Astrology for the Next Couple of Years

I went to my friend and astrologer, Enola Dominiak, for a reading to see what was up in my chart and in general. This was back in November 2009, and I was experiencing a dry spell business-wise (a lot of people were), along with an incredible urge to write. 

Enola is a real expert… she can look at your chart from any of 6 different astrological schools and give you the scenarios. A few years back, she looked at one aspect in my chart and told me that “a mother figure” would either get really sick or die sometime that November or December… it turned out, my mother-in-law died on November 20th of a heart attack… really sudden. That’s how good she is. If you want to avail yourself of her services, her number is 713-503-1574.

Okay, now on to this year.  Enola saw no economic improvement until fall of 2010… this year. We are going to be seeing some MAJOR SHIFTS because for the next 3 years we are under the influence of Saturn in Libra. Saturn is exhalted, or empowered, in Libra. Saturn is the teacher of the zodiac, and Libra is a cardinal sign. This is a very forceful, aggressive aspect.  This is all about “relationships”… friends, lovers, employers, business relationships, and so forth, and all of these relationships will be changing  depending on how they all relate to Saturn in their charts.

One thing she stated is that we have to be very careful about staying out of negativity while Saturn is in Libra, because Saturn will give us what we think about. This is a critical spot in the global and personal balancing act.

Enola voiced concern that there was the probability of violence in the larger world and relationships, as in we-the-people regarding our government. We’re already seeing vandalism directed at members of congress as a result of their vote for ObamaCare. As the economy continues melting down with inflation and job losses, people may very well become agitated and militant. Witness the Tea Party movement now.

Other than that, the rest of 2010 looks interesting enough, astrologically speaking:  Mercury goes retrograde April 18-May 11,  then August 20-September 12, then again December 10-30th.  Venus goes retrograde October 8- November 18th… that’s in Libra… ouch.  Mars had been retrograde  since December 20th, 2009 and finally went direct on March 10th, 2010… if you noticed that not much was moving, that is one reason why.  Jupiter, the Santa Claus of the zodiac, goes retrograde from July 23-November 18… you can expect sales to be slow during this period… and remember, that goes along with a Mercury retrograde.  Saturn is now retrograde from January 13-May 30th… the teacher is revisiting some lessons to make sure we got them down pat, or we will receive a smack with the ruler. Chiron is retrograde from June 4 – November 5th… look at both your physical health and the inner health issues carefully, because they will be up in your grille.  Uranus is retrograde from July 5-December 5th… since Uranus is the divine rebel, it has to do with individualism and rapid change, so I think we will be seeing some real interesting stuff with Uranus revisiting the issues and sitting on them to make us look at them. Neptune is retrograde from May 31-November 7th… that has to do with the urge to escape limitations, living an ideal, and unity… things could get interesting over the summer.  Pluto is retrograde from April 6-September 14th… Pluto is all about transformation, evolutionary growth, elimination, power, control, the surging masses, and… transition (death).  

For me, personally, this is a time of laying down the foundations and doing some major introspection work.  When my brother who died at the end of February, was finally buried on the 19th of March, I spent a chunk of time processing rage… classic Chiron issues. I basically spent most of my childhood and teens in an unsupportive, competitive and antagonistic environment, with my brother the main reason for the turmoil, and my parents feeding it by refusing to deal with it… in fact, they didn’t start addressing my brother as an issue until 2 years after I had launched out of their house. I have to heal that in order to heal the rest of my body and drop the armor on my tummy. Enola says I came in with this anger from a past life. I am also likely to have a kundalini awakening this year. I do have a lot of good stuff going on in my chart, though.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Uptick in Alien Activity

Long-time Lightworkers generally have a lot of experience in dealing with UFOs and alien visitations.  A bunch of people I know are experiencing a marked increase in visitations and sightings. It ain’t all nice, either. I was recently sent this link to NASA UFO footage and recordings:

I live in the Houston area, which is on a coastal plain that tends to hold smog in place, much like Mexico City or Los Angeles. When I notice stars in the sky, they tend to be either fixed (like the big dipper) or really big and obvious.  In the past couple of years, and even more this year, a number of people have noticed such phenomena as: clouds going behind the moon, “stars” going behind the moon, two moons at the same time, the moon moving in an obvious manner (as in seeming to follow a person), stars that should be at a fairly normal distance from the moon changing their position by a noticeably wide margin from one night to the next.

I’ve laid out in the yard at my parents’ house up in Centerville, TX, well away from the city smog, and watched the action-packed sky. Centerville is along the I-45 corridor between Houston and Dallas… I can also tell you that our commercial aircraft are not the only beings using this corridor. Some of the lights up there that were alternately moving or staying stationary were clearly NOT commercial aircraft.

I often wake up to the feeling of presences in my room, often hearing an odd high-pitched tone late at night, and occasionally the sounds of voices talking (but not in recognizable words), my dreams will shift to being more frightening during these times as well. I invoke my angels and request assistance when I become aware of things happening. I’ve been making it a point to ask Archangel Psion to send his associate angels to protect me during these periods. I tend to catch up on my sleep when I do my Transcendental Meditation program in the afternoon or evening.

Recently, a customer of mine was telling me how she was being “told” that she was being prepared to channel Jesus himself very soon, and that she didn’t need to study any more, and that this presence would tell her all that she needed to know. I am long familiar with the pitfalls of newbies who open themselves to channel in an effort to fast-track their development. I tuned in and found that she has some aliens trying to call the shots. Rather than bursting her bubble, I told her that what she told me sent up some red flags and that she needed to start testing these presences and their information in a number of ways.

My friend up in Tomball, TX, spent most of her life living along the I-45 corridor between NASA and points north, and has been experiencing alien phenomena all her life as well. A couple years back, a group of very high-looking aliens used her big yard as a vacation spot. This friend experienced an alien home invasion last night. After a day of packing excess items for storage so she could put her house on the market, she drifted off to sleep, waking to the sound of at least 7 people inside her house, tromping around on the newspapers she was using in packing. She was frozen in fear and elected to “play possum”. She experienced one of them using some sort of device to paralyze her legs. This normally unshakeable woman was so frightened that she couldn’t remember most of the basic methods that commonly work to ward these guys away. What got them to leave was her getting out of fear and “giving up” (to the effect of being willing to accept whatever they wish to dole out, whether it included her death or not), which effectively quit feeding them (they eat fear like pop-corn). After they left, she got up and looked around to find that they have fished around in her kitchen cabinets, turned on the TV and radio, and moved some stuff around. She checked on her husband, who said that he saw some beings over him that looked like my friend, only with a blank face. He knew it was my friend for real when she walked in carrying a handgun and calling him by name. They compared notes and she discovered that she had 3 hours of missing time. No, she didn’t get a look at them.

I have a buddy in Santa Fe, NM who has witnessed and experienced such a wide array of phenomena, it is hard to recount all of it. My friend has been an experiencer from her early childhood onwards, when she was actually taken up in spaceships to see the Earth from space. She has been kidnapped and forced to do a number of things… everything from making and tending half-alien babies, to performing the hula for aliens as little as 2 years ago. She has witnessed new varieties of aliens popping up out there in Santa Fe and environs… there is a truly nasty pale-skinned, white haired and blue eyed alien race that make the standard gray reptilians look tame. She found out that the bigger reptilians like to drink Drano to get drunk. There is another variety of aliens that dress up as biker gangs with weird motorcycles that literally do their best to run people off the roads. There is another variety of aliens she calls “robo-cops” that drive around in “off-looking” police cars that you can’t see into. She has been followed by big balloon-like crafts (think “Rover” from The Prisoner TV series) both while hiking in the mountains as while driving home from the market. Lately she has seen how a particular super-thick darkness descends, enveloping a room or house, blanking out all light in the surroundings… her defense is to jump up, turn on as many lamps as she can, and yell at the aliens to get the hell out.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,

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How killed the New Age Shops

At May 2009’s regional dowsing conference in Houston, George Goodnow gave a lecture that I found most interesting… he connected the dots on why the new age stores have been dropping off the map. George’s company, Xeonix, sells pendulums of all sorts to the wholesale sources like AzureGreen, as well as direct sales to the new age stores. George states that as many as 40% of the new age shops have been closing up each year, with perhaps 10% in new stores being opened to take their place.  There are several different explanations for this trend.

In the past 10 years I have seen two of the oldest new age bookstores in the US close their doors, one in San Diego and one in Houston. I don’t know about the one in California, which was the oldest one, but Aquarian Age Bookshelf here in Houston died when its elderly lady owners died one by one. Volunteers helped keep the store running while the last of its owners did the downhill slide, and with no legal secession, the owner’s children had to liquidate and close it down. It really was a shame to see it go, but it was at least a couple of years ahead of the trend we are now seeing.

The advent of the worldwide web is what really has been killing the new age “Harry Potter” type shops. Most of the new age shops were the primary distribution point of metaphysical and holistic books, and the owners were generally very knowledgeable people who could talk reasonably with a person who was in flux (as in awakening to the spiritual path and wanting to make changes). This little bookshop owner would listen carefully, offer some well-considered advice, and then lead the customer to a selection of books and be able to recommend a selection or two, so the customer could peruse and make a selection, and perhaps add a few other things while meandering towards the register. The owners typically provided a service and information out of passion.

When the web and on-line discount book outlets gained acceptance, the new age shops really lost their primary line of sales. The new age shops went to selling primarily consumables… everything from nutritional supplements, candles, pendulums, bric-a-brac, crystals, ritual stuff and the like. And the owners typically had to go to work at a “day job” to support themselves while leaving some kid behind to manage the shop. The advice spewing from the kid behind the register wasn’t on the level, and the consumables didn’t work, so the service wasn’t there any more. In summary, the bric-a-brac can’t deal with causation and can’t help people who really need information. You can’t expect a kid to take the place of a seasoned and passionate professional.

I had noticed a long time ago that no new age shop could last very long unless they had classroom space and the right kind of teachers, and could book a selection of guest lecturers… basically a draw for the shop. The success of the classroom depends heavily on maintaining a good website, advertising presence, and mailing out a newsletter at least every other month.

Some successful shops I’ve seen had small offices they could sub-let to various professionals such as reiki practitioners, reflexologists, massage therapists, psychics, astrologers, hypnotherapists and the like, which would ideally bring in their own customers who would also patronize the shop.  I’ve seen various arrangements on these two fronts. The only way a shop owner can keep related professionals as a feature in their shop is to actually charge that related professional a pro-rata share of the square footage and utilities… the arrangement where the owner simply took a percentage of the professional’s income didn’t work at all. If the “related professional” isn’t in business to grow their own business, the arrangement will not work.

I’ve seen some of these shops coming and going over the years simply because the owners started out too far in debt to sustain the shop long enough for it to take off, and a number of them tried to shore up their inventory by carrying a lot of consigned goods (which has its own liabilities). I’ve seen several go out of business because the owners didn’t have the requisite knowledge base or integrity to make it work. When it comes to opening a retail shop of any sort, it takes serious capital to go large enough to sustain. You really can’t shoestring it and hope to build up. You need substantial inventory and do consistent advertising and events to draw people in.


People are going to the bigger retail chains for the new age books, which are now being exposed to a more mainstream audience. Of course, you will find lots of new age authors interspersed among the rest of the store’s inventory… which may or may not help. I’ve seen the Mary Summer Rain books stuck in the “American Indian” section, and the Abraham Hicks and Stuart Wilde books stuck in the “self help” section.  If the customers cannot locate what they are looking for, it won’t be purchased and the book publishers will have to buy back that inventory after a while. That will eventually tend to narrow the range of what will be published.

My local Barnes & Noble, as described above, has a pretty small new age section, limited to some paranormal crap, some wiccan stuff,  a bunch of astrology stuff, and the usual hack Sylvia Browne and other assorted “psychic” fluff authors. If you want a particular author, you have to go fish with the computer wizard.

There is still a crying need for passionate experts, but without a platform, such as a shop to work out of, they have to find other outlets. My guess is that you will see more new age shops among the permanent booths at the weekend flea markets (like Houston’s Traders’ Village and Trading Fair II), and most will either stay on that level or expand to an on-line presence. Some may find a small house to expand into in a neighborhood that has gone commercial.  The whole dynamic of a shop changes completely when commercial retail space is involved because the lease contracts are an inch thick and expensive to get out of.

Most of the “newly awakened”, however, may not think to look in these flea market stalls. That’s where I, and people like me, come in. People contact me like I contacted various new age bookstore owners back when I first awakened. I will talk to them, comfort them, coach them, dowse for them, and even e-mail them some information to peruse. I can refer them to other sources and books. If they are local, I can also do geopathic or ghost clearings. Since I don’t have to worry about paying rent on some retail space, I don’t have to hard-sell anything, either. 


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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What to do if Soldiers are on the Corner…

What do you plan on doing if the Military sets up checkpoints in your neighborhood or along your way to work?  There are a lot of nutters out there on the internet saying some incredibly crazy stuff… basically attempting to incite violence. 

I’d like to address that simply.   First of all, all of our soldiers have taken an oath never to take up arms against American civilians, and to uphold the Constitution and to protect America from enemies both foreign and domestic. We have the Posse Comitatus act which says they can only function on U.S. soil under direction of, and to assist local law enforcement in maintaining the peace, which can include helping to make some arrests under extreme circumstances (civil unrest turning to riots).

You see, there is a plan that has been in formulation by top patriotic military officers since the assassination of JFK, and it was ramped up during Watergate, and now they are getting ready to implement it.  Truth is, if it works out like it feels, and like The Drake says it will, it will come off pretty smooth, with a minimum of fuss.  Nobody wants any drama.  My own tuning in and dowsing pegs the information at over 90% correct, often higher, consistently.  When they decide to implement it, it will be swift.  No notice will be given because the need for coordination to make the mass arrests of these psychopathic bankers and their enablers.   Internet and phone service, and air travel will likely be interrupted for about three days so the banksters can’t shift all the money out of the country or escape… which is just a minor inconvenience for us.  The great thing is we will be getting our country back.  The banksters will be put on trial, and we will all get a re-set of our Constitution… before the Federal Reserve or Income Tax. We will enter an economy based on equity instead of debt.  It will be the new golden age for the entire world. We’re gonna like it.

The bankster controlled mass media will not likely offer real news coverage other than disinformation as the event unfolds.  They will call it “martial law” and a “military coup” and try to fan the fear.  The trick is to NOT get caught up in the lies.  When the deed is pretty much done, the good guys will be running news announcements and will set up educational channels on all media, particularly the internet.  If you have been paying attention to the mass media… notice how quiet they’ve been lately… speaking of almost nothing but the election campaign.

There will be a real need for experts in every agency to cooperate… for example, the IRS will still be working, except they will be working to figure out all the taxes they will be cutting checks to REFUND the citizenry once the money is taken away from the banksters. We will need to hold fresh elections because of all the politicians that will be arrested.  There is probably a relatively small number of our military who don’t understand their oath and will plan on obeying their reptilian overlords’ orders to the bitter end… I would imagine there is a plan for dealing with them as well. 

Since psychopaths like to destroy that which they cannot own… the banksters will try to create as much chaos as they can.  If, by some remote chance, you do see military on the streets, they are likely there trying to keep the banksters’ minions from blowing up infrastructure. The soldiers will be guarding cell phone towers, power plants and water plants… bridges even.  If anything, we should be offering to help them, and there is a plan for this posted on the Freedom Reigns website.

Yeah, I know it is a lot to digest.  Educate yourself and follow up on the progress of this effort through  and   and  

So… if you see the military on your corner, first of all, quit gawking and get out of the way. Don’t block traffic. 

When you can, walk up in a friendly manner and get a brief audience with one of the soldiers.  Break the ice a little bit by asking if they are okay.  See if they need anything.  I’d even suggest offering to bring them some cold water and maybe a snack. 

You can find out what they are about very quickly with just one or two quick questions.  If you get an answer to the effect that they are there to do anything the least bit unconstitutional, it is incumbent upon you to remind them of their oath of service.  The second thing you would probably want to tell them is that ignoring their sacred oath of service and the Constitution, and following unconstitutional orders given by psychopaths will put them at odds with the entire population, and thus would put the soldiers in way too much danger… and they wouldn’t want that, now would they?

If they still say they plan on anything unconstitutional  (such as gathering everyone’s firearms or anything like that), remind them that such action is unconstitutional and they will not get away with it, just as the German soldiers didn’t get away with saying they were just following orders during the Nuremburg Trials. Remind them they will likely be arrested for such actions.

I will remind you that some years ago, a new base commander was appointed in Killeen, TX… the guy was clearly a nutter… he ordered soldiers to wander the Texas hill country to confiscate guns. Some of the soldiers just left the base and parked somewhere until the end of their shift. Some sheepishly went from house to house, getting refused… I’d be surprised if there was a 1% compliance rate.  As I recall, that base commander wasn’t there very long.

If you know they’re planning on shaking you down for your guns, it is time to park your car down the street from your house, turn off all the lights and pretend not to be home.  Hide your guns, except perhaps one crappy “throw-away gun” you might have. If they show up later, beg them not to take that throw-away gun… put on a show, saying that is your only gun and your only protection.

Under NO circumstances should you take up arms against American soldiers.  They have you out-gunned.  Their guns can shoot clean through your house.  Keep a low profile and be nice. It will all shake out.

I want you all to focus on justice and freedom in your meditations. Pray that the mass arrests are swift and easy, with no casualties.  Ask for God’s hand to guide all actions. Get happy.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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They’re leaving the planet…

It is July 31st, 2011, Silver is at $39.57 and rumored to be due another “correction” because of the paper silver traders suppressing the market. Watch the spot price and buy as much silver as you can while you can. It’ll be up to $75 or more by the end of the year.
Saturday I took a friend to this new holistic & green living expo at the Weston Galleria Hotel. While waiting in line at the bathroom, I received a phone call from my husband… his sister literally just died. 
Linda Jo was in a “skilled nursing facility” to recover from having multiple tumors removed from her legs, following a three weeks in the hospital where they pumped her full of antibiotics to deal with some infection.  She was already on a form of “light” chemotherapy for her cancer… I guess “light” meaning it kills you more slowly.  It looks like the years of chemo and other pharmaceutical treatments combined to overload and shut down her liver, which in turn overloaded her kidneys, which in turn dumped all those toxins into her heart, causing a heart attack that she couldn’t be brought back from. At least, that’s what most chemo patients experience if it isn’t the cancer that kills them.
From the time my husband’s older brother died back in February of this year, to this point, Linda Jo has been in and out of hospitals… rarely going two months without being admitted on an emergency basis.  She has two daughters… The younger one never had much of an immune system to begin with, but is still suckling a 1-1/2 year old son and spends her time passing infections back and forth between them… while this younger daughter had more time to look after Linda Jo, the infectious disease quotient landed Linda Jo in the hospital just about every month. The older one has an adult son and works three part-time jobs to support herself… so while she was healthy and non-infectious, she did not have time to look after Linda Jo.
When my husband received the phone call from the younger daughter, she was barely intelligible.  She was visiting when the cardiac episode started… the medics shoved her out the door to work on Linda Jo, doing every technique they could to no avail. We have not heard from the girls since then.  The girls ran interference between Linda Jo and the outside world, essentially keeping her from dealing with a lot of things… like doing the few duties involved in the executorship of her mother’s estate, and keeping the lawyer or my husband from handling it either. It had come to a point of critical mass because of the estate expenses that were piling up.  The two girls essentially screwed themselves by doing this because it will take another month to get the legal go-ahead from the judge and the letters testamentary, then probably another 2 to 3 months to get some of the funds away from various institutions and sell the house. 
On one hand, I know that Linda Jo has been set free and is having a great time on the other side, free of all pain and infirmity.  On the other hand, I know her daughters are grieving tremendously after spending several years trying to nurse her along. The whole  set of circumstances is incredibly sad.
So that’s two relatives dead in one year. I also receive plenty of news from people I know within the new age/holistic circuit who have passed… one about every month. Most of them are taken out quite suddenly, too.  Pay attention to the people passing around you. Even if they are completely oblivious to the current patterns in the economy, they are still preparing for it by leaving. The ones that pass in the next year or two are doing so because they made the deal when they entered these bodies for this lifetime… they were not going to hang out for the rough stuff.  “The Greatest Generation” that actively participated in World War II has all but passed, and the “Baby Boomers” are starting to retire, and many are dying fairly young.
A lot of people are making their decisions… whether consciously or unconsciously.

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,

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No-Eyes’ Prophesies

The other night I was knocking around my workroom, and out popped my copy of “Phoenix Rising” by Mary Summer Rain. It is about No-Eyes’ vision about this time frame of transition we are in. Looking through the lists in the back of the book, about the various stages of the days of the phoenix… we’ve already seen a lot of the prophesies fulfilled, and we can see the bigger, nastier ones walking down the street.

* Bush is currently trying to stack the courts to become impotent to strike down bad laws or to uphold our Constitution. The Supreme Court is predicted to be making some very bad decisions in the next few years… bad enough to send people into the streets in protest.
* There’s gonna be a lot more American soldiers all over the world fighting. Terrorism, discord between countries, undeclared wars, clandestine activities, high level secrecy. It will go to a nuclear exchange (this was predicted before the invention of DU missiles) in a number of places, including U.S. soil.
* Trade deficits between nations will become crippling, and many will default on loans, leading to economic hardships, discord and saber-rattling the world over.
* Jobs are being outsourced in staggering numbers, which will cause staggering amounts of unemployment, which will cause waves of consumers to default on loans. The post-9/11 cheap credit spending frenzy is coming back to roost. The financial PACs are already lobbying to make it impossible to file for bankruptcy. If enough people lose their jobs, then real estate will lose its value.
* Excessive taxation, particulary of the people who can least afford to pay. The Republicans have been overreaching on all levels. In Texas, Gov. Perry unveiled H.B. #3, which taxes the people with the lowest income at an additional 5%, while the taxes get lower further up the income scale… up to $80,000 a year pay 2.66% and those earning six figures get a huge tax cut. Insane.
* Stock market misdealings and decline. Increase in corporate crime. Duh. Enron and WorldCom are just the tip of the iceberg. There will also be a lot of small business failures, factory shut-downs, and construction decline.
* It will come down to cash becoming the only accepted tender.
* Major devastation in California, earthquakes in new areas, record-breaking flooding, soil erosion, intensified hurricane devastation, increased tornado activity and damage, sinkholes, rapid temperature inversion, crippling winters, higher pollution levels, widespread surface blazes, greenish hue to atmosphere. Mt. St. Helens is getting jiggy again, Yellowstone Park is seriously active, and they’re seeing earthquakes on both the southeast and southwest coast of Canada. Expect to see major stuff along the New Madrid Fault.
* Disease outbreaks, rise in homicide/suicide, germ warfare release accident… predicted long before chemtrails, but probably including some more direct and intentional releases intended to kill off large masses of the populace. Given the contempt that the Bush’s neocons have for everyone that isn’t making beaucoups of big bucks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that coming down in the next couple of years.
* No more separation of church and state. As the religious leaders buy and demand influence in the affairs of state, the state will eventually start meddling in church affairs. Religious oppression. More religious groups going to court to force their restrictions on the public. The masses will question all of it… about bloody time.
* Increased UFO sightings and interaction with other intelligences. Just wait till Bush’s guys start seeing the transdimensional aliens that have been hovering around them for years.
* Widespread acceptance of the paranormal and ongoing life after death.
* Nuclear disasters, including several close calls with nuclear power plants. No-Eyes said there will be two catastrophic melt-downs, seeping radioactive dump sites, radioactive pollution of land/rivers, radioactive releases due to geological instability, major accidents during transport of nuclear missiles and/or waste.
* Taxation refusals. War resistance. Draft evasion. People’s revolt and resistance movements. Public’s discovery of coverups. Riots.
* Major upheavals within governments.

We’re pretty much there, gang. Let’s make the best of it. Know where your food is, know your land, know where your water is. Gather and learn all you can about natural curatives. Get into your bliss and gather the true power of the gifts of Spirit while you can. That inner work is your ticket through the mess. A lot of people are becoming awakened nowadays, too. I know because I am making and selling a record number of custom pendulums.

On the other side of all this predicted upheaval, we can expect a greatly whittled-down population to be living in harmony with the land, using non-polluting energy sources, growing their own food, and adapting Native American philosophies and ways of living. It is worth hanging in there for.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Ascension, Mass Arrests… etc.

So what… you may ask… does all of this talk of silver, economics, banksters and stockpiling the necessities of life have to do with the “new age”?   We’re at a very important juncture in our world’s history. 

The populace is awakening to what has been done to them… and most are going to be angry.  They know about the FEMA camps designed to take them in and most likely kill them off. They know about troop movements, including training of foreign troops to take on the American populace (how foolish the foreigners would be to consider it). Americans know that they’ve lost over 40% of their wealth in the first 3 years of the Obama administration… and that’s according to the Federal Reserve on mainstream media. Americans are buying at least 5 million guns a month right now.

There is, however, a contingent that has been using their knowledge of the etheric and the law of attraction to work on this whole situation. Cobra on the 2012 portal blogspot is actively promoting global meditations to shift the cabal out of control and bringing in a “new age” of wealth and prosperity, including full disclosure of ET presences throughout history and the introduction of Earth to the galactic community.  Ascension will happen to those of us who have been working on ourselves, meditating to shift the currents of history and holding divine Light… it will be a radical change in frequency. 

If it plays out right, we will not only see removal of the cabal, but will see the pollution removed (Fukushima… BP oil spill… anyone?) and new technologies that have been suppressed for decades to be brought to the marketplace.  Humanity would see a world of prosperity, good jobs, clean food, and true development of human potential as we are freed from serfdom and introduced to our galactic brethren. According to these sources below, the bad aliens have already been removed, leaving the cabal clutching at any means to drag us into their “one world order” of abject slavery.  According to these sources, patriots the world over have been cutting the cabal off from the money printing presses and hacking to change out the codes to all the missile systems… seems the cabal is so desperate to maintain power that they are willing to destroy the Earth rather than get arrested.

According to Drake, there is a plan in the works, once the finishing touches to the paperwork are completed, for the positive military along with federal marshalls to arrest the cabal and put THEM into the FEMA camps to await their trials. For a while, there was a shift in focus as negotiations were being carried out to allow for the cabal to surrender, but they did not.  Following this past week’s Rio summit wherein the cabal was pushing all the government attendees to sign a pact to remove all national sovereignty to finally created their “one world government” (Hillary Clinton and Obama were there), Drake is pushing his sources to get a move-on and start arresting these treasonous rapscallions.  According to Drake, we should know something more concrete pretty soon… a couple of weeks, maybe.

The approach is to conduct the activity of arresting the cabal on a humane and lawful basis to show the space brothers that we are worthy of association with them… and they have made it clear that they cannot come forward until we take action for on our own behalf… we have to clear out the cabal.

Drake is actively promoting both meditation, and that everyone stock up on food and some 90% silver U.S. coins, and if you are so disposed, to please consider joining your local militia group.  The militias will be needed to supplement the positive military and police, to keep the cabal from taking down the infrastructure as they are removed from power.  Drake also encourages each of us to get to know our neighbors and sheriff departments… to build community.

A good source of information, ranging from the projected mass arrests of the banksters and their minions in our government, include:  is Drake’s website.  is a compendium of both news and channeled information sources, with summaries. is Cobra’s website.

As you take in this information, hold it in God’s highest divine light and use your discernment. I have been tuning in and dowsing, and have been getting high percentiles of truth on Drake’s transmissions. I hope he is correct and we are about to see an end to the satanic cabal… please send positive energy to this end.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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A Pep Talk About This Epoch

By all means, take the time out to watch this video in which David Icke and Jordan Maxwell are discussing exactly what is going on at this point in time. These fellows have been on their respective paths for decades and have heard, seen and experienced so much, and their experiences dovetail with my own experiences and those of my friends. 

In short, we are at the change of the yugas, or epochs, and the old, reptilian control systems are being broken down by we, the humans, awakening into consciousness. As we awaken, the reptilian constructs (Illuminati, Rothschilds, Bilderbergers, etc.) are going to ramp up their efforts to keep us in fear and under control. We can expect things to get really interesting in the next few years, but we have to remember who we are and the fact that they can’t control us once we wake up and refuse to allow our minds to continue to support their control systems. While protests and Tea Parties may help on some level as a show of force, the level that matters most is the one inside of us.

Take a little time out to talk to Holy Spirit, and ask that you be led where you need, be protected, be given expanded awareness, and that you will meet who you need to meet and see what you need to see. When you open up and allow yourself to listen to that still small voice, that is when the adventure begins.  That will bring you into synchronicity, listening to higher guidance, and greater levels of inspiration.

I can vouch for all of the above.  You’d be surprised at what comes across as I’m building custom jewelry for people.  I’ve written one instructional manual which I sell through my website, and I am now writing a novel which incorporates a lot of spiritual knowledge as well as some plain rowdy fun. I open to the aspect of Spirit and ask “okay, what now?” and I am given the next set of additions. In the meantime, I’ve processed through a lot of my own inner stuff while writing all of this. While I’ve been running this character in my book through the gauntlet towards setting her free, I’ve also set myself free a little at a time, right along with her.  I’m about 4/5 of the way through writing this novel, and I’m already getting into a round of brainstorming on a second novel. I can’t wait to get this first novel into the hands of a few friends for the first reading. I have had three psychics tell me that it will be greatly received because it will resonate with so many different kinds of people on so many levels. I certainly hope so.  If I can come up with a tool to assist people in waking up, I consider it a true service to humanity.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,   She also offers an e-book, “Fat-Free Spirituality” which is packed with advanced spiritual knowledge.

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Chakra Jewelry

Typical "7 chakras" necklace from

If you log onto and then go to the “medicine necklaces” page, a pair of very sweet-looking necklaces you will see are the “7 Chakras Necklaces”.

Chakras are the popular name given to the energy centers associated with the endocrine system, associated with 7 particular points on the body. Where did the whole concept of chakras come from? Around the turn of the last century, a group of theosophists translated a whole lot of Eastern texts ranging the whole gamut from health, philosophy, religion, yoga and meditation? They were the vanguard of the spiritualist movement, which eventually became known as the New Age movement. Granted, they got some of this stuff wrong. Some of it, like Ledbeatter’s The Chakras, really qualifies as one of many fluffy intellectual dead-ends. What good is all that fluff if it isn’t packaged so you can actually use it?

Where knowledge of chakras comes into play, is where you really start coming into awareness of your mental/emotional attitudes and their effects on your health. You can often stop a syndrome in the physical body by catching the causal attitudes and releasing them. So, if you tend to have lots of sinus pain, try to approach the basis of it within your own mental/emotional frame of reference. Is your nose out of joint? Are you crying on the inside? Are you feeling sorry for yourself, and if so, why? After doing a little self-checking, you may discover that you don’t need to take that antihistamine!

Sometimes one chakra may be over-stimulated by your circumstances. For example, the root chakra, which is located just below the base of the spine, will tend to be dominant under times of extreme stress, family issues, times of anger, and challenges to survival. While it is good to bring up the root chakra energy to help keep you going, it is not good to live like that. People who live from their root charkas tend to repeat and not learn from their mistakes, and tend to be in a lot of drama.

If you are under a great deal of stress, if anything, this would be the one time to settle down and meditate, and connect to your Divine Source. Bring in divine wisdom through prayer and meditation so you can consciously discover and release any patterns that are bringing stress into your life, and then change it all for the better. Bring in White Light from the heart of God in through the top of your head to fill your whole body, then balance your energy centers so the head chakras are more in control. Getting the head chakras to connect with the heart is important because it will tend to determine the quality of your life.

To my way of thinking, everything is a tool, and anything you put on you, within your energy field, has the potential of making you stronger or weaker on an energy level. In other words, my jewelry is just another way to package different energies that people need help with. While both of these necklaces are intended to balance and optimize the energy centers associated with the endocrine system, each of these has its particular focus.

The “7 Chakras Necklace I” Necklace is dainty and sweet, and suitable to wear to the office. The central stone is a Moonstone, which is both an activator for the other stones and possesses a very soothing vibration to assist the wearer with all of the transitions in life. Moonstone also connects the head chakras with the heart chakras. Working from right to left, from the 1st to 7th chakra, we have Snowflake Obsidian, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Green Jade and Rose Quartz (for the thymus and the personal heart) on either side of the Moonstone, Blue Onyx, Sodalite, and Amethyst. This combination of stones would be described as soothing. Instead of firing up your root chakra, we’re grounding and smoothing it out with Snowflake Obsidian. Famed Houston psychic Rick Ferguson says this necklace works as an emotional balancer and has a lot of water and dolphin energy.

The “7 Chakras Necklace II” Necklace features a much more aggressive assortment of stones, including four classic “master healer” stones. Again, the central stone is a Moonstone, and working from right to left, from the 1st to 7th chakra, we have Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Malachite and Rose Quartz (for the thymus and the personal heart) on either side of the Moonstone, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst. Garnet, Citrine, Malachite and Lapis are all pretty aggressive. This version is intended to open and stimulate all of the energy centers with the kundalini fire for increased energy utilization. Great for times when you need an extra energy boost, but it can make some people feel “antsy”. This is not for someone who is angry, but rather for someone who needs a little help in standing up for herself.

If you have any questions about stone medicine, or other topics, feel free to drop me a line.

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,

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