False Flag Events Every Darn Week

The Charlie Hebdo attacks were proven another false-flag. In this one, citizens cell phones provided the proof of professionals pulling this crap… most likely Mossad and CIA. This one happened after the French president had gone public with his desire to complete the contract for that Mistral warship they had manufactured for Russia, and to continue trade with Russia like they had been. This attack was to bring France under NATO’s heel.

The Paris shoot-em-up has also proven to be a typical false flag. There was a drill going on that very morning made sure the people and equipment were in place. The people who allegedly blew themselves up… didn’t… there were no body bits to be found. One girl that was swept up by the police and held at the police station texted back and forth with her brother… and later turned up DEAD at that theatre that was shot up. The same damn “crisis actors” that have been at every other false flag event were also on the scene, making fat paychecks. Only ONE cell phone video from the terror scenes, and that was from outside the theatre overlooking the alley… and it proved that event was a put-on and there were crisis actors hanging on harnesses from the third floor of that building. The whole terror narrative has fallen apart. France has been on lock-down ever since. This is Operation Gladio all over again… forcing the French once again to bow to the US military complex.

We just had a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs shot up… blaming it on Christians. The politicians are demanding “gun control”.

Now the narrative around the San Bernardino mass shooting is falling apart. Again, another drill gone live and all of the assets already in place… and again, the politicians calling for “gun control”.

Diane Feinstein just tried to sneak in a gun control rider into a bill defunding Obamacare.

Here is a really good analysis that applies to all of these false flag events:

Analysis of The California San Bernardino Mass “Shooting”
Dec 2 “Shooting” in California: The Evidence   12/3/2015 http://www.unfuckersunite.com/uploads/4/9/3/9/49393269/header_images/1446146450.jpg

So here we go again- yet another False flag event in the US.

I have been following this as it played out and have a huge amount of screen shots, images and videos that I’ve pulled together to show the evidence that this IS 100% a False Flag event.

Let’s review:

  • reports of 1, 2 or 3 armed gunmen, all in black, wearing ski masks.
  • reports from “eye witnesses” , the media, the police and official agencies are wildly different
  • name of gunman is revealed, even though he was fully masked- no evidence give to prove how they know who it was- name is obviously Islamic.  2 gunmen/woman shot as suspects- both Islamic- no proof, no explanation……  perhaps they dropped their passports?
  • witnesses thought it was a “drill”  many reported that they didn’t hear any gun shots.
  • SWAT was doing live drills right around the corner from the attack.
  • There were emergency teams doing drills with pretend gunshot wounds etc, just around the corner.
  • Media broadcasters actually call the shooters “Actors” Several times.
  • there is no blood anywhere in the triage area, on the “victims” nor are there any bodies, even though reports by the media and authorities say 9/14/18 or 20 people were killed.
  • “Witnesses” and “victims” are taken away in buses for debriefing.
  • Immediately there is an out cry that guns should be banned and that the second amendment rights should be dissolved- by media, agency spokespersons, and the US government.
  • It receives world wide live coverage INSTANTLY.
  • Social media explodes with miscellaneous people reporting that they know someone who was there/shot/killed.
  • Social media explodes with “Prayers for the fallen” and ranting against guns, and horror and terror and crying…..

There are a couple of points that people should comprehend before blasting off into a tirade against “Conspiracy Theorists”. The thing that people need to remember is that a “False Flag” doesn’t mean that no one was killed. A “False Flag” is a STAGED EVENT that is planned out in advance by a government agency– ie: Operation Gladio and Operation Northwoods. BOTH of these operations can be looked up anywhere online. they are not “conspiracy theories”. They have been officially acknowledged by multiple governments and agencies.  For more information about Gladio  Click HERE

Gang… this crap has accelerated and will keep doing so. The criminal bankster cabal is desperate to get this entire planet locked down and under complete control. They will continue to stage all of these false-flag mass shootings to justify taking away our guns. Americans have responded by buying record numbers of guns.
Homeland Security has purchased another 30,000 guillotines…  http://americannews.com/the-u-s-government-just-purchased-30000-guillotines-for-this-disturbing-reason
The cabal wants to kill WE-THE-PEOPLE. They want us unarmed, helpless, scared, starving, sick, and on our knees begging. We have a short time to get prepared: stock up on food, water, guns and ammo, get your money out of the banking system and stock market and practice your self-defense drills.

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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