WalMart and Obits as Harbingers

This new article from the National Inflation Association got me to thinking. It starts out talking about Japan and China and their currencies, and how the Chinese workers are getting to the point of refusing to work 7 long days a week for miniscule slave wages… and they’re striking! 

Then the article goes on to talk about one of China’s biggest retailers here in the U.S., WalMart, which has ceased doing their “rollbacks” on grocery items and has actually been jacking up prices by 51-66%.  Another friend reported that her HEB grocery store out near Austin has been jacking up prices like all get-out.  The upshot of that is, putting it simply, that price inflation is finally hitting. It will be slow at first, but as the old inventory is sold off, it is being replaced by the new inventory at much higher inflated prices.

NOW is the time to be shopping the sales, snatching up the older inventory while you can at the old prices or at sale prices. I picked up some organic canned goods for $0.50 to $1.00 a can and Tom’s of Maine fluoride-free toothpaste for $2.50 a tube at Big Lots. I went to pick up some potting soil at the local garden center, and I also bought a bunch of seeds for 1/2 price.   By all means, hit Costco to stock up on good bulk foods… powdered milk, beans, rice, spices, quinoa, cereals, nuts, canned goods… you name it.  The deals are still out there, so please make use of them.  This may be the last chance to load up  before inflation makes your paycheck worthless. 

In the midst of discussing these things with friends, one friend, as part of her job, has to peruse the obituaries. She reports that the obituary pages have increased, from one page or less to two or three pages on the weekdays and more on the weekends. She cites that the last time she saw this pattern was just before and after 9-11-2001.  She also states that the real number of deaths are perhaps 2 or 3 times that of the obits since the obits cost money for the family to publish. What that boils down to is a lot of people leaving the Earth because they “didn’t sign up for the coming rough times”.  Not everyone that is on the earth is necessarily on the “earth mission”.  This may also explain why I haven’t been able to get through to some friends and family that  they need to be getting their assets under their personal control and stocking up on food/water/silver/gold/survival equipment.  Perhaps they plan on leaving with everyone else that might be dying when the hard times hit?  We know that some 17 million people died (damn near 1/7 of the population) of starvation during the Great Depression, and that was with the currency backed by gold AND 90% of everyone in the U.S. living on farms.  Now, those numbers are inverted with only 10% living on farms and maybe half of them self-sufficient. I’m still worried for these folks, but at some point, I have to let go and allow them to make their own decisions as adults.

Gang… all the signals are out there if you just unplug from the boob-tube and see them. We’ve been given fair notice. We know that the currency will do a melt-down at some point, given that the government has been racking up a couple of trillion dollars of debt each year for several years, and Obummer is planning on more “stimulus spending”. Given that big business owns our government outright and the cabal of private bankers called the Federal Reserve are now buying the T-bills that China refuses to buy any more… that way the Fed is making interest on the worthless paper money they’re printing AND on the T-bills they’re buying with the same worthless paper. We know that the richest people are going to get even richer and Obama’s gonna fiddle while the American empire burns. We know that the cleptocratic corporatocracy that is our government, aided by the mainstream media, is doing their best to convince the American public that they don’t have anything to worry about… and in so doing are setting a lot of people up for starvation.

Historically speaking, when they’ve exhausted their options, they typically take us to war.  The mainstream media has been beating the war drums for a while now. Several predictors are saying that there will probably be another leg of war breaking out, this time with Iran (backed and equipped by the Russians), and a very probable staged terror strike to remove the last of our civil liberties.  When our government gets done, America is going to be rolled back to the police state of the Soviets, with most people working for the goverment to spy on the rest, and a black market the only means to acquire the necessities.  It may take some months before a black market comes together in the aftermath of a hyperinflation melt-down.  Are you equipped to tough it out for that long?

If you go to church, talk to the pastor and make sure he talks to the congregation at length about preparing in advance by storing “every needful thing” to protect themselves.  The time for this prep work is running short.  Price inflation is hitting now. We may not see the BIG inflation hit until first quarter of next year, but things will start getting really interesting this last quarter of 2010. 

Me? Gosh, I’m trying.  I’m not just pulling things together for me and my husband, but also to make sure my little old momma is covered.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Team Up With Other Folks…

Okay… I’ve been ranting on about building up your long-term pantry supplies for a long time now. I got the guidance shortly after Obama got sworn in in 2008, and began executing my guidance slowly.

I have two raised garden beds, and have been sneaking food items in anywhere they will grow. Granted, I’m still in the experimental phase of becoming a farmer. At least I’ve got lettuce, zucchini, some beans and some peppers and herbs working. Still figuring out the collard and mustard greens.

My husband and I have also undertaken a campaign to make sure that all guns in the house actually work. We had to take a vintage target .22 to a gunsmith for professional cleaning, but we got a really good little target pistol out of it. We got out the inherited WWII M1 Carbine and inspected it… just needed to clean out the dust, then get some fresh ammo and a couple more magazines.

Since I’m stocking up for a household of two humans and four cats, I’ve found that sometimes buying bulk is a little too expensive or too big for any one purchase. I’ve got a friend that has another friend, and we three go in together on various items. He’s ordering a carton of the powdered whole eggs from Honeyville Grains, , and we’re splitting it three ways. That way, we get the #10 cans of egg powder, for long-time storage,  for about $15 each, thereby saving a couple dollars on each can and saving on shipping.

We’ve also gone in together on a 35 Lb. bag of dried onion flakes. Have you any idea how big a 35 Lb. bag of onion flakes is? It’s a bloody futon!  Between the three of us, we can split that down, suck-wrap it into manageable portions, and have what we desire in the larder.  Most recipes need onions and garlic to taste like much of anything. In fact, most of the recipes I know start with “first you get you a big-ol’ yella onion…”

Talk to your friends and neighbors… get them on the same page and get them into the concept of preparing for some major hiccups in the economy and whatever else, then get them on the bandwagon regarding stocking up. If you’re in the north, you know that you could be snowed in, thereby dependent on your stored food. I’m here in the south, and I’ve been dependent on my stored food for a couple of weeks at a time because of hurricanes. Believe me, being able to whip up a clean casserole out of some rice, canned veggies and a 12 Oz. can of turkey meat is a blessing when the rest of the world is standing in line at an empty grocery store. I’ve found that working from bulk purchases also saves money on groceries in the long term.

To add further emphasis, we know that at the time of the Great Depression, some 90% of all U.S. citizens were rural and mostly self-sufficient, yet we lost some 17 million people to starvation out of a total population of 122,775,046 in 1930.  Check my math, but it looks like we lost 1/7th of our population during the Great Depression!  Since they led us to war to pull us out of the Depression, we know that somewhere between 30 and 45 million soldiers died in WWII, and there is no way to know an exact number for sure.  So we really lost perhaps 62 million people as a result?  Holy catz!

NOW we’re down to perhaps 11% rural, and maybe half of those are self-sufficient, meaning that the other 89% are urban.  Does that mean that out of 309 million, we’re going to lose 1/7th of our population to starvation, or more,  when things finally domino? We know that FEMA has camps set up all over the U.S., ready to take in millions of people. What do you think that would be like?  How many people would just plain disappear if they went into FEMA camps?  No… better to plan ahead and be able to feed your family. It is easier to cycle food through your pantry than to buy it for any price at times of peak demand and panic buying with worthless currency.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,   She also offers an e-book, “Fat-Free Spirituality” which is packed with advanced spiritual knowledge.

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Astrology for the Next Couple of Years

I went to my friend and astrologer, Enola Dominiak, for a reading to see what was up in my chart and in general. This was back in November 2009, and I was experiencing a dry spell business-wise (a lot of people were), along with an incredible urge to write. 

Enola is a real expert… she can look at your chart from any of 6 different astrological schools and give you the scenarios. A few years back, she looked at one aspect in my chart and told me that “a mother figure” would either get really sick or die sometime that November or December… it turned out, my mother-in-law died on November 20th of a heart attack… really sudden. That’s how good she is. If you want to avail yourself of her services, her number is 713-503-1574.

Okay, now on to this year.  Enola saw no economic improvement until fall of 2010… this year. We are going to be seeing some MAJOR SHIFTS because for the next 3 years we are under the influence of Saturn in Libra. Saturn is exhalted, or empowered, in Libra. Saturn is the teacher of the zodiac, and Libra is a cardinal sign. This is a very forceful, aggressive aspect.  This is all about “relationships”… friends, lovers, employers, business relationships, and so forth, and all of these relationships will be changing  depending on how they all relate to Saturn in their charts.

One thing she stated is that we have to be very careful about staying out of negativity while Saturn is in Libra, because Saturn will give us what we think about. This is a critical spot in the global and personal balancing act.

Enola voiced concern that there was the probability of violence in the larger world and relationships, as in we-the-people regarding our government. We’re already seeing vandalism directed at members of congress as a result of their vote for ObamaCare. As the economy continues melting down with inflation and job losses, people may very well become agitated and militant. Witness the Tea Party movement now.

Other than that, the rest of 2010 looks interesting enough, astrologically speaking:  Mercury goes retrograde April 18-May 11,  then August 20-September 12, then again December 10-30th.  Venus goes retrograde October 8- November 18th… that’s in Libra… ouch.  Mars had been retrograde  since December 20th, 2009 and finally went direct on March 10th, 2010… if you noticed that not much was moving, that is one reason why.  Jupiter, the Santa Claus of the zodiac, goes retrograde from July 23-November 18… you can expect sales to be slow during this period… and remember, that goes along with a Mercury retrograde.  Saturn is now retrograde from January 13-May 30th… the teacher is revisiting some lessons to make sure we got them down pat, or we will receive a smack with the ruler. Chiron is retrograde from June 4 – November 5th… look at both your physical health and the inner health issues carefully, because they will be up in your grille.  Uranus is retrograde from July 5-December 5th… since Uranus is the divine rebel, it has to do with individualism and rapid change, so I think we will be seeing some real interesting stuff with Uranus revisiting the issues and sitting on them to make us look at them. Neptune is retrograde from May 31-November 7th… that has to do with the urge to escape limitations, living an ideal, and unity… things could get interesting over the summer.  Pluto is retrograde from April 6-September 14th… Pluto is all about transformation, evolutionary growth, elimination, power, control, the surging masses, and… transition (death).  

For me, personally, this is a time of laying down the foundations and doing some major introspection work.  When my brother who died at the end of February, was finally buried on the 19th of March, I spent a chunk of time processing rage… classic Chiron issues. I basically spent most of my childhood and teens in an unsupportive, competitive and antagonistic environment, with my brother the main reason for the turmoil, and my parents feeding it by refusing to deal with it… in fact, they didn’t start addressing my brother as an issue until 2 years after I had launched out of their house. I have to heal that in order to heal the rest of my body and drop the armor on my tummy. Enola says I came in with this anger from a past life. I am also likely to have a kundalini awakening this year. I do have a lot of good stuff going on in my chart, though.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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ObamaCare and Other Fascist Grabs

If you get the chance, give a listen to the Alex Jones Infowars interview with Judge Napolitano.  I have to tell you, it is quite empowering! We do have a lot more options than you might ordinarily think.
Gang… we are staring down the abyss.  Obama — or rather Soetoro — and his cabal are rushing to lock onto every manner of controlling us they can possibly invent before the November mid-term elections.  Right now, there are 14, going on 16 states filing suits stating that ObamaCare is unconstitutional, and mostly citing the 9th and 10th amendments of the Constitution. Truth is, ObamaCare violates MOST of the constitution… period.  Reading down the list: it also violates the 4th, 8th and the 14th amendments, and also violates a number of articles.  
Am I kidding? No!
*    According to the rules of how legislation is supposed to be done, this bill was written by the insurance industry’s lobby, and rammed through congress without anyone reading or understanding it. Legislation is supposed to originate in the House, then go to the Senate, then back to the House if a lot of changes where made, and if not, it goes to the president. It is a violation of article 1, sections 7 and 9.  This is an example of midnight legislation, similar to the 16th amendment that gave us the income tax.
*     It gives illegal aliens open access to health care here, with no I.D., even while they don’t pay income taxes here, while it requires tax-paying citizens to have that accursed “national I.D.” card we spent the last 8 years fighting off.
*    It takes away our freedom of privacy.
*    It forces us to buy insurance we don’t want and can’t afford.
*    It legally forces us to purchase a PRIVATE PRODUCT by a company… a violation of all the anti-trust laws.
*    It tells us what to do and limits our choices, threatening excessive fines and imprisonment.
*    If gives an unseen non-elected official total control over our health care. It allows that official to disallow health care coverage to anyone with a pre-existing condition, including children.
*    It contains numerous industrial pork-barrel giveaways… including the vaccine and drug manufacturers.
*    It does NOT contain any attempt at tort reform. 
*    It is an unfunded mandate.
*    It is a massive redistribution of wealth… period.
Obama and his cabal have lied time and again, not just about this legislation, but all of their campaign promises.  Obama is not a socialist… he is a totalitarian and a fascist. He wants absolute control over every aspect of your life. 
Obama himself has already perjured himself in all 50 states…  “Barack Hussein Obama” is not his legal name… it is Barry Soetoro on his certificate of adoption by his Indonesian stepfather, which, if he wasn’t already born abroad, certifies that he doesn’t qualify to be president under the constitution.  
You can bet that his bunch will be doing their best to ram through “cap and trade” as quick as they can, before the mid-term elections tosses most of the democrats (and hopefully all incumbents) out on their ears. They are rushing even as we speak. Pelosi openly made threats to the democrats in the House to get them to vote for the ObamaCare bill, telling them that they had to do this and “take the hit” for the party. Voting the “party line” instead of their conscience or the will of the constituents is more than grounds for not only voting them out at the next election, but calling them back to their districts and pressing charges against them.
You can also bet your bottom dollar that they will most likely stage a terror event just to grab even more control. I would guess that a lot of the vandalism on campaign offices was probably staged, too.  Just watch. Things are getting interesting.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Eerily Quiet 4th of July…

The date is 7/7/2011. The price of silver is back to $36.28… it was in the $33 range before the holiday weekend. Gold is at $1533.67. 

Here in Houston, and indeed most of the Southwestern United States, we are experiencing a severe drought.  There is a fireworks ban for the next 3 months.  This is the first 4th of July in my memory when I didn’t have to deal with the idiots living in my subdivision keeping me up all hours and scaring my cats with their fireworks, and then leaving trash all over the streets and lawns.  We are very far behind in rain fall… to the point where people may be praying for a hurricane. When you step out onto the grass it crackles, no matter how often you water it.  Local wildlife is under such stress that I keep several bowls of water filled in the back yard out of compassion… never mind the fact that my yard is on the raccoon and ‘possum superhighway.

Now… if for your own sake you would please go to Pastor Lindsey Williams’ blog and listen to some of the interviews, you will know what to expect.   
Pastor Williams made friends of several of the elites back when he served as chaplain for the Alaska Pipeline project back in the 1970s.  He’s been updated from time to time and goes on various radio talk shows to tell people about the developments. You really want to listen to what he is relating. Other knowledgeable people such as Bob Chapman, Gerald Celente and Webster Tarpley have all been stating their own viewpoints on things that happen to dovetail with Pastor Williams’ information perfectly. 

In short, what we can expect is what I tune in and dowsed out over a year back (posted somewhere on this blog)… in short, that the effects of inflation will become patently obvious here in the U.S. this fall, so you’ve got this summer to divest yourself of all paper assets, and buy precious metals, storable food and water, and guns and ammo.  If you can afford it, by all means install some solar power as it will come in very handy indeed.  Burglar bars will also likely come in handy.

Pastor Williams says that the elites have planned and are actively creating the various color revolutions and regime changes throughout the Middle East… it is mostly theater (no real change in government) and their main purpose is to shut down the supply of the oil coming from that region.  Any one blockage will raise the price of a barrel of oil $50… shut down the Suez Canal or the Straits of Hormuz and you’re at $200 a barrel. The Egyptian putsch was first, then Libya, now Yemen, and they’re going after Syria (which will probably put us at war with both Hammas and Iran)… the very last one to fall will be Saudi Arabia. That is their plan.  Such expensive oil will be the last straw for the American economy.  Only at that point will they produce in ANWR, the Bakken, Central Texas, and Gull Island. They’re already moving the pieces into place. The elites want oil at $150-$200 a barrel before they produce those fields.

Remember that when the government has tried all their accounting sleight of hand, ceiling limits and “stimulus” and have run out of tricks, they WILL take us to war. We’ve already got troops on the ground in Libya. We have predator drones attacking Pakistan and Yemen. Iran, Pakistan and the Saudis are begging China and Russia for protection. There is one rumor that the elites are already headed to their underground bunkers as of the 7th:  If so, we need to arrange for arcwelders to show up to make sure the bastards can’t get out.

According to Pastor Williams, in the short term, gasoline will stay below $5 a gallon, and silver and gold will stay in the neighborhood they are in  throughout this summer, then the prices will skyrocket in the fall.  The elites pulled back on the gasoline prices because they didn’t want people waking up too fast.  Gold is expected to hit $3,000 and silver will go to at least $75 by the end of this year, give or take.    The dollar WILL BE DEAD by this time in 2012.  Anything that is written on paper is worth the paper it is written on.

The overall feeling, as noticed by a number of journalists, is a very still, hazy, sleepy dreamlike feeling like just before the outbreak of World War II. Everyone seems to be concentrating on their own private bliss while trying to ignore the coming storm. This is probably your last chance to get your house in order.

The ONE thing the elites are afraid of is the awakening of humanity. Please, take time out and talk to all of your friends and family. Do your best to get them preparing for the worst. Help them snatch themselves away from the jaws of death.  Help them to save their dinner table and preserve their hard-earned assets. Make use of this engineered “dip” in precious metals prices to load up on silver and gold.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,

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Pulling Out of the Banks

Well, I have this to show you… a short documentary video about the use of actual gold and silver in place of inflating currency. I find it most enlightening and heartening that these people in Indonesia are sophisticated enough to frank their own currency instead of losing their wealth to the inflation of fiat currency.  It also makes me feel a tad depressed that the majority of Americans, and most of Europe, aren’t getting this concept down pat. In fact, I think the majority of America and Europe are in for a very rude awakening.

Up until fairly recently, both the U.S. and Great Britain made it against the law to own gold bullion. Both thankfully rescinded those insane laws.  The U.S. made it unlawful to own gold bullion back during the Great Depression… they made anyone stupid enough to do so, cash in their gold at $20 an ounce, and once that was done, the gold was revalued  at $30 an ounce. That was a huge difference back then, and a travesty as well.  In fact, I distinctly remember an old Disney movie starring Dean Jones in which the main character discovered that he had a duck that laid solid gold eggs, and the character fretted about being caught with this “bullion” by the authorities. 

I expect some similar attempt to rescind any of our attempts to maintain control over our personal wealth by the NWO types. Obama is already considering imposing a transaction fee on all bank transactions… like if you go on-line and move $100 from checking to savings, you’ll pay a 2% tax on that simple movement. Or when your paycheck hits the bank, they would collect a percentage of that (on top of what they’ve already withheld)… then there’s that “carbon tax” thing they’re trying to soak us for. It also looks like they’re going to try to get people off of cash so they can be assured of collecting these taxes.  The minute you hear that crud, you definitely keep your paychecks away from the bank. I fully expect to see alternative check cashing services cropping up at that point. I expect to see a lot of alternative commerce in general.

These central bankers are doing to the U.S. exactly what they’ve done to the countries in the European Union, as well as so many other countries around the world. In each and every case, they sink their hooks into a country’s economy, rack up the debt service, then impose “austerity measures”… they hike taxes and take away pensions. Yes, they’re doing that here. It is total economic enslavement. We have to stop it. Iceland did… their populace elected some normal non-politician citizens to clean up the mess, then arrested the officials that had created the mess, then decided NOT to pay the IMF for the debt that the country did nothing to rack up. Iceland is showing the way.

I agree that people are waking up to the fact that we are being plundered by a cabal of private bankers. I also understand that most of the money is being held and used by less than 10 big banks, who have managed to bribe congressmen to relax the regulations they had to follow, and then privatize all profits while pushing all losses to the public sector.  We need to quit subsidizing these people. When you add together what we pay in property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes and now the taxes that are going to be charged on employer-provided health insurance, it  is only a short matter of time before we see a full-on taxpayer revolt.

I’ve been pestering people, especially my family, to hurry up and at least buy some friggin’ silver. It is now up to $19.84 spot, meaning that you’ll pay over $22 for a 1 oz. silver eagle. I’ve been buying silver off and on since it hit $9 an ounce, so granted, I’m feeling pretty good about this. It won’t be long before the tipping point on silver at around $22-$24 spot per ounce will spur the market. You might as well buy silver now before the price catches up with its availability. I fully expect silver to re-index back to the old 16 to 1 ratio with gold, fairly soon.

I’m slowly pulling away from the banks, myself.   I  recommend not keeping any more in the bank than is absolutely necessary to write checks against to pay bills. I also recommend keeping cash in the house to cover bills in the event of a “bank holiday”, which looks inevitable. You know the utility companies, mortgage companies and grocery stores will continue doing business in regular money long after it loses its value. The mortgage company is under contract to accept the “currency of the realm”, so that’s a no-brainer.

One other thing… don’t put anything in a bank’s “safe deposit box”.  These things are neither regulated nor insured, and bank employees have all the keys and can plunder them at will. Get yourself a fireproof box for your important papers.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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Release and Move Forward…

The date is 8-31-2011.  Mercury just went direct, and Jupiter just went retrograde.
My friend just landed here from Santa Fe, NM a couple of months back, with a 25 foot rental truck full of accumulated stuff that completely filled her one bedroom apartment and a rented storage shed.  I marveled at the mass of stuff she kept… it looked more than a little odd to me. The truth is, when she bailed out of Florida a few years back, she had to go where she had a landing pad… and that was Santa Fe, NM, which turned out to be a new brand of horrible circumstances… she didn’t have much time to get  rid of the excess stuff.  She had to pack it all so she could go through it later.                                                                                                                                                             
She went through all sorts of crap just trying to get the basics covered. She began looking for janitorial/maid service work. When she went for interviews she was told that she couldn’t work there without a current Texas drivers license, insurance and plates… she got that. Then she was told she was too tall for the uniforms… huh? She got out and began selling some of her collected stuff, such as some inherited musical instruments… and she got the run-around. She tried selling her inherited vinyl album collection, thinking it had one set of specs when it was completely different… so she wound up selling the boxes of albums to Half Price Books for about $20.  Nothing was connecting up no matter what she did.  To top it off, it turned out she has cataracts, which effectively prevented her learning her way around Houston’s highways, and thus made it that much more difficult for her.  She was at the absolute end of her resources… not even another credit card she could exploit to feed herself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
So her next course of action was to begin going through her stuff.  She found a pair of fine art prints with hanks of hair attached to them… that is voo-doo stuff. She immediately tossed those into the dumpster and the atmosphere lightened immediately. She had a lot of excess cosmetics and personal hygeine items… 5 boxes condensed down to one box as she tossed anything that she really didn’t want.  She found a lot of cookware that she inherited from her evil adoptive mother (I’m not kidding about that), so she put all that stuff out on the sidewalk beneath her apartment, along with anything else she did not have an immediate use for, or felt the energy was inappropriate. The energy around her lightened up even more as appreciative residents of the apartment complex carried off these items.                                                                                                                                              
She suddenly got calls from her good brother (she has two, one is patently evil and is now in a nursing home), who had lined up work for her, had managed a landing pad apartment and was willing to finance another truck rental if she would just head back to Florida. She wanted to go back to work and save so she could come back to Houston in a year or so and make a real go of it. She really likes Houston.
As I went into action to find someone to drive the big truck dragging her SUV behind it to Florida, she kept finding things to get rid of.  She pawned off several plants on me… which is fine, I’ll look after them.  She also gave me a shell collection to pass on to very spiritual people… fine.  She passed off her tiny wooden bistro set with two chairs, which I am holding so a friend of the driver can come pick it up… again, good.
The driver I was able to find for her, thanks to my Native American network, turned out to be exactly what my friend needed. A very intense young man with the protector energy and a kind of “dark heyoka” spin.  When we met, I gifted this young man with a deer hide I’ve had for years, and he greatly appreciated it, and I made sure he had a good breakfast before delivering him to meet my friend who needed the driver. When I introduced the two, they immediately began comparing notes and soon became fast friends.  They worked all day today shuffling my friend’s stuff into the truck, and will be heading off to Florida first thing in the morning.  God, I am so grateful! I give thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Now the take-away from this is simple. The American Indians call the release-so-you-can-move-forward method the “giveaway”.  They would actually stage a simple ceremony and give away all of their most cherished possessions to friends and family and the community at large in order to move the energy.  I have another friend who walked away from an incredibly abusive marriage, leaving her stuff and a house that she owed outright to her abuser… she simply released it all in her intent, saying, “All of it will be replaced with something as good or even better” and so it was.  It is a type of feng shui.  My friend was doing this instinctively, and as she lightened her load, the roadblocks disappeared. I expect to soon hear back from her that her emotional and physical health issues will have fallen away as well.

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,

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What Aspartame Poisoning Looks Like

We’d always known my brother-in-law was a little off-plumb… he was generally clueless but generally a good person.  Two failed marriages and three kids reared far away from him.  He stayed in Mama’s house during the last few years of her life.  He stayed in the back bedroom and it astonished all of us how he was cluttering that up, and the clutter… piles of printed documents… extending out into the hallway. Mama wasn’t real happy about it, but put up with it. She needed the company while she was in decline. Mama passed early in 2006… after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita had ravaged the region. The funeral preparations and service were all heartfelt. My brother-in-law stayed in that house, in spite of having his own house a few miles away… paid for, no less. My husband and sister-in-law each had other things taking up their focus, so we left the estate, per the will, up to brother-in-law to execute, and he was slow at handling things.

Brother-in-law had a penchant for hooking up with what we thought were bitchy women.  He seemed to have done best in the time between his first and second marriages, long before he got type II diabetes, when he was an electrical engineer, a socially active recreational diver, talented underwater photographer, and rode a motorcycle. When the second marriage ended, he seemed to go into depression, though he seemed to hide it. He had trouble keeping jobs.

Brother-in-law had digestive troubles his whole life, and he eventually wound up on metformin and a range of other meds. I do remember that he always had a diet soda… sometimes with a twist of lime, but always something sudsy and loaded with excitotoxins and stuff to trash his neurology.

Last fall, we took him to the emergency room for what appeared to be a stroke… he met us out in the front yard and we waited with him until he was admitted… and he stayed for a week. Early in the morning on January 18th we got a call from him, asking for a ride to the hospital, but a swing through McDonald’s first… his speech was badly slurred. My husband and I pulled ourselves together and headed out into the primetime morning traffic to Mama’s house… he wasn’t answering the phone on our way in, and he didn’t answer the door. We let ourselves in through the carport door into the kitchen, noting all the trash piled up outside the door. When we opened the door, the sight that greeted us was nothing short of shocking, and the stench likewise would have knocked a buzzard from an offal wagon. The trash… rotting food… soda cans… newspapers… was hip-deep throughout the house. We carefully picked our way through the den into the hallway to find brother-in-law naked, dead weight on the floor of the back bedroom, unable to get up. Time for an ambulance. I tried to open the front door, but it was a new lock. After some rummaging around, we found the correct pair of pants with the keys inside, and I used the keys to let myself outside, while my husband worked with brother-in-law to get some clothing onto him. From the front walk I dialed 911 and described the situation. After making that call, I called both sister-in-law and her daughter, which she lives with. Neither answered. By the time the big firetruck got there and had entered to kick enough junk out of the way to get a gurney in, the daughter called me back and I described the situation, sparing nothing. No point in candy-coating a situation like this. The ambulance arrived and got brother-in-law onto a gurney, then into the transport, and hooked up with a saline IV. The firefighters pulled me to one side saying that if there had been a fire, there wouldn’t have been much they could have done to deal with it… I needed to get that mess handled. I agreed.

We followed the ambulance and waited with brother-in-law in the emergency room cubie until the proper tests had been run, checked by a very young doctor, and  finally admitted 5 hours later.

We called in a family strike force that week to clear out the trash so we could get that house onto the market before the market bottoms out.  My sister-in-law’s older daughter showed up Thursday and bulldozed a path through the trash like the Army Corps of Engineers. Sister-in-law and her other daughter, with breastfeeding baby in tow came in Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We spent the next three weeks, off and on, working through the trash, taking trunk-loads of newspaper bundles to the recycle bins behind the church on the corner. Neither bathroom (faucets and toilets) was functioning, nor was the water heater, washer or dryer, or dishwasher. The trash in the kitchen was chest high on me, and those weren’t coffee grounds all over the kitchen counters… they were drifts of roach droppings. What he saved was insane. What he piled up was insane.  This wasn’t just being physically sick, it was mentally sick. He had become a trash hoarder. The newspapers and other trash in the back bathroom was literally up to the counter. We sent photos of the mess to brother-in-law’s three adult kids from our cell phones asking for help and essentially were told either they didn’t have the money for gas or didn’t have the time… they’d written him off. It was a shock seeing Mama’s house, which had always been kept neat as a pin from the time it was built, turned into a garbage dump.

The second week I took some items to brother-in-law in the hospital.  He’d already been moved twice by then. I finally asked exactly what was wrong and got the answer… liver cancer. He had a cluster of varying sized tumors in his liver and the oncologist was researching the options for treatment.  He might have had one phone call from each of his kids while at the big hospital, though I doubt it, and none of them visited.  On Monday the 31st, he was transferred to a specialty hospital.  One week later, on February 5th, he passed at 2 PM. His younger daughter, in her 20s, arrived 10 minutes after his death, and his eldest daughter arrived 15 minutes after that, hanging out in that ward, petting his bright yellow hand and sobbing dramatically while trying not to ruin their makeup. That was the first time they had visited him during that round of hospitalization.  I’d like to mention that brother-in-law was only 66 years old, yet looked 96… no muscle/skin tone, sagging jowls, sallow eyes. Way too young to look that bad.

While in the waiting room, I got an earful from the second ex-wife… seems the trash hoarding is a chunk of the reason their marriage ended… she wasn’t even allowed to throw out an old tuna can, and his magazines were sacrosanct… add to all that  stress the fact that she had gone through a radical hysterectomy at age 37 (her hormones were messed up for sure), worked her tail off while rearing two children, and I had the reason why she was so over-the-top bitchy at the time. Yes, he was mentally ill back then.  I finally got brother-in-law’s attorney on the phone, and got information from him of a funeral home with an excellent package deal on cremation. I got hold of that funeral home, exchanged info and scheduled an appointment, then rounded up the charge nurse to pull together the paperwork to discharge brother-in-law’s body to the funeral home and the eldest daughter signed the papers. 

Later that day, at 5:15 PM, we convened at the funeral home, where my husband shelled out the $1300 and the daughter signed the paperwork.  We will hold a funeral when the weather is nice enough to go out on Galveston Bay and place his biodegradable urn among some nice artificial reef.  The good thing is we didn’t have to liquidate his estate to keep him in a hospital. Looks like the IRS might get a chunk of what’s left, though.

It was almost over except for the paperwork of finishing Mama’s estate and figuring out how to handle brother-in-law’s estate.   With all the work we’re saddled with in mopping up the mess, we’re not happy about the lack of help from these sterling offspring of his. Last I heard, which was today, was the absentee son and daughter planned on coming down this weekend to “help” but more likely just to cruise brother-in-law’s house looking for whatever they can take.  That’s fine… they can also handle the physical, legal and financial mess he left as well… as long as they reimburse us for the taxes we paid to keep that house out of the auction on the courthouse steps as well as paying for the cremation.

I attribute a large chunk of his sickness to the diet drinks.
Aspartame (Nutrasweet or Neotame) is a powerful neurotoxin. It is akin to injecting formaldehyde into your veins. It will bring on tumors of all sorts (especially in the brain), stroke, depression, bipolar syndrome, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, lupus and a range of other diseases… and the aspertame version of these diseases doesn’t respond to the medical pharmacoepia.
Sucralose (Splenda) is also quite deadly. It is chlorinated sugar and compares to injecting chlorine into your veins. Use of this will shrink your thymus (the seat of your immune system) by 40% in a fairly short amount of time, along with the number of red and white blood cells. It will mess up your spleen, too. It will make you susceptible to all kinds of infections, not the least of which is cancer.
Both will mess up your liver and kidneys.
Add to that the fact that he ate corporate fast food loaded with MSG most of the time, which will result in acid reflux, bowel problems, panic attacks, numbness in the extremities, water retention (edema), itching of the skin and a whole range of other problems, most of which brother-in-law presented symptoms of.  Soy in general is an endocrine disruptor and soybean oil will block your uptake of what nutrients you are getting in your diet.

Please pay attention to what you consume. Don’t use this poisonous stuff. I just got through counseling a lady in West Texas whose mother is hooked on the artificial sweeteners and is battling cancer for the third time.  Yes, I can make a nice piece of jewelry for the lady, to give her comfort, but she really needs to detox from these poisons, get on a chelation program and figure out which flavor of cancer she’s got and treat that.

Apart from cancers created by radioactive elements, they are generally classified as either bacterial, viral, fungal or mold. Radioactive elements are showing up in public water supplies because they add “sodium fluoride” which is nothing more than industrial mining effluent sold under that name. Fluoride will give you cancer, rot your bones, mess up your teeth and dumb you down.  It’s a soft-kill, just like the vaccines, aspartame, sucralose and MSG.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, 

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Republican Swing?

Every time I hear from my mom, she’s talking about getting  the democrats out of office. True, we need to do that. Problem is, the republicans have gone “neocon”, meaning they are no longer in favor of reduced government, reduced taxes and reduced infringement of government into our lives.  Consequently, both parties are effectively the SAME. Both are fascist and both are obviously going to continue taking us to war over the thinnest of non-excuses. Both are printing money willy-nilly and both are giving that money, and the debt it represents, to the banking cabal that is intent on owning the entire world. Both are fully intent on destroying America, both through the unprecedented growth of a police/surveillance state, removal of the borders, shipping all the jobs off-shore, and unfettered currency printing, thereby destroying the entire economy.

We are replaying several world epochs right now. America has long since entered the age of empire, and we’re now fighting two-going-on-three wars in a pointless attempt to own the entire Eurasian corridor from the Mediteranean to the Pacific… if you don’t believe me just take out a map.  If you’ve listened to Faux News lately, you know they’re planning on taking us to war on Iran, and Iran has been fully armed by Russia.  We can’t afford these wars, to say the least, and the loss of dollar hegemony assures we won’t have the ability to bully other countries for very long.

Bush got that ball rolling with the 9-11 reichstag fire and subsequent introduction of the whole surveillance state to place Americans on lock-down even as illegal immigrants run roughshod over all of us, unabated.

Obama is intent on doing exactly what the Nazis did: regulate all small business out of business. There is a provision in the ObamaCare law that says that any business spending $600 or more in a calendar year with any contractor or other business, the business owner has to issue a 1099 statement to that contractor or business. That means that people like me, with a small home-based business, will have to issue a 1099 to Office Depot, Sams Club, and anyone else.  Any long-distance trucker has to issue a 1099 to every gas station he visits in the course of a year, and each refuel is something like $2000 – $3000.  Never mind the fact that we’re already reporting those expenses as deductions and the other parties are reporting those transactions as income.  It is insanity.  Requiring everyone to purchase insurance is patently unconstitutional, and Obama recently admitted that his scheme actually added expense, increased premiums and still didn’t cover pre-existing conditions, still leaving people without care.

The neocons got their real start under good old President Reagan. Back then, the neocons were the crazies that were kept locked in the back rooms. He let them out just often enough to give Rumsfield a free ride by forcing the FDA to approve aspertame (Nutrasweet) for use in foods, in spite of spotty or nonexistent research to prove its safety… and we now know that it is a powerful neurotoxin.

The other world epoch we’re replaying right now is economic collapse.  They’ve been printing trillions of dollars, and the only thing keeping the big inflation from hitting full-force has been the fact that the 6 big banks that own 80% of our economy have been playing with it for a while, keeping the momentum slow by not lending money. The Federal Reserve loans the U.S. every dollar it prints at interest, and is about to start buying the U.S. Treasury Bills that other foreign countries are refusing to buy at this point, meaning they’re collecting from us coming and going. Right now, the U.S. total debt is so high that the government can’t even pay the interest on it, and the total is running over $150 trillion, probably closer to $200 trillion.  The U.S. debt is actually more than the combined gross national product for the entire planet, several times over.  They will likely continue to print more money.

 So what happens if we sweep republicans into office every chance we get? The ones they replace will still have until January 20th, roughly 3 months or so to do whatever they want with impunity.  Secondly, if the new representatives and senators are not constitutionalists, we will still have all of the same problems because they will all still be owned by the banking cartel.  We can expect things to continue going downhill.

Let me make a prediction:   The Tea Parties have essentially already been coopted from the inside by the republicans.  The republicans will NOT repeal ObamaCare, at least not in entirety. They will continue to raise taxes, and print more money, and give everything away to their big-business cronies.  The only hope we have is to do everything we can to elect constitutionalists instead of republican lawyers who have already sold us out. 

When they’ve managed to tank our currency, they WILL take us to war, and it will likely be a world war.   I also predict massive tax protests, civil unrest and further expanded police state.  They’re already planning on a replacement currency called the Bancor, which would also be a fiat currency, still issued by the central banks at interest.  What we really have to do is stop playing by the banking cabal’s rules.  The smart people are already planning ahead and getting themselves out of their system.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,  

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An Old Friend Passes…

I remember meeting J’ton at a Lone Star Dowsers meeting back in the early 90s. She had only recently escaped “Frankenstein”, her abusive husband.  She had also only recently left exotic dancing as a way of making a living.  Having been living on the razor’s edge for so many years, and having already had one near death experience, she had already processed so much of her shadow. I found in her a very evolved person.  In subsequent months I helped her through withdrawal from marijuana… quite without knowing it; I just knew I had to call her at a given time. 
Over time, she processed through what she had gone through with “Frankenstein” and quit feeding the negativity with that nickname. She processed further difficulties with “frenemies” and toxic relatives, learning to cut the toxicity out of her life. I applauded as she kicked manipulators and thieves to the curb, chewing them out as she did so.
Our typical means of hanging out was over the phone… we’d have marathon conversations covering hundreds of topics, from the most spiritual stuff to the basics of painting the living room or the finer points of gardening. We went through Reiki and Johrei training together. We were each other’s best teachers and shrinks.
Coming up, we were both latchkey kids, except I had both of my parents, and she only had her mother, two sisters and brother.  Her mom was an advocate for her kids, but admittedly not much of a parent… they didn’t have birth control back in the the 1950s, and this woman certainly would have used it if it had been available. As it was, the lady was stuck rearing 4 kids solo back when women didn’t really have many career options.  Once the father walked out, her mom had to go from cleaning offices, to secretarial work for a homebuilder, and ultimately to becoming a realtor; she wasn’t around the house to do much parenting so she drilled it into the kids that they’d better not get into any trouble.  My friend’s overall feeling of the situation was that she and her siblings would not have been born had her mother had a choice… a feeling of abandonment in the womb.
She went from being an “A” student in high school that took mostly classes where she DIDN’T know the subject matter. She went to work for several drug stores. She got good at accounting.
She got married, then divorced, then married a guy that had previously taken revenge on her behalf after he had gotten out of prison… that was “Frankenstein”. You see, back when J’ton was all of 12, she went to a friend’s house and the friend’s high-school age older sister was having a big party. A group of these older boys took J’ton out into the boonies and gang-raped her.  J’ton was so socially astute at that time, that she managed to convince her rapists to deliver back home to her house instead of killing her and dumping her body out in some field.
When “Frankenstein” got out of juvenile prison for some other crime, he made contact with her, and promptly began hunting these rapists down one by one, first stalking and terrorizing them, then ultimately at least beating them to a pudding, crippling them.  She married that guy and spent years working off what must have been lifetimes of bad karmas. She was beaten, browbeaten and threatened.  She paid the bills in the household… this is when she got into exotic dancing, since working for a drugstore didn’t make much money. Granted, she only worked at high end clubs on the far end of town from where she lived. She bought herself an RV as a potential escape vehicle. She went fishing to get away from it all.  During this time, she became addicted to heroine, pot, and barbiturates. She went through two abortions and one tubal pregnancy… which was the only point when Frankenstein ever showed her any compassion.  She did the old back and forth of the typical abuser/abusee relationship… a beating followed by a honeymoon period, followed by a more severe beating.   The abuse finally got to where she had to escape from her house in fear for her life, wearing only a torn nightgown, no shoes and no panties, and walked to her mother’s house, where she stayed for some years. She worked in dancing just a few nights a month… enough to pay her bills and start creating a new life for herself.  She read a lot of metaphysical and spiritual books. She finally got it together and started getting off the drugs… she said the heroine was easy to quit, while the barbiturates had her rolled up in a ball on the floor of her closet for days at a time.  At some point, she had to leave her mom’s house for fear of “Frankenstein’s” threats… she moved out on her own in an effort to keep her mom safe.
J’ton told me of her near-death experience back when she was in her 20s… she had attempted to commit suicide by drugs and was taken into the tunnel of Light. She was hauled before the Throne of God, with Jesus present, and chastised for committing this hideous crime against one of God’s own creations (herself). She was shown what the rest of her life would be like, with a number of key events. She was introduced to the being who would be “walking in” to take over had she decided to abdicate her physical life. She chewed out her “spirit guide” for being such a wuss.  Ultimately, she went back to her body. Over the years, she watched as one marker event come true after another. Some events never got a chance to come about.
Over the years, she had many experiences with extraterrestrials… when she was perhaps 6 or 8, she saw one of the Grays in her yard, and worried that the little guy might be lost. The lack of fear probably kept her from being bothered by them.  More recently at her house in Spring, a group of very high beings hung out in her house and yard… turns out they were transdimensional aliens that figured her place was a hotel/rest stop, and were puzzled that she wasn’t rustling up grub for them. 
More recently, as she was in the process of packing her household to move up to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, her household was visited, but this time by bad aliens. She knew they were in the house, and they had paralyzed her, and sprayed her with something. She spent the next month or so pulling small nano-implants out of her legs and lower back. She pins the beginning of her sickness to this incident.  In subsequent months, she had more and more pain in the lower end of her colon, along with a tumor on the outside of her lady-parts. Her husband was working, but had been denied insurance, so she didn’t seek out a doctor.  The pain grew and grew to the point where she could not sit in a car. She couldn’t search for her next house, and had to leave that task to her husband, who simply didn’t understand what was going on with her. She took increasing amounts of aspirin over this period, which barely controlled the pain.
When at last her husband had a job with insurance, she looked for doctors. At length, she found a chiropractor who told her how to approach the system and still have it handled by insurance in spite of the difficulty being obviously preexisting. She went to one of those suburban stand-alone emergency rooms and they sent her to a hospital for admission, which led to a whole string of testing.  The doctors sat her husband down and told him what she was likely dying of cancer as he broke down crying.  Around the same time as her diagnosis, her mom was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, and died a few months later.
She was down to lying in bed, occasionally going to the bathroom, and occasionally calling her husband to request specific things from the grocery store. She ate the insides of peach, nectarine and apricot seeds. She ate tumeric, but discovered that it detoxed the painkillers so quickly and to such an extent that she couldn’t take it any more.  As the time progressed, she was able to speak on the phone with me less and less, and I felt guilty when it got to where she needed to hang up after perhaps only 5 minutes of chatting. 
When she told me specifically what she was dealing with, and what the doctors had given her to deal with it… a form of Morphine… I had to ask the question: “J’ton… you know that when they give you morphine, they’ve essentially written you off… they’ve sent you home to die. My question for you is, have you written yourself off or do you think you’re gonna beat this thing?”  Her reply was that she felt like she was going to beat it. 
Well… the aspect of Spirit has a number of ways of interpreting things.  Beating a disease may not mean actually conquering the disease and making the body well.  Sometimes the aspect of Spirit sees victory as just walking away from the body and letting the damn disease have what’s left of the body and giving you a NEW body.  Having seen heaven, and having memories of past lives on different planets, J’ton was not really attached to physical life. She wanted to go to that other earth where things were easy.  She spent much of her life studying for when she got to go back into Spirit.
This past month I had tried several times to call her, feeling that something was going on. Having been in hospice for some two weeks,  J’ton finally beat colon cancer Wednesday afternoon. She had just enjoyed her single most favorite meal… grilled cheese and tomato soup. Shortly thereafter, she needed a morphine push, and settled down for a nap… and released her gentle spirit.
Her husband called me Thursday to break the news.  He said that she didn’t want a service and that her ashes were going to be divided into four packets… the first would be sprinkled over her family’s burial plot, another would be sprinkled among the various planters in her favorite mall (her hobby was shopping), one would be sprinkled among the planters in her favorite Indian casino, and the last most likely will be sprinkled out at her favorite fishing wharf at Galveston.  I contacted various mutual friends, including two spiritualists to make sure that she went into the Light… seems being pumped full of morphine will confuse even the most evolved spirits.  I sent her many prayers and much energy with the intent of nurturing her through the transition. I know she’s been set free, and that she’s been looking over my shoulder as I’ve typed this out.  I don’t begrudge her release, but I really miss my friend. It really leaves a hole in my life.
Looking back over the last few months… the lady who runs one of the local psychic fairs has held fairly regular short memorial services for local psychics and the like that had chosen this point in time to go to Spirit, and not just the old farts that were already circling the toilets, either.
You see, it is “THE TIMES”.  You see, knowing what we are facing in the next few years, a lot of people who are not on the “earth mission” made the deal with their Higher Selves before entering their current bodies that they didn’t want to deal with the funk, so they are leaving.  Some people who ARE on the “earth mission” are graduating to the next level in order to better assist. Look around and take note of the people passing around you… some are escaping and others are graduating, while the rest of us are either getting prepared and entrenched in advance of the coming societal upheavals, and the rest of the people around us are having one last hurrah before their worlds are turned upside down.  

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website,

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