What This Election Was About…

Silver dipped into $28 territory briefly. Gold is at $1400.

This 2010 mid-term election was more a referendum on the Democrats’ past two years of majority rule and what they’ve managed to accomplish. 

Now… John Boehner, the new Speaker of the House-elect, says that he is in favor of raising the retirement age to 70 just to continue financing the wars.  http://www.infowars.com/john-boehner-says-in-order-to-pay-for-the-wars-we-need-to-raise-the-social-security-retirement-age-to-70/  AHEM!  John!  Go back and listen to the people!  You were put there to close down all of these entangling military adventures, bring the soldiers HOME and put them to work enforcing our border security!  Go talk to Rand Paul!  He’ll tell you what we want!  Pay attention, dammit!

Right now we’re embroiled in two wars of occupation that were unjustified to begin with… the military is sending predator drones well into Pakistan to kill people, and the drumbeats for expanding these war fronts to Yemen and Iran are playing in the mass media. We can’t afford the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, so we darn-sure can’t afford wars on 5 fronts! This is insanity!

It appears that the Republicans don’t get what this election was about… if they don’t turn it around and start cutting ALL the spending, beginning with all these wars (supporting the military industrial establishment with no-bid contracts… all off the official budget), then the Republicans will find themselves at odds with the Tea Parties and their candidates… and that is something they really are not equipped to handle. If the Republicans don’t drop the business-as-usual loot-and-plunder neocon approach that got them ousted back in 2008, they are going to have real problems. This may very well be where the Tea Party achieves true 3rd party status, as predicted by Gerald Celente.

Boehner… you got 2 years to get it right.  Repeal Obamacare, bring the troops home, secure the borders, get rid of NAFTA and GATT, raise some import tariffs, drop taxes for the companies employing people here in the U.S, at least audit the Federal Reserve, get rid of a bunch of alphabet-soup agencies that can’t pull their own weight, and get the hell out of the way!


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Republican Swing?

Every time I hear from my mom, she’s talking about getting  the democrats out of office. True, we need to do that. Problem is, the republicans have gone “neocon”, meaning they are no longer in favor of reduced government, reduced taxes and reduced infringement of government into our lives.  Consequently, both parties are effectively the SAME. Both are fascist and both are obviously going to continue taking us to war over the thinnest of non-excuses. Both are printing money willy-nilly and both are giving that money, and the debt it represents, to the banking cabal that is intent on owning the entire world. Both are fully intent on destroying America, both through the unprecedented growth of a police/surveillance state, removal of the borders, shipping all the jobs off-shore, and unfettered currency printing, thereby destroying the entire economy.

We are replaying several world epochs right now. America has long since entered the age of empire, and we’re now fighting two-going-on-three wars in a pointless attempt to own the entire Eurasian corridor from the Mediteranean to the Pacific… if you don’t believe me just take out a map.  If you’ve listened to Faux News lately, you know they’re planning on taking us to war on Iran, and Iran has been fully armed by Russia.  We can’t afford these wars, to say the least, and the loss of dollar hegemony assures we won’t have the ability to bully other countries for very long.

Bush got that ball rolling with the 9-11 reichstag fire and subsequent introduction of the whole surveillance state to place Americans on lock-down even as illegal immigrants run roughshod over all of us, unabated.

Obama is intent on doing exactly what the Nazis did: regulate all small business out of business. There is a provision in the ObamaCare law that says that any business spending $600 or more in a calendar year with any contractor or other business, the business owner has to issue a 1099 statement to that contractor or business. That means that people like me, with a small home-based business, will have to issue a 1099 to Office Depot, Sams Club, and anyone else.  Any long-distance trucker has to issue a 1099 to every gas station he visits in the course of a year, and each refuel is something like $2000 – $3000.  Never mind the fact that we’re already reporting those expenses as deductions and the other parties are reporting those transactions as income.  It is insanity.  Requiring everyone to purchase insurance is patently unconstitutional, and Obama recently admitted that his scheme actually added expense, increased premiums and still didn’t cover pre-existing conditions, still leaving people without care.

The neocons got their real start under good old President Reagan. Back then, the neocons were the crazies that were kept locked in the back rooms. He let them out just often enough to give Rumsfield a free ride by forcing the FDA to approve aspertame (Nutrasweet) for use in foods, in spite of spotty or nonexistent research to prove its safety… and we now know that it is a powerful neurotoxin.

The other world epoch we’re replaying right now is economic collapse.  They’ve been printing trillions of dollars, and the only thing keeping the big inflation from hitting full-force has been the fact that the 6 big banks that own 80% of our economy have been playing with it for a while, keeping the momentum slow by not lending money. The Federal Reserve loans the U.S. every dollar it prints at interest, and is about to start buying the U.S. Treasury Bills that other foreign countries are refusing to buy at this point, meaning they’re collecting from us coming and going. Right now, the U.S. total debt is so high that the government can’t even pay the interest on it, and the total is running over $150 trillion, probably closer to $200 trillion.  The U.S. debt is actually more than the combined gross national product for the entire planet, several times over.  They will likely continue to print more money.

 So what happens if we sweep republicans into office every chance we get? The ones they replace will still have until January 20th, roughly 3 months or so to do whatever they want with impunity.  Secondly, if the new representatives and senators are not constitutionalists, we will still have all of the same problems because they will all still be owned by the banking cartel.  We can expect things to continue going downhill.

Let me make a prediction:   The Tea Parties have essentially already been coopted from the inside by the republicans.  The republicans will NOT repeal ObamaCare, at least not in entirety. They will continue to raise taxes, and print more money, and give everything away to their big-business cronies.  The only hope we have is to do everything we can to elect constitutionalists instead of republican lawyers who have already sold us out. 

When they’ve managed to tank our currency, they WILL take us to war, and it will likely be a world war.   I also predict massive tax protests, civil unrest and further expanded police state.  They’re already planning on a replacement currency called the Bancor, which would also be a fiat currency, still issued by the central banks at interest.  What we really have to do is stop playing by the banking cabal’s rules.  The smart people are already planning ahead and getting themselves out of their system.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Halloween Musings…

“I’m Morticia Addams and I’m giving Cleopatra the man-eating oak tree a haircut.” I was standing on a stool under the outer edge of my front oak tree.

I had plenty of candy, and my lights were on, but since my husband turns in at 8 PM, I didn’t want any of the little spooks ringing the doorbell. I heard voices in the dimming distance, so I opened the burglar bars encasing my front porch.  Looking down the front walk, I decided to trim the bushes, just to pass the time while waiting for trick-or-treaters. That done, I got the limb-nippers and trimmed the low hanging branches of our live oak tree, particularly the branches that scrape the top of my minivan as it pulls into its parking spot.  I called it quits when I had trimmed the last branch within my reach with the aid of a step-stool. At 9:20 I called Halloween quits, locked up and turned the lights out.

Okay… this time of year is classically associated with death and our ancestors.  We certainly live in scary times.  There’s no doubt that our ancestors as well as America’s founding fathers would be turning in their graves if they saw how things were going.  Our government is doing exactly everything they warned us against.

Obama and his cadre, the same bunch of creepos that Bush answered to, have engineered a half-assed terror event.  The two printer cartridges addressed to synagogues and  shipped on commercial carrier flight, were made to look like bombs. They each had some odd stuff smeared on them and an old TV circuit board glued to them… notice there was no power source… no battery to make it go, and not even a mercury switch.  There’s still two days in front of the election in which to pull some kind of schenanigans.

Silver hit $24.82 the last time I checked, just a few minutes ago. Most of the Austrian School economists and trend forecasters say it will hit $30 by the end of this year and perhaps even $50, and gold could easily hit $2000 pretty quick… it’s already at $1360. 

I, my mom and my two sisters went out to lunch Saturday to celebrate the two October birthdays, mine and my older sister’s.  I gave Kathy a 1-ounce generic silver round in a greeting card.
When it came to discussing the state of things over lunch, Mom’s typical rant was “We gotta get these liberals out of office.” 
My reply was simple, “Yes, but it won’t help us if we elect a bunch of neocons like Bush and his bunch… they have to be REAL Republicans. We have to elect constitutionalists.” 
Mom’s rant continued, “It doesn’t matter, we have to get Republicans in there!”
“I agree, Mom, but like I said, if we just drag in a bunch more RINOs and neocons, nothing will change. Besides, even if we elect nothing but constitutionalist government-shrinkers, the current batch will have 3 whole months to do ANYTHING THEY WANT until the next group gets sworn in in January.”  Yeah, it cast a pall over things just a bit. My younger sister asked if I knew any good gossip… the only thing I could come up with was about silver. I told her that it could easily hit $50 an ounce pretty quick because of JP Morgan and Goldman Sach’s naked short selling of silver and gold to depress the prices, and that they stand to lose billions of dollars trying to cover themselves, and they will probably be fined for this latest batch of misdeeds.   I see that as hopeful since the value of the metals will be unleashed to do what it is supposed to do.  In times of high inflation, silver typically returns to its classical 16-to 1 ratio with gold, meaning that it really should be selling for $85 an ounce right now.  Since most silver is actually consumed in industrial applications, and there is only about 5 years’ supply out of the ground right now, it may actually achieve a lot smaller ratio, if not actual parity with gold. When I found out about that, I realized why I never really got all excited about gold, even though I do own some.

I found out that my younger sister, Linda, is loading up on some foodstuffs… mostly canned… and has a victory garden of various greens going.  Hooray for her.  I don’t think my older sister has wrapped her head around that concept as yet.  Linda’s daughter is trying to live out there in California, but can’t find paying employment in a state with a real unemployment rate of 33%. She needs to come back home and make use of that high-dollar degree.

My husband still hasn’t quite wrapped his head around the whole concept of metals, so I’m still trying to educate him. The point is that you sell anything you don’t need and buy anything you will need NOW while the money has some buying power. Metals gain value as currency loses value.  When he commented that it wasn’t liquid, I countered that you sell it the same way you bought it… you go back to the bullion dealer and sell it to them for the current price, then take that cash and buy what you need. It’s perfectly liquid AND it is a great way to retain wealth.

The upshot is that NOW is the time to buy silver and gold, while the values are still artifically depressed.  Yank your money out of the stock market before this current little rally peters out.  Obama is eyeing up your 401K anyway, and with his cronies guaranteed in control for another 3 months, with nothing left to lose from furthering their nasty agenda, you can bet on the worst coming to pass.  You might as well bail your assets out and pay the 10% taxes now, instead of waiting until next year and paying 15% or  losing it outright.  The Federal Reserve is printing an additional $2.5 TRILLION in unbacked currency this year, to go with the other trillions printed in the last couple of years.

Right now, in real world terms, the inflation rate is 7%. Once this current round of “quantitative easing” sets in, inflation could easily go to 14%. Once all those t-bills and dollars that are out circulating around in the world come back to the U.S., we could be staring at much, MUCH higher inflation, probably staring at hyper-inflation. 

If you get the chance, take a look at the newest film from the National Inflation Association “The End of Liberty”  http://inflation.us/videos.html   Their other films, such as “Meltup” are quite educational as well.  Don’t watch it right before bedtime, though.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Royal Scams…

The date is May 1st, 2011.

Well… there wasn’t much on the boob tube this weekend because of Britain’s so-called royal wedding. If you look in the peerage you will find that this was an arranged marriage between the House of Windsor and the House of Rothschild. No kidding.  The top two elitist, racist, psychopathic globalist families have merged.  All I can say is Ewwww! Forget the pomp and ceremony and all the money that the tourism and merchandise raised to go into their coffers, and remember the tens of billions it is costing the overindebted UK to put on this show. For the past week probably over a thousand people were rounded up so they couldn’t protest… no probable cause or charges… just rounded up and incarcerated.

There isn’t anything nice about either of these two families. They’re all plain nuts and they are not English or British.  The House of Windsor was taken over in the 1400s by a group that had been exiled from Venice in the 1300s, and only two places would take them: Amsterdam and Wales. They went to Wales and schemed with the lowland Scots to take over the House of Windsor. Since then they’ve intermarried extensively with the German and Dutch royal families.  The modern “British royal family”, as we know it, was founded in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg, a Germany duchy, creating the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Such were the ill-feeling towards all things German during the First World War that in 1917 Victoria’s grandson King George V – an honorary Field Marshal in the German army – thought it prudent to renounce the German name and titles and adopt that of Windsor. Poor ol’ Princess Diana really was of royal blood, and was treated as a third class citizen after she married into this bunch. As you know, she was murdered after she escaped to get on with her own life, and the whole thing was covered up.

The second scam… Obama’s birth certificate.  More and more people, ranging from desktop publishing experts to background researchers, are jumping all over this obvious forgery. The mainstream media isn’t carrying a peep, but everyone else is buzzing.

The third scam I’d like to mention is the beatification of Pope John Paul II.  Basically, they’re trying to make him into  a saint. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ac/20110429/us_ac/8391705_beatification_of_pope_john_paul_ii_qanda_on_the_process_1
Huh? So they’ve found a nun that claims that he healed her… and they claim that he worked tirelessly for the church. So? I’m betting that his other miracles were probably card tricks. I’ll put this down to tourism and the attempt to keep the church relevant and in the news.

The fourth scam I’d like to mention is that the mainstream mass media is now reporting that Osama Bin Laden is dead.  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704569404576297941397558496.html?mod=googlenews_wsj    I’m totally serious. They claim he was found in a mansion in Pakistan. Okay… given that we’ve thought him dead for years.   The dude had kidney disease, which was likely aggravated by exposure to depleted uranium. I’m willing to bet that they’ve had him on ice the whole time. I reckon Obama is going to try to take credit for this as he campaigns for reelection. He’s on the boob-tube now. Personally, I can’t stand looking at that friggin’ lying lizard Obama, and his wife is so reptilian she plumb gives me the willies.

The next scam I’d like to mention… the globalist-led insurrections against various middle eastern countries continues unabated.  We’ve already got troops on the ground in Libya, Yemen is the next to fall, and Syria is being actively targeted. Citizens are being mowed down in the streets, whether or not they’re protesting something. We are seeing the next stage in the U.S. overreach of empire coming to pass.  We are seeing the beginning of World War III.  The government will cut off all spending domestically, but won’t stop spending a $trillion a year on the military and hundreds of billions every year on “foreign aid” which is just another name for propping up puppet dictators all over the world. According to Mary Summer Rain, the Native American visionary No-Eyes said that there would come a time when the U.S. would be embroiled in so many wars, that they would institute the draft and families would start hiding their teen children. It’s coming.

The next scam… Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve big banking crime syndicate held a press conference. He claims all sorts of stuff. What he did ultimately was spike the price of gold and silver substantially higher. Nobody should listen to these idiots. They are laying another snow-job on us while taking away all of our assets and exporting all of our industrial base. They may be discontinuing QE-2, but I’m betting they’ll start up QE-3. 

Nobody is buying the B.S. anymore, and certainly not the t-bills.  The Federal Reserve has been buying some 83% of all U.S. treasury bills while Japan is actively selling off t-bills and China is dumping 2/3 of their t-bills holdings (about $2 trillion worth). It won’t be long before that comes home to roost.  Expect the government to either to continue to print and devalue the currency, and ultimately to default on its debt.

I noticed that silver has been suppressed back to $44.38, down from almost $49.  This would be a good chance to get out and buy on the dip. A number of mine owners are bugging the SEC about doing something about all of the shorting and naked shorting of silver and gold by the banksters. Why the heck aren’t there any investigations or arrests?  


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Resistance is Victory

In the wake of the blackout and multiple online campaigns and petitions in response to the traitorous SOPA / PIPA legislation introduced in congress to censor the internet,  the congressional cockroaches have decided to retreat… no doubt to eventually try to get this thing through as a rider on something else.  http://www.prisonplanet.com/sopa-co-sponsors-defect-backtrack-after-blackout.html  The authors of the legislation refuse to back down and promise to be back with another version of it… we really need to get rid of  House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.)… the bill’s authors.  In this legislation, someone streamlining a Michael Jackson song would be thrown in jail for longer than the doctor that killed Michael Jackson himself. 

Ron Paul, bless his heart, has broken off campaigning for the presidency to work on killing the patently unconstitutional NDAA Indefinite Detention bill that Obummer signed into law, as well as a second law that would allow the government to unilaterally revoke anyone’s citizenship for being an enemy combatant.  Both of these laws completely ignore the rules by which a U.S. citizen can be tried for treason as specified in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  http://www.prisonplanet.com/ron-paul-moves-to-kill-indefinite-detention-provision-of-ndaa.html  I’d like to make a point that just because these horrible reptiles have made NDAA a “law” doesn’t make it lawful… every part of NDAA is against the constitution. We don’t have to wait for the Supreme Court to rule on this one. In fact, they’re introducing a bill in New Jersey, using the constitution’s nullification clause.  I called my state senator to urge him to do the same thing.

The people in Montana have launched an recall of their legislators who voted for NDAA.  This article has a nice form letter we can use to invoke recalls of federal officials on two grounds: 1) acts of malfeasance or misfeasance while in office, or 2) violation of the oath of office.  There is no doubt that the people who voted for NDAA have violated their oaths of office, to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”   The Constitution is the “Supreme Law of the Land” according to the Supremacy Clause, Article VI.  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/01/15/1054996/-SOPA-Beaten-Back,-Now-for-NDAA-Military-Detention-of-Americans-To-the-State-Houses  States which presently have federal recall laws are Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin.

By all means, take a look at the list of representatives and senators that voted for NDAA and send them each a basic note saying that you are paying attention and then remind them about the constitution and Jefferson’s commentary that the last method by which we will take back our country will involve rounding up the traitors up there on Capitol Hill.  Spell it out! http://www.waitingforthestorm.com/indefinite-detention-law-hall-of-shame-list-of-senators-who-voted-yes-on-the-ndaa-bill  Here’s a list of their Twitter accounts!

Gang, we gotta get Ron Paul elected president… he can unilaterally cancel all of the improper and illegal presidential “executive orders” that have been on the books since before WWII… like the one that’s still standing that says the president has total unilateral wartime control over everything. Ron Paul would get rid of a whole lot of wasteful alphabet agencies, pull the military back, close the 700+ U.S. overseas bases, not to mention launching an investigation as to where exactly Obama was actually born. Can you imagine that?  If Obama can’t prove conclusively that he was indeed born in the U.S. of two U.S. citizens, everything he’s signed into law is rendered null and void!

What I don’t get… here we’ve got a situation in which millions of homeowners are walking away from their homes to allow the banks that created the economic crash and loss of jobs  to take their homes… WTF?  The bankers set it up to crash and we’re letting them have our houses?  What’s happened here? Have we all been lobotomized?  Fraudulent inducement to the loans and theft of the property!  By the time the real estate market hits rock bottom, the banks will have taken over 10 million houses from people in the U.S. alone!  Why?  We need to quit going along with this theft!   Tell the banks and their servers to walk away or be… blown away. 

The more WE THE PEOPLE quit going along with this open, in-your-face tyranny, the less likely the corrupt bankster run congress will try to pull any more of this junk on us!  We must let them know that WE OUTNUMBER THEM and we are aware and educated… and ARMED. Resistance is victory here, particularly when the people trying to use our own armed forces to round us up are so few. All our law enforcement and armed forces have to do is say NO. The more educated among them likely will say NO… after all, they know that once they finish rounding us civilians up, they’ll be the next to go into those concentration camps to die. When America goes down, there are no more free countries to go to. This is it… the big kahuna! 

We can stop these reptilians and do it through peaceful means, just like Gandhi. All we have to do is stop cooperating with these thugs!


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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