning more toward bartering.

Alternative currency is already coming into play:   Idaho is minting their own silver round and accepting it as currency and S. Carolina is trying to ban federal currency altogether. At least the Idaho thing isn’t banning the dollar, and it certainly would help the mining industry in that state to provide jobs.

If you thought the IRS was already bad, wait until they start trying to enforce new and more draconian taxes.  The IRS doesn’t have to play by the rules as other law enforcement; they can drag you in and force you to prove your innocence.  ObamaCare is going to be a tax on everyone, not just those earning over $200,000 a year… and under hyper-inflation, that amount is not going to amount to much. If you’re already having a tough time making ends meet, wait until this stuff gets put into action.

ObamaCare will force a lot of companies to force their retirees off of their good insurance and into Medicare, mainly to begin accruing monies to pay out in the stiff taxes they are staring at. People who opt to keep their company health insurance will find that it will be taxed as if it were income… yes, that is a fine for keeping your corporate insurance.

I am also predicting massive tax protests on all levels. No-Eyes, the Native American prophet, predicted this one… and that it may result in blood running in the streets. Obama and his fascist bunch are picking up and running with Bush’s neocon internment camps and will likely use any excuse to round people up and lock them away. Yes, I’m predicting civil unrest.

I predict that a lot of people are going to become more educated on maintaining their own health and will seek out natural health care… naturopaths and homeopaths. We will be returning to the days of the “root doctor” and “kitchen witch” for primary health care. You might want to go ahead and hit the bookstores for some books on herbal medicine, and perhaps start stocking up on some common herbal curatives.

I am also predicting massive, runaway inflation very similar to what Argentina went through. We’re already seeing it. We’ve been seeing the manufacturing jobs getting oursourced for years, thanks to Clinton and Bush signing NAFTA and CAFTA into law.

I can also predict more people turning every square foot of their yards into family farm plots to supplement their diets, and preserving the excess for the long term. Food is going to get really, really expensive.  Actually, it already is. Start buying seeds and putting in some raised garden beds filled with rich soil. If you haven’t started already, you need to be storing food Mormon-style. Buy some foods in bulk and store it in airtight containers.  I’m not kidding. If civil unrest keeps truckers from delivering food to the stores, or if the military decides to cordon off entire areas, or if things get to the point where you will have to “shelter in place”, or if inflation gets to the point where you need a barrel of cash to buy a loaf of bread, you will need to live on your stored foods for a while.   I’m already seeing some disturbing trends in the local stores… even WalMart is carrying less variety and isn’t keeping up with stocking. You might also want to consider some other items, like a rocket-stove so you can cook your meals using just a few twigs.

Another thing… ammo. If you run low on Spam, that squirrel in your yard is gonna look mighty tasty. The local duck ponds are going to be missing some stock, too. Personally, I’m leaning more towards keeping “cuy” (guinea pigs) like they do in Peru… not as prone to parasites.

Okay… so am I predicting the apocalypse? Actually, I’m just trying to cover the bases. Things might continue to grind along as they have been, but I’m allowing for some craziness.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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