Well, I’m Back…

November 2, 2015

I’ve been through hell and back, to say the least. I’ve nearly let my jewelry business go. I’m back at it though.

So what all has gone on? Let’s see here… my own various health crises… had to have my uterus roto-rootered to remove a bunchload of cysts that had me bleeding out heavily — we’re talking adult diapers here — 2 weeks out of every month. It took a while to find a doctor that wouldn’t take undue advantage of my being knocked out cold on the operating table like they did my sister. They didn’t tell my sister anything beforehand, they just ripped out everything she had and didn’t even leave her an ovary. Even though the surgery was minimal, I lost a ton of blood in that, on top of what I’d already lost. It took a long time to re-build. The antibiotics they put me on added another layer of difficulty by trashing an already delicate digestive tract.

Last fall I had to go in for a colonoscopy to see what was going on… I had only ONE polyp, but several areas of inflammation in the colon and a small hiatal hernia. I also had acid reflux, which means I wasn’t creating enough hydrochloric acid to handle digestion and prevent food poisoning.
I switched to non-GMO foods… gluten free flour blends and the like, which have helped me a lot.

Having done some research, I can put the hormonal hangups, digestive issues and cysts directly on the doorstep of Monsanto. People don’t realize how poisonous the standard food really is. More than 90% of the wheat, corn and soy are GMO… which means 3 things:
1. Farmers don’t have the ability to hold back some of this year’s crop to plant next year’s crop… the crops are engineered to be sterile.
2. The crops are also engineered to produce their own insecticides when the plants think they are under attack… such as the time of harvest. This poison remains in the crop and all products made from the crop.
3. The crops are engineered to be “Roundup ready”, meaning that the crops WILL be soaked in glyphosphate herbicide between 2 weeks and 3 days before harvest. This means that each crop has soaked up all of those herbicides.
As a result, eating common non-organic, GMO foods will slowly poison you… give you cysts and tumors, trash your immune system, kill off the beneficial flora and fauna in your digestive tract (which is the basis of the immune system.

How to get it all corrected? Switch to non-GMO everything… go gluten-free. Probiotic everything… good yogurt, kombucha (they’re even offering kombucha drinks at Sam’s Club and Costco), various enzymes and herbs to assist digestion and apple cider vinegar before every meal to aid in digestion. When you get the stomach digesting correctly, your nutritional uptake and overall health improves. My skin looks so much better.

So… I’m finally back in the saddle.

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc

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Requirement for Exercise…

I have to tell you that I am often motivated by odd things.
I got motivated to get out and walk this evening… and every evening that I can from here on out.
You see, we met my dece
ased brother-in-law’s kids at my husband’s mother’s house so they could get their dad’s old cars off the property.  You see, my husband finally got executorship over his mom’s estate after his brother sat on it for nearly 6 years (looting it and the financial assets) and then his sister sat on it for another 6 months before also dying, and having done nothing to handle the estate.  And we’ve been stuck with the work and the bills. It’s been a huge cluster-*&%# to say the least.
It took a while to get it across to the B-I-L’s kids that if the property sells with those vehicles on site, the vehicles are PART of the property.  These were the two younger of his kids… both under 30, and both about a foot taller than me (I’m 5’3″) and both are obese. I’m not kidding… OBESE!  If they’re not already diabetic, they will be shortly.  My B-I-L’s eldest child, by another mother, is 43, has always been overweight, and is on Metformin.  I look at how bad they look at their youthful ages and then look at myself. Yeah, I can stand to drop some weight… like 50 pounds!  I still look better now at age 52 than they do now.  I plan on being around a helluva long time, and I won’t be whining about it.
The daughter’s illegitimate child is normal weight but hyperactive and… well… stupid.  He runs all over the place, going apeshit and babbling. Most kids his age can form sentences. I’ll charitably put it down to vaccine damage, and maybe a shallow gene pool.
So… after the kids all left and we locked up and headed home, we marveled at what they looked like.  If either of these young ones or the son’s fat girlfriend had to haul ass, they’d all have to make two trips.  We marveled at how they were all such entitled whining wimps, and how the son is a twerp on top of that.   We went home and had a very pleasing grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup for dinner. Instead of letting dinner settle, I grabbed my cell phone and pocketed my .22 derringer, and headed out the door for as long a walk as I could stand.  I chatted with a friend as I went around one block, then another, then a third and then a couple of times around the track.
So, working at several professions that typically require long periods of sitting at a desk, it becomes all important to get some real exercise in.  Exercise raises the endorphin level, burns off excess calories, helps you sleep and improves your cholesterol. Exercise is one of few things that will raise the “good” cholesterol.  The good thing about the arrival of fall in Texas, is I can do a lot more walking before melting into a puddle of sweat.  I intend to walk as much as I can, and as often as I can.  Walking is a load-bearing exercise that is good for your bones.  I need to find some weights to carry, too.

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc

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What Aspartame Poisoning Looks Like

We’d always known my brother-in-law was a little off-plumb… he was generally clueless but generally a good person.  Two failed marriages and three kids reared far away from him.  He stayed in Mama’s house during the last few years of her life.  He stayed in the back bedroom and it astonished all of us how he was cluttering that up, and the clutter… piles of printed documents… extending out into the hallway. Mama wasn’t real happy about it, but put up with it. She needed the company while she was in decline. Mama passed early in 2006… after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita had ravaged the region. The funeral preparations and service were all heartfelt. My brother-in-law stayed in that house, in spite of having his own house a few miles away… paid for, no less. My husband and sister-in-law each had other things taking up their focus, so we left the estate, per the will, up to brother-in-law to execute, and he was slow at handling things.

Brother-in-law had a penchant for hooking up with what we thought were bitchy women.  He seemed to have done best in the time between his first and second marriages, long before he got type II diabetes, when he was an electrical engineer, a socially active recreational diver, talented underwater photographer, and rode a motorcycle. When the second marriage ended, he seemed to go into depression, though he seemed to hide it. He had trouble keeping jobs.

Brother-in-law had digestive troubles his whole life, and he eventually wound up on metformin and a range of other meds. I do remember that he always had a diet soda… sometimes with a twist of lime, but always something sudsy and loaded with excitotoxins and stuff to trash his neurology.

Last fall, we took him to the emergency room for what appeared to be a stroke… he met us out in the front yard and we waited with him until he was admitted… and he stayed for a week. Early in the morning on January 18th we got a call from him, asking for a ride to the hospital, but a swing through McDonald’s first… his speech was badly slurred. My husband and I pulled ourselves together and headed out into the primetime morning traffic to Mama’s house… he wasn’t answering the phone on our way in, and he didn’t answer the door. We let ourselves in through the carport door into the kitchen, noting all the trash piled up outside the door. When we opened the door, the sight that greeted us was nothing short of shocking, and the stench likewise would have knocked a buzzard from an offal wagon. The trash… rotting food… soda cans… newspapers… was hip-deep throughout the house. We carefully picked our way through the den into the hallway to find brother-in-law naked, dead weight on the floor of the back bedroom, unable to get up. Time for an ambulance. I tried to open the front door, but it was a new lock. After some rummaging around, we found the correct pair of pants with the keys inside, and I used the keys to let myself outside, while my husband worked with brother-in-law to get some clothing onto him. From the front walk I dialed 911 and described the situation. After making that call, I called both sister-in-law and her daughter, which she lives with. Neither answered. By the time the big firetruck got there and had entered to kick enough junk out of the way to get a gurney in, the daughter called me back and I described the situation, sparing nothing. No point in candy-coating a situation like this. The ambulance arrived and got brother-in-law onto a gurney, then into the transport, and hooked up with a saline IV. The firefighters pulled me to one side saying that if there had been a fire, there wouldn’t have been much they could have done to deal with it… I needed to get that mess handled. I agreed.

We followed the ambulance and waited with brother-in-law in the emergency room cubie until the proper tests had been run, checked by a very young doctor, and  finally admitted 5 hours later.

We called in a family strike force that week to clear out the trash so we could get that house onto the market before the market bottoms out.  My sister-in-law’s older daughter showed up Thursday and bulldozed a path through the trash like the Army Corps of Engineers. Sister-in-law and her other daughter, with breastfeeding baby in tow came in Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We spent the next three weeks, off and on, working through the trash, taking trunk-loads of newspaper bundles to the recycle bins behind the church on the corner. Neither bathroom (faucets and toilets) was functioning, nor was the water heater, washer or dryer, or dishwasher. The trash in the kitchen was chest high on me, and those weren’t coffee grounds all over the kitchen counters… they were drifts of roach droppings. What he saved was insane. What he piled up was insane.  This wasn’t just being physically sick, it was mentally sick. He had become a trash hoarder. The newspapers and other trash in the back bathroom was literally up to the counter. We sent photos of the mess to brother-in-law’s three adult kids from our cell phones asking for help and essentially were told either they didn’t have the money for gas or didn’t have the time… they’d written him off. It was a shock seeing Mama’s house, which had always been kept neat as a pin from the time it was built, turned into a garbage dump.

The second week I took some items to brother-in-law in the hospital.  He’d already been moved twice by then. I finally asked exactly what was wrong and got the answer… liver cancer. He had a cluster of varying sized tumors in his liver and the oncologist was researching the options for treatment.  He might have had one phone call from each of his kids while at the big hospital, though I doubt it, and none of them visited.  On Monday the 31st, he was transferred to a specialty hospital.  One week later, on February 5th, he passed at 2 PM. His younger daughter, in her 20s, arrived 10 minutes after his death, and his eldest daughter arrived 15 minutes after that, hanging out in that ward, petting his bright yellow hand and sobbing dramatically while trying not to ruin their makeup. That was the first time they had visited him during that round of hospitalization.  I’d like to mention that brother-in-law was only 66 years old, yet looked 96… no muscle/skin tone, sagging jowls, sallow eyes. Way too young to look that bad.

While in the waiting room, I got an earful from the second ex-wife… seems the trash hoarding is a chunk of the reason their marriage ended… she wasn’t even allowed to throw out an old tuna can, and his magazines were sacrosanct… add to all that  stress the fact that she had gone through a radical hysterectomy at age 37 (her hormones were messed up for sure), worked her tail off while rearing two children, and I had the reason why she was so over-the-top bitchy at the time. Yes, he was mentally ill back then.  I finally got brother-in-law’s attorney on the phone, and got information from him of a funeral home with an excellent package deal on cremation. I got hold of that funeral home, exchanged info and scheduled an appointment, then rounded up the charge nurse to pull together the paperwork to discharge brother-in-law’s body to the funeral home and the eldest daughter signed the papers. 

Later that day, at 5:15 PM, we convened at the funeral home, where my husband shelled out the $1300 and the daughter signed the paperwork.  We will hold a funeral when the weather is nice enough to go out on Galveston Bay and place his biodegradable urn among some nice artificial reef.  The good thing is we didn’t have to liquidate his estate to keep him in a hospital. Looks like the IRS might get a chunk of what’s left, though.

It was almost over except for the paperwork of finishing Mama’s estate and figuring out how to handle brother-in-law’s estate.   With all the work we’re saddled with in mopping up the mess, we’re not happy about the lack of help from these sterling offspring of his. Last I heard, which was today, was the absentee son and daughter planned on coming down this weekend to “help” but more likely just to cruise brother-in-law’s house looking for whatever they can take.  That’s fine… they can also handle the physical, legal and financial mess he left as well… as long as they reimburse us for the taxes we paid to keep that house out of the auction on the courthouse steps as well as paying for the cremation.

I attribute a large chunk of his sickness to the diet drinks.
Aspartame (Nutrasweet or Neotame) is a powerful neurotoxin. It is akin to injecting formaldehyde into your veins. It will bring on tumors of all sorts (especially in the brain), stroke, depression, bipolar syndrome, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, lupus and a range of other diseases… and the aspertame version of these diseases doesn’t respond to the medical pharmacoepia.
Sucralose (Splenda) is also quite deadly. It is chlorinated sugar and compares to injecting chlorine into your veins. Use of this will shrink your thymus (the seat of your immune system) by 40% in a fairly short amount of time, along with the number of red and white blood cells. It will mess up your spleen, too. It will make you susceptible to all kinds of infections, not the least of which is cancer.
Both will mess up your liver and kidneys.
Add to that the fact that he ate corporate fast food loaded with MSG most of the time, which will result in acid reflux, bowel problems, panic attacks, numbness in the extremities, water retention (edema), itching of the skin and a whole range of other problems, most of which brother-in-law presented symptoms of.  Soy in general is an endocrine disruptor and soybean oil will block your uptake of what nutrients you are getting in your diet.

Please pay attention to what you consume. Don’t use this poisonous stuff. I just got through counseling a lady in West Texas whose mother is hooked on the artificial sweeteners and is battling cancer for the third time.  Yes, I can make a nice piece of jewelry for the lady, to give her comfort, but she really needs to detox from these poisons, get on a chelation program and figure out which flavor of cancer she’s got and treat that.

Apart from cancers created by radioactive elements, they are generally classified as either bacterial, viral, fungal or mold. Radioactive elements are showing up in public water supplies because they add “sodium fluoride” which is nothing more than industrial mining effluent sold under that name. Fluoride will give you cancer, rot your bones, mess up your teeth and dumb you down.  It’s a soft-kill, just like the vaccines, aspartame, sucralose and MSG.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc 

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An Old Friend Passes…

I remember meeting J’ton at a Lone Star Dowsers meeting back in the early 90s. She had only recently escaped “Frankenstein”, her abusive husband.  She had also only recently left exotic dancing as a way of making a living.  Having been living on the razor’s edge for so many years, and having already had one near death experience, she had already processed so much of her shadow. I found in her a very evolved person.  In subsequent months I helped her through withdrawal from marijuana… quite without knowing it; I just knew I had to call her at a given time. 
Over time, she processed through what she had gone through with “Frankenstein” and quit feeding the negativity with that nickname. She processed further difficulties with “frenemies” and toxic relatives, learning to cut the toxicity out of her life. I applauded as she kicked manipulators and thieves to the curb, chewing them out as she did so.
Our typical means of hanging out was over the phone… we’d have marathon conversations covering hundreds of topics, from the most spiritual stuff to the basics of painting the living room or the finer points of gardening. We went through Reiki and Johrei training together. We were each other’s best teachers and shrinks.
Coming up, we were both latchkey kids, except I had both of my parents, and she only had her mother, two sisters and brother.  Her mom was an advocate for her kids, but admittedly not much of a parent… they didn’t have birth control back in the the 1950s, and this woman certainly would have used it if it had been available. As it was, the lady was stuck rearing 4 kids solo back when women didn’t really have many career options.  Once the father walked out, her mom had to go from cleaning offices, to secretarial work for a homebuilder, and ultimately to becoming a realtor; she wasn’t around the house to do much parenting so she drilled it into the kids that they’d better not get into any trouble.  My friend’s overall feeling of the situation was that she and her siblings would not have been born had her mother had a choice… a feeling of abandonment in the womb.
She went from being an “A” student in high school that took mostly classes where she DIDN’T know the subject matter. She went to work for several drug stores. She got good at accounting.
She got married, then divorced, then married a guy that had previously taken revenge on her behalf after he had gotten out of prison… that was “Frankenstein”. You see, back when J’ton was all of 12, she went to a friend’s house and the friend’s high-school age older sister was having a big party. A group of these older boys took J’ton out into the boonies and gang-raped her.  J’ton was so socially astute at that time, that she managed to convince her rapists to deliver back home to her house instead of killing her and dumping her body out in some field.
When “Frankenstein” got out of juvenile prison for some other crime, he made contact with her, and promptly began hunting these rapists down one by one, first stalking and terrorizing them, then ultimately at least beating them to a pudding, crippling them.  She married that guy and spent years working off what must have been lifetimes of bad karmas. She was beaten, browbeaten and threatened.  She paid the bills in the household… this is when she got into exotic dancing, since working for a drugstore didn’t make much money. Granted, she only worked at high end clubs on the far end of town from where she lived. She bought herself an RV as a potential escape vehicle. She went fishing to get away from it all.  During this time, she became addicted to heroine, pot, and barbiturates. She went through two abortions and one tubal pregnancy… which was the only point when Frankenstein ever showed her any compassion.  She did the old back and forth of the typical abuser/abusee relationship… a beating followed by a honeymoon period, followed by a more severe beating.   The abuse finally got to where she had to escape from her house in fear for her life, wearing only a torn nightgown, no shoes and no panties, and walked to her mother’s house, where she stayed for some years. She worked in dancing just a few nights a month… enough to pay her bills and start creating a new life for herself.  She read a lot of metaphysical and spiritual books. She finally got it together and started getting off the drugs… she said the heroine was easy to quit, while the barbiturates had her rolled up in a ball on the floor of her closet for days at a time.  At some point, she had to leave her mom’s house for fear of “Frankenstein’s” threats… she moved out on her own in an effort to keep her mom safe.
J’ton told me of her near-death experience back when she was in her 20s… she had attempted to commit suicide by drugs and was taken into the tunnel of Light. She was hauled before the Throne of God, with Jesus present, and chastised for committing this hideous crime against one of God’s own creations (herself). She was shown what the rest of her life would be like, with a number of key events. She was introduced to the being who would be “walking in” to take over had she decided to abdicate her physical life. She chewed out her “spirit guide” for being such a wuss.  Ultimately, she went back to her body. Over the years, she watched as one marker event come true after another. Some events never got a chance to come about.
Over the years, she had many experiences with extraterrestrials… when she was perhaps 6 or 8, she saw one of the Grays in her yard, and worried that the little guy might be lost. The lack of fear probably kept her from being bothered by them.  More recently at her house in Spring, a group of very high beings hung out in her house and yard… turns out they were transdimensional aliens that figured her place was a hotel/rest stop, and were puzzled that she wasn’t rustling up grub for them. 
More recently, as she was in the process of packing her household to move up to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, her household was visited, but this time by bad aliens. She knew they were in the house, and they had paralyzed her, and sprayed her with something. She spent the next month or so pulling small nano-implants out of her legs and lower back. She pins the beginning of her sickness to this incident.  In subsequent months, she had more and more pain in the lower end of her colon, along with a tumor on the outside of her lady-parts. Her husband was working, but had been denied insurance, so she didn’t seek out a doctor.  The pain grew and grew to the point where she could not sit in a car. She couldn’t search for her next house, and had to leave that task to her husband, who simply didn’t understand what was going on with her. She took increasing amounts of aspirin over this period, which barely controlled the pain.
When at last her husband had a job with insurance, she looked for doctors. At length, she found a chiropractor who told her how to approach the system and still have it handled by insurance in spite of the difficulty being obviously preexisting. She went to one of those suburban stand-alone emergency rooms and they sent her to a hospital for admission, which led to a whole string of testing.  The doctors sat her husband down and told him what she was likely dying of cancer as he broke down crying.  Around the same time as her diagnosis, her mom was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, and died a few months later.
She was down to lying in bed, occasionally going to the bathroom, and occasionally calling her husband to request specific things from the grocery store. She ate the insides of peach, nectarine and apricot seeds. She ate tumeric, but discovered that it detoxed the painkillers so quickly and to such an extent that she couldn’t take it any more.  As the time progressed, she was able to speak on the phone with me less and less, and I felt guilty when it got to where she needed to hang up after perhaps only 5 minutes of chatting. 
When she told me specifically what she was dealing with, and what the doctors had given her to deal with it… a form of Morphine… I had to ask the question: “J’ton… you know that when they give you morphine, they’ve essentially written you off… they’ve sent you home to die. My question for you is, have you written yourself off or do you think you’re gonna beat this thing?”  Her reply was that she felt like she was going to beat it. 
Well… the aspect of Spirit has a number of ways of interpreting things.  Beating a disease may not mean actually conquering the disease and making the body well.  Sometimes the aspect of Spirit sees victory as just walking away from the body and letting the damn disease have what’s left of the body and giving you a NEW body.  Having seen heaven, and having memories of past lives on different planets, J’ton was not really attached to physical life. She wanted to go to that other earth where things were easy.  She spent much of her life studying for when she got to go back into Spirit.
This past month I had tried several times to call her, feeling that something was going on. Having been in hospice for some two weeks,  J’ton finally beat colon cancer Wednesday afternoon. She had just enjoyed her single most favorite meal… grilled cheese and tomato soup. Shortly thereafter, she needed a morphine push, and settled down for a nap… and released her gentle spirit.
Her husband called me Thursday to break the news.  He said that she didn’t want a service and that her ashes were going to be divided into four packets… the first would be sprinkled over her family’s burial plot, another would be sprinkled among the various planters in her favorite mall (her hobby was shopping), one would be sprinkled among the planters in her favorite Indian casino, and the last most likely will be sprinkled out at her favorite fishing wharf at Galveston.  I contacted various mutual friends, including two spiritualists to make sure that she went into the Light… seems being pumped full of morphine will confuse even the most evolved spirits.  I sent her many prayers and much energy with the intent of nurturing her through the transition. I know she’s been set free, and that she’s been looking over my shoulder as I’ve typed this out.  I don’t begrudge her release, but I really miss my friend. It really leaves a hole in my life.
Looking back over the last few months… the lady who runs one of the local psychic fairs has held fairly regular short memorial services for local psychics and the like that had chosen this point in time to go to Spirit, and not just the old farts that were already circling the toilets, either.
You see, it is “THE TIMES”.  You see, knowing what we are facing in the next few years, a lot of people who are not on the “earth mission” made the deal with their Higher Selves before entering their current bodies that they didn’t want to deal with the funk, so they are leaving.  Some people who ARE on the “earth mission” are graduating to the next level in order to better assist. Look around and take note of the people passing around you… some are escaping and others are graduating, while the rest of us are either getting prepared and entrenched in advance of the coming societal upheavals, and the rest of the people around us are having one last hurrah before their worlds are turned upside down.  

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc

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Bulk High Protein Dry Foods

I have a few resources for you:

http://www.sunorganic.com  has great deals on quinoa, amaranth, millet, great northern beans (not so gassy), nuts and dried fruits. They are in California.

http://www.hidalgofoods.com  is in  Texas, and has the best prices on chia and maca, but if you are closer, the proximity can save you some serious bucks on shipping, even if the prices on quinoa are a little higher.

http://www.glaserorganicfarms.com is near Miami, Florida, so those of you on the east coast will probably save on shipping bulk items by ordering from them. Good prices on most items, and they also have a line of pesto sauces, nuts, raw snack foods, and other things for healthy cravings.

I’ve ordered from all of these companies and they are all good.  I will buy 25 lb. bags of the  grains and then use my FoodSaver system to suck-wrap them down into 4-cups per bag for long-haul storage.

Now… regarding the grains I’ve been ordering. Quinoa  is gluten-free, has about 15% protein content, a high amino acid score, a relatively low glycemic load and is loaded with bone-building minerals. Quinoa doesn’t have that much flavor on its own, so I fix that in the rice cooker with either chicken broth or bullion, chopped onions, garlic, parsley, tarragon and maybe even throw in a bag of frozen mixed veggies. Great stuff… works great with meat and gravy.

Amaranth is gluten-free, contains 13% protein dry, but has a high amino acid score and a load of minerals. Amaranth can’t take the place of rice as a side dish… too fine and too mushy. What I discovered on my own, is that you can either make a pudding out of it for dessert, or make it up with a little molasses or organic cane sugar, and serve it either as breakfast (like oatmeal or cream of wheat), or serve it along side your morning eggs as a substitute for grits. I’ll keep experimenting with it. I think it has promise for cookies and the like.

Millet is very interesting. It contains something like 11% protein, and also has middle score in amino acids and a higher glycemic index, and is heavy on bone-building minerals. It does substitute for rice very nicely. Cook it up just like you do rice, with a little salt and a pat of butter, and it tastes a lot like some kind of flavored grits. It substitutes for rice very nicely. My husband’s blood sugar will spike with millet, mainly because he goes back for second and third helpings, if he controls himself, it won’t spike.  There are a lot of artisan bread recipes that include millet. This has no gluten.

Compare that to whole grain brown rice, which has a very high glycemic index (higher than millet), about 7% protein, and is a lot more inflammation causing than the other three, by about double the numbers. Rice still contains gluten, even if it is refined out.

I did try kamut, which is a middle-eastern relative of the wheat family and does have gluten in it. It is about 16% protein and has a fairly low glycemic load, but then again, it’s tough to cook and eat the stuff. Granted I just put it in a rice cooker with water and a chicken bullion cube. It took darn-near forever to cook, and it still wasn’t cooked. Maybe the trick is to grind it up first. I’ll give it a “fail” for now.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Your Inner Old Fart

Granted a lot of old “Inner Child” issues are coming up because of Chiron Retrograde, and there’s always something new to deal with surfacing… kind of like peeling away layers of an onion. Yes, you do have to go look at the stuff that happened in your childhood to see how that’s been affecting you as an adult. You do have to release those nasty things that were said or done to you, and forgive the buggers that said or did that stuff.  You have to find where it is influencing your current patterns and defeat that old programming.

 For example, a lady friend of mine was always treated as “second class” by her parents, that she wasn’t good enough or desired… naturally this had an influence on her self-esteem. She went in for hypnotherapy to see what happened.  It turns out that she was actually the second child born to her parents, the first child was a boy that had been still-born. They wanted a boy.  The hypnotherapist took my friend back to her earliest memory as a baby, and it was just as she was being presented to her parents in the recovery room. As her mother held her she said, with a disappointed tone, “It’s a girl.”  She wasn’t the replacement son they wanted, and now they were stuck with this girl. That’s where my friend’s self-esteem issues came from, so she was able to deal with it from there.

 That said, the inner child is a demanding little brat, and there is only so far you can go with pandering to it. Do your excavating and get it done with, because there is something a lot more interesting to learn about and achieve synthesis with for greater empowerment… your “Inner Old Fart”.

 You remember the Wiccan trinity concept of Maiden/Mother/Crone?  We live in a youth-worshipping culture, or haven’t you noticed?  Young, tight bodies run by young, stupid brains are paraded all over the mass media.  The mid-life years of parenthood are the most productive years we know, where most of us amass most of our fortunes to last us through the final stages of life.  Why doesn’t our society like to acknowledge the Crone? Why are the older folks discarded so readily?  Why do we have to cover our wrinkles?  Our elders are supposed to be the keepers of our collective wisdom, and in many societies they are revered as such.

 Your Inner Old Fart is your future self.  So how do you view your future? You know that your longevity and quality of life is all up to you and your actions right now.  Are you going to be footloose and free after you “retire”?  Are you going to be active and healthy then?  Are you going to be a sharp old codger to lead the next generation of seekers?   Are you going to proudly name your own time of transition or are you going to do that steady down-the-toilet spiral into the nursing home and oblivion?  Are you going to be herded from one way-station to the next by someone wielding this society’s current throw-away culture value system?  If you have your head up your ass, don’t be too surprised when it isn’t so easy to pull it out of there.

 How about the Old Fart attitude?  The Inner Old Fart is cannily looking at all aspects of what is going on around you, analyzing and passing judgment with reference to whether you’ll bother going along with any of it.  What’s the angle?  What’s in it for me? Why bother?  Why do I want to get involved? Will it still be important a couple of months or years from now?  Get used to making people justify the “why and wherefore” of everything.  Remember that nobody can make you do anything.  You will find that by looking at the angles, particularly the angles on your money and health, that most of “the system” is NOT there for your best and highest good.  The Old Fart cannot be snookered into or out of anything. The Old Fart realizes that no matter what, you are responsible because it is your own choice.  “Sorry honey, go sell that crap somewhere else.”  There’s a lot of freedom in telling people where to get off.

Granted, if you are still too young to be a real Old Fart, you may have to internalize some of the Old Fart talk while you act quietly from that wisdom.  You know you’ve arrived at the Old Fart stage when you smart off and people think it’s cute.  Believe me, there’s nothing cuter than an 80 year-old telling some fool to “kiss my grits”. 

In short, the Inner Old Fart is the Zen of the Rat’s Ass taken into the next living level. Yes, there is truly a lot of power to be gained from attaining synthesis with one’s Inner Old Fart.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Friend Playing Catch-up

Last year I lost J’ton, my best friend, to cancer. She had a friend, Vickie, that had been besties with her since 4th grade.  I had met both of these women through the local dowsing association. J’ton’s old friend showed me her controlling, egotistical side in short order, so I never bothered to bond with her.  About two months before J’ton died, she lost her husband to cancer as well… devastating events to say the least. A few months after J’ton’s passing into spirit, I got a call from Vickie… it was apparently part of her grieving process to talk to me.  We shared many stories over the ensuing months, and I also began working on her towards “prepping”.  It took a while before she was ready to join the world… some nine months.

This evening I got another call from Vickie… now she’s ready to “prep”.  She still didn’t understand the nature of the whole financial world, with its hypothecation, credit default swaps, leveraging, collateralized debt obligations, naked shorts, manipulation of the commodities markets and quantitative easing.  Her response was, “Oh my gosh! We are so screwed!”

I explained what Pastor Lindsey Williams ( http://lindseywilliams101.blogspot.com )  passed along to his listeners… he had made friends among the world’s elites while serving as chaplain on the Trans Alaska Pipeline project during the 1970s, and maintained those relationships. Williams said that all of this quantitative easing (central banks printing money and then buying sovereign treasuries with that same money they print, getting paid interest coming and going) is leading to the bankers completely owning all of the nations of the Eurozone and Americas. The bankers would sink all of these countries so far in debt and then walk in with all of that paper and claim ownership… and they’ve already done that to Greece, already asset-stripping that country.  They’d done that throughout South America and Africa, and Europe would be the next to fall.  Once the Euro currency crashes, it would be a matter of maybe 3 weeks before the dollar crashes once and for all.  He said that the dollar would be a dead currency by the end of 2012.

We briefly discussed “preps”.  She needs to get a gun and ammo… I recommended a trip to Carter Country and Academy Sports & Outdoors… start by looking at the 9mm handguns and hold each one for comfort.  Perhaps consider something slimline for concealed carry, and something bigger for home defense… perhaps a shotgun as well. I pointed out that ammo could easily become a trade commodity, and some five million guns have been sold per month over the last several months.

We discussed putting her savings into precious metals. What is recommended because it is least likely to get confiscated by the government is U.S. made silver, such as dimes, quarters, half-dollars and silver dollars minted before 1965, and silver eagles from the U.S. Mint.  Other than that, I have silver from just about every mint… APMEX, Sunshine, Silvertown, Englehard, Northwest Territorial, etc. I explained the banksters printing 100+ ounces in paper silver and gold for each ounce of the real thing in their vaults, and how JPMorgan and HSBC have been “naked shorting” (nothing in the vault). As a result, you can still get silver eagles for about $35 each.  Silver is the play of the decade. David Morgan came up with the calculation of silver’s true value, minus the lies of market manipulation and inflation… it should actually be about $1800 an ounce. Classically, for some 6,000 years, a working man’s wages for the day was a silver coin about the size of a dime. We’re about to go back to that.

We also discussed food.  She said that her own elitist friend, who has been spoonfeeding her little tidbits of knowledge, said she’d need about 4 month’s supply. I replied that would be a minimum requirement and that she should consider stocking more while prices were low enough… inflation will likely make food go up so much that she would be pulling from her emergency storage long before SHTF.  She would also likely have relatives needing some handouts as well.  I said I probably have close to a year’s supply if calculated for me and my husband alone.  Having done a lot of shopping, I know where a lot of good deals are… for example, Costco has the best deals on good cooking oil (2 liters of grapeseed oil for about $7), basic dry foods from the Mormons  and certain items from the regular grocery stores (1 quart of LouAna coconut oil for maybe $6).

The whole thing is pretty overwhelming to her.  She’s just going to have to make a list and knock it down one item at a time.  I’ll free up some time to go shopping with her.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Chia and Hemp Seed Recipes

I’ve been trying to invent new and better ways to remake common recipes to be health-promoting. Hemp seeds and chia seeds are excellent sources for bio-available protein, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids, as well as a number of amino acids.

Hemp seeds are available at all the health food stores, usually in the refrigerated section. You can work these little darlings into salads and casseroles. I use them in place of the bulgur wheat in Tabouli salad. Hemp seeds by themselves do have a taste… like some kind of licorice.

In the last couple of years, my local Kroger store has been carrying hemp seed milk, in both regular and vanilla flavors. I eat my breakfast cereal with the vanilla, and I make Jello pudding mix with the unflavored version for a super rich dessert with health benefits. I find that I have sinus congestion and even occasional digestive upset when using the organic cow’s milk, but the hemp seed milk doesn’t give me any difficulty at all.

 Chia (Salvia Hispanica, also called Salba) seeds are a new treat. They have virtually no taste. Like flax seeds, when you soak them in a little water, they make a pocket of gel around themselves, and that gel is loaded with nutrition. These little things have many times the calcium of milk and many times the omega 3 fatty acids of fish oil, and they are a lot more digestible. Chia seeds contain 21 percent protein which is greater than other nutritional grains such as wheat (14%), corn (14%), rice (8.5%), oats (15.3%), barley (9.2%) and amaranth (14.8%). Unlike most other grains chia seeds are not limited in the amino acids necessary in the human diet. Other grains are limiting in terms of two or more amino acids and must be mixed in order to satisfy human needs. Chia seeds are a rich source of B vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper. One serving of chia seeds (2 tablespoons) gives a large amount of the recommended daily allowance of fiber, molybdenum, chromium, selenium and biotin. Chia is gluten free.

I keep a couple of scoops of soaked chia seeds in a small container in the fridge and work them into all sorts of things. When I get out some organic yogurt, I fill the inch or so to the top edge of the container with the soaked chia seeds and mix them in. I stretch salad dressings with the soaked chia seeds, which not only boosts the nutrition but saves money.

I also put a couple of tablespoons of the soaked chia seeds in my special “ice cream” that I make at home… I put a banana, about a tablespoon of soaked chia seeds, and some assorted frozen berries into the food processor and buzz that up into a marvelous, smooth, cold concoction, and I sprinkle some raw cacao nibs across the top. If you let it sit a little while before serving in, the gel in the seeds gives it a firmer, more pudding-like texture. You can’t beat it.

I found the best prices on chia products at Hidalgo Foods here in Texas.  http://www.hidalgofoods.com including chia meal you can work into your baked goods and oils you can work into your salad dressings. You can get the seeds for as little as $5.36 a pound. They also have great prices on quinoa, maca and goji berries.

Another thing I’ve been doing is eat more gelatin. I take the Swanson Vitamins http://www.swansonvitamins.com gelatin & silicon supplement, which really helps. My nails, hair and skin are already improving. My hair is growing in thicker and with less gray in it. The silicon is supposed to improve the elasticity of blood vessels.  Now… I love the Jello Gelatin desserts, but I won’t touch the stuff with Nutrasweet in it (that stuff is a neurotoxin), and I don’t want to trash my immune system with too much sugar. When you go to the store, look for unflavored Knox gelatin. What I did was dissolve a packet of Knox gelatin, with a tablespoon of Spoonable Stevita Stevia, in ¾ cup of boiling water, then I added 1-1/4 cups of my favorite fruit juice. It comes out a little cloudier than the Jello, but tastes fine.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Perimenopausal Helpers

As above, so below. Lately I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from my customers about how to fix perimenopause/menopause symptoms.  For some time now I’ve been doing battle with perimenopause. In my case, the symptoms have to do with my actual period… super-heavy to the point of filling adult urinary diapers, and very painful at that. I’m not kidding. A lot of women will go to their doctor hoping for help. I can tell you that the average medical response is to do a hysterectomy. My sister did that and the friggin’ doctor ripped EVERYTHING out… didn’t even leave her an ovary!  Okay… if it is fibroids, yes they can make things more difficult, but the fibroids leave when your uterine lining thins out for menopause. Same thing about endometriosis.
If you want to get rid of the fibroids… get the Essiac Tea. Herbal Healer Academy http://www.herbalhealer.com  sells the tea in bulk, liquid concentrate and capsules. It will take a long time, but it will work. A friend of mine with really big fibroids took this route… it took about two years to get them to totally go away drinking this tea twice a day. It works. The tea is also good for combatting just about any infection! If you feel a cold coming on, get into the Essiac!
If you find yourself waking up with the “night sweats” start taking an herb called Black Cohosh right before bed. I started taking 2 capsules of it before I turn in and have not been waking up with the sweats. I find this very impressive.
Another herb, called Dong Quai, is also called “women’s ginseng”. I’m trying this one out now. It is known to balance hormonal levels at all stages of life, eliminating PMS, perimenopause and menopausal symptoms, while providing benefits for overall health.
Another herb, Fo-Ti, is a youth herb… and you will need 3 capsules with each meal… really helps your energy level. I won’t do without this one. It is a youth herb… look up the history. If you take this plus two of the Swanson Vitamins Gelatin & Silicon supplement with each meal, your hair will come in thicker and darker, with a lot less gray. No kidding.
UPDATE:  Been taking the Donq Quai, 2 caps with each meal, along with 2 caps of the Fo-Ti with each meal, and along with the Black Cohosh, I have just had the smoothest, nicest period I’ve had in perhaps 8 years! I have found the right combination!
The herb Sarsaparilla to replace progesterone… perhaps up to 3 capsules with each meal.
Since most of the weight gain, sleep disruption and stress during the shift into menopause stresses the adrenals, you need adrenal support. A simple solution is Red Clover, either in capsules or in tea form, or Ashwagandha, which additionally aids in weight loss.
Yet another FOOD herb called Maca boosts and optimizes the entire endocrine system, and most people feel it first in the sex drive. It isn’t an herb so much as a FOOD. You will take several tablespoons of this each day. Check around for it in loose form… you’ll go nuts trying to take that many capsules. Try making a smoothie with bananas and throwing the Maca in it each morning. You’ll know when to back off when you start looking at doorknobs and other odd objects in regard for their sexual gratification potential… I’m not kidding. 
The supplements Pregnenolone and DHEA, which are precursors to the progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. I know ladies in their 70s that take up to 100 mg of the pregnenolone daily, just to feel normal and have decent energy. If you are 50, you can handle up to 50 mg of Pregnenolone and up to 25 mg of DHEA.   My last period was super bad, and I had some of this in the house. I started taking them, the sarsaparilla and using the progesterone cream/spray, and it arrested the hemmoraging in ONE DAY!  You have to feel the body on this one… it can aggravate PMS symptoms short-term. I downsized the DHEA to 20 mg.
UPDATE:  I tried this for a month and discovered that it prolonged the PMS and aggravated PMS symptoms. I may go back to this when I am older and need the extra hormonal support.
There are various progesterone creams and a progesterone spray on the Swanson Vitamins website. You just rub it somewhere on your body… and rotate the various spots you apply it to. One time you rub it on your tummy, another on your thighs, another on the inside of your arms…  No prescription required.
I get all of this very inexpensively on http://www.swansonvitamins.com  even with the darn shipping.
Another thing… stay away from all SOY, including TVP (textured vegetable protein).  No kidding. Soybean oil prevents your body from absorbing nutrition from your food… really blocks it.  Soy in general will mess up every hormone you ever had, beginning with the thyroid hormones, and then everything else. It is an endocrine disruptor.
If you think your thyroid is running low, taken a bunch of Kelp tablets for the iodine. Swanson has some good iodine drops, too. You can tell whether your thyroid is working right… stand in front of a mirror with your arms hanging at rest at your sides… if your hands are not palms to your legs… it they slant so the palms are not parallel with your body… your thyroid is outta whack. You need the iodine.

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Reiki for the Ghouls

Stuart Wilde recently tossed his NING blogsite in favor of going back to his old blogsite. The feeling coming from his NING articles, which people could actually make comments to, was that Stuie was riding kind of a slippery slope of really broad judgements about a lot of basic spiritual practices.

When he went after other “new age” authors like David Icke, I disagreed with him saying that Icke had evolved quite a lot from his old lizard line (even though we have been seeing a lot of thinly disguised lizards walking around in people clothing), but his message has gotten more into personal empowerment from the inside out… unified field mechanics and all that.  Actually, we desperately need those somewhat frightening authors that publish the spooky stuff, because they shock a lot of people into wakefulness and force them to make some decisions… the red pill or the blue pill. Once on “the path” people can do their own research, and oftentimes that leads people around full-circle.

When Stuie wrote on his NING site that Reiki takes people to the ghouls, I did jump in and clarify to remove the fear factor. Yes… there are people who are not particular about whom they have doing the Reiki teaching and attunements… I’ve run into a lot of cases in which the teacher withheld vital information about protection from unbeneficial energies and how to disengage from the client… just to set the students up for failure while taking their money for the teachings.  

I have known people who didn’t know how to disengage properly that wound up taking on the health problems of their clients, even to the point of being hospitalized.

I’ve run into people who were not particular what energies they really were channeling when they did Reiki energy work… if a person is ego-based they will attract funky beings who will use that opening to do some mischief. If a Reiki practitioner isn’t actively seeking to bring in the highest, most angelic energies possible, and assumes that all Reiki is the same, they are not likely to be consistently bringing in the best.

I’ve run into people who, being fully owned by the dark beings, have literally worked the local psychic fairs just tearing up the auras of unsuspecting rubes.

I know a couple who practiced Reiki together in an office practice. The lady had to kick her husband to the curb because he was literally leaving the clients in pain because he wasn’t doing the Reiki right… his focus wasn’t where it needed to be.

If your Reiki is all about egotism and your attitude is “I am the healer”, then it will take you to the ghouls.  If your approach is to help the other person on all levels as much as the soul will allow, and to provide the opportunity for that person to heal himself, then you are probably going to be just fine.

So Stuart Wilde does have a point about Reiki being a loaded gun. Truth is, your intent and focus really account for a lot.

Reiki can be a delightful way to tell the universe that you are indeed ready to put the hyperdrive in gear for advanced development. It can also be an excellent tool that can be used in so many ways. I routinely use Reiki as a basis for remote healing and energy clearing, exorcisms, amping up my medicine jewelry with angelic energy, and all sorts of other good stuff.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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