Shootings and Excuses…

When the announcement of the shooting by Jared Loughner of both a constitutionalist federal judge, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, and a bunch of other people at a grocery store near the shooter’s house, I immediately began picking apart the news coverage with a critical eye.
There was so much utter bullcorn disseminated, everything from Loughner being a nazi, a right-winger, a liberal, a marxist, not to mention a satanist… no kidding. The media went after Sarah Palin because she had a map on her website telling her fans to vote certain people out of office because they didn’t fall in line with her own philosophy… and the map used little crosshair targets for the locations.  This has been spun so many different ways, it isn’t funny. If you get the chance, take a look at Keith Olberman’s interview with the guy from the so-called Southern Poverty Law Center (a well-financed Mossad front… no poverty involved)  Notice how they’re spinning everything from the purchase of gold to going to Tea Party events, to meditative techniques and “conscious dreaming” as markers of potential nutjobs that might turn violent.
This evening I saw on the news, that Republican Rep. Peter King of New York plans to introduce a bill that would make it a crime to carry a weapon within 1,000 feet of elected or high-ranking federal officials at publicly announced events… which is nothing short of insanity… never mind a number of legislators who are licensed and carry their own guns for self-protection. It says to me that Peter King is corrupt and is afraid because he has something to hide.
Some other idiot(s) are trying to spin the event into an excuse for a total takeover of the internet and to clamp down on free speech. I find that funny because the most inflammatory rhetoric has generally come from the left wing.
Yes, based on the facts, Jared Loughner is apparently a paranoid schizophrenic, most likely on the very seratonin reuptake inhibitors that drive people to murder and suicide.  Studies have proven that Prozac has been a factor in a huge number of high profile domestic homicides since its introduction.  It is clear that the shooter’s parents have been AWOL for a long time. Loughner could hardly hold a real job, and was apparently refused by the military. One thing that wasn’t ever mentioned is that Loughner had a fixation on Giffords, kept her letters to him in a safe, and they are Jewish and went to the same temple.  Loughner also had a “satanic” altar in his backyard… the dark version of voo-doo in which its practitioners ask for entities to possess them. Speaking as a spiritualist, drug/alcohol use and intermittent possession go hand in hand.  It is entirely probable that the guy really is possessed.
Yes, it is as I suspected… whether or not  Jared Loughner was groomed to be a useful idiot in some CIA program like the underwear bomber or shoe bomber, or really is a deranged schzophrenic (really looks like it), the event is being used by the elites to further clamp down on our civil liberties, specifically the first and second amendments… free speech and gun ownership.  The oligarchs want everyone unarmed and on their knees. The shamelessness of the mainstream media and politicians in spinning this situation into another power grab is not just insensitive, but blatantly obvious. 
Based on the media and political response to the situation, I would say that the oligarchs are desperate to hurry the total lock-down police state before enough people wake up and realize just how bad things are, and begin to take back their collective power. We are being stolen from in every way, on all levels… our money/savings, our freedoms, our ability to earn a decent living and support our families, and so on.  The truth is, the oligarchs are indeed satanists and they delight in creating mass suffering. They manipulate the metals markets selling paper metals to force the price of the physical metals down (but not for long!) and they are manipulating food futures to drive up food prices all over the world. They are actively trying to kill each and every one of us with poisons in our food, medicines and water, as well as chem-trails, EMF, microwave  and sound wave attacks on the populace.  Just remember… we outnumber them.
The scenario that I envision, given the awakening of humanity, given the fact that we know who has done what to us by way of the internet and alternative news medias, the people will at some point take decisive action.  At some point, the oligarchs will head to their underground bunkers while masses drag the bankers and hedge fund managers and politicians out of their houses kicking and screaming, and invited to a really large “necktie party”.  I can just picture the streetlights along Wall Street and along the Mall in D.C. all bearing the dangling bodies of the corrupt.  It isn’t outside the realm of possibility when you think of it.
If I were one of the newly elected legislators in Congress, I’d begin pushing really hard to audit/end the Federal Reserve, declare the so-called debt null and void (it’s mostly derivatives and all on paper only) and organize a law enforcement task force to go after the very people who orchestrated this economic collapse and mass theft. I’d have the entire Federal Reserve board arraigned on charges (come on now, they just printed up $21 trillion and gave it away to a bunch of foreign banks… off the books.) and in jail while they await trial… and give them no access to their accounts. In fact, their ill-gotten gains should be taken from them in compensation for their misdeeds. That level of theft would be awarded with a fast trial and death sentence in most countries of the world.
If the newly-elected congress doesn’t take some decisive and high-profile measures on behalf of actually serving justice, I don’t think I’d give a plug nickel for their longevity. Watch them carefully in the months ahead. Hold their feet to the fire. Make your views understood through e-mails and petitions and phone calls.
Does that mean that I advocate violence?  NO… hell no!  That would likely play into the oligarchs’ hands to justify their fascist takeover, and we certainly don’t want to become what we fight.–its-just-what-they-want   In fact, I wouldn’t advocate walking in a picket line or any other physical protest.  The best things we can do is use social media to broadcast the truth of the times and events, and help our friends to prepare for the upcoming monetary collapse by both stockpiling food and BUYING SILVER to preserve our wealth.

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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