Paranormal Activity in Relation to Interpersonal Issues

Back on Thursday the 11th I got a phone call from a lady who had a full-blown poltergeist haunting that was clearly making her miserable… she initially called looking for my shop, and I explained the nature of my business. Sharon found my website and wanted a Defunker.  I asked what was going on and it turned out that she was in distress, wasn’t getting any sleep because an entity kept trying to rape her repeatedly. It was also effecting her ability to handle basic business. She had run through her unemployment compensation and was having trouble getting employment for the first time in her life.

This had been going on for some months “beginning last March” and she was essentially at the end of her rope. She had brought in a total of four different clergy, including her religious denomination’s bishop, for a total of three visits… the third time, they told her that this was coming from within her and they couldn’t do anything about it… they abandoned her saying that she was wigging out because of the stress of being unemployed. She was devastated at this abandonment. I told her that I wasn’t really surprised. I sent her the Joray “White Light” symbol and my “Fat-Free Spirituality” PDF book to read so she could “get it for herself”. I gave her instructions to print out the symbol and slap it anywhere, particularly any “in-between” areas and behind every possible picture on the walls, under the bed and so forth to grid the place.

On Saturday the 13th I went to handle the cleansing of her apartment on Richmond. It was hot out… in the 90s. The grass was getting parched. I asked her lots of questions about how things had gotten to where they are. Of course there were some layers involved. I got that there were no real geopathic difficulties in that particular building, but that there were more than likely some in the apartment complex and surrounding area… and that could make a difference. The longer

One situation that figured prominently was that she had worked in an office that had a very religious back-stabber that was likely doing her own version of energy work to slam anyone that posed a threat to her. Sharon was fired from that job for the first time in her life. Adding insult to injury, the recruiter that had placed her was now aloof and not really trying to assist her any more after so many years.  What happened? Sharon really felt like she had been severely interfered with by this woman.

I started by dropping a pair of Rick’s special energy tools in the center of the living room… a labyrinth disk featuring all of the 72 names of God, with the banishing side up, placed on top of a Harmony Board. I called in my angels and asked for assistance in taking this entity up into God’s Light. I lit a smudge stick, cracked the front door, and began walking around the small apartment, working from the back forwards and around every area, talking to the ghost and selling it into going into the Light. Following that, I took my pouch of “medicine mix” and performed the Tobacco Ceremony indoors, then took my Ceremony outdoors to permanently anchor God’s Light to the whole building. In a building with eight apartments, I just made it tough for anyone or anything that was not working for God’s Light to hang around that building. I checked my work with a pendulum. Sharon had laid down on her bed while I was working the outside… and was pleased that this was the first time that she hadn’t been molested in a long time. I checked to make sure the entity was indeed gone… it was.

When I finished that, I found a small stool and a little table and set up my SpaceBoard to quickly clack out any debris, entrainment, cords or whatever that might be stuck on Sharon. She felt very calm and relaxed afterward. I spent some time coaching her on the use of God’s White Light and how to use God’s Metallic Gold Light to defend herself. I also told Sharon how to send God’s Love & Light to the recruiter with a gift tag, and filling her office with that spectrum of energy as if she is physically in that office, even though she is only on the phone. Sharon isn’t one of those people who is in the victim mentality. She is accustomed to focusing on what she wants to create and seeing things fall into place because of her focus. This whole thing with the ghost and the backstabbing woman putting the whammy on her was simply and completely outside of her experience to date.

Sharon picked out a small Defunker I and also purchased a “Prosperity Ball” and an “Absolute Truth Ball”, and paid me for my time and a little tip besides.

I e-mailed on Monday to ask how everything was, and the next day I received an e-mail saying: “I have not gotten rid of the spirit yet. Saturday night I had an unexpected major attack, Sunday night I had a mild attack, last night I had a mild attack. I guess I’ll just continue to pray.”

I called and coached her on handling things. She used the Defunker to ward the critter off but was still under attack. I told her she needed to have that “Absolute Truth Ball” with her in bed to provide a clean field all the way around her as she slept. I pointed her to some of the passages in the PDF book I had sent her and went over it with her. I told her that I would do some absentia work on her place that evening.

I tuned in and, yes the previous ghost really was gone, but another different one had come in to take its place… kind of like getting rid of a bad boyfriend, but still having to deal with his jerk friends afterwards. This particular entity had apparently been waiting on the sidelines for an opening.

For good measure, I consulted with a psychic friend who tuned in and confirmed this, saying that these two ghosts had followed her from several lifetimes back, and that I needed to erase what she called a “vapor trail” from that other abusive ghost that was still attached to Sharon, and probably brought this one in, and possible another one after this one leaves. Kind of like how an ex-heroine addict can smell heroine on another person. This second ghost was not the least bit comfortable being in that building since I had done Ceremony to anchor God’s Light to the place, but it apparently had nowhere else to go. I did the energy work that evening, filling the whole apartment with God’s White Light.

She called saying that it bothered her some more, but it was greatly diminished as to be more of a nuisance. She called the problem at 95% corrected. I told her that this is really more of a good thing for her, because she is learning how to deal with these things on her own. The whole experience is ultimately empowering and she can take the knowledge with her anywhere.

Later on the 26th she reported that she is doing well. Sharon is keeping the back-stabber boxed in God’s Gold Light to limit any further interference, and Sharon’s recruiter is pleased to be working with her once again and is beating the bushes for other assignments. She’ll be just fine.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Radionics 101, as Taught by Suzanne

(In response to the many questions on geopathy I’ve been getting over e-mail, I am hereby posting the following excerpt from another E-book I am working on, tentatively entitled “Ghost Hunter”. I hope this assists you all!)

I have noticed over the years certain correlations between geopathism and haunting activity, as well as various illnesses in people. If you have enough geopathic rays in a given area, ghosts can be caught and kept there in a manner very similar to a lobster or crab trap. Yes, it is possible to send the ghosts into the Light, but the basis is still there for the haunting. It will eventually attract more ghosts, and will hold them for years until a spiritualist comes along to clear them out. This is one thing I want all prospective ghost-busters to check for in an investigation of haunting.

My first awareness of geopathic phenomena came when I was describing “the corner of death” in my back yard in a Feng Shui class, and the instructor pointed out that this was a radionics problem. There was a geopathic ray cutting through that corner of my back yard, which energetically killed anything I planted in that corner. I got instructions as to how to locate it and what to do about it, and I reclaimed that corner. And so this aspect of my education began.

Radionic problems encompass a completely different area of knowledge where your dowsing skills will come in handy. It is helpful to bear in mind that everything is energy. If it is made up of atoms, then it is made up of energy. If you go past the atomic level, past the tiniest possible gluino, neutrino or quark, what do you have? This field of primal energy has been called ether, the unified field, or the nagual, depending on what approach you take to quantum physics. So, if you put one energetic structure in an energetic field, something will happen. The human body is no different.

Over the years many people have discovered that energy is organized in many different ways, in the field of dowsing you will find names like ley lines, geopathic (sick land) rays, noxious rays (earth rays) and related topics. All of us are sensitive to these various types of energy to varying degrees. A lot has been written and researched about this topic, mostly in Europe. Lately in the United States we’ve become more aware of physical stress and immune dysfunction caused by proximity to power transformers and the like. The American Society of Dowsers and the U.S. Psychotronic Association are probably the best sources of information in this arena.

Ley lines are well documented. They are highly beneficial and can be compared to the meridians of the human body. Ley lines are the meridians of the planet; when they are clear and flowing, the planet is healthy. The best and cleanest water supplies are usually found along ley lines. Wells located along ley lines in Britain are thought to have healing qualities. Crops grown along ley lines are greener, healthier, more disease resistant, more vital and with greater productivity even though the soil is exactly the same as outside the ley line. Fishing is better, animals are healthier, trees are bigger and so forth. You will generally find power centers (sacred sites) along ley lines. It’s not a good idea to actually live on a ley line, because such intensified vibrational interference can create stress in the physical body.

Earth Chakras. These are vortexes that compare to chakras in the human body. There are lots of them around. Some may correspond with geo-magnetic centers. Classically, the big cathedrals in Europe were typically built on top of “old religion” worship sites, usually on geomagnetic centers, like Chartres, Notre Dame and Winchester Cathedral. Stone cairns like Stonehenge and Avebury are also good examples, as are most Indian mounds and medicine wheels. There are also sites like Ayers Rock in Australia and Round Rock, Texas that feature a similar geo-magnetic energy. Ghosts will stick around these energetic structures to perpetuate their haunting activity. Sometimes ghosts will actually bend these Earth energy vortexes out of alignment, so not only do you have to walk the spooks into the Light, but you also have to heal any mis-alignment of the energy vortexes. Make sure these Earth vortexes are aligned with Divine White Light, but don’t attempt to close them as it may cause trouble for the residents of that region, just as a closed chakra in your own body can cause sickness.

There is also such a thing as a bad (or dark) vortex, and you’ll probably know it when you feel it. These can have various causations, including dark-side occultism and extra-terrestrials. Yes, I’m serious. These vortexes should be cleansed and closed with Divine White Light and angelic assistance. If you are unsure or don’t know the difference between a vortex and an earth chakra, just go into prayer-mode and encompass the whole area with Divine White Light through visualization and ask the angels to fix it.

Noxious rays are well documented and pretty obvious. Those who can see them say they look like distorted heat waves rising from a really hot surface. Vegetation looks bad, won’t grow, or dies off. A tree in a noxious ray will grow with a spiral-twisted trunk. Ants build their mounds along the perimeters of these areas. Dogs will not sleep in a noxious ray. Children will absolutely fight going to bed if it is located in a noxious ray. People sleeping in noxious rays experience immune dysfunction, infertility, and reduced life expectancy. Sleep is disturbed, sores won’t heal, broken bones won’t knit, arthritis and heart conditions arise, and conditions that were thought cured or in remission come back with a vengeance. I know one lady who had beaten her lupus into remission years ago, moved to a piece of property with a lot of noxious rays on it and discovered the lupus was making a comeback. I know of a small boy that died of leukemia because his bedroom was in the back of the house in a noxious zone. If an office building is built in a noxious zone, employees will experience double the number of sick days, lowered work productivity and will exhibit every stress related health syndrome. Cracks in a driveway, foundation, or sheet-rock, trouble with plumbing and electrical work, and other similar deterioration will follow the path of a noxious ray. Noxious rays create “cold spots” in buildings that cannot be accounted for by placement of windows or doors.

When underground water lines, rivers and streams cross one another in a given vertical area, they create an E.L.F. field from which noxious rays emanate. E.L.F. stands for Extreme Low Frequency. These are energy waves, below the threshold of hearing, that vibrate (usually) below 10 cycles per second, or Hertz. Flowing water has a frequency of 8 Hertz, and when two or more water veins cross, a new frequency is created which produces a noxious ray or vortex. Most noxious earth rays can be redirected or diffused with copper tubing or copper wire. For example, placing a length of copper wire or copper tape along the floorboard where a noxious ray enters a room will block the ray and send it upward. A series of copper pipes or rods inserted vertically into the earth where a noxious ray enters the property will diffuse the ray. The older a developed area is, the more geopathic zones will be present.

Geopathic rays are a variation of noxious earth rays, but are caused by man’s activities. Possible causes include underground water lines, electric lines and transformers, cable T.V. and telephone lines, microwave communications dishes, satellite T.V. dishes, underground fuel storage tanks, cellular phone antennas, traffic signal arrays, man-made building materials, industrial and military activities. Activities of people create a lot of environmental noise. Take careful note of how many microwave communications dishes there are around your area. These arrays can broadcast at frequencies that can cause large numbers of people to exhibit flu-like symptoms with no causal bacterial or viruses present.

A friend purchased a clothing resale shop in the Heights neighborhood of Houston. Everything physically seemed all right, but things were energetically off. The place had a heavy feeling to it. The shop had been owned by three older people who each were in decline due to ailments such as heart trouble, arthritis, and cancer. My friend had trouble keeping the energy clean and kept getting sick herself. It wasn’t until a couple of months after she closed the shop and liquidated the inventory that we finally figured out that the shop and the liquor store next door had a geopathic ray going through them. I wondered why I had to consciously make myself go there, and why it was hard to focus while there. It happens all the time. Restaurants, no matter how good they are, if built in geopathic zones, will not be able to overcome the bad energy and so will close down in a matter of months after opening. You will know this is the case when you dine in an otherwise nice restaurant, with good service, good atmosphere and good food, yet cannot seem to go back because it just didn’t feel right.

A lady was referred to me for a radionics consultation while at a psychic fair. She complained of not being able to sleep since she moved into her new split level brick house, which was creating a great deal of physical stress for her. I had her draw a map of her home site, then I tuned in and dowsed. She had one big honkin’ geopathic ray going diagonally through her house. I told her the cheap radionic cures: put a series of copper rods vertically into the ground along one part of her fence, and royal blue tape along a particular area of floorboard in both the upper and lower stories. If that didn’t work, I told her I had some other options. She called some time later saying she was sleeping much better.

Construction materials will often prove a factor in both radionics analysis and paranormal investigations. For example, people will buy mobile homes thinking they will have more freedom to move around. The only problem with a lot of these pre-fabricated homes is the level of toxins they can contain, including chloroform, formaldehyde and other potential cancer causing agents. I understand that the newer ones aren’t supposed to be quite as toxic. On an energetic level they can be even worse, depending on where you put them. You see, because of the materials they are made of, mobile homes are “orgone” or “earth energy” collectors. Tornadoes are naturally pulled toward orgone energy dense zones, which is why tornadoes always seem to hit mobile home parks first. Some prefabricated steel buildings, as in industrial parks, have similar energy collecting capacity. This energetic element can also amplify geopathic stress. I’m not saying that you can’t live and work in such structures, as sometimes it is unavoidable, but you do have to be aware of your surroundings. Mobile homes are best placed nestled among mature trees on otherwise uncluttered land.

We mentioned EPA Superfund Sites earlier. Houston is literally dotted with these toxic sites. Housing developments have been plopped on top of pools of toxic sludge containing all sorts of deadly stuff. There is a correlation with the above-mentioned geopathic or noxious rays with industrial toxic waste sites. It is an example of like attracting like. Or which came first: the chicken or the egg. It can start with a few geopathic rays, then as a result of sympathetic frequency someone puts an industrial site there, which creates a toxic dump site, then years later, some greedy developers cover the sludge with a thin coat of sand and put in a housing development, which in turn attracts people of that same particular sympathetic vibration. Sick land, sick people… sicker land, sicker people.

If you have ever known anyone who has lived on or near such a site, then you know it can make people sick. The Brio Toxic Waste Site off Beamer Road in south Houston adjacent to the South Bend subdivision certainly imprinted itself upon the residents on all levels. A portion of the subdivision was built on top of the sludge pond and has that sludge coming up through the lawn and the plumbing. People living in those homes came down with all sorts of immune system and respiratory troubles, including cysts and cancer. Women living in those houses gave birth to severely disabled or sick children. The sadness of the sick residents can easily leave behind a shard of consciousness large enough to haunt. Notice how it is all related? You may not be able to clear out the toxic sludge or clean up the water table beneath it, but you can block the geopathic rays and send the ghosts into the Light.

Dowse what “cure” will work and its application in each situation. Blue tape, copper wire (and devices made from copper wire), copper tape, copper rods, prayer, and scalar wave psychotronic devices are some of the standard solutions for geopathic zones. Reiki can also be used to heal a geopathic zone. Whatever you decide to use, it is still your intent that makes it work. Simply state, “this is to deflect the noxious ray” or something to that effect, while you are putting the “cure” into place.

Since ghosts are usually sensed by instrumentation as an electro-magnetic field, usually with an associated temperature drop, it makes sense that various types of energies can perpetuate their activity indefinitely, if permitted to do so. If you clean up the energetic environment, then it is easier to clean up the etheric environment.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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You Really Can Buy Anything on E-Bay

I’m not kidding.  I got an e-mail from a young lady named Nadine in New York, who actually bought a ghost on E-Bay.  Nadine sent me money for a spate of different things through PayPal without consulting me, so I figured there had to be something special going on.  When I asked, Nadine told me she found this E-Bay store called “Miss Holly’s Witchcraft Parlor” selling something called a “witch’s spirit familiar” for $59.  This on-line store also offers “fetch spirits” too, in the same packaging.  

Basically “Miss Holly” finds and attaches a ghost to a crystal, and puts the crystal in a house-shaped wooden box and mails that off, with the instruction that you are supposed to place this in a quiet place in your home, make an offering of some sort to the spirit, and then give the spirit a name and tell it what you expect out of it.

Nadine had never taken any courses or done any studies in spiritualism, psychic development or Wicca.  She really had no idea what she was letting herself in for when she bought one of these “spirit familiars”, and brought it into her house and followed the instructions only to wind up with some of the most virulent poltergeist activity that has ever been described to me.  Stuff disappearing and reappearing in odd places, electronics malfunctioning, spirit attacks while she slept… you name it.  The spook made her miserable.  I’d classify it as criminal mischief.

The thing about haunting activity is that most people stay in denial for a while, then by the time they realize that they have a ghost problem, they are in a panic to get the issue resolved by any means possible, so they will either throw lots of money at the problem or they will drag in all sorts of people in an effort to get them to address the problem, and not everyone that shows up is necessarily going to be there to help.

 When Nadine e-mailed to complain to the dealer, she got the following response:

“Dearest Nadine,

I understand that you no longer wish to have your spirit familiar. To release it you should if you still have the dwelling place the crystal vessel inside along with your offering take them all to some area off your property and bury it. The earth has natural healing abilities as well as power to ground power and energy. After it is buried say: spirit familiar I release you of your service to me. Go back to where you came. Cease your activity with me and return in peace to God. Now go back home and spin around three times before you enter your house. Now, take a bit of salt and sprinkle it in every room of the house but especially your bedroom and the cabinet where you kept it. While you are purifying and cleansing your house say these words I cast out any spirits who are in my house in the name of God! Leave this house. Repeat. As a last measure to be sure the house is completely free of spirits make loud noise in every room such as banging on pots which is known to scare and drive out spirits.”

Nadine’s comment to me:  “Suzanne, that sounds like a whole bowl of crap.  I had told my boyfriend about what is going on and he said the same thing you said: what in the world made me purchase such a thing? My boyfriend also said if that woman invoked that evil spirit and sent it to your house, what makes you think she would tell you how to get rid of it, and Suzanne, you know what, my boyfriend is right.”  I guess wisdom comes at a higher price for some.

 In short, this E-Bay seller sets some newbies up for a nice little spiritual trap.  Nadine admitted she was looking for the fast track approach without the requisite self-work or studies, and it bit her on the butt.  Nadine wants to shut that E-Bay store down, though somehow I don’t think E-Bay will listen to her.  The nature of this offense is that anyone listening to the case will automatically think that Nadine is a nut.  I don’t think that ghosts can be proven in a court of law… if they could, there would be a whole lot of spiritualist/channelers taking the witness stand in murder cases.  Universal Law will have to take care of “Miss Holly”. 

 Bless her heart… I e-mailed her the Johrei “White Light” calligraphy and instructed her in its use and placement, and coached her on some other things to do, and all of that seems to have helped.  I whittled down her order to the essentials and gave her a refund back through PayPal.  When I packaged up her order I added an “Absolute Truth” ball for good measure.  She was very anxious to receive her goodies and was very grateful when they got there.  She thanked me and I haven’t heard anything back from her.  I’ll eventually check back with her to see how she’s doing.  

I’ll bet you can buy “butt plugs” on E-Bay, too.   


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Uptick in Alien Activity

Long-time Lightworkers generally have a lot of experience in dealing with UFOs and alien visitations.  A bunch of people I know are experiencing a marked increase in visitations and sightings. It ain’t all nice, either. I was recently sent this link to NASA UFO footage and recordings:

I live in the Houston area, which is on a coastal plain that tends to hold smog in place, much like Mexico City or Los Angeles. When I notice stars in the sky, they tend to be either fixed (like the big dipper) or really big and obvious.  In the past couple of years, and even more this year, a number of people have noticed such phenomena as: clouds going behind the moon, “stars” going behind the moon, two moons at the same time, the moon moving in an obvious manner (as in seeming to follow a person), stars that should be at a fairly normal distance from the moon changing their position by a noticeably wide margin from one night to the next.

I’ve laid out in the yard at my parents’ house up in Centerville, TX, well away from the city smog, and watched the action-packed sky. Centerville is along the I-45 corridor between Houston and Dallas… I can also tell you that our commercial aircraft are not the only beings using this corridor. Some of the lights up there that were alternately moving or staying stationary were clearly NOT commercial aircraft.

I often wake up to the feeling of presences in my room, often hearing an odd high-pitched tone late at night, and occasionally the sounds of voices talking (but not in recognizable words), my dreams will shift to being more frightening during these times as well. I invoke my angels and request assistance when I become aware of things happening. I’ve been making it a point to ask Archangel Psion to send his associate angels to protect me during these periods. I tend to catch up on my sleep when I do my Transcendental Meditation program in the afternoon or evening.

Recently, a customer of mine was telling me how she was being “told” that she was being prepared to channel Jesus himself very soon, and that she didn’t need to study any more, and that this presence would tell her all that she needed to know. I am long familiar with the pitfalls of newbies who open themselves to channel in an effort to fast-track their development. I tuned in and found that she has some aliens trying to call the shots. Rather than bursting her bubble, I told her that what she told me sent up some red flags and that she needed to start testing these presences and their information in a number of ways.

My friend up in Tomball, TX, spent most of her life living along the I-45 corridor between NASA and points north, and has been experiencing alien phenomena all her life as well. A couple years back, a group of very high-looking aliens used her big yard as a vacation spot. This friend experienced an alien home invasion last night. After a day of packing excess items for storage so she could put her house on the market, she drifted off to sleep, waking to the sound of at least 7 people inside her house, tromping around on the newspapers she was using in packing. She was frozen in fear and elected to “play possum”. She experienced one of them using some sort of device to paralyze her legs. This normally unshakeable woman was so frightened that she couldn’t remember most of the basic methods that commonly work to ward these guys away. What got them to leave was her getting out of fear and “giving up” (to the effect of being willing to accept whatever they wish to dole out, whether it included her death or not), which effectively quit feeding them (they eat fear like pop-corn). After they left, she got up and looked around to find that they have fished around in her kitchen cabinets, turned on the TV and radio, and moved some stuff around. She checked on her husband, who said that he saw some beings over him that looked like my friend, only with a blank face. He knew it was my friend for real when she walked in carrying a handgun and calling him by name. They compared notes and she discovered that she had 3 hours of missing time. No, she didn’t get a look at them.

I have a buddy in Santa Fe, NM who has witnessed and experienced such a wide array of phenomena, it is hard to recount all of it. My friend has been an experiencer from her early childhood onwards, when she was actually taken up in spaceships to see the Earth from space. She has been kidnapped and forced to do a number of things… everything from making and tending half-alien babies, to performing the hula for aliens as little as 2 years ago. She has witnessed new varieties of aliens popping up out there in Santa Fe and environs… there is a truly nasty pale-skinned, white haired and blue eyed alien race that make the standard gray reptilians look tame. She found out that the bigger reptilians like to drink Drano to get drunk. There is another variety of aliens that dress up as biker gangs with weird motorcycles that literally do their best to run people off the roads. There is another variety of aliens she calls “robo-cops” that drive around in “off-looking” police cars that you can’t see into. She has been followed by big balloon-like crafts (think “Rover” from The Prisoner TV series) both while hiking in the mountains as while driving home from the market. Lately she has seen how a particular super-thick darkness descends, enveloping a room or house, blanking out all light in the surroundings… her defense is to jump up, turn on as many lamps as she can, and yell at the aliens to get the hell out.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,

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How to Get Rid of a TransDimensional

I was recently asked, “How do you deal with a globby-looking ghost?” 

       I reckon it is “the times” we are in.  In the past 3 weeks I have talked 3 different people through the process of getting rid of transdimensional aliens (TDs).  They’re more common than you think.  Stuart Wilde has been writing about the on his website for years, and his assessments and techniques have been holding up under scrutiny.  About every other request for assistance in dealing with paranormal phenomena is because of TDs.

 You have an entity hanging out in your house… how do you tell what it is? 

       Ghosts are stupid.  They are bits of consciousness left behind by humans who have died.  Some know they have died and some don’t.  Tell-tale signs include the standard cold spots or cold rooms that cannot be accounted for by weather or air-conditioning.  Ghosts typically will not make themselves scarce when you bring in paranormal investigators, if anything, they will come out to play.  You can walk a ghost into the Light.  You can easily use a whole string of subtle energy tools to either make them uncomfortable or to convince them to go into the Light.  A ghost will dirty up your electrical field and eventually get you sick because your immune and nervous system cannot handle that kind of stress. Ghosts are usually easy to get rid of by doing Ceremony to anchor divine Light to the place so they don’t want to hang around.  Ghosts will also clear off if you install a labyrinth on the property, or smudge a room with cedar/sage.

       TDs are IN PHYSICAL, they are not dead and are not ghosts.  They are aliens, but they are on a higher dimensional frequency, so they are often mistaken for ghosts or demons because they often look diaphanous.  You will typically know them because they are absolutely attracted to people who either wallow in or project a lot of negative emotions… fear, anger, hatred, envy, or the victim mentality.  They will typically make themselves scarce if you bring in paranormal investigators, because they don’t want to be found out.  In several instances, the aliens actually parked a whole space ship overlaying the same space as a house, so that the living room of the house might be the sleeping quarters, or the house’s bedroom might be in engineering.  TDs will hang out and pester Lightworkers who are not 100% up-and-running, or indigo / crystal children (the very advanced psychic kids that are coming in these days), attempting to stall their development.  They can implant, kidnap, or can simply sap a person’s energy and leave them feeling listless.  The TDs’ usual thing is to talk deep into your mind and give you nasty ideas in such a way that you think the ideas are yours.  They really like to jack with you in your sleep.  If you’ve ever wondered why people will offer you help and support one day and then they’re mad at you the next day, then the TDs are probably working on that person.  Several people I’ve talked to said that the TDs tried to convince them that they were spirit guides or angels.  You’ll know the difference by how you feel when they’re around… they usually sap your energy and fill you with dread and fear.  

       According to Stuart Wilde, if you are under attack by TDs, the way to break their grip is to cross your eyes and get busy manifesting the Gold Light “Cosmic Condom”.  Yoga makes one vulnerable to their attacks, especially women, because the postures leave the root chakra open to invasion.  Most people see these in their threshold form as a globby-looking nasty yellowish orb that usually floats at about waist level, and hardly ever higher than shoulder level.  People that can see past that level of perception will see a very tall, scary skeleton-like ghoul.  According to Wilde, the TDs are actually controlling the Bush regime, Britain’s royal family, and most of the industrial-military complex… but worry not, they’re all on their way out.  The TDs are basically the forces of darkness made manifest. None of the TDs are nice, at least, not the ones we’re talking about here anyway.  The good ones tend to stand guard duty, chase the bad ones off, and generally try to keep from interfering with us earthlings, they want us to make our own decisions as to whether we’re working for the Light or not. 

 Okay, so how do you get rid of the TDs? 

      The first thing you have to do is wrap your head around the concept that they are in physical and start regarding them as punk vandals and vagrants that have moved into your house without your permission.  They don’t like for you to know they are in physical, because they figure they can hang out and jack with you longer if you think they are ghosts.  They are underhanded and like to play cat-and-mouse games. 

       You also have to get completely out of fear as they FEED on it.  If they think they have you scared, you will never shake them off.  I know one woman in Beaumont that wouldn’t get out of fear, and wouldn’t get out of the victim mentality, and the aliens that parked their ship over her house followed her to an apartment after she sold her house in an effort to get away from them.  The TDs wouldn’t let her get any sleep, and the sleep deprivation made her so out of it that she had a raging urogenital infection and didn’t have enough sense to go to a doctor… she thought she was being raped 24/7 by the TDs.  They’re still following her… across the country… and both her mental and physical health are failing. 

       Empower yourself.  Start by putting on the ol’ “cosmic condom”.  Bring in God’s metallic Gold Light into your body through the top of your head, then fill up your body, then spill the excess Gold Light out through your chakras and fill up your aura all the way… 8 feet out… and program all that to stay there.  It is impermeable armor.  You won’t believe how effective it really is.

      Next, you box your TD in God’s Metallic Gold Light so he stews in his own juice.  You can fill the box with God’s cleansing Love and White Light to really make the critter uncomfortable.  They don’t like love or any of that kind of nice stuff. 

      Then you call the critter out, with the box of divine Light stuck all around him.  Stand in your power as the homeowner and head of the house.  Make sure you feel no fear or anger or hatred toward this critter.  If anything, feel amusement at the fact that the silly-ass little twerp has decided to try to pick on you.  The TD isn’t going to be happy about any of it. 

      Address the critter with the following points in about this manner: “Alright you… I know who you are and what you are! You have no right to be here. You do not have my permission to be here in my house.  I don’t want you here and you HAVE to leave right now!  But before you go, since you’ve been staying in my house, messing with me and my family, you need to pay me rent money for your stay.  You owe me $_____ (come up with a reasonably outrageous amount).  You OWE ME MONEY, so pay up NOW and then LEAVE.” 

      Most of the time, the TD will leave immediately.  I reckon it is because they don’t like the display of personal power, they don’t like the fact that you know they are in physical, and they’re not comfortable being boxed in Light, but they’re really not into the concept of getting a job so they can pay rent money.  Can you just picture an alien behind the counter at a fast-food chain asking people if they want fries with their burgers?  No, they’ll beat a hasty retreat instead. 

      A lady in California found some loose change in her driveway after the TD left her house.  She later had to chase it out of her mother’s house and her workplace.  She got plumb amused by it all, which is the correct attitude.  She taught other people how to handle it, too, thereby helping to chase the forces of darkness from a section of Southern California. 

       Another time, Dick Dixon the Reiki Bubba here in Houston, called me regarding a presence in his son’s house up in Maryland.  Maryland is known for its abundance of occultists, so it was assumed this might be a demon of some sort.  In this case, the presence was a really tall, dark shadowy looking being that had glowing red eyes and emanated evil.  Dick’s son is a strapping big guy that isn’t afraid of anything, and he and his wife have two crystal kids.  Dick described what was going on and I told him the same way to handle it.  Dealt with in true Texas Bubba fashion, the critter left immediately and there was rejoicing and a “thank-you” on my answering machine. 

       If the TD has been hanging around jacking with you for a long time, it may take a wider range of efforts to get the TD to move on.  You will probably have to get creative and experimental to come up with different techniques and methods of jacking with the TD, all of course with an attitude of fun and play (they don’t like that).  That’s where you need to try out all sorts of things to elevate the vibration of the house and grounds.  Absolutely check for and block off any geopathic or noxious rays to help cut off the TD’s potential power supply.  Try gridding your property with various stones, and performing very spiritual ceremonies to anchor Divine Light to your house.  Consider getting a series of tools geared for dealing with the situation, like those from  which includes “The Orb Card”, the “Gray Disruptor Disk” and the “Bioelectronic Equalizer”.  Other possibilities include the Absolute Truth” ball from my own website, and any number of psychotronic devices on the market.  

       Whether you have ghosts or TDs, the main thing is to get out of fear, anger and all that other low-end stuff, and manage yourself and your own thought patterns.  You have to step up, take back your power and deal with the entity tête-à-tête.  If you can’t do that, you’re in for a long, hard time of it.  Begging for rescue won’t help because there are a lot of people out there that will take advantage of you and mooch all the money they can from you.  The truth of the matter is that nobody can rescue you.  You really have to do this for yourself.  Maybe that’s the core issue for the times we’re in.

       Another thing… while you can call in someone to successfully clear out ghosts and close portals/vortices, you CANNOT have someone else get rid of aliens for you.  Ghosts are general… they can come with the land or the structure, or show up attached to some item of furniture; they can surf in on some negative aspect of the global Hartmann Grid.  The aliens are specifically there to mess with you or members of your household, so it is specific to you.  You have to stand in your power and authority to confront them for what they are and demand they leave… nothing else will work. You have “grow a pair” and set yourself  free. I’ve explained this repeatedly to several paranormal researchers. 


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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So You’ve Got An Alien Invasion…

      I’ve run into several situations in which a “resistant haunting” turned out to be aliens. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, there is a presence, or a number of presences, but just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that they aren’t there, and doesn’t mean that they are ghosts. There are more types of life forms in the universe than we have documented proof of. The good aliens might visit, but they won’t bother you, won’t scare you, and won’t hang out very long. The bad aliens are all about sewing fear then hanging out for the harvest… these are the ones that manipulate, kidnap, implant and experiment on people.

      Ghosts are pretty simple. Most can be chased out of a room by smudging it, or can be blocked out of an area or be made uncomfortable by anchoring Divine Light to the location… with that done, ghosts can be coaxed into the Light. This approach does not work with aliens because they are PHYSICAL beings, so you cannot walk them into the Light. Doing Ceremony to anchor Light might amuse them or might get them to become more aggressive in messing with whomever it is they’ve decided to hang out with, just to see what their victim/subject will try next.

      We might occasionally be able to see some of these aliens as orbs of energy… Stuart Wilde describes these as transdimensionals, most of which are up to no good whatsoever. These transdimensionals get their kicks from speaking deep into a person’s psyche, putting thoughts into his head and making him think they are his own thoughts… the TDs spend a lot of their time messing with politicians and industrial moguls… mostly people that think they’re better than anyone else. If you can see these TDs in their true form, they’re scary-looking skeleton-like ghouls.

      In instances where several types of aliens are present, it is likely that a spaceship is parked on top of that house. A spaceship can literally occupy the same space as a house, or a whole block, because it is on a higher dimensional frequency (high 4-D). So your living room might be in the crew’s quarters, or your garage might be their cargo hold, and your neighbor’s house might be were their engineering section is. Different sections of the ship might have different aliens.

      In instances where aliens are messing with someone who is fairly spiritually evolved and “on the path”, they’re typically trying to disrupt any progress being made by that person. The aliens will try to mess with them in their sleep, keep them from meditating, scare the kids and dog, and anything else. The person “on the path” will typically start out thinking they’ve got ghosts and will be dismayed to learn that all their ghost-busting tricks aren’t working. The aliens aren’t particularly effected by smudging or anything else, and they tend to be smart enough to get scarce when any consultants are brought in. Whether or not they connect to the fact that they are dealing with aliens, the way they get rid of the interlopers is by calmly standing their ground with absolutely no fear or anger, and demanding that they leave. If they can pilot a starship, they can certainly understand you confronting them in a mature manner.

      It took a bit of explanation for one such lady, a Native-American psychic who was highly experienced in clearing ghosts. Aliens were an alien concept to her. She finally understood both what I was telling her and what she had to do:  she went to where she knew they’d be hanging out (in her upstairs hallway) and demanded that they leave the premises at once or start paying rent. They left immediately.

      In most other instances the aliens are messing with people who feed them. Most of these aliens eat base emotions… anger, hate, fear, lust, disgust, rage, judgment and anything else along those lines. Yum, yum… such tasty drama keeps the aliens coming back for more!  The aliens will manipulate everyone and everything in the house to keep the snacks coming. These people will also tend to be the ones with the severe “victim” mentality that are begging to be rescued… over and over.  People on a spiritual path don’t tend to feed these critters because they have typically been working on releasing their dramas and negativity… their salvation comes from going within to release the basis.

      One lady began attracting predators by age 16, when she attracted a control-freak military guy that tracked her across several states until she was legal to marry… then proceeded to lay all sorts of mental abuse and programming on her. She has leaches for friends, children and relatives. The aliens had her so fearful and sleep deprived that she didn’t know enough to go to a doctor for a painful urogenital infection. She thought she was being raped by the aliens 24-7. Nope, that’s her victim mentality talking. She won’t stop feeding the aliens, either. 

      Ever wonder about all those people who had been abducted over and over for years, then suddenly left alone?  Those people got to a point where they couldn’t be terrorized any more, and moved into quiet acceptance and acquiescence of the aliens. That’s when the aliens couldn’t feed off of them anymore, so they left them alone. You’ll notice that the aliens tend to bother people with less education out in the ‘burbs, rather than someone, say, on the MIT or Texas Tech campuses. Curiosity tends to override fear… the prospect of research grant money doubly so. E.T. just doesn’t hang out in the Student Union.

      There have been several cases in which a homeowner/experiencer called in some paranormal researchers to get rid of the “presences” in their house. Yes, there may have been some actual ghosts on site, and they were probably walked into the Light on the first try, but aliens tend to know when to get scarce. The paranormal researchers will continue to get calls about ongoing activity to the point where they typically have cut their losses. It doesn’t mean the experiencer is crazy or imagining things… just dragging in the wrong consultant.

      Look at it this way… if you’ve been feeding the local wildlife for a while, and some varmints have scratched a hole in the roof and moved into your attic, you have to quit feeding all of the wildlife before you can get rid of the varmints under your roof. Once the varmints have gone for the day, you can close off their access, then work on varmint-proofing your house. Chances are, if you’ve had one kind of varmint that got your goat, you’ve probably had lots of varmints on all levels all along, but you didn’t recognize it until the critters got big, obvious and destructive. This is the Universal Law of Attraction in action.  In the case of aliens, you have to figure out what attracted them to you to begin with, and release the need for that experience in all its guises all across the board. Expect to require some hypnotherapy because some of these reasons reach way back into childhood. 


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Native American Tobacco Ceremony

I have a wide number of applications for a special type of prayer called “Tobacco Ceremony.” The divine messenger, White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, brought the “Tobacco Ceremony” to us some 500 years ago. I will typically use this ceremony when clearing haunting activity.

With this prayer ceremony, I found that I can anchor light anywhere, block-in or block-out any form of energy or entity, and “clear” an area of unwanted influences. For example, I felt the energies were “off” at one psychic fair I was at. I went outside and quietly walked around the building, doing the ceremony, giving thanks and asking that anyone, energy or entity be excluded from the building if it is not “working for the Light” or if it is not there for the betterment of all. Ten minutes afterwards, two of the “psychics” quickly packed up and left. I had never thought about them, either. Interesting, huh? I know a “channeler” that can’t do readings in an area I’ve done ceremony on. What does that say about what was being channeled?

You don’t need to smoke or use a special pipe. What I do is offer a pinch of the dry herbs in each direction. You may also choose to burn the herbs on a charcoal to offer the smoke. I carry a pouch filled with a generic mixture of tobacco, sage, cedar and sweetgrass, which is symbolic of the four directions. Other tribes use other herbs.

Let’s do it, shall we? Place yourself in a state of grace. Begin with an open prayer/invocation, and then start by facing EAST (or what you perceive as east), which is the start of the Medicine Wheel, holding a nice little handful of your herbs. Raise your hand offering the herbs, and begin by addressing the “Grandparents of the East”. The “Grandparents” referred to in this ceremony, includes ancestors, ascended masters, angels and the spiritual hierarchy of the planet. Give thanks to the Grandparents for all of their assistance, offer your handful of herbs and ask them for their assistance once again (insert request here), thank them in advance for their help and drop a pinch of the herbs in their direction. Do this exactly the same way facing SOUTH addressing the “Grandparents of the South”, then WEST, then NORTH. Then kneel to address the EARTH MOTHER beneath your feet, making sure to thank her for feeding you and giving you a place to live, and offer the herbs and your special request and thanks. Then stand again and talk to SKY FATHER (God, Creator, Wakan-Tanka, etc.) offering herbs, thanks, your request, and thanks in advance for this assistance, and dropping some dry herbs. Any breeze will carry the herbs to where they need to go. It is done. Give thanks. Whatever you asked for is on its way if your intent was correct and pure. This is the short form. White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman’s version is considerably more involved.

If you are a smoker, you can do this ceremony very casually and even surreptitiously. Light up a fresh cigarette, face east, offer the smoke from your hand as you pray, then take a deep draught and mentally exhale the prayers as you blow the smoke carrying your prayers up to the Grandparents of each direction as described above. Works just fine. It’s the intent that matters.

I will remind you of the importance of Universal Law when doing “ceremony”. Prayer, especially a focused prayer like this, is a powerful form of thought/energy transmission. You will get back that energy multiplied in accordance with your intent in putting the energy out to begin with. Some people say it is multiplied three times, but in truth there is no ceiling on the multiplication aspect. So, for example, if you pray for advancement on your job, ask that it be done in harmony and for the best and highest good of all concerned… not just yourself. I know one lady that did ceremony to get a promotion, and got it, but because it was not done in a harmonious way, she was fired a month later. You can do ceremony to attract a new love to your life, by putting your “spec sheet” out in this prayer ceremony, but you cannot manipluate any person in particular as that will backlash on you. You get the idea.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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