Real Patriots Maintain Cash and Silver

I’d like to point out a few little things:

The Eurozone is in deep trouble. Cypress is asking for bailouts now, on top of Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.  Mind you, the “bailouts” are all going dicrectly to the banks that have been using depositors’ money to speculate with… so the banker-appointed technocrats who are placed in charge of these governments to administrate their economies are making sure that the governments receive the money from the ECB, IMF and BIS (the Troika) to turn over to the banks… at taxpayer expense. The banks then leverage this money at least 10X to do even more speculating.  Spain’s banks need probably a hundred billion dollars to keep going… at least they were up-front about it this time and the money went directly to their banks instead of getting filtered through their government. People all over the Eurozone are pulling their money out of their bank accounts because they expect banking collapse, and banks are limiting amounts of withdrawals. One big bank in Italy recently closed their doors without bothering to inform depositors… not giving them a chance to redirect their paycheck direct deposits… just keeping their money away from them. Governments all over are seeking to institute capital controls.  If you are looking at what is going on in Europe and not preparing for it to show up here, you are going to lose it all. It is already very apparent that governments, including the U.S. government, does not want people to maintain or use cash.  Highway checkpoints and TSA are actively confiscating cash.
Common sense dictates that you do the exact opposite of what the government wants you to do.    So, for your own survival, you should own guns and stockpile ammo, you should stockpile food, and you should keep as little money as possible in your bank account and all you can in cash and precious metals.

Europeans have endured so many currency collapses and resets, that they know what is coming. They’ve already seen their manufacturing outsourced, and their banks have imposed “austerity measures” on the people by twisting government bureaucrats’ arms for bailouts.  The fake debt foisted onto countries’ books is some 25 times the world GDP already… it can never be paid back. In Greece, the ecomony has collapsed altogether, forcing people to barter for all goods and services, eschewing the normal retail outlets… they call it “System D”. Breadlines are all over.  People all over Europe are hiding income in order to not pay taxes… I don’t blame them.

Please bear in mind that the last time Europe’s stock markets collapsed, the American stock market followed suit a couple of weeks thereafter. Given how everything is digital these days, it may be a lot shorter time before the collapse in Europe is echoed over here.

Cash.  If you really want to give the banksters hell, by all means keep as little money in your bank account as is practiceable… just enough to cover monthly bills… and the rest in cash. Stop allowing the banksters to track your purchasing via credit/debit cards… use cash instead.  They don’t like it.  This is a great way to train yourself  in estimating your true needs. Get used to it, because we’re going back to it. Forget plastic.

Please bear in mind that the bankster cartel plans for us a one-world digital currency and no way to use cash.  When they decide to close our financial system for devaluation, you will need your cash to pay basic bills until the banks open once again. A month or two’s worth should suffice to cover you.  When they finally roll out their digital currency (at a huge loss in value to us), you should have already long since gotten the majority of your wealth into precious metals and other tangibles… like farm land, food storage, tools and what-not.

Silver is the really big thing to consider.  Great educational resources include:   and
You see… silver is an easily manipulated commodity. The top big banks are stepping on the SPOT PRICE every time it goes up, because it sustains the belief that silver and gold are too volatile to invest in.  The problem for the banks is that we know how they’ve been manipulating the spot price by printing and selling paper silver on the commodities exchanges. JPMorgan’s Achilles’ heel is silver because of their naked paper shorts, which they will never be able to cover… and it is already blowing up in their face because they currently report some $6 billion in bad debts on their books, and their total derivatives/shorts exposure is already well past the world’s combined GDP of some $60-$65 trillion… that’s just one bank. Add that up across the system and understand that the exchange traded fund SLV is managed by these same banksters… meaning most of what the fund is comprised of is PAPER SILVER.  Get that?  SLV and GLD are scams.

Why silver?  If you understand the fundamentals, you will see that this is the LAST chance to make your money make money for you before the money ceases to be worth anything at all.  Estimated silver production was about 735.9 million ounces a year… and that number is falling.  Actual production could be in the 250 million ounce range. Some 80% of silver production goes directly for industrial applications. In other words, snap it up while you can. Buy your silver early and often.

Taking physical silver off the market right now does several things:  it is a real store of wealth and the last opportunity for you to make some money in this economy, and it also removes the banksters from determining your fate.  You have to get on it fast, though, because physical inventories are drying up now… I am observing this at my local silver merchants here in Houston and on-line.  The banksters may be able to step on the spot price of silver down to $5 an ounce, but you won’t be able to find it ANYWHERE at that price. That will be the official decoupling of the physical from the paper market.  Buy the dips while you can… silver and gold are dipping like all get-out. 

Bear in mind that when people flocked to physical silver and gold was at the bottom of the Great Depression. What the government did back then was beg people to turn in their physical gold from people in return for a silver certificate valued at $28 (or something like that) and then reintroduced the physical gold at $35… which was a 40% currency devaluation while still being on the gold standard.  They plan on something similar again. It may be in association with a normal holiday weekend, or they may decide to have a prolonged bank holiday.

A little planning will stop you from being caught short and enable you to continue to feed your family during the coming transition phase.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Defeating the New World Order

May 12, 2013


By now, even the most somnambulant
person in America should be aware that things are completely out of whack. The
continuing attempts at an overall gun grab or at least making it ridiculously
tough to buy guns and ammo (or reloading supplies for that matter), along with
the increase in taxes to fund ObamaCare (at least $100 more per paycheck among
my friends) and the inflation as visible in the grocery stores (higher prices,
smaller packaging and less contents) should have become evident to all by now.


People are slowly waking up to all
the false flag terror attacks as in Boston, MA; Aurora, CO; Sandy Hook, CT; the
Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing, 9-11, and others going way back in
history. We’ve been sold a pile of lies to plunge each generation of young
adults into pointless wars to make the oligarchs richer. The government is
refusing to take care of all of these veterans, and some 20,000 vets are dying
each year for lack of access to health care they are entitled to.


In the meantime, China has long
since ceased buying US treasuries and is currently one of the globe’s largest
purchasers of gold and silver while quietly spending those US treasuries buying
up all sorts of assets here in America before the dollar crashes once and for
all. The Federal Reserve is printing some $2 trillion a year for the US
government to spend (at interest to us) while also printing and spending an
additional $85 billion (at interest to us) every month to buy $45 billion in US
treasuries (called “quantitative easing”, which pays the Fed. interest from us)
and to dump $40 billion into the top tier globalist banks to gamble with.


are about to see another stock market crash.

The stock market is crashed every time it stays at around 15,000, for any
length of time. The last two times were the dot-com bubble and the mortgage
bubble… this time the bubble is the Dow itself. The only reason for the stock
market being this high is that all the big corporations have already laid-off
everyone they can to pay dividends. With no industrial output or sales, this was
probably the last profit cycle we will ever see.


The world saw the bank bail-in on
Cyprus, which is now the new model of theft. Most of the other Eurozone countries
are planning to do the same thing, and a federal court judge in America recently
ruled that insolvent banks CAN steal depositors’ money to pay uninsured investors (Google it). The
FDIC, which is supposed to insure bank deposits has $60 billion to insure some
$12 trillion in Americans’ savings… there simply isn’t that much cash in existence.
Get the cash now and use it to your advantage. Wake up, gang!


me get this across to you straight:  the
merger of government and corporate powers is FASCISM.  Some call it corporatism. That is what we
have. Two completely separate set of rules, the bad ones for WE THE PEOPLE, and
the good ones for the banksters and their political minions.


So, I have a few very well
considered suggestions for protecting yourself, your family and your hard-won


That’s right; get your money out of the system. Cash out your 401(k) or
pension while you can, pay the 20% taxes and buy some precious metals while you
still can, and also invest in some long-term food storage. Better to take 80%
now than to lose all of it later. By the time you are aware of a “bank holiday”
or a stock market crash, it will be too late. For reference, look at Cyprus…
only the insiders knew and had their money out in time. Everyone else stood in
line each day to get a hundred or so euros. Entire retirement savings fortunes
disappeared.  Stop your paychecks from
direct deposit and cash them when you get paid, putting only enough in the bank
to pay your bills with. If there is a bank holiday where you won’t have access
for some weeks, you need to have your money at home where you can get it.

Like I mentioned above, the
banksters have a court ruling that justifies stealing your money. Lehman
Brothers, Bear Stearns, MF Global and PFG Best were all looted from within by
Goldman Sachs alumni, outright stealing segregated customer accounts while
these investment banks closed the savers out. Nobody was ever arrested for this
incredible theft. Account holders had to sue to get their money back.


  Tell the personnel director to stop
withholding taxes from your paychecks and take control of that yourself. There
is no lawful reason for them to take it from you and collect interest on it for
several months before paying the IRS. If the personnel department refuses (out
of ignorance), you go to the IRS, tell them that the company you work for is
pretty shaky and ask for an exception form so you can withhold the taxes for
yourself… and follow through by putting the same amount of money in a separate
savings account in a local credit union. File an extension every year for the
sheer heck of it.


Even if you don’t believe in
firearms, get a gun and some gun training. As the economy continues its
downhill slide, you will see the need for a weapon and ammo. Don’t wait too
long. You can’t keep stockpiled water and food if you can’t defend it. Travel
out of state to buy a gun if you have to. Keep buying ammo even if you can only
buy one box at a time per day… just keep stopping by the local gun shop for
your box of bullets every day. Actually I can find the self-defense rounds, but
target ammo is tough to find right now. The Department of Homeland Security is
buying up billions of rounds of hollow point ammo… presumably to arm themselves
against citizen insurrection or just to dry up the supply. Hollow points are not
allowed to be used by police on any level or by the military anywhere… hollow
points are strictly for individual citizens’ self-defense.


This is the one way to preserve the
value of your savings as the dollar dies. Gold and silver are the monetary
metals, and thanks to the banksters stomping the spot price of metals in the paper
futures markets, they are on sale! Buy
The banksters can smash the spot price of silver in the paper markets down
to $5 an ounce, but you won’t be able to find any silver. This last takedown of
silver to the $22-23 range just made the dealers either remove inventory from
sale or jack up their premiums, so even at my nice local seller, generic silver
rounds were still $26.60 per ounce. Bear in mind, that it costs $22 to get each
ounce of silver out of the ground, and between $1200-1400 to get each ounce of
gold out of the ground. Without that market manipulation, given the
fundamentals, silver would already be at $400 an ounce now.  Remember, during the currency collapse of Weimar
Germany, you could buy an apartment building in downtown Berlin for 1/5 an
ounce of gold. With so many Cypriots locked out of their bank accounts for a
month, don’t you think someone with gold or silver could have bought anything
they wanted and gotten a good deal? Think about that. Make it a point to keep
buying these metals.


There are a lot of freeze-dried dinners and freeze-dried veggies, eggs, meats
and dairy you can stock that will be good for many years. They are light-weight
and vacuum-packed in #10 cans.  Hit the
local Latter Day Saints’ (Mormon) home storage facility for deals on basic bulk
foods like beans and rice, powdered milk and the like… you can get nicely
prepared for a couple hundred dollars. Stock up on spices to make this stuff
taste good. You will need shelf-stable cooking oil such as grapeseed and
coconut oil. How about peanut butter and crackers?  Check out various water filtration systems in
case the power goes out in your area and you have to dip and carry from the
local bayou. Consider pulling together a bug-out bag with essentials to last
you a while if things get too hot.


Get on line and buy some heirloom seeds – some for storage, some for
future barter and some to grow your own food. Even some lambs quarters in a pot
can make a good salad. Look around and discover how many native plants are
actually food. Most of the “weeds” in my yard are nutritious food.


isn’t about fear.
This is about being realistic and
empowering yourself. The people who are still suffering through the aftermath
of Hurricane Sandy can tell you that stored food will keep you from having to

Not just America, but most of the
World is staring at an unprecedented economic collapse. The BRICS nations have
ceased using the dollar and are getting ready to roll out their own currency
system backed by all the gold they’ve been buying. The dollar as the reserve
currency of the world is already done, and those dollars that have been
circulating outside of the US are slowly making their way back home where they
are turning into inflation. We have the ability to recognize the signs and
symptoms and plan accordingly.

The government is doing the will of
the globalists that want 80% of us all DEAD, so let us foil their plans by



Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and
markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy
tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,

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The Silent Majority are the Preppers…

I visited with a friend who sells industrial pumps today, Greg, who told me of a lunch date he had with an old customer of his.  Greg is 62, literally 10 years older than me. We grew up in approximately the same neighborhood south of Gulfgate Mall, on opposite sides of I-45.

Greg and Bill are of similar-enough age.  At length, Greg stated, “You know, Bill, you might think I’m crazy, but I’ve been collecting military-grade guns for years, and I’ve been loading up on ammo, and I’ve cashed out my stocks in favor of buying metals… and I’m stocking several months of food.”
Bill eyed him and said, “Greg, if you’re crazy, then there’s a lot of us. We’re all doing that.”
As they discussed things, they arrived at the conclusion that the people that are aware and are “prepping” to outlast the very likely upcoming Argentina-style hyperinflation, are mostly from among what President Nixon described as the “silent majority”. 
Greg and Bill agreed that the worst of it will likely be over by December 21st, 2012. I tend to agree, personally, never mind the Mayans.  Granted, every time I run into someone else who understands what is coming up and is actively taking steps to not only survive, but prosper, while the rest of the populace goes nuts, I feel grateful because that is one less family that will die in the FEMA camps.

While the term “silent majority” has been used throughout the centuries, Nixon made it the reference to the post WWII conservative base of people, predominantly in the south, midwest  and west, who weren’t “joiners”.  The silent majority were not part of the noisy minority of progressive activists such were protesting the Viet Nam War.  Most of them are ex-military.  They simply voted their conscience to the best of their ability, while upholding the basic tenets of American society, including Constitutional law.

Offhand, I would have to say that the “silent majority” isn’t very silent these days. They are part of the Tea Party base, at least up until it got coopted by the neocons.  These are the people who are writing the prepper/survivalist blogs, teaching concealed handgun certification classes, and generally serving as the vanguard of what will take over after the hyperinflationary apocalypse in the next few months to a year.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, 

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Ascension, Mass Arrests… etc.

So what… you may ask… does all of this talk of silver, economics, banksters and stockpiling the necessities of life have to do with the “new age”?   We’re at a very important juncture in our world’s history. 

The populace is awakening to what has been done to them… and most are going to be angry.  They know about the FEMA camps designed to take them in and most likely kill them off. They know about troop movements, including training of foreign troops to take on the American populace (how foolish the foreigners would be to consider it). Americans know that they’ve lost over 40% of their wealth in the first 3 years of the Obama administration… and that’s according to the Federal Reserve on mainstream media. Americans are buying at least 5 million guns a month right now.

There is, however, a contingent that has been using their knowledge of the etheric and the law of attraction to work on this whole situation. Cobra on the 2012 portal blogspot is actively promoting global meditations to shift the cabal out of control and bringing in a “new age” of wealth and prosperity, including full disclosure of ET presences throughout history and the introduction of Earth to the galactic community.  Ascension will happen to those of us who have been working on ourselves, meditating to shift the currents of history and holding divine Light… it will be a radical change in frequency. 

If it plays out right, we will not only see removal of the cabal, but will see the pollution removed (Fukushima… BP oil spill… anyone?) and new technologies that have been suppressed for decades to be brought to the marketplace.  Humanity would see a world of prosperity, good jobs, clean food, and true development of human potential as we are freed from serfdom and introduced to our galactic brethren. According to these sources below, the bad aliens have already been removed, leaving the cabal clutching at any means to drag us into their “one world order” of abject slavery.  According to these sources, patriots the world over have been cutting the cabal off from the money printing presses and hacking to change out the codes to all the missile systems… seems the cabal is so desperate to maintain power that they are willing to destroy the Earth rather than get arrested.

According to Drake, there is a plan in the works, once the finishing touches to the paperwork are completed, for the positive military along with federal marshalls to arrest the cabal and put THEM into the FEMA camps to await their trials. For a while, there was a shift in focus as negotiations were being carried out to allow for the cabal to surrender, but they did not.  Following this past week’s Rio summit wherein the cabal was pushing all the government attendees to sign a pact to remove all national sovereignty to finally created their “one world government” (Hillary Clinton and Obama were there), Drake is pushing his sources to get a move-on and start arresting these treasonous rapscallions.  According to Drake, we should know something more concrete pretty soon… a couple of weeks, maybe.

The approach is to conduct the activity of arresting the cabal on a humane and lawful basis to show the space brothers that we are worthy of association with them… and they have made it clear that they cannot come forward until we take action for on our own behalf… we have to clear out the cabal.

Drake is actively promoting both meditation, and that everyone stock up on food and some 90% silver U.S. coins, and if you are so disposed, to please consider joining your local militia group.  The militias will be needed to supplement the positive military and police, to keep the cabal from taking down the infrastructure as they are removed from power.  Drake also encourages each of us to get to know our neighbors and sheriff departments… to build community.

A good source of information, ranging from the projected mass arrests of the banksters and their minions in our government, include:  is Drake’s website.  is a compendium of both news and channeled information sources, with summaries. is Cobra’s website.

As you take in this information, hold it in God’s highest divine light and use your discernment. I have been tuning in and dowsing, and have been getting high percentiles of truth on Drake’s transmissions. I hope he is correct and we are about to see an end to the satanic cabal… please send positive energy to this end.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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