Astrology for the Next Couple of Years

I went to my friend and astrologer, Enola Dominiak, for a reading to see what was up in my chart and in general. This was back in November 2009, and I was experiencing a dry spell business-wise (a lot of people were), along with an incredible urge to write. 

Enola is a real expert… she can look at your chart from any of 6 different astrological schools and give you the scenarios. A few years back, she looked at one aspect in my chart and told me that “a mother figure” would either get really sick or die sometime that November or December… it turned out, my mother-in-law died on November 20th of a heart attack… really sudden. That’s how good she is. If you want to avail yourself of her services, her number is 713-503-1574.

Okay, now on to this year.  Enola saw no economic improvement until fall of 2010… this year. We are going to be seeing some MAJOR SHIFTS because for the next 3 years we are under the influence of Saturn in Libra. Saturn is exhalted, or empowered, in Libra. Saturn is the teacher of the zodiac, and Libra is a cardinal sign. This is a very forceful, aggressive aspect.  This is all about “relationships”… friends, lovers, employers, business relationships, and so forth, and all of these relationships will be changing  depending on how they all relate to Saturn in their charts.

One thing she stated is that we have to be very careful about staying out of negativity while Saturn is in Libra, because Saturn will give us what we think about. This is a critical spot in the global and personal balancing act.

Enola voiced concern that there was the probability of violence in the larger world and relationships, as in we-the-people regarding our government. We’re already seeing vandalism directed at members of congress as a result of their vote for ObamaCare. As the economy continues melting down with inflation and job losses, people may very well become agitated and militant. Witness the Tea Party movement now.

Other than that, the rest of 2010 looks interesting enough, astrologically speaking:  Mercury goes retrograde April 18-May 11,  then August 20-September 12, then again December 10-30th.  Venus goes retrograde October 8- November 18th… that’s in Libra… ouch.  Mars had been retrograde  since December 20th, 2009 and finally went direct on March 10th, 2010… if you noticed that not much was moving, that is one reason why.  Jupiter, the Santa Claus of the zodiac, goes retrograde from July 23-November 18… you can expect sales to be slow during this period… and remember, that goes along with a Mercury retrograde.  Saturn is now retrograde from January 13-May 30th… the teacher is revisiting some lessons to make sure we got them down pat, or we will receive a smack with the ruler. Chiron is retrograde from June 4 – November 5th… look at both your physical health and the inner health issues carefully, because they will be up in your grille.  Uranus is retrograde from July 5-December 5th… since Uranus is the divine rebel, it has to do with individualism and rapid change, so I think we will be seeing some real interesting stuff with Uranus revisiting the issues and sitting on them to make us look at them. Neptune is retrograde from May 31-November 7th… that has to do with the urge to escape limitations, living an ideal, and unity… things could get interesting over the summer.  Pluto is retrograde from April 6-September 14th… Pluto is all about transformation, evolutionary growth, elimination, power, control, the surging masses, and… transition (death).  

For me, personally, this is a time of laying down the foundations and doing some major introspection work.  When my brother who died at the end of February, was finally buried on the 19th of March, I spent a chunk of time processing rage… classic Chiron issues. I basically spent most of my childhood and teens in an unsupportive, competitive and antagonistic environment, with my brother the main reason for the turmoil, and my parents feeding it by refusing to deal with it… in fact, they didn’t start addressing my brother as an issue until 2 years after I had launched out of their house. I have to heal that in order to heal the rest of my body and drop the armor on my tummy. Enola says I came in with this anger from a past life. I am also likely to have a kundalini awakening this year. I do have a lot of good stuff going on in my chart, though.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Preppers Unite… Quick!

My blog, originally started as a way of teaching about stone medicine and new age/spiritual topics, has shifted toward being an informational forum  for other people who have gotten similar guidance to begin making preparations for the oddball times to come.

I’m talking about getting yourselves liquid, getting rid of excess possessions and making a few bucks while you can.  Then get into storing food and water, and securing your property and your person.  Make sure you have one or more good working guns and plenty of ammo for each one, and make sure each member of your household knows how to use same. Food prices have gone up and estimated 40% since the beginning of the year.  In the event of martial law and civil unrest, you will either have to bug-out or shelter in place. How long can you live on the food you have stored in your house? Do you have something to barter with? Silver has been shorted in the markets by the banksters… take advantage of the opportunity to buy some now.

I’ve been trying to get a bead on the time frame of when this stuff is probably going to come about. I tried checking with a couple of astrologers, who both said that it is “hard to call” using their system. Taking a look at the aspects: On July 20th, Saturn goes into Libra, while squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus. Pluto and Uranus are all about CHANGE, while Saturn is about stabilization as well as being a harsh teacher. We have three planets squaring with cardinal signs.  The United States was born in Cancer. On July 23rd, Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries… Jupiter is your money planet, and it’s about to go backwards until November 18th. We have some favorable aspects with the full moon on July 25th. On August 6th we have a GRAND CROSS and on August 20th, Mercury goes retrograde until September 12th.  That is a lot going on!  My astrologer, Enola Dominiak, says that she’s worried that this Saturn in Libra cycle for the next couple of years may involve violence.

Okay… so my own take, based on this and some dowsing along with my own gut:  We will probably have one more modest stock market rally this summer, and it won’t last long. The economic stuff will become patently obvious by fall, and the currency could crash between then and the first quarter of 2011. We essentially have through the fall to get it together. If you have a lot of money in IRAs, you may have to start getting it out a little at a time, considering that banks tend to have limits on how much cash they can give you.

When you get the chance, please take a look at this video of Alex Jones’ program posted on Gerald Celente’s blogsite. Granted, Alex Jones’ delivery style is a tad over the top, but I think he’s essentially got it right. We can expect an engineered terror attack, most likely before the end of this year. We can expect the econonmic mess to be patently obvious to all by this fall. We can most likely expect the crash of the dollar early next year.

The cool thing is that WE THE PEOPLE are the wild card in all of this.  The globalist cabal is afraid of us. They know we’re waking up and we can oppose them. By standing up and opposing expanding government power, with the use of our law enforcement as nothing more than a revenue-generating tool, we stand up for ourselves and our freedom.  Arizona is removing the network of speeding cameras because the majority of people refuse to pay the fines. Arizona has made the federal laws regarding immigration their state laws, and is now poised to enforce those new state laws this summer, in spite of the federal suit to stop them from enforcing the federal law of the land.

Obama clearly wants to crash the system and he’s been siding with an assortment of people with that stated goal. Everyone on Obama’s cabinet is an extremist or globalist, and most have had a hand in creating the economic collapse while directly profiting from taking jobs out of the country and people from their homes. These, and other assorted corporate creepos, are engineering a series of disasters… economic, environmental and socialogical… to suit their own agenda.  The cool thing is that voters are already getting rid of the status-quo careerist politicians of both parties in favor of constitutionalists (Tea Party) in the primaries.  We can expect Obama and his cronies to push through their agenda as fast as they can while they are still lame ducks in office, before the new people are sworn in. They don’t see any problems with doing as much harm as they can since they no longer have anything to lose. They just passed the so-called “financial reform act” to give the Federal Reserve and the banks even more power.  We need to make a lot of noise at these legislators… failing that, we need to make sure our new candidates dismember all that nasty, disasterous legislation.

Gang, we really do have the power to look after ourselves, our families and our communities. The answer to “1984” is “1776”.  We have to be ready to stand up for our freedom. The more noise we make, whether through blogging, or Tea Party events, or simply talking to friends and neighbors one-on-one, is all it takes to stem the tide of the global police state that the CFR and Bilderbergs are trying to impose on us.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,   She also offers an e-book, “Fat-Free Spirituality” which is packed with advanced spiritual knowledge.

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