What’s Going On In The Gulf?

Okay… did you notice that Obama had auctioned off the rights to drill in all of the coastal areas just before the BP Rig blew up?

And then Obama declared a 6 month moratorium against all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico? That broke all the contracts for all the rig owners, who then scrambled to find new contracts. When they move a rig, it stays put for a while, barring a large storm. 4 big rigs have already left the Gulf to go work for PetroBras in Brazil. More are going to work for Mexico’s Pemex.  An oil rig lease is for several years. Any rig that leaves our coast won’t be back for a long time.

Obama’s 6 month moratorium is chasing all of the rigs out of our Gulf, and therefore all of the oil and gas production.  My prediction is that this alone stands to make the US that much more dependent on foreign countries. Because of this alone, we could easily be seeing $4+ a gallon for gas, and who knows what the cost for natural gas is going to run our heaters this winter. Tell me that ain’t gonna present some difficulties. If people can’t afford to get to work, it will further hamper economic recovery.  It will certainly make groceries get a lot more expensive simply because of higher shipping costs.

At the same time, Obama is using this to push his carbon tax plan… and no, we ain’t buying it. He’s pushing it through the EPA anyway.  The dispersant that BP is using in the Gulf is highly poisonous and the coasts of LA, MS, AL and FL are all finding airborne Benzene levels along the coast to be incredibly high. If you smell anything, get out. Benzene is one of the top most cancer-causing substances around, and the reason why there is so much environmental testing around refineries.

We are currently seeing a lot of saber-rattling between Israel and Iran. This has been buzzing for some months now, and was still up and up front at the Bilderberg Meeting. If they happen to exchange some missiles, it will effectively close the Straits of Hormuz on the Persian Gulf, through which some 80% of the world’s oil supply flows.  That will be a huge blow to the world economy, which is already reeling from currency meltdowns. That will push oil prices here a lot higher still.  We may see $10 a gallon for gas.

My advice is simple. Pray and send positive energy to all of these situations. Ask your angels, ascended masters and good aliens for assistance in stopping and finding solutions for all of this bad stuff.  The reason those illuminati types are trying to trash everything all at once is because we know what they are up to. They are dinosaurs and they don’t even realize they are dying.

In the meantime, please do a few things to prepare for any and all of these scenarios:  Have enough cash in the house to pay for what you need for a month in the event of either having to “bug out” or in the event of an extended bank holiday.  Have enough food and water in the house to feed your family for at least a month… ideally longer.  You might consider pulling your money out of the stock market and putting what’s left of it into gold and silver while it’s still pretty cheap. 

 All I can say is that we live in interesting times. Gee whiz.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc   She also offers an e-book, “Fat-Free Spirituality” which is packed with advanced spiritual knowledge.

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Handkerchiefs and Bandannas

Being a native Houstonian, I am well familiar with “Houston sinus”. We have a selection of the world’s nastiest and cheapest, most pollen producing landscaping plants around… and they all have their season. You name it: wax leaf ligustrum, crepe myrtle, red leaf photinia, ragweed, goldenrod, etc.  You will know when the oak or pine trees are blooming because you will see yellow dust all over everything. People will be sneezing. Add to that the typical seasonal colds and flu and you’ve really got something.

The thing I noticed and questioned was the use of Kleenex.  The reason people use these paper tissues is presumably to be more hygienic. They can’t be all that effective if they aren’t big or thick enough to contain a sneeze, and what if people don’t throw them out with each sneeze? How many trees are they destroying because of that?  Toilet paper is a good stop-gap for a dribbly nose, but hardly effective. 

How did people handle this in the past?  Handkerchiefs and bandannas.  Those innocuous squares of fabric you see gentlemen using in the old movies, or you see cowboys using in a bazillion ways in any western film. My grandmother had smaller, more decorative ones. My dad the chiropractor ALWAYS carried a handkerchief, and he would toss it into the laundry and pulled a fresh one out of the drawer to start the day with.  They are the very epitome of sustainable “green” technology. 

So I started carrying them in place of Kleenex. I have one of each in my bug-out-bag. I keep a spare handkerchief in my purse in case I happen to saturate the one in my pocket.  This past Christmas when I saw my younger sister using a printed paper napkin (ouch) to honk into, I gave her my spare hankie.  After my Doctor of Oriental Medicine saw me produce one from my pocket, she told me that it was the very best because they use all sorts of really nasty chemicals to bleach and sanitize the paper they recycle to make paper tissues, adding another layer of irritants. 

A standard fully washed and broken-in bandanna is about 21″ square, while a handkerchief is about 17″ square.  There’s your difference. Either should be 100% cotton.  Linen is more expensive, but tends to be rougher on the nose.

Uses for the handkerchief or Bandanna.  Blowing one’s nose.  Cough into to avoid spraying germs on others.  Coming to the aid of a weeping lady.   Wipe lipstick (or anything else) off your face.  Clean your glasses.  Surrendering.  Wave to get someone’s attention.  Making a (small) tourniquet.  Cleaning up a spill.  Reducing one’s carbon nose-print.  Disposing of semi-masticated  food morsels discreetly.   Robbing banks.   Being a dandy.  Fainting.  Covering sneezes and coughs.   Wiping one’s brow.   Signaling erotic preference.   Using as a napkin while traveling.   Use as a hand towel, or in lieu of toilet paper, in an understocked public bathroom.   Making a Molotov cocktail.   Blindfolding a man condemned to die by firing squad.  Tying one’s belongings to a stick before running away from home as a child.  Opening a door while working as a private detective.  Use to avoid leaving fingerprints.  Rendering someone unconscious with ether.  Waterboarding.  Performing magic tricks.  Signifying gang membership.  Killing insects.  Tie corners together to make a small bag. Cleaning shoes before a business meeting.  Opening jars and bottles.  Using as a rag.  Cover your mouth/nose against dust. Use as a water filter to remove sediment or bugs from stream water.  Use as a bracelet, a necklace, a headband, a hat or any other imaginable accessory.  Creating plot devices.  Wipe sweat from your hard-working brow. It can even be weaponized.

This is by no means a complete list. the more one searches the web, the more ideas one may come up with many, many more applications.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc

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Team Up With Other Folks…

Okay… I’ve been ranting on about building up your long-term pantry supplies for a long time now. I got the guidance shortly after Obama got sworn in in 2008, and began executing my guidance slowly.

I have two raised garden beds, and have been sneaking food items in anywhere they will grow. Granted, I’m still in the experimental phase of becoming a farmer. At least I’ve got lettuce, zucchini, some beans and some peppers and herbs working. Still figuring out the collard and mustard greens.

My husband and I have also undertaken a campaign to make sure that all guns in the house actually work. We had to take a vintage target .22 to a gunsmith for professional cleaning, but we got a really good little target pistol out of it. We got out the inherited WWII M1 Carbine and inspected it… just needed to clean out the dust, then get some fresh ammo and a couple more magazines.

Since I’m stocking up for a household of two humans and four cats, I’ve found that sometimes buying bulk is a little too expensive or too big for any one purchase. I’ve got a friend that has another friend, and we three go in together on various items. He’s ordering a carton of the powdered whole eggs from Honeyville Grains, http://www.honeyvillegrain.com , and we’re splitting it three ways. That way, we get the #10 cans of egg powder, for long-time storage,  for about $15 each, thereby saving a couple dollars on each can and saving on shipping.

We’ve also gone in together on a 35 Lb. bag of dried onion flakes. Have you any idea how big a 35 Lb. bag of onion flakes is? It’s a bloody futon!  Between the three of us, we can split that down, suck-wrap it into manageable portions, and have what we desire in the larder.  Most recipes need onions and garlic to taste like much of anything. In fact, most of the recipes I know start with “first you get you a big-ol’ yella onion…”

Talk to your friends and neighbors… get them on the same page and get them into the concept of preparing for some major hiccups in the economy and whatever else, then get them on the bandwagon regarding stocking up. If you’re in the north, you know that you could be snowed in, thereby dependent on your stored food. I’m here in the south, and I’ve been dependent on my stored food for a couple of weeks at a time because of hurricanes. Believe me, being able to whip up a clean casserole out of some rice, canned veggies and a 12 Oz. can of turkey meat is a blessing when the rest of the world is standing in line at an empty grocery store. I’ve found that working from bulk purchases also saves money on groceries in the long term.

To add further emphasis, we know that at the time of the Great Depression, some 90% of all U.S. citizens were rural and mostly self-sufficient, yet we lost some 17 million people to starvation out of a total population of 122,775,046 in 1930.  Check my math, but it looks like we lost 1/7th of our population during the Great Depression!  Since they led us to war to pull us out of the Depression, we know that somewhere between 30 and 45 million soldiers died in WWII, and there is no way to know an exact number for sure.  So we really lost perhaps 62 million people as a result?  Holy catz!

NOW we’re down to perhaps 11% rural, and maybe half of those are self-sufficient, meaning that the other 89% are urban.  Does that mean that out of 309 million, we’re going to lose 1/7th of our population to starvation, or more,  when things finally domino? We know that FEMA has camps set up all over the U.S., ready to take in millions of people. What do you think that would be like?  How many people would just plain disappear if they went into FEMA camps?  No… better to plan ahead and be able to feed your family. It is easier to cycle food through your pantry than to buy it for any price at times of peak demand and panic buying with worthless currency.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc   She also offers an e-book, “Fat-Free Spirituality” which is packed with advanced spiritual knowledge.

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Republican Swing?

Every time I hear from my mom, she’s talking about getting  the democrats out of office. True, we need to do that. Problem is, the republicans have gone “neocon”, meaning they are no longer in favor of reduced government, reduced taxes and reduced infringement of government into our lives.  Consequently, both parties are effectively the SAME. Both are fascist and both are obviously going to continue taking us to war over the thinnest of non-excuses. Both are printing money willy-nilly and both are giving that money, and the debt it represents, to the banking cabal that is intent on owning the entire world. Both are fully intent on destroying America, both through the unprecedented growth of a police/surveillance state, removal of the borders, shipping all the jobs off-shore, and unfettered currency printing, thereby destroying the entire economy.

We are replaying several world epochs right now. America has long since entered the age of empire, and we’re now fighting two-going-on-three wars in a pointless attempt to own the entire Eurasian corridor from the Mediteranean to the Pacific… if you don’t believe me just take out a map.  If you’ve listened to Faux News lately, you know they’re planning on taking us to war on Iran, and Iran has been fully armed by Russia.  We can’t afford these wars, to say the least, and the loss of dollar hegemony assures we won’t have the ability to bully other countries for very long.

Bush got that ball rolling with the 9-11 reichstag fire and subsequent introduction of the whole surveillance state to place Americans on lock-down even as illegal immigrants run roughshod over all of us, unabated.

Obama is intent on doing exactly what the Nazis did: regulate all small business out of business. There is a provision in the ObamaCare law that says that any business spending $600 or more in a calendar year with any contractor or other business, the business owner has to issue a 1099 statement to that contractor or business. That means that people like me, with a small home-based business, will have to issue a 1099 to Office Depot, Sams Club, and anyone else.  Any long-distance trucker has to issue a 1099 to every gas station he visits in the course of a year, and each refuel is something like $2000 – $3000.  Never mind the fact that we’re already reporting those expenses as deductions and the other parties are reporting those transactions as income.  It is insanity.  Requiring everyone to purchase insurance is patently unconstitutional, and Obama recently admitted that his scheme actually added expense, increased premiums and still didn’t cover pre-existing conditions, still leaving people without care.

The neocons got their real start under good old President Reagan. Back then, the neocons were the crazies that were kept locked in the back rooms. He let them out just often enough to give Rumsfield a free ride by forcing the FDA to approve aspertame (Nutrasweet) for use in foods, in spite of spotty or nonexistent research to prove its safety… and we now know that it is a powerful neurotoxin.

The other world epoch we’re replaying right now is economic collapse.  They’ve been printing trillions of dollars, and the only thing keeping the big inflation from hitting full-force has been the fact that the 6 big banks that own 80% of our economy have been playing with it for a while, keeping the momentum slow by not lending money. The Federal Reserve loans the U.S. every dollar it prints at interest, and is about to start buying the U.S. Treasury Bills that other foreign countries are refusing to buy at this point, meaning they’re collecting from us coming and going. Right now, the U.S. total debt is so high that the government can’t even pay the interest on it, and the total is running over $150 trillion, probably closer to $200 trillion.  The U.S. debt is actually more than the combined gross national product for the entire planet, several times over.  They will likely continue to print more money.

 So what happens if we sweep republicans into office every chance we get? The ones they replace will still have until January 20th, roughly 3 months or so to do whatever they want with impunity.  Secondly, if the new representatives and senators are not constitutionalists, we will still have all of the same problems because they will all still be owned by the banking cartel.  We can expect things to continue going downhill.

Let me make a prediction:   The Tea Parties have essentially already been coopted from the inside by the republicans.  The republicans will NOT repeal ObamaCare, at least not in entirety. They will continue to raise taxes, and print more money, and give everything away to their big-business cronies.  The only hope we have is to do everything we can to elect constitutionalists instead of republican lawyers who have already sold us out. 

When they’ve managed to tank our currency, they WILL take us to war, and it will likely be a world war.   I also predict massive tax protests, civil unrest and further expanded police state.  They’re already planning on a replacement currency called the Bancor, which would also be a fiat currency, still issued by the central banks at interest.  What we really have to do is stop playing by the banking cabal’s rules.  The smart people are already planning ahead and getting themselves out of their system.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Petty Bureaucrats…

I had been receiving some nasty notes from the management company hired by my subdivision’s homeowner’s association. Seems my yard was attracting the attention of some unseen bureaucrat riding around in a car with a laptop. These letters were all labeled as “certified demand letters” stating I had 30 days to address the infractions, namely cleaning out tree wells, weeding plant beds and raking leaves. The letters all stated that I could be fined and would have to pay legal fees.  I typically considered these no more than nuisances as I have a yard service that comes weekly… so it was all being handled as far as I was concerned.

You see, in Texas, homeowners’ associations wield way too much power. One famous case a few years back involved a little old lady in Champions Forest that never received her HOA membership bill (we’re talking a couple hundred dollars here), so the realtors on the HOA board of directors sold her house out from under her at auction for just a few thousand dollars… we’re talking about a quarter-million dollar house that was fully paid for, and suddenly she was kicked out without notice or the ability to pack her stuff.  By the time the lawsuit got her possession of her house back, they found that the guy that bought the house at auction absolutely trashed every room. Nobody on the HOA took responsibility for this travesty.  They’re being sued, of course.  That led to some new legislation to take power away from HOAs, but they still retain way too much power. You have to be aware that if somebody has the idea that they can use some infraction as an excuse to flip your house out from under you, they probably will. Committees, like corporations, are irresponsible and faceless entities.

After receiving several more of these over a number of weeks, finally culminating in a registered letter that I was not at home to sign for, I finally read far enough to the part about the legal fees and decided to call the management company.  I did not bother contacting the twit that signed these letters. I asked for the top dog and was forwarded to her voice mail. I left a fairly detailed (meandering) message, requesting to be called back.

So Ms. Bonds called back, obviously needing to have things clarified.  I gave her my address and phone number and the conversation began again as she typed into a database.  I told her about these harassment letters, the fact of the oak trees still molting like crazy, the 5 drum liners of leaves that had left my front curb with the trash pickup on Monday and the fact that my yard guys were in my yard at that exact point in time. I told her that I have only one tree worth mentioning and described that it was a built-up bed to allow for other plants, which were in the process of recovering from the long, bipolar winter.  I mentioned that I did indeed have that tree trimmed routinely, particularly if it was hurricane season… I didn’t want the branches smacking either my roof or my neighbors’ roof. I even mentioned the love/hate relationship I have with the shrimp plants that have taken over several beds… I wasn’t going to get rid of them because the hummingbirds rely on them… and Ms. Bonds agreed with me.  I mentioned that that tall pile of sticks next to the front walk is a hummingbird bush, which in indeed still alive but hasn’t re-upped as yet… if it doesn’t, I will have it yanked by the yard guys.

I made certain to mention that everything is handled as the season, the plants themselves and my time allows. The tree has to stop molting and the plant life in that front bed has to be given the opportunity to reassert itself before I can move on anything.

I took everything point by point as she typed. I established that I certainly had a relationship with my yard. I made damn sure that sending certified letters didn’t help anything as even if my husband were interested in answering the door, it would take him 10 minutes to make it to the door thanks to his advanced Parkinson’s disease and that I was the only one handling the many and varied tasks of running the household. I made it clear that this petty bureaucrat needed to cool her jets before it gets to the point where so many people feel the need to have the HOA pull the contract with that management company. She made it clear that I should not be receiving any more letters from this point. I’m betting this bureaucrat is going to get a stern talking-to.

I didn’t need to go so far as to discuss the actions I would take should this harassment continue. Yes, I can write a letter to Ms. Bonds AND the HOA board outlining what was going on and defending my rights as a property owner in that same place for over 30 years (possibly removing them from their HOA contract), I can take my harassment complaint to the sheriff’s department, and even to my state senator who is running for attorney general. Then there’s always Houston’s consumer defenders in the media… they’re always fun. I have plenty of fight in me if they want to engage me.

Gang… you have to speak truth and address anyone carefully who seems to think they have any power over you. You address them nicely but clearly, and you don’t let them push you around. Some people, given a little power, will try to push you around.  You don’t let them… ever.

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a standoff in Bunkerville, Nevada at the Bundy Ranch. The Bureau of Land Management has been trying to kick them off their grandfathered property over corporate fracking rights. That family has been fighting in the courts for some years, and now there are armed federal thugs surrounding the place.  Now 5,000 citizens’ militias are either there or en route to back up the Bundy family in an effort of stopping another Ruby Ridge event. The sheriff, the one person with the authority to stop all of this and throw the feds in jail, hid under his desk… he needs to be removed. Other sheriffs have gone to the media over this.  This is looking like the second shot that will be heard around the world. The feds will probably shoot first, but the militias will finish it.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc

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My own take on 2013

It is now just a little after midnight, January 1, 2013.

Those of you who check this space from time to time know I haven’t been adding much over 2012. I’ve been busy getting myself well. I had to have some surgery to remove some oddball cysts in my uterus, and then getting past that has been yet another long haul. I am slowly getting back up to speed. On top of that I have had to deal with a number of other things, such as the deaths of two cats, the diagnosis and care for a husband with Parkinson’s disease, and trying to keep up with what is really going on in the world. I wanted to put some concepts out to the world while it is still possible.

We are seeing more false-flag terror attacks now than ever before, both abroad and domestic. Benghazi was the Obama regime getting rid of some people under the guise of an attack by the locals, which themselves were more likely CIA-run “al Qaida”. There were frequent requests for security aid, which were ignored by the administration for months. We will likely not learn the truth of the situation until after Obama is removed.

In a government already known for lies upon lies, including “Operation Fast and Furious” which put real military grade full-auto assault rifles into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels (also run by the CIA) in an effort to take away our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms. Now we’ve had several mass shootings and attempts at mass shootings in malls, restaurants, theatres and schools. So far, what is reported by the prostitute mass media is wrong, and the official story is not only greatly simplified but wrong, and that there are usually more shooters around than originally considered, and even the shooters are not whom they are presented to be. Both the shooting in Sandy Hook and Aurora have shooters that had disappeared for some years prior to the shooting. In the case of the guy in Aurora, he didn’t resemble his college student ID at all… a Hispanic looking guy had become a scrawny white guy. The alleged Adam Lanza in Sandy Hook, a 150 lb. autistic kid… was said to have been wearing full body armor AND carrying a load of assault rifles and handguns and ammo magazines that would be difficult for a big, beefy US Marine to carry. So these scrawny, drugged-up mental defectives are masterminding and carrying out mass murder all on their own? There was a second shooter in the theatre in Aurora and someone outside. There were two additional persons taken into custody at Sandy Hook that nobody will talk about. There was a memorial Facebook page that went up 4 days before the shooting. Why weren’t the local cops or paramedics allowed in the school? Why were there non-local professional actors on site pretending that their loved ones were inside the school? Why couldn’t the coroner get the investitation done? What was Attorney General Eric Holder doing there talking to the first responders? There were so many inconsistencies at Sandy Hook, that you can’t take any aspect of it for granted.

We know what a false-flag is. This one is being used as the reason to take away our guns. They’ve trotted out Feinstein with a new law to vote on which will outlaw anything with a magazine, then make people register their weapons. The whole thing is right out of the Nazi play book: register the guns, then take away the guns, then take away the people and slap them into concentration camps. Yes, they already have the concentration camps ready and waiting for ingest. The people who won’t be able to work will be killed first. Don’t think so? Check on YouTube and other internet sites about the 800 or so FEMA camps and the modern guillotines they are training people to run. Yeah, this is serious. You all need to write physical letters to your congressmen and let them know that you are watching them and that they will NOT take away our guns… with a short explanation that the 2nd amendment was put into the Constitution as the cure for bad government.

This fiscal cliff thing? Yeah… that has the look and feel of psy-op, too. You see, the Federal Reserve is printing another $45 billion every month in their latest round of quantitative easing. They are using that to buy up the crap derivatives (at expense to us taxpayers) that their big bankster buddies are trying to get rid of, then those buddies can buy up more and more US treasuries (which pays them interest at our expense). On top of that, the Fed is swapping treasuries with all these broke-ass European countries, to the tune of $billions more every month. This is supposed to be illegal on both sides of the Atlantic. Their whole point in this is to keep the game going, destroying the value of our currency to the point where people will have trouble feeding themselves, and then sit back and watch as it all boils over into civil unrest. That is their plan.

Remember: The Great Depression started with the collapse of the European stock markets, then a matter of days later, it hit here. You can probably expect it to go down that way again. From what I have been reading, it could happen this first quarter of 2013. There are things you can do to prepare for this:

* Get your money out of the stock markets, the big banks, pension funds and 401(k) funds. They’re all just ways to fleece you. Take it out, and either roll it over to an IRA in a local credit union, or even better, pay the friggin’ taxes and buy some long-term storage foods, store cash in the house to get you through at least a month, buy guns and ammo, and silver and gold while it is still reasonably priced. You see… the price of these precious metals is being suppressed in the futures markets (COMEX, LBMA, CME, etc.) by these big bankers selling paper metal futures while having nothing in the vault. Buy the real thing and take possession of it while you can, because you won’t have any notice when the paper markets finally default and the real pricing mechanism kicks in. Silver should already be over $150 an ounce and gold should be a lot more than it is now. Buying the physical metals is how you will preserve the value of your money as the dollar enters the currency graveyard along with the euro.

If things continue on the course as it looks now, we will need these preparations.

Now… on the flip side… there is a growing liberty movement. Already over 2,000 citizen militias and growing. There is also apparently a positive, partiotic contingent of the US military that is just about to assist the Federal Marshalls in executing a large series of arrests… of corrupt politicians, of banksters, of bent law enforcement and alphabet agency people… and return our government to its founding principles and its founding documents. The guy, Drake, has his site here: http://americannationalmilitia.com/ and broadcasts on Sunday and Wednesday every week on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/universalvoice

Drake delivers news and analysis, along with information from within the heart of the liberty movement and positive members of various agencies that are working within the structure to set us all free. I rarely miss an episode. Even though Drake occasionally goes on a tear, he does also uplift. Worth a listen.

So, in summary, please become active: every physical letter you write to these legislators counts as something like 25,000 letters from people who agree with you but don’t write. Just in case Drake’s buddies don’t pan out, prepare your household with at least a few months’ of food, ways of storing and treating water, some cash and means to protect yourself, and silver/gold to store your hard-won wealth. Meditate and pray. Try to educate people around you. Manifest the best year ever.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc

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We Have the Power!

I feel so heartened and encouraged right now.

Right now… the pushback against the TSA gate-rape tyranny is gaining steam. Some 23 airports have kicked the TSA out, opting to do the security screening themselves.  The airports and airlines are suffering greatly decreased sales, which is our main way of telling them that this violation of our 4th Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure is patently unacceptable.  Everyone responds to the power of the purse strings!
Oklahoma City Airport is considering it at this time.  The police in San Mateo county, CA are actively staking out San Francisco International Airport to catch TSA gropers.  The TSA is not law enforcement, they don’t have the jurisdiction to do what they’ve been doing, so if they grope a person’s genitals over the clothes, it is a midemeanor, but if they dive inside your clothing, it is a FELONY.
In this: http://www.prisonplanet.com/nyc-legislators-seek-ban-on-full-body-scanners-in-new-york.html New York is now proposing legislation against the naked body scanners.

Now… if you would like to spend a couple of hours feeling encouraged and empowered, by all means look at Max Keiser’s website:  http://maxkeiser.com    His “Crash JPMorgan, Buy Silver” campaign has gone viral, and lots of astonishly young people are posting videos on YouTube showing their silver collections while encouraging everyone else to buy physical silver NOW to keep JPMorgan, HSBC, COMEX, CME, and the other financial terrorists from being able to get it to cover their shorts.  The banksters only have until sometime in December to cover those shorts.  If these evil bankers have to go out onto the open market to get silver, they will be put out of business. 

This really stands to be a watershed event in the patriotic pushback against the global elites.  The cool thing is that us little people will make money while crashing these banksters!  Right now, silver is $27.36 spot, which is way below what it should be.  Please encourage everyone you know to head down to their local coin dealer and buy at least one silver round just to get it off the market.  With the metals manipulators out of the game, the true market price of gold, silver, platinum and palladium will take over, meaning that each ounce of silver could easily be worth over $500 in a short amount of time. If you want to regain the losses your 401K took as these financial terrorists screwed the stock markets, this is the way to do it.  If you want to play keep-away from the federal goverment’s grab of your savings, this is the way to do it. If you want to preserve your wealth in the face of probable hyperinflation, here is your opportunity to not only survive, but to thrive. This is a unique opportunity to use your money for the betterment of mankind and make money while doing it!

Each ounce of silver you buy right now is a bullet to JPMorgan and a nail in their coffin. Time to take down these vampires!  


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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How Amazon.com killed the New Age Shops

At May 2009’s regional dowsing conference in Houston, George Goodnow gave a lecture that I found most interesting… he connected the dots on why the new age stores have been dropping off the map. George’s company, Xeonix, sells pendulums of all sorts to the wholesale sources like AzureGreen, as well as direct sales to the new age stores. George states that as many as 40% of the new age shops have been closing up each year, with perhaps 10% in new stores being opened to take their place.  There are several different explanations for this trend.

In the past 10 years I have seen two of the oldest new age bookstores in the US close their doors, one in San Diego and one in Houston. I don’t know about the one in California, which was the oldest one, but Aquarian Age Bookshelf here in Houston died when its elderly lady owners died one by one. Volunteers helped keep the store running while the last of its owners did the downhill slide, and with no legal secession, the owner’s children had to liquidate and close it down. It really was a shame to see it go, but it was at least a couple of years ahead of the trend we are now seeing.

The advent of the worldwide web is what really has been killing the new age “Harry Potter” type shops. Most of the new age shops were the primary distribution point of metaphysical and holistic books, and the owners were generally very knowledgeable people who could talk reasonably with a person who was in flux (as in awakening to the spiritual path and wanting to make changes). This little bookshop owner would listen carefully, offer some well-considered advice, and then lead the customer to a selection of books and be able to recommend a selection or two, so the customer could peruse and make a selection, and perhaps add a few other things while meandering towards the register. The owners typically provided a service and information out of passion.

When the web and on-line discount book outlets gained acceptance, the new age shops really lost their primary line of sales. The new age shops went to selling primarily consumables… everything from nutritional supplements, candles, pendulums, bric-a-brac, crystals, ritual stuff and the like. And the owners typically had to go to work at a “day job” to support themselves while leaving some kid behind to manage the shop. The advice spewing from the kid behind the register wasn’t on the level, and the consumables didn’t work, so the service wasn’t there any more. In summary, the bric-a-brac can’t deal with causation and can’t help people who really need information. You can’t expect a kid to take the place of a seasoned and passionate professional.

I had noticed a long time ago that no new age shop could last very long unless they had classroom space and the right kind of teachers, and could book a selection of guest lecturers… basically a draw for the shop. The success of the classroom depends heavily on maintaining a good website, advertising presence, and mailing out a newsletter at least every other month.

Some successful shops I’ve seen had small offices they could sub-let to various professionals such as reiki practitioners, reflexologists, massage therapists, psychics, astrologers, hypnotherapists and the like, which would ideally bring in their own customers who would also patronize the shop.  I’ve seen various arrangements on these two fronts. The only way a shop owner can keep related professionals as a feature in their shop is to actually charge that related professional a pro-rata share of the square footage and utilities… the arrangement where the owner simply took a percentage of the professional’s income didn’t work at all. If the “related professional” isn’t in business to grow their own business, the arrangement will not work.

I’ve seen some of these shops coming and going over the years simply because the owners started out too far in debt to sustain the shop long enough for it to take off, and a number of them tried to shore up their inventory by carrying a lot of consigned goods (which has its own liabilities). I’ve seen several go out of business because the owners didn’t have the requisite knowledge base or integrity to make it work. When it comes to opening a retail shop of any sort, it takes serious capital to go large enough to sustain. You really can’t shoestring it and hope to build up. You need substantial inventory and do consistent advertising and events to draw people in.


People are going to the bigger retail chains for the new age books, which are now being exposed to a more mainstream audience. Of course, you will find lots of new age authors interspersed among the rest of the store’s inventory… which may or may not help. I’ve seen the Mary Summer Rain books stuck in the “American Indian” section, and the Abraham Hicks and Stuart Wilde books stuck in the “self help” section.  If the customers cannot locate what they are looking for, it won’t be purchased and the book publishers will have to buy back that inventory after a while. That will eventually tend to narrow the range of what will be published.

My local Barnes & Noble, as described above, has a pretty small new age section, limited to some paranormal crap, some wiccan stuff,  a bunch of astrology stuff, and the usual hack Sylvia Browne and other assorted “psychic” fluff authors. If you want a particular author, you have to go fish with the computer wizard.

There is still a crying need for passionate experts, but without a platform, such as a shop to work out of, they have to find other outlets. My guess is that you will see more new age shops among the permanent booths at the weekend flea markets (like Houston’s Traders’ Village and Trading Fair II), and most will either stay on that level or expand to an on-line presence. Some may find a small house to expand into in a neighborhood that has gone commercial.  The whole dynamic of a shop changes completely when commercial retail space is involved because the lease contracts are an inch thick and expensive to get out of.

Most of the “newly awakened”, however, may not think to look in these flea market stalls. That’s where I, and people like me, come in. People contact me like I contacted various new age bookstore owners back when I first awakened. I will talk to them, comfort them, coach them, dowse for them, and even e-mail them some information to peruse. I can refer them to other sources and books. If they are local, I can also do geopathic or ghost clearings. Since I don’t have to worry about paying rent on some retail space, I don’t have to hard-sell anything, either. 


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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How to Buy Bullion

a few examples of common bullionI have received some questions from people asking about how to buy silver, and also about what form the silver should take. My answers are fairly simple:
You have four basic ways of buying silver, and gold for that matter…
1)    JEWELRY and other objects… usually .925 “sterling silver” and including everything from silver tea services to whatever you happen to have found at estate sales or pawn shops over the years. Stay away from the silver plated stuff. Not a bad way to flesh out your silver collection with some bulk items.
2)   BULLION… this is buying the metals for the sake of the metals value… this is what I buy every time I scrape up a little money after paying bills. It comes in a variety of forms, from huge bricks to one-ounce rounds or squares.  There are a wide variety of mints offering their particular designs on the market.  There are “name brands” in bullion, such as the Canadian mint rounds, or the U.S. Mint silver eagles, or Engelhard rounds or squares.  Engelhard silver is known for the serial numbers etched in each small bar, and are in great demand because of their perceived precision. Engelhard ceased minting silver back in the late 1980s and still carries on their business making catalytic converters and the like.
3)   U.S. COINS… dimes, quarters, half-dollars and dollars minted 1964 and before have 90% silver content, and are an excellent way to get a lot more bulk for your money, assuming you can find them (my local dealers are having trouble meeting demand).  They are instantly recognizable, and a great way to trade smaller pieces of silver when it comes time to barter for what you need. Chances are you can still find some in your spare change even now. I have a nice variety of these. 
I recently got a good deal on walking liberty halves at http://www.midasresources.com, which often offers the coins at what they purchased them for, plus the standard dealers’ markup, instead of always going by the current spot plus the markup. Mention the Alex Jones show for a special deal. No kidding.
4)   NUMISMATICS… these are graded coins for their collector’s values… rare and antique coins, and mint sets.  I personally stay away from this stuff, but it certainly has a place in a portfolio if you want to deal with all the bother of trying to find a proper buyer.

If you have never purchased silver bullion… I have the following advice: 
*   If you have no idea where a dealer is, try looking it up on the web under “bullion dealers” in your town.  Maybe yellowpages.com or some other such reference site so you can find out where they are located and their hours.  When you come in, you will generally see a sign forbidding hats, sunglasses and cell phones, and you will pass through some form of security gate and maybe a cop or two. These guys are wary for good reason.
*   If you buy $1,000 or more, you pay no sales tax.  That’s a large savings if you’re buying in-state, if not, you will pay state sales tax… unless you have a local guy that will sell for cash and no receipt (my favorite). I like the guy that pulls a wad of cash out of his pocket. I will typically scrape together my investment money, and walk in asking what he’s got for me that day… it might be buffalos, or maple leafs, or Engelhard square, or it could be a bag of 90% silver dimes.
*   Purchase with cash if you are buying locally.  Most dealers will not be bothered with plastic because of the higher cost. They will take a check, but will keep your stash in their vault for 14 business days until your check clears. In short, cash is king.
*   Many mail order dealers will only accept checks. You call ahead, reserve your stash, they tell you what to make the check out for, then they wait until your check has completely cleared (usually two full weeks) before shipping your silver. It doesn’t matter that you have the money in your account and a debit card ready to go… they won’t do it because of that debit or credit expense.

Why do you want to spend your money on bullion?  Okay… for a little knowledge base, try listening to the various interviews on either Bob Chapman’s blog http://bobchapman.blogspot.com/  or Max Keiser’s website http://maxkeiser.com/  they’ll give you the background info.  The long and short of it is that we’re just coming out of the “deflation phase” of the destruction of the dollar, and heading into the heavy-duty inflation phase. It takes about 2 years for a Federal Reserve money-printing binge to hit, and we’ve just seen the 2 year anniversary of the TARP bailouts, and the Fed has been pumping at least another $2 trillion into the money supply each year since then. Right now, the rate of real inflation is at about 7% right now, counting food, fuel and what-not, and the Austrian School of Economics type experts will tell you that it is likely to jump to 14% in the next couple of months, and from there on, double digits are likely to be the norm until HYPER-inflation kicks in, possibly by fall of 2011.  Every time these central bank vampires print more money, it further erodes the value of the currency.  We’re already in the currency wars phase… the BRIC countries have already erected barriers against the dollar… Brazil charges a tax on dollars, while China  and Russia have ceased purchasing U.S. treasury bills (our debt) and have inked agreements to trade in each other’s home currencies (renmin-b and rubles).  Currency wars invariably lead to trade wars, and trade wars lead to HOT wars. You will notice that  they’re still trying to hype a strike on Iran, which has been armed by Russia and China, which rely on Iran’s oil. The psychotic globalists are still trying to get a hot war on the schedule, and they don’t mind throwing a few nukes around. Let’s hope we can stop them by calling them on it and letting them know that we outnumber them.
What goes on in Europe now is our future here in the United States. Pay attention. The European markets that have been similarly crashed by bursting real estate bubbles and derivatives have all sold out to the IMF, which is now imposing “austerity” on the people in those countries to pay for the so-called debt… which is mostly real estate derivatives only existing on paper.  People are angry.  The real Irish Republican Army is already having to turn people away because they can’t train them all.  A couple of banks have already experienced bomb blasts already… after business hours to keep innocent people out of harm’s way.  Saddling people with austerity isn’t fair and the people are not standing for it, nor should they.  The people of Germany don’t want to bail out the other countries in the European Union, and are likely to go back to using their deutschmarks again.  The IMF fully expects to get all the countries in the world onto a single world currency… most probably fiat. I hope nobody goes for that.
The price of precious metals is still being heavily manipulated. The U.S. and Europe have no rule of law regarding banking any more, and since the regulators are no longer regulating, the only hope of reining in this corporate kleptocracy is to beat them to the metals and cause them to crash while waiting on the various RICO lawsuits to hit them in the courts.  Right now, JPMorgan is short 3.3 Billion ounces of silver, and has over $1.5 TRILLION in exposure to their silver derivatives right now, and they only have until the 3rd Friday of December to cover their shorts for this year!   They’re still manipulating the price of silver, and the market price is still resisting their attempts to get it back down under $25 an ounce.  Gang… keep buying silver on these dips, and keep buying it with or without the dips.  This is your survival we’re talking about.  This is also the only LOGICAL and EFFECTIVE way of lodging a PROTEST against these evil bankers without taking to the streets and exposing yourself to teargas or rubber bullets.
Silver is projected to be trading at $500 an ounce fairly soon, which is historically and realistically within reach with the manipulators out of the way.  In other words, this is where you will make up the losses in your 401K, and this is how you will not only survive hyper-inflation, but prosper in spite of it.  The world’s central bankers (those twerps) consider gold and silver the only real reserve currency at this point, and have essentially stopped selling their gold and silver. 
When they’ve managed to officially crash the dollar, that’s when your silver will come in handy.  In this lead-up time, you need to keep a month or so worth of cash on hand, and keep as little in the bank as possible. Use up any excess money now by purchasing silver and storable food. When the crash happens, you will use up the useless dollars in your possession, then when needed, you will take a silver round back to the dealer and cash it in at the going rate, and then go shopping.  It may take a while to get to that point, post-crash, since there is likely to be some civil unrest creating the need to shelter in place.
Silver may very well achieve parity with gold, at least for a short time, since it is actually consumed in so many industrial applications. By those standards alone, there is only 5 years’ supply above ground, and the mines are only producing 10% of what is being used each year.  That amounts to an industrial squeeze that will also act to send silver prices upward, even if it didn’t go back to the old 16-to-1 ratio with gold on its own as a currency.
What if there isn’t a crash?  Okay… do you really think that Bernanke has that kind of sense?  Back in the late 70s-early 80s… remember then?… the Fed printed a lot of excess money after Nixon took us off the last of the gold standard. It took about 2 years for the inflation to hit. The Fed reined in the excess money by raising the prime rate and then capturing the excess money and taking it off the market. Remember when the interest rates were 20-25%?  Yeah… we handled that because we still had a manufacturing base… which we no longer have right now.  Such high prime rates would likely kill what’s left of the economy.  The currency wars will lead to tariffs, which will probably lead to manufacturing returning to the U.S.  I see that as a good thing. The problem will be in getting there from here. It will probably be a bumpy ride.
Personally, I just can’t find a downside to this.  Buy some silver bullion and get ready to hunker down.

Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc  

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Made My Own Tortillas

Okay… I’ve been storing all sorts of pantry essentials “just in case”. I found two 10-Lb. bags of organic unbleached all-purpose flour at Costco. The idea is that if I’m stuck at home and can’t get to a grocery store, or if the stores are depleted like they tend to be around a hurricane, I’d still be able to at least make tortillas, pancakes, cornbread and the like. I have an automatic breadmaker, but haven’t explored it as yet… the instruction booklet is pretty thick. I’m building my confidence so I can get to the point where purchasing bags of red wheat and a grain grinder won’t seem like an experiment likely to go to waste. I’ve heard from people who have been grinding their own flour and baking with it, and they say their health  and vitality have increased greatly.

I got on the web and looked up recipes for making flour tortillas. They vary quite a bit. This may take a little experimentation.

I conferred with Virginia Garcia, who said to get a rolling pin… the considered tortilla presses a waste of time. Try finding an old-fashioned rolling pin in this day and time!  After drawing blanks at Family Dollar, my normal grocery stores and Big Lots, I finally combed the area resale shops. I finally found one at Bear Creek Assistance Ministries. It had been used in a nursery school… it had Play-Doh on it. I took it home and bleached it, and worked it over with steel wool, then rubbed some coconut oil into it. It works like a champ!

My first attempt at making tortillas… well, the recipe didn’t have enough oil in it. I basically wound up with chapati bread. Using the good organic flour, grapeseed oil, Himalayan sea salt and aluminum-free baking powder, it really tasted good, though. Nice and clean, and not at all like the crappy bagged ones I’ve been getting at the grocery store… that stuff won’t even go moldy!  I slapped a little butter on one of mine and it was perfectly yummy. The tough part was rolling the dough out thin enough. I can see the point in getting a proper griddle for the purpose, so that will be next on the shopping list.

My point in getting organic, unbleached flour is a good one. Most flour on the market is processed with alloxan, which effectively rots your pancreas from the inside-out.  That includes most commercial breads, pastries, crackers, pasta and tortillas.  If you’re going to be eating this stuff, you might as well get the cleanest stuff you can find. 

I’ve been buying this flour on sale whenever possible. I picked up 5 Lb. bags of King Arthur brand organic unbleached flour for $3.24 each, put them in the freezer for about a week to kill any possible bugs, then suck-wrapped the bags with a spoonful of Diatomaceous earth in the bottom of the bag. I always date what I put into storage.

Now, tortillas are the darling of home-economics teachers everywhere… you can do a lot with them. They can be breakfast, lunch or dessert. They can be a side dish like a piece of bread, or a component of the main dish, like enchiladas. 

I plan on finding a source for organic masa harina to make corn tortillas with. I guess I could try with the organic cornmeal I’ve got, though.


Rev. Suzanne Powell manufactures and markets a full line of line of natural stone “medicine jewelry”, subtle energy tools, pendulums, angel and fairy art and “spiritual soap” through her website, http://www.turtleisland.cc   She also offers an e-book, “Fat-Free Spirituality” which is packed with advanced spiritual knowledge.

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